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My family in Guyana

My family in Guyana

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Surnames: Smellie, Farrar, Garratt, Arquimbeau, Bentham, Waterfield
Any info on the above families in the 19th & 20rh centuries
would be much appreciated

Family in Guyana

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Could you provide more details? I may be able to assist in the 19th century.


Family in Guyana

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Surnames: Smellie, McCowan, Garratt, Arquimbeau, Waterfield, Bosch Reitz
James Smellie 1815-1883 went out to BG in 1835
He married first Isabella Skea or Shea. When? (probably about 1850)
When was she born?
She died in BG. When? (probably about 1856)
They had a child, Jessie.
When was she born? (probably about 1852)
James married a second time, Margaret Stutchbury 1832-1896.
When? (probably in 1857)
They had 10 children all born in BG. Of these:
Lucy 1858-1922. Did she die in BG? She married in 1885 James Simpson but I know nothing of him or dates of the 4 children, though I know their names.
Mary 1860-1905. Did not marry but did she die in BG?
Grace 1861-1906. Married Charles Brownley but no dates of him or the marriage. Did she die in BG?
James 1862-1898. Did he die in BG and when did he marry Helen Alexandrina Spence?
Richard 1864-1900. Did he die in BG?
William George 1865-1946. When did he marry Anne Jane Pinkerton McCowan. She died in 1941. When was she born? (probably 1866)
Thomas Traill 1867-1942. He married Edith Roberta Haward (nee Garratt) Her father Robert Bentham Garratt 1834-? from Barbados was a planter in BG (where?) and married Elvira Arquimbeau who was christened in 1835 by Bishop Austin, but no other dates.
A still-born son, probably after 1872.

Finally Alfred Waterfield, a planter at Le Ressouvenir and Success married Melicent Marie Bosch Reitz on 2 Jan 1904 in Georgetown. Which church? Her mother Josephine lived in Duke Street. Which number?

Smellie, McCowan, Garratt, Arquimbeau, Waterfield, Bosch Reitz

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Surnames: Farrar, Smellie, McCowan, Garratt, Waterfield, Bosch Reitz, Sutchbury, Spence
The Guiana Chronicle, Georgetown , dated Wednesday, December 18, 1839. An alphabetical list demonstrating the respectability, talent and station of persons including planters and merchants who subscribed to the Dinner in honour of his Excellency The Governor includes: Stutchbury J.S.; Spence Dr. David; Simpson John.

An index of BDMs in The Colonist Newspaper, Georgetown, British Guiana for 1864-1880 has the following entries: Garrett 1872, 73; Mccowan 1874, 77-78; Simpson 1868-69, 72-73, 75-76, 78, 80; Spence 1869, 73
I have the Spence 1873 entry: Wed 25 June 1873. Married - at St. Swithin's Church, West Bank, by the Revd. H.J. May, on the 17th June 1873, William Henry Aglionby, second son of A.A. Burrows, Esq., to Margaret Josephine, eldest daughter of Dr. David Spence, Wallter's Delight House, West coast.
Spencer 1874; Spens 1871-72; Sutchbury 1877.
No Farrar, Smellie, Brownley, Skea or Shea,

An index of BDMs in The Argosy Newspaper, Georgetown, British Guiana for 1880-1896 has the following entries: Garrett 1885, 92, 93; Farrar 1889-93, 96; Haward 1885, 93; Mccowan 1884, 93; Spence 1882, 86; Spencer 1893; Simpson 1884-85, 88, 94; Smellie 1885-86, 88, 93, 96.
No Spens, Sutchbury, Brownley, Skea or Shea,

Copies of these newspaper are to be found at The British Library Newspaper Library, Colindale Avenue, London NW9 5HE England and also at the Public Record Office, Kew, Richmond Surrey TW9 4DU England. A copy of the full extractions of the above indices is held at the Society of Genealogists, also in London.

1882 British Guiana Directory shows the following:
Farrar, Rev. Thomas, Rector, St. Paul's Parish, East Coast
Farrier, Wm. ,Catechist & Schoolmaster, Orealia, Corentyne River
Farrier, Wm., Schoolmaster, Hyde Park, Demerara River.
Garratt, R.B., Manager, Clonbrook, East Coast, Demerara
McCowan, J.C., Clerk, Colonial Company, Water-street
McCowan W., Sergeant Major Provost Marshal, Militia, Kingston
Reitz, G.J.A, Bosch, clerical Assistant, Receiver General's Office, Georgetown
Simpson, Charles, Overseer, Eliza & Mary Berbice
Simpson, George, Bookkeeper, Port Mourant, Berbice
Simpson, J.B., Sick Nurse, Met-en-Merzog, West Coast, Demerara
Simpson, J., Clerk, Booker Bros & Co., Water-street.
Smellie, Miss L., Clerk, R.T. Kaufmann and Co., High-street
Smellie, R., Clerk, Demerara Railway, Georgetown
Smellie, Thomas, Clerk, Garnett & Co., Water-street
Smillie (sic), Jnr., Jas, Accountant, Demerara Railway, George-town
Spence, A.N., Deputy Manager, Helena, East Coast, Demerara
Spence, C., Head Overseer Farm West Bank Demerara
Spence, D.I.A., Overseer Nonpareil East Coast Demerara
Spence, George N., Overseer, Windsor Forrest West Coast, Demerara
Spence, Thomas S.H. Manager, Nismes, West Bank Demerara
Spencer, H., Stewartville, West Coast Demerara
Spencer, J., Joint Manager, Schoon Ord, West Bank, Demerara

Someone here should belong to you, I hope.
That's all
Researching in Guyana: Bagot, Cuming, Ferguson,, Forbes, Forte, Gardiner, Loxdale, McMahon, Macnamara, Stack, Steele and Walker.

Re: My family in Guyana

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Surnames: Bentham, Trotman
I am looking for info on Joseph Bentham. He lived in Barbados. Had a wife there plus a few women on the side, thus generating children with surnames Trotman and Weekes. I believe he emigrated to Guyana in the late 40s-early 50s. It was assumed back to his family. Have you got any Bentham's connected to Barbados? Pat

Re: My family in Guyana

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Unfortunately, I don't know anything about Joseph Bentham. I only know of Jonah Bentham and I wonder whether they are one and the same.
My Jonah married Margaret Elizabeth (no surname) and had a daughter, Jane Eliza, chr. 12 Sep 1797, St Philip's, Barbados. She was known as Queen Bess, said to have been a luxurious wealthy lady with many slaves. She married in 1819, Robert Burgess Garratt, who came from Bristol as a schoolmaster and later a planter. They had 6 children probably all born in Barbados. The youngest, Robert Bentham Garratt was manager of Clonbrook estate, East Coast, Demerara in 1892.
Trotman was a well-known Barbados family and one was in BG in the 1870s married and had a large family, but I know nothing of any extra-marital connections with Bentham!

Re: My family in Guyana

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Hi there,
I'm researching a friends family tree and his mother came from Guyana. Her name is Joyce I Weekes. We have little info on her except that she emigrated to England and married in 1961 and had 5 children, one of which being my friend.
Do you have anymore info on the names Weekes that might help me trace Joyce's ancestors please.
Many thanks for your time.

Re: My family in Guyana

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Lynn, I regret that I do not have anything on the name Weekes.
Have a look at the Guyana/BG Genealogical Society site at
You may find something there.

Re: STEELE Thomas of Georgetown Guyana

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Surnames: Steele
Hi There I recently discovered my ancestor Thomas Steele (5th son of Richard Steele of Grenada) emigrated to Demerara and died there 12 May 1878 as per info I have from a publication called 'The Colonist'. I have found your work on the Colonists of British Guiana which mentions Henry, Richard and Robert of this same Grenadian family. You also mention a Thomas and his wife and I wonder if this could be my ancestor. My line descends from a partner Thomas had in Grenada, which produced a son called Richard Malcolm Steele who ended up in Trinidad. I have also found the work of S.Anderson who mentions of a Thomas Steele clerk for Knowles & Co on Water Street Georgetown which might be my ancestor. I would very much like to know if there is any other info which you have come across re Thomas, his wife, if they had children and what are the likely cemeteries where they may have been buried. He was likely a Methodist or Anglican. Hope you can help, Susan
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