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Obituary Request - C. P. "Peter" Kerrigan - 1924

Obituary Request - C. P. "Peter" Kerrigan - 1924

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Surnames: Kerrigan, Kilbane, Quinn, Mc Cann, Gallagher
Seeking an obituary for C. P. "Peter" Kerrigan, who died on 1-12-1924 in Reedsburg, Sauk Co., WI. He was a local businessman possibly in the grocery, restaurant and bakery businesses. Would love to learn more details about him and his family! Many thanks!

Joni Leffler

Re: Obituary Request - C. P. "Peter" Kerrigan - 1924

Virgil O. Matz (View posts)
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I'll get it today for you.


Re: Obituary Request - C. P. "Peter" Kerrigan - 1924

Kathy Wagner (View posts)
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Working on my family history I have C.Peter Kerrigan who married Margaret Kilbane.

C.Peter Kerrigan born June 28, 1861 died Jan 1924
Margaret Kilbane Kerrigan born in 1859 died in 1946
Parents of Margaet Kilbane Kerrigan are Dennis Kilbane and Bridget Gallagher
Children are:

Peter Francis 1890-1938
Marguete married a Kearns 1893-1988

Would this be buy chance some of your family?


Re: Obituary Request - C. P. "Peter" Kerrigan - 1924

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Surnames: Kilbane, Gallagher, Corrigan, Grimes, Mc Ginty, Mc Hugh, Mc Laughlin/Mc Loughlin, Kerrigan, Sheridan
Hi, Kathy!

BINGO!!! I have that same family! How are you related? I have quite a bit on the family of Dennis Kilbane and Bridget Gallagher. I'm working on compiling a history of various Irish families in Sauk and Juneau counties in WI, mainly Dennis Kilbane and his siblings, Catherine, Anthony, Margaret and John. Would love to compare notes!


Re: Obituary Request - C. P. "Peter" Kerrigan - 1924

Kathy Wagner (View posts)
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Hi Joni,

This all started out with my grandmothers family history, her brother John King from Rosmuck, Co. Galway, married Bridget O'Malley, my mom and I went to Ireland to Rosmuck and the priest and cousins helped to put the pieces of the puzzle together from there we went to Co. Mayo thru friends and priests and people we knew in Chicago helped to fill in the the rest of the story. I used to belong to the Irish Social Club in Chicago the whole lot of them from Co. Mayo, information was overwhelming but that was 15 years ago.

Although I have the names of most likely your relatives, I am only related thru marriages as I go down the line,only starting from King/ O'Malley line, Bridget O'Malley has Gallaghers, McHugh's and Conway's, Casey who seem to have all landed in Wisconsin and many more names to far to list. All are related to the Bridget O'Malley(her bothers and sister) line, I am on the King side of which you most likely do not have so only from King/O'Malley line down is who I would be related to, this group landed in Chicagoland area,rest of the line is most likely who you are related to, but I would gladly share what I have. I have all the information in my many books with hopes of someday puting all my information in my family tree maker, if I had this done I would be able to send you what I have to see what you are missing but just asked and I will be happy to look information up that I have.
I think I can take you back pretty much to Co. Mayo, Ireland with the Gallaghers and so forth.

I used to live in McHenry Co. close to the Wisconsin line and I was just there in May to Lake Geneva and spent many a day in the Wisconsin Dells along with Wisconsin State Fair, love the cream puffs, love Wisconsin spent more time there than the city of Chicago!

Just let me know what you do not have I will see if I have the information.

Another reason for the interest in the O'Malley line was to see if Bridget O'Malley was related to Claire O'Malley that would have been a very interesting family history, sorry to say that did not prove to be a go. In Co. Mayo thru the years the O'Malley line has many of their records preserved more than any other family line in Ireland, Bridget O'Malley her records go back to Norway and than who knows? Some names I was given have not prove to be correct with dates, names seem to be correct but dates not quite so. (My own grandparents did not seem to know when they were born month and date where wrong according to the church records!)

I took what information I was given with hopes of one name leading to other, some of the infomation helped to piece together the rest of the story and some did not, just the chance I took for most of the Irish have the information in their heads and it is very hard to pull it out. When I was in Ireland and they realized how serious I was, all came out to try and help did we ever have a great time!

What I have is this and more but see if this matches what you have;

James Gallagher married Catherine McHugh both from
Co. Mayo

Children are:
John Gallagher
Michael Gallagher/Catherine Kelly
Thomas J. Gallagher?Sarah Riley
Patrick Gallagher/Nora
Bridget Gallagher/Dennis Kilbane--this must start your line
Owen Gallagher/Margaret Casey
Margaret Gallagher/James Barrett
Catherine Gallagher/ James Horkan
James Gallagher
All who landed in Wisconisn and Minnesota

You can e-mail me directly,


Re: Obituary Request - C. P. "Peter" Kerrigan - 1924

Kathy Wagner (View posts)
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On Dennis Kilbane I have born 11/9/1835 in Co. Mayo, died May 2, 1911 in Wonewoc, JuneauCo. Wis., parents Bernard Kilbane/Mary McHugh married Bridget Gallager in 1855 in St. Louis, Missouri. Bridget born 9/8/1830 in Co. Mayo,died 12/11/1914,Parents James Gallagher/Catherine McHugh

Children John Kilbane 1856 in Dellona,Wisconsin, died 1927 in Kendall, Wisconsin, married Catherine Doyle 91868-1950

Catherine E. Kilbane 12/10/1857 in Dellona ,Wisconsin,died 6/24/1941 in Elroy, Wisconsin, Married Timothy O. Grimes

Margaret Kilbne 1859-1946 C.Peter Kerrigan 6/28/1861-1/1924

Mary Jane Kilbane 5/2/1862 Dellona, Wis. , died 1/5/1910, married George Mc. Cann in 1896, St. Paul, Minnesota

Bernard C. Kilbane 1864 Dellona, Wis., died 11/25/1950

James G. Kilbane 9/27/1866 Juneau, Wis., died 10/14/1929 Elroy, Wis. married Honora Coughlin 5/12/1876-6/5/1953, married St. Anothony's Catholic church Czenova

I have no children for John Kilbane and Catherine Kilbane, but I do for the rest of the children that I will send later, is any of sound like yours?


Re: Obituary Request - C. P. "Peter" Kerrigan - 1924

Kathy Wagner (View posts)
Posted: 1119046746000
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C. Peter Kerrigan/Margaret Kilbane


Peter Francis Kerrigan 5/19/1890 born St. Paul Minnesota, died 6/20/ 1938, Milwaukee, Wis. married Ruth Stanton 10/ 20/1920 in Wis. Dells

Margurete Kerrigan 4/17/1893, died 10/ 5/ 1988 in Neillsville, Wis., married John Kearns in 1920 at Holy Rosary Church, Vancuver, Washington. born 4/2/1946

Peter Francis Kerrigan/Ruth Stantion

Children are:

Margaret Mary Kerrigan 11/27/1926, married Robert Patrick Brooks in 1951, Geneva, Wis.

Rita Kerrigan 1120/1931 Portage, Wis., died 1/19/1993, Married Edwin Loofboro on 12/27/1952 St. Cecila's in Wis. Dells than married George Havery 5/14/1979 in White Springs Sulphur Springs, Montana

There is also the Brooks children and more


Re: Obituary Request - C. P. "Peter" Kerrigan - 1924

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Hello, I was reading the various posts (looking for Conneelys) and I ran across your post) My mother's name was Bridget O'Malley, born on Clare Island, Mayo and married my father John King from Rusmuc, Galway in Chicago.

How did you manage to trace Bridget O'Malley back to Norway?

I would love to be in touch with you. We must be connected by blood. DNA test taken through Ancestry.Com has loaded me up with many many connections. Kathleen
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