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Thomas Cook to Portsmouth RI in early 1600s from England

Thomas Cook to Portsmouth RI in early 1600s from England

Debbie Watts (View posts)
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Surnames: cook, borden, cory, bennett, baker
I'm looking for descendants or any information on Thomas Cook who came to Portsmouth RI in the early 1600s from England. He was married to Mary ?>John married to Mary Borden>Thomas married Mary Cory>Stephen>Abner>Daniel married Sarah Bennett>Philip married Eliza Baker>Alexander Grinnell Cook. Thanks

Debbie in Wisconsin

Re: Thomas Cook to Portsmouth RI in early 1600s from England

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Surnames: cook, borden, butcher, westcott, slocum, havens
A few generations of the Cooks might be helpful to your search...hope so! Kristy

Thomas COOK (also known as Thomas BUTCHER) m/1 to Rebecca WESTCOTT and m/2 to Mary SLOCUM. --->

Thomas COOK, Jr., m Mary HAVENS --->

John COOK m Mary BORDEN --->

Re: Thomas Cook to Portsmouth RI in early 1600s from England - Book on this Cooke/Cook family

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Surnames: Cook, Cooke
I've seen a great book (actually a 2 volume set) about this family. The author still has some copies and I just posted the information on the Cook "for sale" board. This set is worth every penny. Check it out!

Re: Thomas Cook to Portsmouth RI in early 1600s from England

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Surnames: cook, cooke, westcott, borden, fowle

I am starting to research the same ancestors:

Thomas Cook(e) m Rebecca Westcott, their son John Cooke m Mary Borden, d/o Richard Borden and Joan Fowle.

Any information you all have will be great!


Robert Awalt
San Diego

Re: Thomas Cook to Portsmouth RI in early 1600s from England - Book on this Cooke/Cook family

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Surnames: cook, cooke

I looked but didn't see the book listed, but that might be an operator error! Actually, I am looking for any information on this family, which is also my family. Just starting the hunt recently.


Robert Awalt

Re: Thomas Cook to Portsmouth RI in early 1600s from England - Book on this Cooke/Cook family

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Surnames: COOK, cooke
I'll bet that you are talking about the same set of books that I was lucky enough to find just over ten years ago. The author seems to be a most careful researcher! She has several pages on why she thinks Capt. Thomas Cook was said to be "AKA Butcher" ... and it was NOT because he cut meat for a living!

Re: Thomas Cook to Portsmouth RI in early 1600s from England - The COOK Line from Thomas "The Butcher" Cook

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Surnames: cook, patterson, west, chandler, brewer, page, lincoln, palmer
Here is my line:
Capt Thomas COOK, Sr & Mary [COOK]-->
Capt Thomas COOK, Jr & Thomasin [Cook]-->
Ebenezer COOK & Mary PATTERSON-->
Edward Patterson COOK, Sr & Catherine WEST-->
Edward Patterson COOK, Jr & Lydia CHANDLER-->
Amer B. COOK, I & Deborah BREWER-->
Amer B. Cook, II & Mary Ann PAGE-->
Rebecca COOK & Royal Orlando LINCOLN-->
Royal Edgar LINCOLN & Bessie Mae Elizabeth PALMER-->

Re: Thomas Cook to Portsmouth RI in early 1600s from England

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Surnames: cook
This is what I have,I don't know where my aunt got this info,but it has been in the family for many years....

Re: Thomas Cook to Portsmouth RI in early 1600s from England

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Surnames: cook, cooke, lindall, bordon, borden, clayton, emley, middleton, carew, shreve, thomas, bacon, lacey, washington, gates, yerkes, reed, mcmichael, south, stevens, edmunds, kase, bright, earle, mars, snuff, schnorf, corwin, bradstreet, foster, wolfgang, miers, lindell, allen, bickley, alsworth, andrews, taylor, tindale, robbins, garner, antram, shreve, webb, fowle, earle, cory, southworth, taylor, howland, tripp, tallman, sisson, king, wait, willcox, briggs, smith, baker, butts, fisher, cornell, clark, almay, sisson, almy, parker
This is what I have put together,use at your own risk,any mistakes are mine....

1 Capt. Thomas* Cooke
Birth: 4/23/1600-3, St.Mary's, Netherbury, Dorset, England
Death: 6 Feb 1677, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI
Burial: Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI
Father: Thomas* Cooke (1570-1614)
Mother: Joanna* (Cooke) (~1570->1626)

CAPTAIN THOMAS COOKE Thomas Cooke was born in 1603 at Karl's Colne, County of Essex, England. He came to America in 1635, landing in Boston. In 1639 he was living in Taunton, Massachusetts, and in 1643 finally removed to Portsmouth, Rhode Island, where he died in June, 1677. Thomas Cooke married in England in 1626. His wife, born in 1605, was named Mary (Lindall?), her family name I have as yet been unable to find. Captain Cooke was a member for Portsmouth in the General Assembly of Rhode Island in 1664. He had three sons, Thomas born 1626; John born 1631; George born 1633, and one daughter Sarah born 1632. His son, John Cooke was a large land owner in Rhode Island and elsewhere. He married, in 1649, Mary, daughter of Richard Bordon of Portsmouth and formerly of County Kent, England. In 1670, with his wife's brothers, the Bordens, the Claytons and other Rhode Islanders, he purchased land at Shrewsbury, New Jersey, but never lived there, remaining in Rhode Island where he died in 1677. His wife died in 1690, at the age of 57 years. Thomas Cooke, Second Son of Thomas Cooke, born 1628, married 1653, and had four sons, Thomas, Stephen, Ebenezer, Benjamin, and one daughter, Hannah. Of these, Thomas Cooke, 3rd, the oldest son, the first of the Cooke family to settle in New Jersey. He was born in 1654 and came to Shrewsbury in 1676. In that year he had warrents for land there issued to him. He added largely to his holdings and was a member of the House of Deputies of East New Jersey in 1693. In 1698 he resolved to visit England and was lost at sea. He left a widow and three children, William, Thomas 4th and Elizabeth. William Cooke, Esq. Eldest son of Thomas Cooke 3rd, was born at Shrewsbury. About 1730 he removed to Crosswicks, Chesterfield Township, Burlington County, and died there, intestate, and without issue, in 1760. Letters of administration were granted August 29th, 1760, to his widow Mary (Clayton) Cooke and to William Clayton. He had been married at Chesterfield Meeting in 1723. William Cooke was Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Burlington County. He was elected a member of the General Assambly in 1738 and served with distinction until 1748. He introduced many bills, serving constantly on prominent Committees, and was often appointed to wait on the Governor, or Council in reference to pending legislation. He died intestate and without issue in 1760. Under the old English law of Prime Geniture then prevailing, his great estates, estimated at more than 5000 acres and a large personalty, went to William Cooke, Junior, the eldest son of his brother Thomas 4th. THOMAS COOKE 4TH Thomas Cooke 4th, was the second son of Thomas Cooke 3rd. He was born at Shrewsbury, New Jersey, 1695 and removed to New Hanover near Crosswicks about 1730, and died there in January 1742. He married Abigail Emley, widow of William Emley. Her maiden name was Abaigail Borden. She was the daughter of James Borden of Burlington NJ, and a great granddaughter of Richard Borden of Portsmouth RI. Thomas Cooke 4th, was grand nephew of John Cooke who as has already been stated, married Mary Borden, who was the daughter of Richard Borden. She was therefore the great aunt of Abaigail Borden, the before mentioned wife of Thomas Cooke. As Richard Y. Cooke married Lavinia Borden the 8th generation from Richard Borden of Portsmouth, RI these prior intermarriages between the two families are most interesting. Thomas Cooke 4th left three children, William, born 1735; Benjamin and Elizabeth. WILLIAM COOKE JR Son of Thomas Cooke 4th was born 1735. He inherited a considerable landed Estate from his father at his death in 1742. In 1760, as has been before stated, his uncle William Cooke Sr. dying intestate and without heirs, William Cooke Jr. fell heir to all his great landed estates and became probably the largest land owner in Eastern New Jersey. He married in 1761, Achsah, daughter of John Middleton, and great granddaughter of Lord John Middleton and Martha Carew. (See marriage record St. Andrew's Church, Holborn, England, Dec. 16th, 1666). William Cooke Jr. held the following offices for the Township of New Hanover; Overseer of the Poor 1764; Assessor 1767; Constable 1771; Overseer of the Poor, 1774; Surveyor of Highways, 1775; Assessor, 1777; Freeholder, 1780; Assessor, 1777; Freeholder, 1780; Assessor 1781--1794. He then refused re-election. He was commissioned as Cornet in Captain Shreve's troop of Light Horse, of Burlington, in 1776. He was as ardent Whig and both tradition and the public records show that he and his sons took active part in the Revoltionary struggle He had by his first wife, who died about 1801, seven sons: William 3rd, Joel, Thomas, John Middleton, Apollo, George, and Charles. By his second wife, Cathrine, he had three sons.He died at Cookstown, October 1814. Of the sons by the first marriage; William Cooke 3rd was Cornet in Captain Thomas' troop of Light Horse, and was killed at Cedar Bridge, Dec. 27th, 1782. Thomas Cooke 5th was in the New Jersey Line Regular Army. Joel Cooke 1st. was also in the New Jersey Line and was of the party which captured Bacon, the Tory refugee, who had shot Cornet Wiliam Cooke 3rd. After Bacon's capture he attempted to escape and seizing a musket fired on the officer, Stewart, who was guarding the door. Stewart returned the fire, the ball going through Bacon's body, and wounding Joel Cooke 1st, who nevertheless closed with Bacon and killed him after a hand to hand struggle. Joel Cooke 1st was the second son of William Cooke 3rd. He was born about 1764 and died about 1795. His son Joel Cooke 2nd was born after the fathers death. Either Joel Cooke or William Cooke was Chairman of the Committee of \line Public Safty for Burlington County during the Revolutionary War. My Father, Joel Cooke 2nd had these records in his possession for many years, but were accidentally destroyed by fire. Joel Cooke 1st died from the effects of a wound recieved in a duel with General Lacey. His son,my father, told me that the duel was fought on Sunday in the Church yard at Crosswicks, and that the arrangments were made and his father called out from the service he was attending with his wife. The cause of the duel was Generay Lacey's connection with the attempt to remove General Washington from Command during the Revolutionary War, known as the "Conway Cabal". The Cookes were partisans of Washington, while Lacey had espoused the side of General Gates. This account my father had from his Mother. Joel Cooke left a fair estate. My Father, however, was educated by his Grandfather. His mother having married a second time. He described him as having been most kind to him, and always spoke of him in the most affectionate terms. When his grandfather married his second wife, about 1806, my father, Joel Cooke 2nd. came to Philadelphia, living in that city the rest of his life. He purchased (old) No. 189 Chestnut Street about the year 1835 and lived there until 1855. On July 22nd, 1834, he married Mary Paul Yerkes, only daughter of Titus Yerkes 2nd. She bore him four sons-- Gustavus Benson b. July 1838, d. Jan. 6, 1867; Joel 3rd b. March 20, 1842; Richard Yerkes b. Feb. 25, 1845; William, b. July 18, 1847, d. May 16, 1893. These four sons were all born at (old) no.189 Chestnut Street and almost directly opposite the entrance to Independence Hall. Joel Cooke was for many years, because of repeated re-line elections Alderman of Chestnut Ward of the Old City of Philadelphia. When consolidations took place, he declined further elections and retired to private life. He was always prominent in Whig politics, and the associate of William B. Reed, Morton McMichael, George W. South, Thaddeus Stevens, and other leaders of that party in PA. He was a good citizen and an affectionate father. I count my greatest blessings that I had the benefit of his example and council in early manhood, and which he bore in the community, in which he lived nearly all his days. Of his sons, Gustavus Benson Cook died single. Joel cook 3rd married Mary Edmunds, Sept. 19, 1865, and had one son, George W. Childs Cook, B. April 21, 1868, and two daughters Annie E. Edmunds Cook b. Oct 5, 1866-d. July 11, 1867; and Mary Paul Cook, b. Feb. 16, 1872, Married Oct. 18, 1892 to Edmund Harris Kase. 3rd son, Richard Yerkes Cook married Lavinia Borden, March 10, 1868 and had one son Gustavus Wynne Cook b. dec.12, 1868, who married Nancy Munford Bright, June 1896. 4th son, William Cook b. July 18, 1848, d. May 16, 1893; Married Mary Earle, March 24, 1873, and had one son George 'Earle Cook. It is worthy to note that Mary Earle, decended from Ralph Earle, was the grandniece of Mary Earle, Granddaughter of Ralph Earle 1st who married John Borden in 1670. John Borden's sister, Mary, married John Cooke. John Cooke was grand uncle of William Cook. JOEL COOKE 1st Joel Cooke 1st was the second son of William Cooke,Jr. ( He married Kiturah Mars. He had by her, one daughter and three sons, Mary, Anthony, John and Joel 2nd. ANTHONY COOK Anthony Cook was born about 1791. He married Nancy Taylor in 1822. He had by her 5 sons and three daughters; Joel 3rd Robert, Benjamin, John, Anthony Jr., Catharine(Snuff,aka Schnorf), Edna(Corwin) and Mary Ann(Bradstreet). CATHARINE COOK .Catharine Cook was born on June 2, 1828, married George Snuff on Dec. 14, 1848. They had one daughter and three sons. Nancy Jane born Dec. 7, 1849; Edgar Landis, born May 1, 1851; Granville C. born Jan. 23, 1853, John W. Born Oct. 18, 1857. Nancy Jane Snuff married Wilber F. Long, on July 1, 1869. Edgar Landis Snuff married Sarah Amelia Foster, on Feb. 1875 in Niles Twp.,Michigan. John W. Snuff married Julia Ann Wolfgang, May 1, 1895. of Niles,Michigan. The spelling of the family name was always Cooke to thetime of John Cooke 2nd. about 1815. As he has himself told me, he dropped the final "E", and during the last sixty years of his life spelled his name "Cook". My own preference is for the old English spelling, and if my descendants shall see fit to adopt the family name it has been spelled for I do not know for how many years, but certainaly from the year 1600 to 1815, they may count my assent as having been given. **This was written by either Richard Yerkes Cooke or William Cook.May or may not be right?? wrote:
I have looked at Burlington County marriage records from this time period. The only additional information you find is who performed the marriage. I have yet to see the names of parents.
One way to find parents is to look at Wills or probate records. They usually name the children.
Genealogies of New Jersey Families, Volume I, Thomas Cooke of Shrewsbury. Pages 173 176 have information on the Cooks. On page 175 it says that Joel Cooke married Keturah Miers. Their children were John, Mary, Joel, and Anthony. This information is from the Will of David Miers, Keturah's father. It also says Joel died intestate.

Spouse: Mary* Lindell?
Birth: 1605
Death: abt 1680, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI
Marr: May 1625, England

Children: Thomas* (1628-1669)
John (1630-1691)
Sarah (1632-)
George (1633-)

Other Spouses Rebecca Westcott

1.1 Thomas* Cooke 2nd
Birth: 1628, England
Death: 6 Feb 1669, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI

still a work in progress, some of this info may not be accurate.the pieces aren't fitting together.First of the Cooke family to settle in New Jersey.Came to Shrewsbury in 1676.Also a large land owner.Was a member of the House of Deputies of East New Jersey in 1693.

Spouse: Mary Havens
Birth: abt 1629
Father: William Havens
Mother: Dionise R Allen
Marr: 1646?

Children: Thomas* (~1654-1699)
Ebenezer (1661-)
Hannah (~1650-)

1.1.1 Thomas* Cooke 3rd
Birth: abt 1654, RI
Death: 1699, at sea

Died at sea on a trip back to England

Spouse: Elizabeth Bickley? (Havens?)
Father: William Bickley? (Havens?)
Mother: Susannah Alsworth?
Marr: abt 1689, Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ

Children: William 2nd (1690-1760)
Thomas* (1695-1742)
Benjamin? William 2nd Cooke
Birth: 1690, Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ
Death: 20 Aug 1760, Crosswicks, Chesterfield Twp., NJ
Occ: Judge of the Court of Common Pleas,Burlington County,NJ & General Assembly

moved to Crosswicks abt 1730.Served in the General Assembly 1738-1748.He introduced many important bills,serving constantly on prominent Committees,and was often appointed to wait on the Governor.or Council in reference to pending legislation.His great Estates,estimated at 5000 acres went to William Cooke Jr.,the eldest son of his brother Thomas.

Spouse: Mary Clayton
Marr: 1723?, Chesterfield Meeting Thomas* Cooke 4th
Birth: 1695, Shrewsbury, Middlesex Co., NJ
Death: Jan 1742, New Hanover, Burlington Co., NJ

Second son of Thomas Cooke 3rd.

Spouse: Abigail* Borden (Emely)
Death: Apr 1747, Burlington Co., NJ
Father: Yeoman James* Borden (1677-1727)
Mother: Mary Ann* Lawton (1681->1727)
Marr: 1733

Children: William* (1735-1814)
Benjamin (~1735-)
Elizabeth (1734-) William* Cook*
Birth: 1735, New Hanover Twp., Burlington, NJ
Death: Oct 1814, Cookstown, NJ
Occ: Twp.of New Hanover,Overseer of the poor 1764,Assesser,1767,Constable 1771
Flags: Military

Much about William...
D.A.R.papers #67993,#73996,#36683,#57760
2/1779,William ownes 471 acres,5 horses,19 horned cattle,six hogs,and two stills

Spouse: Achash* Middleton
Birth: abt 1740, Chesterfield, Burlington Co., NJ
Death: 1801
Father: John* Middleton Jr. (1712-1765)
Mother: Sarah* Ivins (1712-1763)
Marr: abt 1759

Children: William (1760-1782)
Joel?* (1763-1797)
Thomas 5th (1762-1796)
John Middleton (1773-)
Apollo (1767-1809)
Caleb? (1776-1803)
Ezra (~1760-1796)

Other Spouses Catherine? (Cooke) William Cook 3rd
Birth: 1760, New Hanover Twp, Burlington, NJ
Death: 27 Dec 1782, Cedar Creek Bridge, Burlington, NJ

Served with capt. Thomas' troop of light Dragoons, died in Rev.War in a battle with Tory refugee Capt. John Bacon and his band at Cedar Bridge near Burlington,NJ

Spouse: Mary Emley
Father: Samuel Emley
Mother: Catherine Andrews (~1743-) Joel?* Cook*
Birth: 26 Feb 1763, New Hanover Twp., Burlington, NJ
Death: 3 Jan 1797, New Hanover Twp., Burlington, NJ
Occ: this line has not be proven yet,only 90% sure
Flags: Military

Died of wounds recieved by duel with General Lacy,fought on Sunday in the Church yard at Crosswicks,and that the arrangments were made and Joel was called out from the service he was attending with his wife.The cause of the duel was General Lacey's connection with the attempt to remove General Washington from Command during the Revolutionary War.known as the "Conway Cabal".The Cookes were partisans of Washington,while Lacey had espoused the side of General Gates. Joel also killed prisioner Bacon after he had killed his brother.

D.A.R. #541303
Joel Cook's will mentions his children under 14 (14 Aug 1801)
(Lib. 39,pg 352,file 11961c)
Children:John M.,Mary,Anthony and Joel

Spouse: Keturah Ann* Meirs?
Birth: abt 1767, Freehold, Monmouth, NJ
Father: David* Meirs (1738-1816)
Mother: Martha* Swain (1736-1826)
Marr: 1787, Burlington Co., NJ

Children: Anthony* (1793-1859)
Mary "Polly" (1790-1870)
John Middleton (1788-)
Joel (1796-1873)

Other Spouses Mary Emley?? Anthony* Cook
Birth: 5 Nov 1793, New Hanover Twp, Burlington, NJ?
Death: 5 May 1859, Franklin, Warren County, Ohio
Burial: Woodhill Cemetery, Franklin Twp., Warren Co., OH
Occ: Farmer
Educ: connection going back not yet proven

Anthony came to Franklin Twp.,Warren Co.,OH in the spring of 1830-2,Edgar Landis obit talks about Anthony being born in England not NEW JERSEY!!?The History of Warren county says he was born in NJ and his father came from England sometime after the War of the Revolution.1880 census shows him being born in NJ.....Mary Ann Bradstreet's census shows her parents being born in New Jersey.1850 Ohio census shows him as 56 years old.Value of real estate in 1850 is $13,000.In 1840 there are 2 males under 5,1 between 5 & 10,1 between 10-15,one is Anthony over 40.1 female between 5 & 10,2 between 10 & 15,and Mary over 40.Other family trees on the internet show an Anthony Cook(e) born abt 1791,this line going back could be wrong.Stone says 1794-1859,family records says he was born near Trenton,NJ on 11/5/1793.1840 Warren Co census shows all 10 in Franklin Twp.

Still have not made a 100% connection to Joel and Keturah Meirs Cooke.His first son is named Joel and second named Robert which fits to their parents, we can't say that he isn't connected,more than likely he is.

Spouse: Nancy Ann* Taylor
Birth: 17 Jul 1799, NJ
Death: 11 May 1884, Warren Co., Ohio
Father: Robert* Taylor (~1775-)
Mother: Nancy* Tindale
Marr: 25 Jan 1823, Middlesex, NJ

Children: Joel (1824-1915)
Robert S. (1826-1903)
Catharine* "Kitty" (1828-1918)
Edna (1830-1908)
Benjamin (1833-1867)
Mary Ann (1834-1928)
John (1836-1924)
Anthony (1839-1841) Mary "Polly" Cook
Birth: 6 Nov 1790, New Hanover, Burlington, NJ
Death: 17 Nov 1870, Clear Creek Twp.

Is she the daughter of Mary or Keturah? probably Mary Emley!

Spouse: John R. Emely
Birth: 6 Apr 1787, Monmouth Co., NJ
Death: 27 Feb 1868, Clear Creek Twp.
Father: Samuel Emely (1750-1811)
Mother: Meribah Robbins
Marr: 22 Feb 1808

Children: Joel Cook (1809-1897)
Samuel (1810-)
Wesley (1812-1836)
Meribah Robbins (1813-)
David Meirs (1814-1835)
Martha (1816-)
Anthony (1818-)
Kiturah Ann (1820-1826)
Edna (1822-1881)
Sexton (1825-)
Leah Ann (1827-)
Amanda N (1829-)
Chaltha (1833-)
infant John Middleton Cook
Birth: 1788, New Hanover, Burlington, NJ

Find a John M Cook in Northampton,Burlington Co.,NJ in 1830 David? Cook
---------------------------------------- Joel Cook 2nd
Birth: 1796, New Hanover, Burlington, NJ
Death: 9 Oct 1873, Philadelphia, PA
Occ: Magistrate

591 605 -1870 census

1870 shows Joel with $20,000 real estate and $1000 personal .New Jersey.He went to Philadelphia abt 1815 to learn the tailor's trade.

Spouse: Mary Paul Yerkes
Birth: 12 Jun 1814, Lower Merion, Montgomery Co., PA
Death: 4 Dec 1890, Philadelphia, PA
Father: Titus Yerkes (1762-1846)
Mother: Mary Streper (1770-1855)
Marr: 22 Jul 1833?

Children: Gustavus Benson (1838-1867)
Joel (1844-)
Richard Yerkes (1845->1910)
William (1848-1893) Joel?* Cook* (See above)

Spouse: Mary Emley??
Birth: abt 1765
Father: Samuel Emley Jr. (-1785)
Mother: Catherine Andrews (~1743-)

Children: Mary

Other Spouses Keturah Ann* Meirs? Mary Cook
---------------------------------------- Thomas 5th Cook
Birth: 1762, New Hanover Twp, Burlington, NJ
Death: 28 Sep 1796, Burlington Co., NJ
Flags: Military

New Jersey regular line Army,Burlington county militia

Spouse: Charlotte Emely
Father: Samuel Emely
Mother: Catherine Andrews (~1743-1811)

Children: Samuel (~1782-)
Achsah (~1790-)
Catherine (~1785-)
Phoebe Samuel Cook
Birth: abt 1782 Achsah Cook
Birth: abt 1790, New Hanover, Burlington, NJ

Spouse: John Glen
Birth: Burlington Co., NJ
Marr: 30 Apr 1804 Catherine Cook
Birth: abt 1785 Phoebe Cook
---------------------------------------- John Middleton Cook
Birth: 1773

find a John Middleton age 75 from NJ in Salem Twp.,Warren Co.,Ohio,could be him?? Apollo Cook
Birth: 1767, New Hanover, Burlington, NJ
Death: Dec 1809, Chesterfield, Burlington, NJ

Children: Maria
Julia Ann (~1790-)
Thomas (~1791-)
Lydia (~1789-)
Charlotte (~1788-)
William (~1790-)
Sarah (~1787-)
Achsah M. (~1790-) Maria Cook
---------------------------------------- Julia Ann Cook
Birth: abt 1790 Thomas Cook
Birth: abt 1791 Lydia Cook
Birth: abt 1789

Spouse: James Allen Charlotte Cook
Birth: abt 1788 Abigail Cook

Spouse: William F. Garner William Cook
Birth: abt 1790 Sarah Cook
Birth: abt 1787 Achsah M. Cook
Birth: abt 1790 Caleb? Cook
Birth: 1776
Death: 1803

Spouse: Charity Antram
Birth: 11 Dec 1776, Springfield, Burlington, NJ
Father: John Antram
Mother: Jane Shreve Ezra Cooke
Birth: abt 1760
Death: Jan 1796

Spouse: Ann (Cooke)

Children: William (~1785-) William Cooke
Birth: abt 1785 Benjamin Cooke
---------------------------------------- Ashur Cooke
---------------------------------------- William* Cook* (See above)

Spouse: Catherine? (Cooke)
Birth: abt 1735
Marr: 1752

Children: William (~1753-)
Benjamin (~1760-)
Ashur (~1757-)

Other Spouses Achash* Middleton William Cook
Birth: abt 1753 Benjamin Cook
Birth: abt 1760 Ashur Cook
Birth: abt 1757 Benjamin Cooke
Birth: abt 1735, New Hanover, NJ
Occ: ran a wagon from Bordentown to Shrrewsbury daily

Spouse: Elizabeth Webb Elizabeth Cooke
Birth: 1734, New Hanover, NJ Elizabeth Cooke
---------------------------------------- Benjamin? Cooke

1.1.2 Stephen Cooke

1.1.3 Ebenezer Cooke
Birth: 1661, Rhode Island

Children: Edward (1692-) Edward Cooke
Birth: 1692, New Jersey

Children: William (1721-) William Cooke
Birth: 1721, New Jersey

Children: Job (1750-) Job Cooke
Birth: 1750, New Jersey

Children: Thomas (1773-) Thomas Cooke
Birth: 1773, New Jersey

Children: Amos (1824-)

1.1.4 Benjamin Cooke

1.1.5 Hannah Cooke
Birth: abt 1650

1.2 Capt. John Cooke
Birth: 1630, Earl's Calne, Essex, England
Death: 16 May 1691, Portsmouth, RI
Burial: Glen Farm, Portsmouth, RI

Large land owner in Rhode Island and elsewhere.

Spouse: Mary Borden
Birth: Jan 1632, Cranbrook, Kent, England
Death: 23 Dec 1690, Glen Farm, Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Father: Richard* Borden (1585-1671)
Mother: Joan* Fowle (1604-1688)
Marr: abt 1649, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI

Children: Martha (1668-1704)
John (1655-1737)
Mary (1656-)
Sarah (1658-)
Hannah (1660-1736)
Samuel (1674->1705)

1.2.1 Martha Cooke
Birth: 1668
Death: 1704

Spouse: William Cory
Father: William Cory
Mother: Mary Earle

1.2.2 Elizabeth Cooke

1.2.3 John Cooke
Birth: 1655, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI
Death: 7 Aug 1737

Spouse: Ruth Shaw
Birth: 10 Dec 1660, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
Marr: 1682, Tiverton, Newport Co., RI

Children: Ruth
John (1685-1754)
Thomas Shaw
Mary (~1685-)
Deborah (1693-)
Samuel Ruth Cooke

Spouse: Preserved Fish
Marr: 30 May 1699, Newport, RI John Cooke
Birth: 5 Nov 1685, Tiverton, Newport Co., RI
Death: 1754

Spouse: Alice Southworth
Marr: 25 May 1709, Little Compton, Newport, RI

Children: Amy (1710-)
Elizabeth Amy Cooke
Birth: 11 Jul 1710, Little Compton, Newport, RI Bathsheba Cooke
---------------------------------------- Lillias Cooke
---------------------------------------- Samuel Cooke
---------------------------------------- Abiel Cooke
---------------------------------------- William Cooke
---------------------------------------- Rebecca Cooke
---------------------------------------- Ruth Cooke
---------------------------------------- Elizabeth Cooke
---------------------------------------- Thomas Shaw Cooke

Spouse: Lydia Taylor
Marr: 17 Jan 1712, Little Compton, Newport, RI Mary Cooke
Birth: abt 1685

Spouse: John Howland
Birth: abt 1685
Marr: 2 Aug 1712, Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts Deborah Cooke
Birth: 1693

Spouse: James Howland
Marr: 25 Jul 1717, Tiverton, Newport Co., RI Anna Cooke

Spouse: James Tripp Jr
Marr: 13 Mar 1719, Newport, RI Sarah Cooke

Spouse: Peter Tallman
Marr: 19 Oct 1724, Tiverton, Newport Co., RI Barsheba Cooke

Spouse: James Sisson
Marr: 15 Jul 1725, Tiverton, Newport Co., RI Samuel Cooke

Spouse: Mary King
Marr: 11 Oct 1728, Tiverton, Newport Co., RI

1.2.4 Mary Cooke
Birth: 1656, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI

Spouse: William Manchester

1.2.5 Sarah Cooke
Birth: 1658, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI

Spouse: Thomas Wait

1.2.6a Hannah Cooke*
Birth: 1660
Death: 1736

Spouse: Daniel Willcox
Birth: 1662
Death: 1698
Marr: 1682, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI

Children: Daniel (1685-1730)

Other Spouses Enoch Briggs

1.2.6a.1 Daniel Willcox
Birth: 1685
Death: 1730

Spouse: Sarah
Birth: 1684

Children: William (1711-1742)

1.2.6a.1.1 William Willcox
Birth: 22 Nov 1711, Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts
Death: 1742, Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts

Spouse: Dorothy Allen
Birth: 1713
Death: 1782
Marr: 8 Feb 1732

Children: William (1739-1782)

1.2.6a.1.1.1 William Willcox
Birth: 8 Aug 1739, Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts
Death: 1782

Spouse: Sarah Smith
Birth: 1741
Marr: 2 Jan 1762

Children: David (1763-1828)

1.2.6a. David Willcox
Birth: 10 Jan 1763, Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts
Death: 28 Aug 1828, Macedon, Wayne Co., New York

Spouse: Anna Baker
Birth: 27 May 1761, Nova Scotia, Canada
Death: 1813
Marr: Apr 1791, Palmyra, Wayne Co., New York

Children: Clarissa (1796-1827)

1.2.6a.1.2 Stephen Willcox

1.2.6a.2 Mary Willcox

1.2.6b Hannah Cooke* (See above)

Spouse: Enoch Briggs

Children: Abigail (-1757)

Other Spouses Daniel Willcox

1.2.6b.1 Abigail Briggs
Death: 26 Sep 1757

Spouse: John Butts
Birth: 1691, Little Compton, RI
Death: 1768, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI
Marr: 1/29/1723/4, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI

Children: Sarah (1730-)

1.2.6b.1.1 Sarah Butts
Birth: 19 Sep 1730, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI

Spouse: Thomas Cook
Birth: 5 Dec 1714, Tiverton, Newport Co., RI
Death: 8 Dec 1800, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI
Father: Thomas Cook (1680-1760)
Mother: Mary Havens?
Marr: 18 Dec 1763, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI

Children: Thomas?? (1759-1828)

1.2.6b.1.1.1 Thomas?? Cook
Birth: 20 May 1759, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI
Death: 1828, Tiverton, Newport Co., RI

1.2.7 Joseph Cooke

Spouse: Susanna Briggs
Birth: Mar 1672, Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MA
Death: Apr 1742, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI
Father: John Briggs
Mother: Hannah Fisher
Marr: 19 Apr 1692

Children: Thomas (1697-1756)
William (1701-)
Deborah (1693-)
John (1694-)
Joseph (1695-1726) Thomas Cooke
Birth: 31 Mar 1697, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI
Death: 1 Nov 1756, Tiverton, Newport Co., RI

Spouse: Philadelphia Cornell
Father: George Cornell
Mother: Deliverance Clark
Marr: 30 May 1722, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI

Children: Deborah (1723-)
George (1725-)
Sarah (1726-)
Susannah (1728-)
Walter (1730-)
David (1731-) Deborah Cooke
Birth: 3 Feb 1723 George Cooke
Birth: 28 Mar 1725 Sarah Cooke
Birth: 4 Nov 1726 Susannah Cooke
Birth: 17 Jun 1728 Walter Cooke
Birth: 19 Jan 1730 David Cooke
Birth: 12 Oct 1731 William Cooke
Birth: 11 Sep 1701, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI Deborah Cooke*
Birth: 5 May 1693, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI

Spouse: William Almy

Other Spouses Sisson? Deborah Cooke* (See above)

Spouse: Sisson?

Other Spouses William Almy John Cooke
Birth: 27 Feb 1694, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI Joseph Cooke
Birth: 20 Apr 1695, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI
Death: 29 Oct 1726, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI

1.2.8 Thomas Cooke

1.2.9 Deborah Cooke

1.2.10 Amey Cooke

1.2.11 Samuel Cooke
Birth: 1674, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI
Death: aft 1705

1.3 Sarah Cooke
Birth: 1632

Spouse: Peter Parker
Birth: abt 1630

1.4 George Cooke
Birth: 1633

Re: Thomas Cook to Portsmouth RI in early 1600s from England

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Surnames: cook, borden
John and Miss Mary Borden's chirdren- Mary-b1655,Elizabeth-b.1653, John Thomas-b.1652{my ancestry.},Sarah-b 1655, Hannah-b.1659, Joseoh-b.1662, Martha-b.1664, Deborah-b.1666, Thomas-b.1668,Amey-b.1661, and Samuel-b.1672, all in Portsmouth, RI.
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