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Surnames: Belcher Lawson Clubb Kennard Lauderdale
Joseph Belcher married Frances "Franky" Lawson in 1832. They moved to Pope County, IL in 1848.

John Belcher married ? and also moved to Pope County, Illinois in the late 1840's. When John Belcher sold the land he owned on Clinch, Burrell Lawson witnessed the deed of conveyance.

John & Joseph Belcher were sons of Bartlett Belcher and Ailsy Lawson who married in Patrick Co., VA in 1800.

In Pope County, Illinois there were three Lawson marriages that I cannot determine how are connected:

1. Manuel Lawson to Sarah Clubb 1848
2. Piney Lawson to Walter Kennard 1854
3. Rhoda Lawson to Wm. Lauderdale 1851

All three Lawsons were born in Tennessee and live near the Belchers, but no Lawsons appear who could be their parents. Does anyone know how this ties in?


David Jones (View posts)
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Surnames: Lawson, Belcher
On thing that has always troubled me about this marriage--Bartlett Belcher to Ailsy Lawson--is that Bartlett was 35 when he married her. So, it seems likely that this was a second (or third) marriage for Bartlett. Some of the Belchers could really be Lawsons if Ailsy was a widow. I wonder if the Hawkins County John Belcher could be the John Belcher who married Pamela Bigers in Patrick County in 1813?

Do we know if Burrell Lawson actually died in Hawkins County or did he move on to Indiana or Illinois with relatives?



Wayne and Debbie Loeslin (View posts)
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IN, HENRY Co. Marriages
LAWSON, ELIZABETH > BELCHER, JOHN Henry 10-20-1830 [est b: 1810-1812] [paternal possibilities based on 1830 census – Lacey Lawson]

1836 - Sally BEECHER is listed in Hawkins Co., Tax list - could it be Sarah Belcher, the daughter of Ailsey and Bartlett born abt.1800? She never seems to marry and always keeps the Belcher name. She has one possible son, Simeon, who also takes the Belcher name. Bartlett Belcher died April 8, 1848. On the 1850 Lee Co., VA census, Ailsey is living with her daughter Sarah. In the Stokley Belcher interview, Stokley refers to Sarah as Sally and in parenthesis by her name puts the name John Malden. Maybe that was the father of her son. Darla: Bartlett Belcher m: Ailsey Lawson 1800.09.16 @ Patrick Co., VA]; Henry BEGLEY; Christian BEGLEY; Pleasant BEGLEY

Of course we have that John Belcher witness in Enoch Lawson’s 1837 trial in Hawkins Co., TN.

Johnson, Moses, NC Line, married Nancy (?) in 1779. In 1841 Eliz. Belcher aged 79 and Sarah Stapleton, aged 79, both of Hawkins County, TN., made affadavit.

1800 Stokes Co., TN census info has:
583 5 491 Lawson, Samuel_ 2_ 0_ 1_ 0_ 0_ 0_ 0_ 1_ 0_ 0_ 0_ 0_ is this possibly Clemuel/Clement and with Edmond and another son perhaps Mason / Mastin / Mace ? He lives near Bartlet Belcher. In 1840 Banks Lawson lives 6 entries away from Bartlett Belcher (m: Alice Lawson) and 2 entries away from Reuben Mabee/Mabe in Hawkins Co., TN census. I think Morman sold land to a Mayberry (Maybe) in Hawkins Co. TN. Clement’s family said to be of German ancestry.
583 14 491 Cloud, John Sr_ 0_ 0_ 2_ 0_ 1_ 1_ 2_ 2_ 0_ 0_ 0_ 0_ [many land transactions witnessed by/involving Lawson and Clouds]
583 15 491 Belcher, Bartlet_ 0_ 0_ 0_ 1_ 0_ 1_ 0_ 0_ 1_ 0_ 0_ 0_ [said married Alcey/Alice Lawson and went to Hawkins Co. by 1830 census and Lee Co., mentioned in Peter Lawson and Monk land transactions. Lives near Banks Lawson and Reuben Mabe in Hawkins Co., TN in 1830

Family Bible Record of John & Mary "Monk" Belcher
John Belcher was born June 26th, 1794
Mary Belcher was born Nov. 27th, 1798
Samuel H. Belcher was born Aug. 23rd, 1818
Nancy Belcher was born September 27th, 1819
Lucy Belcher was born August 17th, 1822
Syntha Belcher was born June 3rd, 1820
Frances Belcher was born August 29th, 1824
John T. Belcher was born Oct. 12th, 1826
Joseph Belcher was born March 4th, 1828
Charles W. Belcher was born October 23rd, 1831
Maryum Belcher was born on October 9, 1833
Betsy Belcher was born August 22nd. 1835
George W. H. Belcher was born July 20th, 1839
Rebecca Belcher, was born June 26, 1841
Erastus Belcher was born March 10th, 1849
Family Record.
Marriage is honourable in all.
John Belcher was married to Mary Monk, June 27th, day A.D. 1815
Samuel H. Belcher was married to Nancy Maddax July 18th, 1839
Syntha Belcher was married to Garlin H. Robins Nov. 29th, 1843
G. W. Belcher was married to Elizabeth McFarland, Oct. 7th, 1858
NOTE: The above record was taken from a book which is located in the Russell County Public Library. It should be noted that the birth dates of John & Mary "Monk" Belcher are obviously wrong. Their birth dates should be Jun 26, 1794 & Nov 27, 1798 respectively It is unknown whether the record appeared this way in the original bible record, or if it was miscopied when it was transcribed for placement in the book.>>>


Wayne and Debbie Loeslin (View posts)
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I forgot to add the following:

John T. Belcher m: Mary Jane “Polly” Monk b: 1798 d/o Wm. Samuel Monk and Rachel McCaully

This is a possible connection to our line as John Monk lived near our Paschal Lawson in TN and later with him in OH.


David Jones (View posts)
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Surnames: Lawson, Belcher, Martin, Hall, Mabe, Hart
One problem is that 1800 Stokes County Samuel/Lemuel is the wrong age to be Clement. However, the other players are there--Hall, Mabe, Belcher, Hart and Martin.


Wayne and Debbie Loeslin (View posts)
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The 1800 Samuel Lawson in Stokes Co., NC is just about the right age to be Old Clement Lawson. His birth changes from census to census as typical.

1800 Samuel Lawson shows
2 males b: 1790 - 1800 (these two possibly sons)
1 male b: 1774 - 1784 (Clem's actual birth somewhere abouts 1772)
1 female b: 1774 - 1784

Samuel Lawson appears in 1800 and 1801 records then seems to disappear. Clem and Sam are never listed together at the same time (similar to Enoch and Emanuel situation). Then Clement appears in 1802, 1803, 1807 in Stokes Co., NC then 1810 in Hawkins CO., TN w/John and Thomas Lawson in Captain Looney's Co. tax list. By 1830 Clem and John are found in IN.


Wayne and Debbie Loeslin (View posts)
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Pope Co., IL is right by Marshall Co., KY where Burrell's son James went.

Interestingly in Pope Co, IL we have

1850 IL, Pope Co pg 281A
Lawson Maneul 20 TN [b: 1830 abt.]
Lawson Sarah 22 NC
Lawson David 7 IL (could this be 1 ?)
Lawson Roda 11/12 IL

don't have 1860 info yet ...

1870 IL, Pope Co. Eddyville PO - Series: M593 Roll: 270 Page: 409 dwelling 11 / family 11
LAWSON, ALEX 59 M W TN [b: 1811 abt.]
Elizabeth 22 TN
Elin J. 19 GA
Samuel 15 AR
Sarah J. 4 IL
Caty 1 IL
Susan C. 6/12 IL
Manuel J. W. 21 IL

There is a Stapleton next door in 1880 (remember the Enoch Lawson court record w/Stapletons and Hennis & Banks Lawson...)

1880 Eddyville, Pope, Illinois Page Number 28C

J. N. LAUDERDALE Self M Male W 36 IL Farmer TN TN
Louisa J. LAUDERDALE Wife M Female W 26 IL Housekeeping NY ---
Louilia LAUDERDALE Dau S Female W 14 IL Housekeeper IL IL
Serilda LAUDERDALE Dau S Female W 11 IL House Keeping IL IL
Retta LAUDERDALE Dau S Female W 5 IL IL IL
Hettae LAUDERDALE Dau S Female W 3 IL IL IL

next door

John STAPLETON M Male 44 TN Farmer
Mariah STAPLETON M Female 37 AL Houekeeping
Rhoda F. STAPLETON S Female 14 IL House Keeping
George H. STAPLETON S Male 12 IL Farmer
William Andrew W. STAPLETON S Male 11 IL Farmer
James A. STAPLETON S Male 8 IL Farmer
Henry N. STAPLETON S Male 3 IL

William LAUDERDALE Self M Male W 50 IL Farmer TN TN
Rhoda LAUDERDALE Wife M Female W 56 TN House Keeping TN TN
Rhoda Lucy A. LAUDERDALE Dau S Female W 12 IL House Keeping IL TN

William KANARD Self M Male W 26 IL Farmer --- TN (remember the Kenner/Keener/Kinard etc. from Stokes and Hawkins Cos)
Sarah KANARD Wife M Female W 21 KY House Keeping VA TN
John S. BARGER Other S Male W 17 IL Farmer IL IL

then on pg 28D

John J. JACOBS M Male 22 IL Farmer
Inda JACOBS M Female 22 IL Housekeeper
Pleasant LAUDERDALE Male 16 IL Farmer


David Jones (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Lawson
It is certainly possible that the census ages for Clement are wrong. They are at least inconsistent. The original 1800 Stokes County census image name could be Lemuel instead of Samuel. Sometimes an "L" was written like an "S". Lemuel could be a nickname for Clement, or perhaps the enumerator made a mistake. There doesn't seem to be a census entry for Clement even though Stokes County records suggest he was there during at least one census. We will probably learn a lot more when we get more DNA data on our Lawsons.
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