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Leaning towards legacy...question (training video CDs)

Leaning towards legacy...question (training video CDs)

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So, my father had been using FTM 2005. But we are ready to move on. We have both looked at FTM2012, but several things about it we do not like.

The 2 primary contenders are Roots Magic 5 and Legacy 7.5. (I did not like TMG.) Of the two, I prefer the look/layout of Legacy. Though I have to say, I like that RM folks have all their webinars/training videos freely available on their website...whereas Legacy wants you to pay @$32 for a cd containing just 4 or 5 videos.

Which leads me to my primary question - Are Legacy's training CD's worth it? I'm trying to decide between just purchasing the download Deluxe bundle (with PDF guide) for $35 or the $60 bundle with printed user guide and the training CD 1. And like I said, when I think about RM just having their training videos out there free, I start to second guess myself I think about if I can live with the layout of RM.

Re: Leaning towards legacy...question (training video CDs)

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It's hard to answer this question. It is heavily dependent on how you like to learn the product. Some people do not read the manual cover to cover and only refer to sections as a reference or use the .PDF version to perform quick searches for specific phrases.

Even if you like to read the manual cover to cover, then the .PDF is available for that. I have had Legacy for some time and have purchase two of the printed manuals during version upgrades. Honestly, I have not really used them that much (they both still look brand new).

As far as the training CD's ... I have no experience with them to have an opinion. I can only say that I've had good luck with the product even without the training videos. There are many freely available Webinars (online videos) from the website.

How you use the program can be a personal decision. The biggest problem that I've had is entering a type of data one way and later deciding to add it in a different way ... but, that comes from entering many records of the same type and deciding I like to capture details differently.

The Legacy program is freely available with a lot of it's functionality. I would suggest you download it and play with it for a little while. This will tell you if you like the product and it will also give you an idea if you need the additional training CD.


Re: Leaning towards legacy...question (training video CDs)

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I've used FTM since it's inception for windows. They've ruined it with the new 2012 version.
I've also used Legacy for many years.

Hands down - I'd go with Legacy 7.5 - it is sooooo superior to FTM 2012, particularly when it comes to producing family reports, and handling media files. You can still upload your trees to - although you can't sync the tree with your software program the way you can with FTM.

In addition - when you important a Legacy file into FTM, which FTM claims to be able to do, your database will be so butchered, with children re-assigned to parents who aren't even connected with the family line. There is no way to go through the entire database and fix all the errors FTM made when importing a Legacy file. Importing old FTW files seems to work ok.

At any rate - I strongly advise Legacy 7.5 . Legacy also does NOT make you buy a new software every year either. (FTM is notorious for this - they fix the bugs from the older version, then charge you for purchasing new software that often seems worse than the prior version.)

Re: Leaning towards legacy...question (training video CDs)

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There is a "free" edition of Legacy you can download "take for a test drive".

If you decide to purchase the deluxe, I would suggest you purchase the training CD's...also join the very active Legacy Users Group...the CD's are worth the purchase price..but there are many "tips and tricks" I have learned thru the LUG(Legacy Users Group).

Good Luck!!!

Re: Leaning towards legacy...question (training video CDs)

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Select 'Customize' from the import dialog. You can re-map you FTM fields with the Legacy fields that are not readable by Legacy.

Tim Rosenlof
Beta Tester

Re: Leaning towards legacy...question (training video CDs)

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Thanks everyone for the responses. Sorry for my delay in responding. We actually took off on a genealogy based trip to Ohio and Indiana and internet was spotty.

That said, I have actually gone for RootsMagic for now. I still like some aspects of Legacy (I did download the free version) but I have gone for RM5. That's not to say I might now pick up Legacy in the future too!
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