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Roster of North Carolina Soldiers

Roster of North Carolina Soldiers

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Classification: Military
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Surnames: Hill, Hodges,Holland, Hooper, Inglas, Isaacs, Ivey, Jarvis, Johnson, Johnston, Johnston, John, Jones, Kennedy, Kilby, Keais, Kingsbury, Koen, Lacey, Lamb, Lackey
Hill, John Ensn. 10th N.C.
Hill, William Lt. 1st N.C. 9/1/1775-
Hilton,William 2nd Lt. 6th N.C. Killed Stony Point:7/15/1779
Hodges, John Ensn. 5th N.C. 1777-
Hodgton, Alvery Lt. & Adjt. 3rd N.C.
Hogg, Thomas 1st Lt. 1st N.C.
Hogun, James, Maj. Georgia Militia Died in Capt. 1/4/1781
Holland, James Lt & Capt. N.C. Militia 1776-1781
Holland, Spier Ensn. 5th N.C. Mch. 24th
Hollingsworth, Charles Lt. 4th N.C. 1777-
Hollowell, Samuel Lt. 8th N.C. 9/20/1777-6/1/1778
Holmes, Hardy 2nd Lt. 1st N.C.
Hooper,William a signer of the Dec.of Indpndce D. 10/11/1790
Houston, Christopher, Capt. N.C. Rangers d: 5/12/1837
Houston, James Capt. N.C. Rangers d: 8/2/1819
Howe, Robert Col. 2nd N.C. d: 11/12/1785 or 1783
Howell, Elias Ensn. 8th N.C.
Hunt, Jesse Capt. N.C. Militia 1778
Hunter, James Maj. N.C. Militia at Guilford 3/1781
Inglas, John 1st Lt. 2nd N.C.
Ingram, James Lt. Col. 8th N.C. 11/27/1776-7/8/1777
Irwin,Henry Lt. Col. 5th N.C. killed at Germantown10/4/1777
Irwin, John Ensn. 1st N.C.
Isaacs, Elisha Col. N.C.
Ivey, Curtis Ensn. 5th N.C. (Ivory)
Jacobs, John Ensn. 6th N.C.
James, John Capt. 6th N.C. 4/16/1776-
Jarvis, John Capt. 10th N.C. 4/19/1777-
Jarvis, Samuel Col. N.C. Militia 1780
Johnson, James Reg. Quartermaster 6th N.C. d:7/23/1805 ?
Johnson, Joshua Lt. 9th N.C. 11/28/1776-
Johnson, Samuel Lt. 10th N.C. d: 9/15/1834
Johnston, Gilbert Capt. N.C. Rangers under Marion d:1794
Johnston, Hugo Capt. N.C. Militia d:1794
Johnston, James Capt. N.C. Militia d: 7/23/1805 ?
Johnston, John Capt. N.C. Militia 1779-1781
Johnston, Jones Col. N.C. Militia,d:Stono Ferry 6/20/1779
Johnston, Joseph Ensn. 9th N.C.
Johnston, Launcelot Surgeon 9th N.C. d: 9/19/1832
Johnston, Wm Capt. N.C. Militia at King's Mtn. 10/1780
John,Allen Lt.Col.& Col.& Brig-Gen N.C.Militia d:11/10/1798
Jones, Daniel Capt. 3rd N.C. 5/12/1776-6/1/1778
Jones, David 1st Lt. 4th N.C. 11/27/1776 omitted1/1/1778
Jones, John Col. N.C. Partisan Rangers Wounded
Jones, Maurice Lt. 6th N.C. 6/15/1776-
Jones, Philip Lt. 8th N.C. Taken prisoner
Jones, Samuel Ensn. 8th N.C.
Jones, Samuel Ensn. 2nd N.C. d: 7/7/1778
Jones, Thomas Ensn. 7th N.C.
Jones, Timothy Lt. 10th N.C. 4/19/1777-6/1/1778
Jones, Wm. Brig-Gen N.C. Militia 1780-1781
Karr, James Lt of a N.C. Reg. in 1781 d:8/18/1823
Keais, Nathaniel Capt. 2nd N.C. 9/1/1775-6/1/1778
Kennedy, Robert Capt. N.C. Militia at Kings Mtn 10/1780
Kennedy, Thomas Capt. N.C. Militia, wounded d:6/19/1836
Kennon, John Lt. 6th N.C. 4/16/1776-
Kennon, Wm. Lt. & Commisary 1st N.C. 9/1/1776-4/1777
Kilby, Wm. Ensn. 2nd N.C. 6/6/1776 d: 4/6/1777
Kilby, Wm. Tyler Ensn. 2nd N.C. 6/6/1776 d: 4/6/1777
King, James Ensn 1st N.C. Prisoner, died in captivity
Kingsbury, John Capt. Indep. Co. N.C. Artillery Prisoner
Knott, Wm. Lt. 4th N.C. 1777-
Koen, Caleb Lt. 10th N.C. 4/19/1777-
Lacey, John Ensn 2nd N.C. 5/20/1779-
Lackey, Christopher 2nd Lt. 5th N.C.
Lamb, Abner Ensn. 1st N.C. wounded
Lamb, Gideon Maj. 6th N.C.

am looking for Joshua HADLEY, Capt,1st Reg NC Line

Ron Whitacre (View posts)
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Surnames: Hadley
Do you have earlier H's,am looking for Joshua Hadley,Capt,1st Reg NC Line

Edward JARVIS, Wake Co NC. American Patriot, age 14

Jeff Black (View posts)
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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Jarvis
Martha my GGG Grandfather Edward Jarvis was from Wake Co NC. His father was named John he also had a brother named John. I dont have any information on them just names. His Pention file says he was 14 when he joined the fight for freedom in NC. He drawed his pention from Kentucky Muhlenberg Co. Do you have any information on the John & Samuel. Jeff

Re: KOEN name on NC Roster

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Surnames: Koen, BLOUNT
Do you know anything about Caleeb Koen? My g g g g grandmother married a Fredrick Blount. Her name was Mary or Merioum Koen. Can't seem to find out anything about her father. I am at a stand still I know that James Blount lived in Pasquotank County N.C in the 1700's. Can you help me figure this out about M. Koen. Her father may have been John Koen, not forsure. Appreciate anything you have.

Thank you M. Hollingshead

Re: Roster of North Carolina Soldiers

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Ralston/Rolston
Did you note any Ralston/ Rolston's on any list from Guliford/Rockingham Co's., in North Carolina. I have Isaac Rolston's papers. His brother's Robert and David also fought there in the Rev War. Thanks for your time.
louise ralston brown

Re: Roster of North Carolina Soldiers

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Classification: Query
The DAR Index has a David Ralston
RALSTON, DAVID Ancestor #: A093673
Service: Virginia Rank: Private
Birth: 20 Oct 1760 Rockingham Co. Virginia
Death: 5 Jun 1849 Rockingham Co. Virginia
Pension Number: *S7431

Residence 1) Rockingham Co. - Virginia
There is a Robert listed but he was from Pennsylvania.

Re: Edward JARVIS, Wake Co NC. American Patriot, age 14

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Edward Jarvis and his brother John were half brothers of Harmon Holliman of Sumpter, SC. This is based on information provided by Harmon's son Dr. William H Holliman in his testomony in John Kennedy's Revolutionary War records. Harmon Holliman was the guardian of my GGG grandfather Britton Harris and his brother Harmon Harris after their father Daniel Harris died in Darlington, SC in 1807. It appears that Daniel's widow, Margarett Holliman was very likely Harmon Holliman's sister and therefore the half sister of Edward Jarvis. The best candidate to be Harmon and Margarett's father and Edward Jarvis stepfather is Harmon Holliman d. 1794 in Darlington. Here is what we know about him:

Harmon’s father was Christopher Holliman of Blackwater Swamp, IOW, VA
1751 Christopher Hollowman Senior to his son Harmon Hollowman 200acres. Bertie
Harmon is listed on the 1757 tax list in Bertie, NC.
1757 Harmon Hollamon to Samuel Hollamon 50 pds for 200 ac being part of a tract bought of John Early on NS Ahotskey Swamp. April Ct 1757 Bertie, NC
Harmon Holliman Sr.1765 Deed in Bute, NC (Present day Franklin)
Harmon Holliman Sr. 1769 sells part of Bute land while living in Johnston (Later Wake)
Harmon Holliman Sr. 1778 referenced in Wake, NC deed (Formerly Johnston)
Harmon Holliman Sr. 1785 Deed in Cheraws, SC (Presently Darlington and Lee)
Harmon Holliman Sr. 1790 Census Cheraws, SC
Harmon Holliman noted deceased on the 1794 member roster of Gum Branch Baptist Church in Darlington County, SC

Re: Edward JARVIS, Wake Co NC. American Patriot, age 14

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Jarvis
Hi Cousin! Edward Jarvis was also my ggg grandfather. Please contact me at & I'll send my phone # from there, as I do have a little more possible info on John.Also, give me an idea of where we're related. My g.grandmother was Mary Alice Jarvis, daughter of Edmond Jarvis & Mandy Mercer. Edmond was the son of Edward & his 2nd wife, Mary Forrester. Danna Arnett Stevens
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