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RAY's from Scotland

RAY's from Scotland

Janine Iris Ray (View posts)
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Surnames: RAY, COPPIN
Hello. I have just been looking on the web for details on my family history for my son Luke Anthony and came across this site. I am in the UK. Surrey to be more specific. Supposedly the Rays did originate from Scotland. Archives date back to the year 1239. I have a very big family here.Anyway I would love to hear from other Rays around the world it is very interesting. I am 31 and my fathers name is Albert Gordon Ray and I have a twin brother called Gavin Albert Ray and older sister called Anita Elizabeth Ray and my mum is called Elizabeth Coppin Ray.Hope all you Rays are happy and well out there. Take Care.

Re: RAY's from Scotland

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Surnames: RAY
Hello Janine,I hope this address is still 'live', I have only just spotted your message.
I have a very large contingent of Rays from 1832, in Rotherhithe, Bermondsey, Camberwell & Poplar, so there are some Surrey ones. Some have since moved to Essex.
Maybe it is just coincidence but up to now I have 3 sets of twins in the family, and more than one Albert & Elizabeth. Do you think there may be a connection.

Robert RAY, s/o Anthony RAY of PA, USA

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Surnames: RAY
My great grandfathers name was Anthony Ray. His son - my grandfathers name was Robert Ray. We are from Pennsylvania in the US. Any connections?

James RAY, 1754 Granville Co. NC Militia

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This James is my g-g-g-grandfather, do you see anything here that you recognize?
James Ray was a part of the Granville County Regment of Militia on a muster roll dated October 8, 1754. He appeared on the 1755 tax list showing one white pole and no black poles. He again qualified for Grand Jury to be held in their town of Eno March 1 1754. He again qualified for grand Jury in March of 1758 and June 2 1759, which was to be held in Corbin Town. He was to attend as a juror in Corbin Town September 11, 1759, and he was sworn to Grand Jury August 3, 1760. James Ray was the father of 5 Sons. The earliest known ancestor on this line, and probably the immigrant ancestor, was James RAY, born about 1715, and probably in Ireland but of Scottish ancestry. He and his wife whose name is unknown lived in Pennsylvania where at least two children were born, and came to North Carolina. He probably died in Orange County, North Carolina, where he had lived for many years. A letter written May 23, 1979, from a Pennsylvania researcher whose signature looks like Clyde L. GRIFF, states the following history of the community to which James RAY belonged: ...they all came to this area from Ireland in early 1720's. It was James LOGAN, who was a sort of land agent for PENNS' who directed these people to come into our area, first as a buffer against the Maryland claims, and next he had some rights for this land. The Susquehanna River represented the western boundry line as there was agreement with Indians, not to settle on the other side. Col. French came up in 1720's and 1730's to burn cabins of people who squatted on the western side of the river. We have letters from LOGAN to people in area who had complained that he sold land to Germans (six: These so called Scotch-Irish came in group from Donegal in Ireland and by late 1720's had Rev. James ANDERSON as their Presbyterian Minister and so many lived in West Conestoga Township of Chester County by 1722/23 the tax records called it West Donegal or West Conestogo or Donegal. It was these people who hated Germans, and it was to these people that LOGAN wrote and said he never sold land to Germans, only to them, that they had a SONDER LUST and sold out and moved on. This migration path was across from present day Harrisburg and it went by Hogestown to leTort's Spring, present day Carlisle, last outpost for years. From here you are on your own. Road was called the Conestoga Road and ran all the way to present day Roanoke, Virginia and the Donegal Society was born because of this movement of Presbyterians from Donegal Presbyterian Church. I am historian of our society, which is over sixty years old....We have searched for titles and deeds, and found nothing about your line. Nothing to prove your William RAE was born in 1743 on River Susquehanna....William RAY, Sr., in the pension application quoted later stated that he was born on the Susquehanna June 11, 1743. Land matching his description was purchased by James RAY March 16, 1742, being 150 acres "on the west side of the Susquehanna in the county of Lancaster in Tyrone Township". Other RAY purchases in Lancaster County during this time period were 200 acres bought by Hugh RAY on August 1, 1735, 40 acres bought by John RAY October 14, 1743, 30 acres bought by Joseph RAY December 12, 1748, and 100 acres bought by John REAH May 18, 1749. Orange County, North Carolina, was formed in 1752. It would appear that James RAY was there even before the county was formed. There is an indenture made in March of 1749 honoring an agreement between Henry McCULLOCH, Esquire, Benjamin HILL and Abraham McCULLOCK, gentlemen and James RAY made June 12, 1747, and conveying to James RAY 350 acres on the south side of Little River in the County of Granville. This land would have been in Orange County after the formation of the county. In 1756 James RAY was granted 240 acres by Lord GRANVILLE and in 1763 received another 325 acres of land, all on or near Little River. James RAY was a part of the Granville County Regiment of Militia on a muster roll dated October 8, 1754. He appeared on the 1755 tax list, showing one white poll and no black polls. He qualified for Grand Jury to be held there in the town of Eno March 1, 1754. He again qualified for Grand Jury in March of 1758 and June 2, 1759, which was to be held at Corbin Town. He was to attend as a juror in Corbin Town September 11, 1759, and he was sworn to Grand Jury August 3, 1760.James RAY was the father of five sons:

McRAE Clan migration to ENG

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Surnames: McRAE
hello Janine - 10 years after your post I want to say "howdy!" from Texas. I hope you are still checking the site. I have just joined and it can be quite addicting! Anyway, you have many relatives in the great state of Texas. I would love to know about what you have found also - especially if you have any information about when and how the McRae clan migrated down to England. I have seen the castle in Loch Duich, and felt so connected to history there!

Thomas RAY, b. 1818 Scotland

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Surnames: RAY, RAE, McRAE, McRAY
Hi, I don't know if you will see this it has been quite a few years. My maiden name is Ray and apprarently passed down our family origniated in Scotland. Ray or Rae was shortened from Macray or Macrae. My farthest Ray ancestor I can find of date is Thomas Ray born in 1818 in Scotland. He married an Isabella born in Nova Scotia Canada and she was born in NS Canada in 1822. Thomas and Isabella had a son Thomas Lindsay or I have found a Lindsay T that fits the he had a son Richard Ross then my grandfather Lindsay Ross and my dad Richard Ross. The first Richard Ross was born in Mass in the US so they were there for a while then came back to Canada. I have a few other details but that is my direct family line.

Nathan RAY of NC

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Surnames: Ray
Hello-I just came across this post on a Message Board about the Ray family. My name was Donna Ray and I live in Missouri in the US. My Great-Great Grandfather was Nathan Ray in North Carolina, USA.
I am struggling to find out who his parents were and where they originated from. Unfortunately my dad, who is deceased, did not know any information about his grandfather, Nathan. My grandfather was William Bennet Ray, son of John Willis Ray.
I have one brother, John William Ray.
I am 58 and my brother is 59.
I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about the information you may have.
Thank you and Kind regards,

Re: James RAY, 1754 Granville Co. NC Militia

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Surnames: Ray, BLEDSOE
Hello, My name was Donna Ray and my great-great grandfather was Nathan Ray.I cannot find any heritage beyond him. He was married to Emaline Bledsoe.
I was reading your post regarding James having 5 sons. Do you by any chance know the names of these sons and any other relevant information that may help my search?
I would be extremely grateful for any information you can provide.

RAY Family from Canada

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Surnames: RAY
Hello, my name was Doris Ray and we are from Canada. So far the branch I am following my dad's has been in Canada for a bit, though it looks like at some point they went to the states. I don't know if they landed their originally or in Canada. This is what I know: my dad is Richard Ross Ray on was born on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada.
His father is Lindsay Ross Ray, my gr is Richard Ross Ray again, then gr. gr. is Lindsay Thomas or Thomas Lindsay then Thomas Ray or Rae, I have found variations of the name. Apparently from records, census etc Thomas was born in Scotland. I can't a middle name or his parents name or when he came across. There are quite a few Thomas Ray or Rae that came from Scotland, in Scotland etc. This wife's name is Isabella which once again seems pretty common. Thomas was born about 1811 and I think Isabella 1822. Isabella seems to have been born in Nova Scotia Canada, so they must have met here. At some point his son Thomas Lindsay moved to Boston Mass. because my gr. grandfather Richard Ross was born there. Then it seems they moved back to Canada. I know there is a bit of Ray in Nova Scotia. At some point Thomas Lindsay (I am not sure of Thomas and Isabella) moved to British Columbia to Vancouver Island since I have a few greats and great greats that have lived and died there. My parents actually moved up north of there in BC when I was young. I didn't know I was giving up a heritage then,lol. I am going to be trying to trace to see if any of the other kids may have settled in the US and try to trace those branches as well. I would really like to try and trace it in Scotland also and see how many branches on here actually are related,lol. It is a big task and I also have James Rays in my family, I have an uncle and also I have found another in my search. It it nice to connect with other Rays and who knows we could all be distant relations.

Re: RAY's from Scotland

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Surnames: RAY, McRAE
Hi, my name is Doug Ray and I live in Michigan. I have been researching our last name also and saw your post. I have found that our name is Irish and Scottish. We are recognized by the Mcrae Clan from Scotland and our clan is listed on I suggest that you check out's website. You can find old burial records back to the 16th century. It might help you find something. The Gaelic version of our name is O'Riabhaigh or MacRiabhaigh. Good thing they shortened ot to 3 letters huh?
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