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Who's my Great Great Grandfather?

Who's my Great Great Grandfather?

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Surnames: Eberle
My grandfather was Nicholas/ Nikolaus Eberle
I would like to know who his parents were!

This is the only information I have.

Founders of Munjor, Kansas
Left Saratov, July 8, 1876
from Marienthal, Russia
Nicholas Eberle
Peter Gross
Mathias Rohr
Peter Rohr

Nicholas Eberle was born August 15 1842. He married Eva Goetz 1873 in Herzog? Russia. Before they sailed on the Mosel.. to come to America.

Kathy Eberle

Re: Who's my Great Great Grandfather?

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According to Nicholas Eberle died Oct 21, 1922. He is buried in St. Francis Cemetery, Ellis, Kansas. You could order his death certificate and possibly get parent info from it.

Re: Who's my Great Great Grandfather?

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Thank you -
I'll do that..

Re: Who's my Great Great Grandfather?

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Surnames: Eberle / Goetz / Eberly
I went to Kansas board of health & filled out an application to receive copy of his birth certificate. Ill let you know what I get back 3-5 business days...

On the form however they wanted to know "Who" his parents are.. and claimed they can't send me the death cirtificate unless I know that information.

Ill keep you updated on what they send me.
Cross your fingers they send it & his parents are listed! :)
Thank you Kathy Eberle

Re: Who's my Great Great Grandfather?

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Surnames: Eberle / Eberle / Goetz
Skvesta, or anyone that can help me.
I received the Death Certificate today..of my Great Grandfather Nickolaus Eberle........ but
It shows "Do not know" under father's name
& "Do not know" under his mothers name.

Im still at a loss on how to find the name of my Great Great Grandfather.

Please can anyone help me?
Thanks Sincerely,
Kathy Eberle

Re: Who's my Great Great Grandfather?

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The info on the death cert is telling, the informant(s) don't appear to be family members. Do you recognize who they could be?

Try some back doors. He was married in Russia, so follow the bride. I would obtain the death cert for the Eva (Goetz) Eberle, is this a document you have? Researching her line may reveal where she was from in Russia, and chances are he was from the same or nearby locale. I see there are many Goetz in the Ellis, Kansas in 1880, have you tried to find a connection between them and Eva Goetz? Ask yourself, why did the land in Kansas?

The 1880 Census reveals they were most likely married before 1870 (eldest son born abt 1868 in Russia) and definitely in Russia. They had at least 3 children there before immigrating in 1876.

The 1900 Census indicates he was naturalized. Obtaining the Declaration of Intent (1st papers) might have some data.

Throw a wide net to catch clues.

Re: Who's my Great Great Grandfather?

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Surnames: Eberle / Goetz
Thank you dklart!
Ill try all of that!!!!!
Bless you...

Re: Who's my Great Great Grandfather?

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You're welcome.

Have a look at the naturalization data for the sons as well. The 1900 census can be a guide to this. If you see that the sons all state their naturalization was about the same year, it *may* mean they didn't apply on their own, but rather they were covered under their father's application. This can help determine the time frame he applied. Wives and minor children were automatically naturalized via the husband/fathers application (prior to 1925).

Re: Who's my Great Great Grandfather?

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So I got a response from a fellow that does research at the Center of Volga German Studies at Concordia University. He sent me this info.

Nicholas Eberle Page 1 of 1

Name Nicholas Eberle1
Birth 15 Aug 1842 Marienthal, Russia2
Death 22 Oct 1921 Munjor, Kansas2
Father Georg Eberle (1787-)
Mother ? ?
Spouse Eva Goetz1
Birth 12 Nov 1847 Herzog, Russia2, 3
Death 7 Dec 1918 Munjor, Kansas2
Father Johannes Goetz (1821-)
Mother Anna Margaret Riedel (1823-1902)
Other spouses: Peter (Michael) Denning
1 M Johann K. Eberle1
Birth 18752
Death 2 Jan 1942
Spouse Margaret Klaus
2 M Johannes Eberle1
Birth 1876
Death 1876
3 M William Eberle1
Birth 22 Aug 1877
Death 9 Jun 1963
Spouse Katherine Sander
4 M Francis Eberle1
Birth 6 Oct 1879 Munjor, Kansas2
Death 22 Oct 1954
Spouse Amelia Klaus
5 M Joseph Eberle4
Birth 18 Sep 1881 Munjor, Kansas
Death 20 Feb 1963 Hays, Kansas5
Spouse Catharina Elisabeth Hertel
6 M Baltasar Eberle1
Birth 24 Sep 1883 Munjor, Kansas2
Spouse Elisabetha Catharina Klaus
7 F Susanna Eberle1
Birth 25 Mar 1885 Munjor, Kansas2
Death 13 Feb 1969
Spouse Andreas A. (Jr.) Sander
8 F Catherine Eberle1
Birth 30 Nov 1886 Munjor, Kansas2
Death 25 Jan 1887 Munjor, Kansas
9 M John M. Eberle1
Birth 9 Mar 1888 Munjor, Kansas2
Death 16 Nov 1968 Hays, Kansas
Spouse Anna Catherine Klaus
10 M Peter Eberle1
Birth 22 Feb 1890 Munjor, Kansas2
11 M Johannes Albert Eberle1
Birth 5 Dec 1891 Munjor, Kansas2
Spouse Maria Heili
1. Saint Francis Parish:Munjor, Kansas 1876-1976
2. Register Die Gemeinde von St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church - Munjor, Kansas 1878 -, Compiled by Kevin D.
3. 1850 Herzog (Susly), Russia Revision List of the colony: July 30, 1850, Translated by: Pavel (Paul) Leus,
Compiled and Edited by Kevin D. Rupp & Anthony (Tony) J. Leiker, 2002.
4. St. Francis Catholic Church Baptism Records-Munjor, Kansas
5. St. Agnes Catholic Church:Yocemento, Kansas-A Genealogy from 1909-1927 of the Parish; by Kevin D. Rupp

Last Modified: 30 Dec 2002 Created 17 Feb 2012 by Kevin D. Rupp

Kevin Rupp

Re: Who's my Great Great Grandfather?

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Eberle Goetz
Wow thats great!
Thank you so very much
Kathy Eberle
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