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Dillehay Search

Dillehay Search

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Surnames: DILLEHAY
Searching for missing links in the Dillehay family. Originally lived in Person county, NC. Looking for Ulysses Grant Dillehay (1875-1949) and family.
He was an illegitimate son of Jane Dillehay (1836-38, Jane, son of Arthur G. Dillehay (1795).

Arthur G. Dillehay m. Sara J. Brooks
Harriet (1821)
John (1827)
David (1831)
Jane (1836)
Martha (1834)

Jane Dillehay
Mary Lou(Theora, Molly?) (1870-1942)

Rosa Della (1890)


Olan B. (1893)

Grover Cleveland (1886)
Sally Gillelaud (1873)

Susie (1911)

Nathaniel (1905)


Lena (1896)
Ulysses Grant (1875)

Gaynelle (1898)

Percy (1903)
Lelia (1878)

DILLEHAYs in Person Co., NC

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Surnames: Dillehay, Ellington, Reitzel, patterson, Parry, Edwards, Weston
I have info that indicates I have a direct line to Arthur G. Dillehay. However, I do have some different info than you have listed. Arthur's first wife was Nancy Dillehay, mother of Harriet. According to the Person County Marriage Register, they were married on 9/19/1821. Levi, brother of Nancy, was listed as a witness.

Nancy may have died or a divorce occurred because Arthur married Sara (Sally) Brooks on 8/9/1824. John, David (my g-grandfather), Lucy and Martha appear as children in the 1850 census but there is no Jane listed. Could Jane and Lucy be the same person? Lucy was born ca. 1837 so that would be close.

Do you have any ancestry for Arthur? I have been unable to find any generations before him. There appear to be more than one Dillehay family line in Person County about this time. Sara Brooks' mother was Nancy Gilliam Dillehay, daughter of Arthur Dillehay and Sarah Hill. It appears that Nancy was born ca. 1770 in Sussex Co, VA.

Where did you get your Dillehay info? What is your family connection? Drop me a line and let's see if we can combine info. I have a lot of info on the line of David, brother of your Jane. I also have a lot of info on a branch that moved to TN about 1820-1825.

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Surnames: Dillehay, McKnight
I saw your post and am interested in the Dillehay's that moved to TN. Johanna E. Dillehay married Miles McKnight bet. 1829 and 1830 in Smith Co., Tennessee. A posting at the Smith County site inferred that her family may have come from Person Co., NC. She was born August 11, 1811.

I would appreciate any information you have. Please contact me at

Re: Dillehay Search

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Jane Dillehay was my great great grandmother....Mary Lou (Molly) was my great grandmother, and Rosa Della, was my grandmother....The George i believe is my father....he died in far as ulysses grant dillehay, have you talked to a john dixon in newport news, virginia....

Re: Dillehay Search

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Surnames: Dillehay
I know I'm joining this conversation VERY late, but the Nathaniel Dillehay listed in Peggy's query was my maternal grandfather. He was born in 1905, and died in Graham, Alamance in 1974. He had a sister named Lena, but I don't believe she was nine years his senior. My mother said they were close in age. Can anyone tell me the names of Nathaniel's parents, and the names of his siblings? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at my office:, or at my home: My sister has in her home two very old and very interesting pictures. One is of my grandfather, his sister Lena, their mother, their mother's sister (we think), and their grandmother. It's very old, and in it's original frame. My grandfather was VERY young in the picture, he is wearing a dress. In fact, he and his sister are dressed in similar garments, with hair of the same length. I can't tell if the picture is a drawing, an etching, or a painting; but it is very old, and definitely not a photograph. Stuck into the back of the frame we found a smaller, sepia-toned photograph (maybe a tintype or daugerrotype) of a man my mother identified as her father's father.

Re: Dillehay Search

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Lena is Sally Gillelaud's daughter. She is also my grandmother. My mother is Annie Dillahay. The "e" and the "a" seems to jump around in the Dillahay name. It is very confusing. I cannot go back any further than Arthur G. Dillehay but I would love to to findout where the family name originally came from. My Aunt Pattie said we were Dutch and Irish and my mother spoke of us being cajun. I would really like to know but zI keep hitting brick walls on this one. My Aunt also mentioned that my grandmother never married so it is hard to find out a lot about my grandfather as well though my mother mentioned many times that her father's name was Cotton. We also visited a couple by the name of Shotwell when I was very young. (Tenny and Cleo Shotwell) This Tenny was supposed to be Cotton's brother.(????) Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Dillehay Search

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I have info that says the name was originally "Delahaye" or "De La Haye". The info says that the family were originally French farmers who moved to the Channel Islands to avoid religious persecution. They first came to Maryland and settled in and around Talbot County in the late 1600's-early 1700's, I understand.

My line goes back through Arthur G. and Sally Brooks Dillehay in Person County, NC. Their son William David is my great-grandfather. I have a fair amount of info on my full line. I would be willing to share what I have.

- Richard

Re: Dillehay Search

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Classification: Query
I would like to find all the information I could about my mother's side of the family as I have just met a few people on her side within the last 10 years. I have my Aunt Pattie to ask questions to but she is elderly and her memory isn't what it was. She helped me as best she could but there are still a lot of holes that need filling. I can't seem to get any further back than Sally Gillelaud(she being my great great grandmother). Please email me at with any information. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated

Re: Dillehay Search

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Dillehay
Please provide some details as to the lineage of your mother, i.e., what was her name, where did she and her family live, when did they live there, etc. It is impossible to know who or exactly what family line you are asking about. If I know who you for, maybe I can fill in some blanks for you and perhaps you can fill in some blanks for me.

Where have you been looking for your mother's family? The obvious places include local public libraries for local history information and the records offices in any counties where the family may have lived. Your local library may also have access to and other online resources to help you "flesh out" the family bones.

Be careful about putting too much faith in memories of family members. Many times those family tales get embellished or trimmed as they pass from one generation to the next. Try to back them up with historical local records from government offices, churches, etc.

- Richard

Re: Dillehay Search

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My mother's name was Annie Odelia Dillehay. Her mother's name was Lena Dillehay. Mt Aunt said she or her mother may have been married to a Conrad Windal. Her mother's name was Sallie Gillelaude Dillehay. I have gone as far back as Arthur Dillehay but then it gets really confusing. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Katie B. Glover
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