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Chew's of Virginia

Chew's of Virginia

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I have traced my family back to John Chew. He was born in Chewton, Somerset, England on July 16, 1587. He immigrated to Jamestown, Virginia about 1623. I would like to hear from any Chews that are descendents. Especially would like to find the ship they came over on.

chew's in virginia

Remmie Chew Jr. (View posts)
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Tim Chew please contact me, I live in Richmond, Va. I would to meet all the Chew's in Virginia, to help me build my family tree.

Chews' in VA

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I trace my family back to Col. Samuel, b.1634. Then Samuel, b.1660 in Maryland > Nathaniel, b.1692, MD > Joseph, b.1715, MD > Joseph, b. 1748, MD > William, b.1771, MD > Samuel, b.1810, OH > James Wilson, b. 1846, OH > Newton, b. 1878, OH > Fee, b. 1904, OK > Me, b.1944, NE > Chad, b. 1976, IA
Hope this is helpful. Would like to get more info on you branch. You can see we started in VA, but mostly in MD.
Tim Chew

Searching For Remmie Chew (Texas Birth) My Father

Remmie Chew, Jr. (View posts)
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My father Remmie Chew Sr. was born in Bryan, Texas. Do You know of any Chew's that live in Texas now, or formerly lived in Texas.

Chews in Texas

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Sorry but I have not found any family in TX. My Mom Dad retired there and she is still living in Pharr, but this isn't what you are looking for.

Chew's in Virginia

Tiffany Chew (View posts)
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Hi, I am trying to trace my family tree. I live in Fredericksburg, Va. Anybody contact me, with the last name Chew.

Chew family

Dick Chew (View posts)
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Hi Tiffany,
My name is Glenn Richard Chew, but I go by Dick. I was in Fredricksburg last summer. My daughter played in the AAU nationals in Virginia Beach. We visited Jamestown and stayed all night on the south side of F-burg. I got started tracing my family tree several years ago. If you haven't traced the Chew family yet, you are in for a surprise. John Chew first came to Jamestown in early 1600's.His son was Joseph. Joseph lived most of his life in Annapolis, Maryland. Joseph had a son Larkin. Larkin was a character and actually settled most of Spotsylvania Co. I believe I-95 cuts through where he lived, just south of F-burg. Larkins son was Thomas. Thomas married Martha Taylor, relative to president Zachary Taylor. They lived near Rapidan in Orange County, just west of you. My branch came from Thomas as the family moved to Ohio, and then Indiana. My branch settle in Indiana 1830-1840 not far from where I live now. I live on the southside of Indianapolis. This will help you understand what I have told you. Go to library downtown F-burg. In the basement they have a genealogy section. Look up the Chew family in the vertical files. E-mail me to let you know what you found out. When I was there last year I copied 3 names from the phone book thinking I would try to make contact, but I never did. I just wondered if a direct line was still living in the area. I am 13th in my line of Chew's in america. Check with your parents, grandparents, etc. and find out as much as you can about your line. I would be very interested, like you, in knowing how you are tied in. Hope to hear from you and Good Luck

John Chew - 1587

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Tim- Have you looked for "Chew" at ?
This is in the glenna Inglis data base and should tke you back to about 1050.

Chews in MD

C. Chew (View posts)
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I'm assuming that you are of African descent. I am from Annapolis, MD where there are both black and white Chews. I know there are some African American Chews in Philly and TX. Do you have any info. about any Chews in MD? Thanks

Chew's in Maryland

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Sorry I can't help w/ African American Chew's. Our family in white. I have info about Chew's in Maryland, but this is all from internet sites you can contact direct. If you would like to contact me direct at, feel free.
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