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Daughter of Utah Pioneers, early residents of Loa

Daughter of Utah Pioneers, early residents of Loa

LeAna Lipari (View posts)
Posted: 1046356524000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Blackburn
I have 70 stories of early residents of Loa....I would like to send them to the Dau. of Utah Pioneers so they can be shared with decendants who are still living in Wayne Co.
Anyone wanting a list of the names on these stories.Please email me...

I also have some obits of the Blackburn family line..
Will send all of them to anyone on that line who can use them and will share them to others on that line..
I would like to send them all to the DUP.if someone can give me an address of where to send them...

wanted: Daughter of Utah Pioneers: Behunin, Curtis, Hunt

Deborah Garrett (View posts)
Posted: 1055804324000
Classification: Query
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I am related to the Behunins, Curtis', and Hunts in Wayne County, Utah and would be very interested in your stories. Email me.

Please email me

LeAna Lipari (View posts)
Posted: 1055816037000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1094821006000
Please email me and I wiil check the names you need..


wanted: Daughter of Utah Pioneers: Maxfield, Blackburn, Hunt, Durfee, Curtis, Chappell

Richard (View posts)
Posted: 1061334409000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Maxfield, Blackburn, Hunt, Durfee, Curtis, Chappell
I would like to see everything you have regarding Wayne Co. I'm related to all descendants from Wayne Co. My family was one of the first to settle/establish Wayne Co. after being directed by Brigham Young. If you could email them all to me I'd highly be appreciative.


wanted Utah Pioneers: Hansen, Maxfield, Tanner

Posted: 1094689085000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Hansen, Maxfield, Tanner
Do you still have stories of folks from Loa/Wayne County? I'm interested in Hans Martin and Helen Alcy (Nellie) Hansen and their family, as well as Nellie's Maxfield relatives. Her parents (Elijah Hiett Maxfield and his wife - I think she was a Helen as well, but can't remember right now).

I will check

LeAna Lipari (View posts)
Posted: 1094696536000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1094820683000
Yes Laura, I do still all of the stories, and will check to see if I have the ones you want...LeAna...

Re: Hansen, Maxfield, Tanner contact

LeAna Lipari (View posts)
Posted: 1096858721000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1108067710000
Surnames: Hansen, Maxfield, Tanner
Please send me your home address and I will send you what I have..LeAna

I am related to Nellie Maxfield, what information do you need?

Posted: 1145046534000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1145049221000
Surnames: Maxfield
I believe that I am a related to nellie Maxfield, what information are you looking for?

Diary of Hans Martin Hansen & Nellie Maxfield

Posted: 1145250361000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1150943105000
Surnames: Hansen, Maxfield, Tanner
My request had to do with the original poster's offer to provide biographies of several of Wayne County's early settlers, and I got copies of the relevant ones.

However, if you're related to Nellie, you may be interested in a project I've been working on for a couple of years. Her husband, Hans Martin Hansen, kept a pretty good diary for most of his married life. I've been transcribing the diaries and have included some photos and biographical information about Hans Martin and his family. His mission diary, which covers time between about 1889 and 1891 chronicles his life in Norway as an LDS missionary. Transcribed copies are available at several Utah college libraries, including SUU and University of Utah (in the special collections sections). I've got another copy that is destined for a history library in Wayne County, and I plan on delivering it there later this month during a vacation.

The transcription of Hans Martin's main diary, which includes some extensive information about his life in Wayne County, is nearly complete. The transcription is being proofread and I'll be adding some photos, biographical information, an index, etc., shortly. I expect a final version of that diary (which covers a time period from about 1885 to 1939) to be completed this summer, and when it is, I will send copies to the same libraries his mission diary is at.

If you've got family photos, letters, biographies, or similar information, I'd be happy to include copies of them in an appendix. Let me know if you'd like to share.

Both diaries do/will include the typescript and the scanned holograph and are/will be on CD-ROM in addition to being printed in hard copy. If anyone is interested in the electronic version, feel free to email me stating which diary you'd like and include your contact information and I will send you the appropriate CD(s). If you need a hard copy, I'd ask that you provide photocopying and postage costs (each diary is about 200 pages).

I will post here again when the diary with more Wayne County information is complete.

wanted Utah Pioneers: Maxfield, Tanner

Posted: 1150912413000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1150943176000
Surnames: Maxfield, Tanner, Sampson, Chappell, Sperry, Mansfied
I am also desiring any stories and information about the folks in Wayne County. Specifically those regarding Elijah Hiett Maxfield, Nathan Tanner Maxfield (son), Reed Maxfield (grandson), etc. Stories beyond the published accounts. The Sampsons, Chappells, Sperrys & Mansfields in the area are my ancestors also. Thanks for your help.
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