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Jim Morrison of the Doors

Jim Morrison of the Doors

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Surnames: Morrison
Having borne the brunt of many "Jim Morrison" introductions, I am curious as to whether anyone out there knows the genealogy of Jim Morrison of the Doors. It would be fun to add a person of this lineage to the DNA program.

I now reply to "I thought you were dead" comments the old Mark Twain comeback, "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

Jim "Not of the Doors" Morrison

Re: Jim Morrison of the Doors

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Since I have a cousin names Jim Morrison and he has a brother named Steve, I have found that "THE" Jim Morrison's info is, in my crazy mind, easy to remember! LOL Jim Morrison's father's name was Steve, but this is about as far as my knowledge of his family line goes!

No I thought you were dead lines from here!
Mary Carter

Re: Jim Morrison of the Doors

Jim Morrison (View posts)
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Thanks Mary,

So his father's name was Steve. That's a start.

Re: Jim Morrison of the Doors

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Funny, I was just trying to figure this out and found this thread doing a search. Through google searches I can't see that anyone has tried to trace his heritage, and I didn't have much luck.

I think his father was George Stephen Morrison (from Wilipedia ... There was another set of parents mentioned in family trees but they didn't pan out through census records) born about January 1919, found on these two census records,

1920 Census > Alabama > Morgan > Albany Ward 4 > District 175:
Stephen, 1 0/12 on Jan 16th
1930 Census > Florida > Lake > Leesburg > District 13: Stephen, 11

His mother, Clara Clark (ancestry had 118 Clara Clarks born between 1915 and 1925)

Grandfather, Paul Raymund Morrison Apr 28, 1886-Dec 31, d 1971 (Raymund from Florida death certificate, can't tell on the WWI draft card, Paul R on every thing else) born in Georgia, but it's best guess where his parents were from.

1910 Census > Georgia > Ben Hill > Fitzgerald Ward 3 > District 8:
25, S, both parents from Georgia, Chief Clerk
World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 > Georgia > Floyd County > 0 > Draft Card M: married, birth date, 715 Ave A Rome GA
1920 Census > Alabama > Morgan > Albany Ward 4 > District 175: 33, father OH, mother IN
1930 Census > Florida > Lake > Leesburg > District 13:
44, father PA, mother PA

Pauls' wife Caroline H, abt 1891 from Ohio

I can't find Paul on the 1900 census so ... can't find his parents. If I could it would be pretty certain to trace it back to the 1850 census, but without the 1890 and no trace of him in 1900, it's a big brick wall. The fact that his parents birth places were so different on each census might mean he wasn't familiar with his family, that he was an orphan or something. Just a guess, as he wasn't on 1900 at age 14 or so.

I'd swear that I'd read Jims roots were traced back, but I can't find any reference to it now.

Re: James Morrison immigrated from Ireland to PA

Jim Morrison (View posts)
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Good job, Thomas!

Hopefully, someone will take it from here. Would be fun to see if he's connected to anyone in the DNA project. Wonder if there are any living Morrison relatives.

Jim Morrison (the living one)

Was Jim Morrison distantly related to his drummer, John Densmore?

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I've wondered about this..Those of you who've read "The History of Windham" are aware of the extensive interconnection of the Morrison and Dinsmore families...

Just a thought...I've read John's book, "Riders on the Storm"...I don't recall him mentioning this, but it's a possibility...

Steve West -Athens, OH
Gr-gr grandson of Charles Dinsmore
Gr-gr-gr grandson of Abijah Morrison

Re: Was Jim Morrison distantly related to his drummer, John Densmore?

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I don't know how much more information you have on your Morrisons, but if this is the same line, I find the family tree information quite brilliant:

This is Abijah's great grandfather Samuel (whose son James fought in the Revolution):

It looks like you'll find information in the Morrison notebook at Warren County Historical Society.

Since Samuel was born in Tyrone in 1700 I thought there could be a connection to my William born about 1718 ... hard to say though, there were probably a lot of Morrisons around there at the time, and the Parish information doesn't correspond.

About the Morrison Dinsmore/Densmore connection, we need to find out who Jim's great grandfather was.

Re: James Morrison immigrated from Ireland to PA

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Returning to this issue because of another post (sorry I didn't reply at the time) ... Jim's father seems to still be alive at age 87, as does his brother Andrew Lee. I decided to post the gedcom file I created when doing this research at:

Andrew Lee's birth date is incorrect in the wikipedia article, I have it if anyone wants it to do research (listed as living on the gedcom), I won't post it here because of privacy reasons.

You changed the header of this thread to read ... James Morrison immigrated from Ireland to PA. Do you know something I don't about Jim's heritage? I'm still trying to figure out who his great grandfather is.

Re: Was Jim Morrison distantly related to his drummer, John Densmore?

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This is another family tree on this line:

Information from:
Samuel Morrison of Bucks and Lycoming County and Some of his Descendens compiled by Mrs. Helen Morrison, abt 1970

In my opinion both trees lend credibility to the other. They seem to be from completely different sources, have slightly different dates of birth etc. but most names, marriages, birth places and generally dates are the same.

Re: James Morrison immigrated from Ireland to PA

Jim Morrison (View posts)
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The family of Samuel Morrison and Mercy Mayse is mentioned on Page 418 of the Leonard landmark book on the Morrisons written in 1880. If anyone is related to this family, and is a male with the last name Morrison, the DNA project needs you. This is a significant family.

Is the theory that this family, related to the Dinsmoors, would be the family of Jim Morrison of the Doors? Apparently, there were many instances of Dinsmoors and Morrisons being related, so that alone would not prove this family is the one.
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