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Berkshire Cemeteries

Berkshire Cemeteries

Katherine Noyes (View posts)
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i have a book published by Berkshire Family History Assoc. It is a listing and directions to Cemeteries in the Berkshires. It has a section of small burial plots with inscriptions here is a list of towns. Adams, Clarksburg, Florida, Great Barrington, Lanesborough, Mount Washinton, North Adams, Peru, Richmond, Windsor. these are family plots with just a few members. If any one would like some of this info feel free to ask. I will be happy to share.

Re: Berkshire Cemeteries

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Surnames: Harris, Pratt, Aldrich, Hathaway
I doubt you can find these persons but it never hurts to ask.
I've been searching for a looong time for the wherabouts of at least 3 family members. I'm not certain where or exactly when they died.

The 1st is Sarah/Sally Aldredg/Aldrich Pratt, who m. Ebenezer Pratt on 9/23/1803. She was b. abt. 1786 in MA & d. abt. 1818 (ae 32) when son John Aldrich Pratt was 2yrs old.

2, Lydia Aldrich Pratt who m. same Ebenezer Pratt 6/28/1818. I do not have any other information about her other than I know she is not buried with Ebenezer in Wauconda (Lake Co.,IL).
All 3 of these people were living in Clarksburg, MA at the time they married in Stamford, VT.

3. Prudence Pratt Harris, oldest dau. of Ebenezer & Sarah. She was the wife of Eseck Harris who is buried in Stamford, VT. I've been told she is not buried with her husband. She was still living in 1870 in Stamford, VT but died bef. 1891.
The only reason I think they might be buried in MA is because there were other family members in Adams, North Adams & poss. Pitsfield for many years.

Two others are also daus of Sarah & Eb.
Mary & Esther who both m. Nathaniel Gilbert Hathaway.

Mary b. 6/10/1809 & d. 4/13/1838 stated place as North Adams.
Esther b. abt 1814, d. 4/7/1884 also North Adams.

Thank you, Priscilla

Re: Berkshire Cemeteries

Katherine Noyes (View posts)
Posted: 1131813045000
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There are 5 cemetery's listed for Clarksburg
Clarksburg, 1829 - Clark, -1803 - Page -1841- Beth Israel - 1900 - Estesm- 1845. Inscriptions for the Clark Cemetery can be found in " South Williamson - Southlawn".
Page -has a John Page and wife Lillis
Estes - has Israel Estes
North Adams has 7 Cemetery's
Southview - 1868,
St. Joseph's - 1900
Hillside - 1830
East Hogsac - date not determined
Blackinton - 1811
Wilbur - 1807
Advent - 1835
Inscriptions from the Blackinton cemetery can be found in " Blackington Cemetery Interment Record at the Berkshire Athenaeum. Inscriptions from the Wilbur burial ground can be found " Miscellaneous Cemetery Inscriptions from Berkshire County".
The East Hoosac has one family Sarah and David Ives
Ashel Ives and a partilal name --------shes, son of Asahel and Lydia
Have you tried the Berkshire Atheneum in Pittsfield, they have a lot of cemetery inscriptions and also the Mason library in Great Barrington.I need to go there my self.

Re: Berkshire Cemeteries

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Thanks for the list...I sure wish I could, but I can't go there...... I live in IL.

At present I'm working a full time job but may have to go on disability soon...I have really bad spinal problems & narcolepsy. Both of these conditions limit me to such an extent i can barely manage to get to work!
A fellow researcher told me he had checked cemeteries in VT or MA...maybe both but couldn't find the first 3 I asked about...I've never actually tried to find Mary or Esther...I've been concentrating on the Aldrich line which is entirely missing! It's as if these gals never existed but I have their mar records. Sad to say the least.
A son of Eb & Lydia, Henry Pratt, is buried in N. Adams along with some of his family....I thought I had at least the name of the cemetery but I guess that's another of the items that was lost when I upgraded my FTM program last year. I lost a lot of entries/family members at that time. Many hours of work lost. Oh well.

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Katherine Noyes (View posts)
Posted: 1131891421000
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Hi Priscilla,
Sorry to hear of your health problems. I have New England Historical Society's website and will do some research there and see if I can find some info for you ,til then take care.

Re: Berkshire Cemeteries

Katherine Noyes (View posts)
Posted: 1132072297000
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Hi Proscilla,
I do not know if you have tried The Latter Day Saint's website it is- They have some info on Prudence Harris you might find interesting. I tried checking NEHS. there are a lot of Harris's in N. Adams it is hard to make a connection.

Re: Berkshire Cemeteries

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Thanks, I searched for her under both names PRATT & HARRIS ...I have a lot of problems with their site in recent weeks. I get error messages mostly but have been kicked offline using it too.
It finally let me in but none of those listed under either name match her.

Re: Berkshire Cemeteries

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I lost my entire msg when I opened my FTM program to do a search.
Eseck & Prudence had a number of children who remained in the area.
I had thought that perhaps she may have stayed with one of them until her death but I don't know which one it might have been.
Eseck is buried in Houghton Cem. in Stamford. I was told that Prudence was not found with with him.

Eseck's older bro, Allen, married & later went to Lake Co., IL with his family but there were many children of James & Elizabeth who stayed in VT & MA & why there's so many Harris families in the area. (grin)

It just seems really strange that all 3 gals I'm looking for just disappeared.

Re: Berkshire Cemeteries

Katherine noyes (View posts)
Posted: 1132246159000
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Hi Priscilla,
I have never had a problem with that website I think it is Aol. I belong to Berkshire Family History Assoc. and every yr's they send a list of published material, that where I go my book on the cemeteries. they have one listed for Blackington Cemetery in North Adams thru 1993 of all burials it is 27pgs. and $7.50 do you think you have relatives buried there?

Re: Berkshire Cemeteries

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Hi, I have no idea if anyone of my family is buried in Blackinton....I kind of doubt it unless there's a bunch of Aldrich family there!

I have a very old letter from an unknown writer who was living in Blackinton in 1872. I don't think she had lived there for very long.
I don't know if she is related to me because I don't know what her name was....I believe she was writing to Lydia (WEBSTER) great great grandmother.
A woman by the name of Mrs. Webster took her from Blackinton in an 'easy wagon' to her home where she gave birth to a baby girl. She knew there was somthing wrong & had been sick during this pregnancy.
She had a number of small children at home & appears the major reason for going to Stamford to stay with the Websters.

There was something wrong with the baby but I think she survived as she went on to state another family member (brother or father) had died not long after she gave birth. I believe Mrs. Webster was the wife of Silas Webster who was residing in Stamford at that time.

But I'm missing 3 people in my family, & as I explained previously I have very little to go on.
I only know that Sarah/Salley Aldredg/Aldrich Pratt died in 1818 ae 32. She was b. in MA & had traced her family back to England. She m. Ebenezer Pratt in 1803. Both were living in Clarksburg, MA.
She may have died in childbirth but no one knows this for certain. A Bio Album here states that son, John, was the youngest & only male in this family of 5.

I don't know anything about Lydia Aldrich Pratt other than she lived in Clarksburg when she m. in 1818 to my Ebenezer Pratt.
I only know that Prudence Pratt Harris was b. about 1803 & was still alive in 1870 & had had a number of children...many of them lived in &/or around the same area as their parents.

Prudence was John Aldrich Pratt's sister. John was my great great grandfather & left Stamford, VT with his family & his father in 1854. They settled in Lake Co., IL.

He had at least 2 younger siblings, brothers (Lydia's chn) who remained in MA, Amos & Henry. The reason I state at least is because of the age gap bet. Amos b. abt 1824 & Henry 1833. I think there were others...possibly one named Larry or something that looks like Geary I can't make out the name in one of the other old letters from Henry's wife.
Amos m. Hannah BENNETT but had no children. Henry m. Lucy MILLARD & had quite a few & I believe most of them are buried in & around the Stamford, VT/N. Adams area.
I know some are buried in North Adams but what I really want to know is where Sarah, Lydia & Prudence are buried.
A Harris researcher says he's been up that way many times & has yet to find them anywhere.
I honestly don't think I'm ever going to find them & am running out of time to do any more research...I'm not well. I was hoping someone with some Aldrich family might recognize these girls but I guess not.
Thanks anyway, Priscilla
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