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Cook-Cherokee Indian name?

Cook-Cherokee Indian name?

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I have been told my Gr. Grandfather is one half Cherokee Indian. I am not having much luck finding any information about him. Anyone out there remember Robert Scott Cook? I know he died in Rutledge, Tn. Is Cook an Indian name?

Re: Cook-Cherokee Indian name?

Dave (View posts)
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Hi Barbara, There is only a few Cooks on the Dawes Rolls for Cherookee. My Cherokee relatives were also Cooks but seemed to move out of the Oklahoma Territory and never got on the rolls. I have met a person who did get her C.D.I.B card from The Cherokee nation and it was from a Cook descendent.

I'm still trying to find mine! The Cherokees took in alot of people and had alot of mixed blood in the tribe from what I'm learning. I wrote to The Cherokee nation and they told me Cook was a 100% white name. Well why is there full blooded Cooks on the rolls then?! Go figure......

Re: Cook-Cherokee Indian name?

Barbara (View posts)
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Thank you for replying Dave. I know what you are talking about. I do think it was my ggrandmother that was Cherokee. That is where my grandfather got his indian blood. So that wouldn't be in the name? I believe his mothers name might have been Stewart. Do you know if that name might be on the rools? Thanks!!

Re: Cook-Cherokee Indian name?

Chinossa (View posts)
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The reason that there "are full-bloods on the rolls name Cook", is actually very simple if you read the mission records.

The missionaries had trouble with the student's Indian names. They also needed funds to operate the schools. Therefore, if a person from a church back east contributed to the mission schools, they would change the name of one of their full-blood students to honor that person. One of the best (worst?) examples of the problems this has caused in the present generation of researchers is the descendants of the people who filed 1907 Guion Miller claims through Gardner Greene.

Gardner Greene was a well-known Boston philanthropist (see the PERSI Index). In 1817 Mr Greene sent a contribution to the Spring Place Moravian Mission (GA) for the education of one of the students. The mission diary recorded the contribution with the additional information that a fourteen year old boy whose Cherokee name translated to Young Wolf had been renamed "Gardner Greene" in his honor. In 1835 Young Wolf (as "Gardner Greene"), is shown on the Henderson Roll with several young children.

In 1907 there were a number of persons who filed to share in the Cherokee Guion Miller payment, based on being descendants of "a" Gardner Green who had lived in KY prior to 1800, then moved to MO and who was a great-grandfather by 1820 (See entries in the "Cherokee By Blood" book series- all rejected!). He was supposed to have died in 1835.

Today- with all of the proof that we have from the rolls that Rev. Young Wolf brought his family to Indian Territory in 1838 and was on the rolls here, the descendants of those who filed the Guion Miller applications will not accept this information-- they STILL claim that their 102 year old "Gardner Greene" rode horseback from Missouri back to the old Cherokee Nation (GA) and was the same person who is on that 1835 roll!

My best advice to you would be that you read the mission journals and see how the missionaries played around with the Indian names. One of the more recent accounts that has been published is "The Brainerd Journal", but there are several more that have not yet been published.

Hope this helps you understand.


Re: Cook-Cherokee Indian name?

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My cousins and I would really appreciate your help in this matter...

First, I want to Thank You for the info on how some of the students at the
Mission schools got their names... we basically figured that was the case
but weren't sure ...

Now what I would like to know is where can we get a copy of the documents
you refer to that Rev Young Wolfe was the Gardner Green on the 1835
Henderson Rolls ?

Yes my hubby is a descendant of the other Gardner Green and yes the family in 1907 did
file applications claiming that their Gardner was on the 1835 Henderson
Rolls and yes I do know that they were all rejected because:
1) Gardner's son Benjamin and his sons had already moved away from
the tribe as early as 1808 ( actually a lot earlier) according to the info
that Guion Miller could find
2) the family couldn't definitely prove the Gardner on the 1835
Henderson Rolls was our Gardner and not Young Wolf... To paraphrase what
Miller said ( I can send you a copy of the whole thing if you need it)..

"It SEEMS EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that the Gardner Green on the
roll of 1835 was the same person who is claimed as the ancestor of
applicant herein, ....The Gardner Green on the 1835
Roll was enrolled with A MALE UNDER 18 who was probably his child,
that is only SUPPOSITION, it being IMPOSSIBLE to ascertain from the
roll, the relationship of persons in any one family group."...

Now from this... Miller wasn't definitely able to ascertain exactly who was
the Gardner Green on the 1835 Henderson Rolls... to muddy the waters more
there are 3 Young Wolf(s) listed on the 1835 Henderson Rolls--so do you know
anything abt these 3 Young Wolfs and have anything to show that they are
not Rev Young Wolf aka Gardiner Green...

To go further into your statement, yes we do know that Young Wolf aka
Gardiner Green walked the Trail of Tears... in fact according to some he
was forced to leave and never used the name Gardiner Green again. We've also been told he showed up on the later rolls... but haven't found that info..

To go further into this... yes we have heard all the rumors and they are just that... our Gardner Green never lived in Mo and therefore he never rode horseback from Missouri back to the old Cherokee
Nation (GA).... Our Gardner Green never lived in OK and in fact never even came to visit his son and grandchildren in MO... what we have dug up so far indicates that he was from VA move to NC abt 1780 and then onto SC until at least 1800 --living in that part of SC which wasn't that far from Rocky Creek, Ga which is actually where the Gardner Green on the 1835 Henderson Roll was enumerated not on Will Arnold Creek as some have been lead to believe.

The family says our Gardner was living at Rocky Creek , Ga in 1835 and that he died abt 1835-37 and is buried back East...

Basically in your posting you said:
Today- with all of the proof that we have from the rolls that Rev. Young
Wolf brought his family to Indian Territory in 1838 and was on the rolls
here...... they STILL claim that their "Gardner Greene" ... was the same person who is on that 1835 roll!

The problem Chinossa is that there is nothing that we have that helps us figure out exactly who is the Gardner Green on the Henderson Rolls....our Gardner Green was also a "reader of English"... the term used in the 1835 rolls. There are 3 Young Wolf(s) listed on the Henderson Roll and it is my understanding that one of the 3 is living in the same area that Young Wolf aka Gardiner Green was living when he was enrolled in the Spring Place Moravian School.... supposedly there are document to prove that this wasn't our Gardner on the Henderson Roll but unfortunately everytime we ask someone where to get these documents... they tuck tail and run... they won't talk to us and they've even removed our posting to their replies...

So we are asking you to help us... PLEASE tell us where we can find this info...

Sorry this is so long
and Thank You for any help you can give us on this matter... we will truly appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

Nancy K

Re: Cook-Cherokee Indian name?

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My current name is COOK and I received it traditionally, paternally. However, my Grandfather COOK (b. 1937, Nebraska) was the son of a half-Cherokee father (my grt. Grandfather COOK).

In addition, or where it gets super confusing for my search is how my great-grandfather COOK (Harry) told my paternal family that our true name is MORE, but it was changed to COOK during the Civil War.

Is it possible for MORE to be the name or taken name of a full-blooded Cherokee Indian during the Civil War? possibly to escape the slavery of the time?

I just don't know where to search for my paternal Cherokee ancestry. The name MORE would go back to my great-great full-blooded Cherokee grandfather. I don't even know if he actually married the woman whom would be my great-great grandmother with whom he would've spawned my great-grandfather with, Harry COOK, though I do know my great-grandfather Harry (More) COOK married a woman named STRICKLE.

I hope my query will post seeing as I can't afford to pay the fee's, but have been searching for links to my bloodline and most especially my Cherokee bloodline since I was 14 years old, which is 18 years of searching for me.

Any help, please send my way, even if it's just a hunch, Please don't send articles off of because I won't be able to open them to see them.

Thanks a whole lot in advance!

Kristen J. Cook
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