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Gates family from PA.

Gates family from PA.

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I am looking for any information about the Gates family from PA. My Grandfather's name was Nathanial Royce Gates (went by Royce). He has 1 Brother (Paul Gates) and 1 sister(Iva) he also has a half brother by the name of Jack Smith. Any information that is know please let me know.

Kevin Hysell

Gates of PA

Bill Gacy,Jr. (View posts)
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Where about in PA did your grand father reside? I too have family ties to a "Gates" family.

gates From PA

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My Grandfather was from I belive the Altuna area or Pittsburg.

Nathaniel Gates father of Augutus Gates

Carol Gates Sharpling (View posts)
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I am the 5th great grandaughter of Mr. Gates b. 1791 and 4th grt. of Nathaniel Gates,NY b.1817. I don't know what Nathaniel's middle name was. He married Julia Ann Cross in OH and they had Augustus Gates I have A. Gates marriage certificate and his sons death cert. I've been to the family cem in IA. and know the other names on the stones, Please send info if this was any help. Thanks Carol Gates Sharpling

Nathaniel R. Gates

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I do not belive that this is the same Nathaniel Gates. My Grandfather had only three children and they were all girls, he was from Pa. not NY. Sorry.

am also related to gates family

joseph abbott (View posts)
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i am related to a gates family from pa/ near the n.y. state line a place called duke center


Ruth (View posts)
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My family name is GAITES; my dad (George Edwin Gaites) spoke of visiting relatives in PA when he was a child. His father was Benjamin Clifford (form NJ) to Mathilda Brooks and Francis H. Gaites. Francis was born in NY. If you find that the "i" was dropped from your family spelling, this might be a lead. Please keep me I will you. Happy hunting!


Ruth (View posts)
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Bill, my family name is Gaites, and I have found that some records have dropped the "i" from the spelling. My dad spoke of family in PA, we are NY/NJ. My dad (George) was born in 1913, to Elizabeth Lambert (born 1884) and Benjamin Clifford Gaites (born 1876). Ben was born to Mathilda Brooks (born NJ) and Francis H. Gaites (born NY). I have no dates for them...yet. If you find anything that might indicate that your family name had dropped the "i", I would be grateful to know about it. I too will advise you of anything I might find that might link us. Thanks!


Bill (View posts)
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Dear Ruth, As far as our name of "Gates", our spelling has been without the "i" back through the late 1700's. My mother's cousin traced two names and Gates was one of them. Sorry there was no connection but keep trying, I am research information through a 1920 census about my paternal grandfather who came to the US to avoid Germany and the kaiser in the first World War. Keep on searching, best wishes, Bill


Ruth (View posts)
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Thank you so much for replying to me, Bill. I too have some family research to do through Germany, so I will keep you in mind as I make discoveries.

Happy Hunting to you, Bill!

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