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obit - GALITZEN, Vera Andre (Shubin) 1913-2009

obit - GALITZEN, Vera Andre (Shubin) 1913-2009

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Classification: Obituary
Surnames: Galitzen, Shubin, metchikoff, Vedenoff, Conovaloff, Hazen, Kunakoff
RISHER Mortuary

Vera Andrew Galitzen
(April 17, 1913 - November 24, 2009)

Vera Andrew Galitzen, 96, was born on April 17, 1913 in Los Angeles, California, and passed away on November 24, 2009 in Huntington Beach, California.
Vera is survived by her loving son, Don Galitzen of Huntington Beach, California, one Grandson and three greatgrandchildren.

Family gathering will be held at 2:00 pm on Monday, November 30, 2009 at Risher Mortuary Chapel in Montebello, California, with the Dressing Prayer beginning at 3:00 pm.

Funeral service will start at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at the Russian Molokan Cemetery Chapel in Commerce, California.
Spouse: David Michael Shubin Galitzen (1912-1989)
Known children: Donald

1. Donald md. Hanya Peter Metchikoff on 16 Aug 1964 in Los Angeles County, CA - I have no information about their children

Parents: Andrew John Andrew Shubin (1893-1944) and Sarah William Vedenoff (1897-1985)
Known children: Vera, John, William, Ann, Jane, James, Katherine, Jack, Andrew, Nick

1. Vera - see above
2. John (1915-2001) - unknown if he married or has a family
3. William (1916-1991) - unknown if he married or has a family
4. Ann (1918-2009) md. John Yacov Conovaloff (1920-2008) on 07 Dec 1941 in Los Angeles, CA = Andrew, Elaine, Jack, Kathleen
5. Jane (1920-1987) - unknown if she married or has a family
6. James (1921-1955) - unknown if he married or has a family
7. Katherine (1922-1996) - unknown if she married or has a ffamily
8. Jack md. Eleanor Frank Hazen (1934-1981) on 27 Nov 1960 in Los Angeles County, CA - unknown if they had children
9. Andrew, Jr. (1928 - ?) - unknown if he married or has a family
10. Nick md. Donna Jean Kunakoff (unknown marriage date) = Andrea and Christine

Nancy Poppin Umland

Re: obit - GALITZEN, Vera Andre (Shubin) -- family financial and mental hisotry

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Classification: Query
Known children:

1. Only child Donald, married Hanya Metchikoff, no kids, but adopted one boy, Aron, who was denied christening by the Samarin-Percey Street assembly. This led to disgruntlement by Don who has psychotic mood swings, and they joined an American church. Aron is married with children. Hanya also has mental delusions and refuses to participate in Jumper-S&L-user services, though raised Maksimist.

Parents: Sarah Shubin born in Baku, Azerbaijamn, raised in city of Kars, across from train station where her father owned a small motel. Andrew was manager for Nabisco in LA then opened his own market and bakery first in Arizona, then on Clarence Street, across from Klubnikin's Bakery, Flats.

Both parents and most all children had heart diseases, and most children had a variety of mental disorders.

Known children:

1. Vera swindeled her parents. She ran a beauty shop business in their house stairway for 10 years, paid no rent, while married took nearly all her food from the store (with the help of Jack), and insisted on free baby-sitting from her siblings. Later she launched hair dressing salons with her sisters Ann and Jane, but did not pay wages or taxes. By eliminating these big expenses, Vera accumulated cash to buy rental units. Her only child Don leveraged her cash in real estate investments begining in the 1960s. They shared funds with Niok for his business, but not their other siblings, which led to friction within the family due to her history of theft and the conspired cover-up.

2. John (nickname: Coe) graduated from UCLA with a trophy for scholarship and athletics (boxing), then got a Ph.D. in economics from USC. He worked for Alcoa Aluminum in LA during WWII, then was professor of economics at New York University. He authored "Business Management" (Barnes & Noble: College Outline Series, 1954), and "Plant Layout" (Prentice-Hall, 1951), "Managerial and industrial economics" (Ronald Press Co., 1961), etc. Married once to Jewish girl, for 2 years, no kids. Though Coe was paranoid most of his later year, he willed his estate to the Heritage Club, whom he trusted, to be disbursed to needy Molokan and Jumper widows, but siblings Vera with Don, Nick and Jack fought to take it all, and got 1/3 -- more than $500,000 -- and did not pay any of the bills submitted for securing the estate (including $34,000 to nephew Andrei Conovaloff). The Heritage Club never produced a report showing usage of John's donation.

3. William, Bill (nickname: "See-Coe") never married, no kids. Vera pressured him to buy her out-of-code marginal property so Donald could invest more in Huntington Beach. 90% of his estate was taken by Jack with the help of Vera and Nick. John tried to stop the theft, but they later almost took all his money after his heart attack.

5. Jane (Tania) never married, no kids. Had mental illness. Grew up in county mental hospital. Most siblings were embarrased to socialize with her and denied her existence.

6. James never married, no kids, was amatuer boxer. Had violent mental illness, died young while in mental confinement.

7. Katherine never married, no kids. Was talented singer and cake decorator. Made cake icing decors in mother's garage which she sold. Expressed symptoms of brain disorder about age 40 which siblings interpreted as incompetence. When diagnosed with a motor disorder, progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), she was not supported by wealthy siblings who suspected she was lazy and told her to get on welfare. When informed of the diagnosis they offered essentially no support, insisting that nephew Andrei Conovaloff take care of her without pay.

8. Jack md. Eleanor Frank Hazen, no kids. Eleanor was and atractive and succesful executive secretary, and alcoholic who filed for divorce when her disease advanced. Jack is bi-polar and apparently choked her to death with a piece of bread to prevent her completing the divorce and taking his money. Death was not fully investigated. Jack later swindled the estates of William, John and Andy with the help and of Vera, Don, Nick, and cousin Mary Jane Kobzeff to enrich himself and those who helped him.

9. Andrew, Jr. never married, no kids. Due to inspiration from sister Kitty (Kathrine) and a small loan from his mother, he created Harlequin Confetti Co, to manufacture small colored chips that decorate pastries, using an old spagetti press. He was dyslexic, could not manage his business well, and developed a neuro-motor disorder similiar to PSP, from which he died. He lost much of his money as a money market day-trader, and his property was taken by Jack.

10. Nick, being the youngest and an unexpected "miracle" birth, got lots of help from parents and siblings, which he did not reciprocate or share with those in need. He helped Jack and Vera swindle the estates of Bill, Andy, and John.

The burials of John and Andy were done in secret by Vera, Nick and Jack to prevent Ann Conovaloff in Arizona from attending and complaining about their fraud. Ann's son Jack was hired to keep his mother and brother Andrei in Arizona by force. From 2002 to 2008, Jack Conovaloff, coached by Jack Shubin, managed to steal most of his parents' estate. Vera's burial was also kept within those who would not embarrass the family by exposing the facts listed above.

Investigating agencies call estate theft in families the easiest crime to commit -- a "legal crime" -- and it is among the most expensive to try to prevent in court.
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