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Surnames: Rudolph, Stabernak, Erickson
I just printed a record of of the LDS-Mormon cight of my grandmother. It says she was born May 1882 Gera,,, Sachsen. What is Gera,,,? Also, how do I get a birth certificate for her. I know her birthday was May 1, 1882. Her name was Olga Rudolph and I know her parents full names. I am curious about the LDS-Mormon. Where do they get there info. WE in our family did not know her father's name until I found it on their sight and it even had her mother's christening complete with her parents names. That is something else we did not knoe. It said it was entered by someone that worked for them.If anyone can answer this, I would appreciate it.
Thank you,
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Hi Elly,
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Here is the first one we received today:

Gene & Rusty [] wrote:


First off, LDS has people/members of their organization worldwide
that volunteer their time deciphering church books, records etc etc.
Then too, people such as yourself can submit information/trees etc
to them and that is where you get the various accounts from their site.
Their Family History Libraries are some of the biggest genealogical
repositories in the world.

"Gera" probably means Germany, now don't get your hopes up
trying to get an actual birth certificate from Germany, we found out
through trial and error that in a lot of cases, that an actual
does not exist, this has probably more to do with the literacy of the
area than anything else. What we did was sent to the church with
what information we had and they copied the church registers and
sent them. You may have to find someone who speaks the various
forms of the German language to make any sense of it, but it is worth
the trouble, especially when you get into when they arrived in the U.S.
via ship and find that shaving ages to save on fares was common

Hope this helps,



Have a nice weekend,


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Hi Elly,
all the messages to the Saxony Messagebord are being automatically "gatewayed" to the Saxony Mailinglist.
Unfortunately, since you are not a member to that mailinglist you will not get any of the replies which go to the list.
Here is the second one we received today: wrote:
The German town Gera, inhabitants approximately 120 000, state Thuringia (not Sachsen/ Saxony).
Since 1875 the birthes in Germany became registered in the registry office in the town of birth. There you can apply for a birth certificate.
2 suggestions:
-Write a normal letter on the: Standesamt (registry office) Gera, Kornmarkt 12,
07545 (postal code) Gera, Germany.
-Or,send an email on the Administrator of the town:
The homepage of the town: _www.gera.de_ (
Good luck, Erhardt-M., Berlin

Have a nice weekend,


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Re: help!

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Hi Wolf,
Thank you very much for forwarding them to me. I went to the saxony webpage and I don't see how to sign up. I used to be a member a couple of years ago I think. Thant was a couple of computers and e-mail addresses ago.
Thanks, again

Re: help!

Robert T. (View posts)
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Elly, there is no Gera in the state of Saxony (in German: Sachsen; capital: Dresden). There are, or better said, were two towns called Gera in today's state of Thuringia (in German: Thüringen; capital: Erfurt). The name of one of them changed a bit 81 years ago.

The larger Gera is in eastern Thuringia and was the capital of what was until 1918 the very small Thuringian Principality of Reuss Younger Line (in German: Reuss jüngere Linie).

The smaller Gera was in western Thuringia in what was until 1918 the small Thuringian Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (in German: Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach), just outside the city of Ilmenau. (Like all of the small Thuringian states, Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach was made up of enclaves not contiguous with one another, and one of those enclaves was the city of Ilmenau and environs.)

The Gera to which you have already been referred by somebody here on this board is the WRONG Gera! So forget that, or your research will be thrown off entirely.

If your source indicates that your grandmother's birthplace was "Gera, Sachsen", then she was born in the OTHER Gera; that is, the Gera in western Thuringia near the city of Ilmenau in what was until 1918 the small Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, the "Sachsen" coming from the state's German name, "Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach".

In 1920, two years following the end of World War I and the abolition of the German monarchies, the seven small Thuringian states, which had been such a confusing muddle, merged into a new state called Thuringia (in German: Thüringen), with the city of Weimar as its capital. In 1944, the Prussian enclave of Erfurt was transferred from the state of Prussia to the state of Thuringia. The city of Erfurt is Thuringia's capital today.

In 1923, the Gera where your grandmother was born merged with the nearby town of Arlesberg. The combined town was given the name Geraberg. So today's Geraberg is the town you're actually interested in.

As to records, you can contact the town administration (in German: Gemeindeverwaltung) to see if they have birth, marriage and death records on file there. There's a possibility that those may be on file in Ilmenau, but contact Geraberg first:

Gemeinde Geraberg
Bahnhofstr. 59a
98716 Geraberg

phone: 011-49-3677-79430


Going on the assumption that your grandmother was Lutheran, you can also contact the Evangelical Lutheran church in Geraberg and enquire about church records:

Ev.-Luth. Pfarramt
Plan 11
98716 Geraberg

phone: 011-49-3677-792246

You also asked about the Mormon International Genealogical Index (IGI). All information in the IGI is contributed by people just like you and me, which is why it's often unreliable. A person has some information and asks the Family History Library out in Salt Lake City to add that information to the IGI. The Family History Library then does that, no questions asked. The Family History Library does not verify any of the submitted information. The fact that information has been submitted to the IGI about your grandmother's family indicates that there's someone else somewhere, probably some kind of a relative of yours, who's also researching her family. (The information was not submitted by someone who works for the Mormon Church, but rather, by a member of the Mormon Church.)

Hope this is of some help to you.


Re: help!

elly (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Rudolph, Rosner, Stabernak
Thank you very much! So, can I write this in English or do I have to try German?
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