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Known errors to von Stauffenberg book

Known errors to von Stauffenberg book

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I'm putting together a list of known errors to von Stauffenberg. The benefit of 40 years and the invention of the internet has allowed us to improve upon and correct some of the assumptions that were made. Please post your answers here and/or email me. Proofs or an explanation of your conclusions are greatly appreciated.

Re: Known errors to von Stauffenberg book

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I don't have von Stauffenberg's book, but Robert Riley's "History of the Shumate Family Kentucky Pioneers" provides documentation that is credible and that may dispute some of von Stauffenberg's theories.

You may want to start there.

I would be interested in hearing of any documentation not mentioned in Riley's book and not credible to the often incorrect trees posted on various websites and also the trees published on CDs by "genealogy" companies.


Re: Known errors to von Stauffenberg book

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This is a copy of a message I posted on Genforum a few months ago. It contains corrections to both von Stauffenberg and Riley regarding the family of John and Barbara (Johnson) Shumate of Wilkes County, NC and Williamson County, TN and the family of James Shumate of Bourbon County, KY and Williamson County, TN.

Notes on North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky Shumates

This is a rather long post but several people may be interested in this information. I have seen the following information on John and Barbara/Barbary (Johnson) Shumate repeated over and over in different places and would like to make some corrections and additions based on Tennessee records. These corrections also change the information for James Shumate son of John Shumate and Judith Bailey, and for the Benjamin Shumate in early Hopkins County, Kentucky.
I am a descendant of Betsy Shumate who married William Matthews in Williamson County, TN in 1817. Based on the following information I believe she was a daughter of John and Barbara. Any additions/corrections/comments welcomed.
Jan Valdez

Most charts on GenConnect, Ancestry and on this forum, show the family of John Shumate, son of Joshua and Elizabeth (Previtt/Prewitt) Shumate, and grandson of John and Judith (Bailey) Shumate as listed below. The original source of the list of children is von Stauffenberg’s 1964 book (who suggested Lettice, Polly, Lucy, Mark Hardin, William Johnston, Fielding, Barbara, Sally, James, Jane and Daniel as children) and similar information was repeated in Riley’s book on the Shumate family. More records have since become available that show that some of these are definitely wrong, others are questionable and others should be added.
From GenForum and many other sources:
· Name: John Shumate
· Birth: ABT 1768 in , Culpeper, VA, USA
· Death: ABT 1807 in , Williamson, TN, USA
Father: Joshua Shumate b: 1731 in , Stafford, VA, USA
Mother: Elizabeth Prewitt
Marriage 1 Barbara Johnston
1. Letice Shumate b: 1780 in TN, USA
2. Mark Hardin Shumate b: 1789
3. Polly Shumate b: ABT 1790
4. William Johnston Shumate b: 15 NOV 1790 in Wilkes, NC, USA
5. Daniel Shumate b: ABT 1793
6. Fielding Shumate b: ABT 1794
7. Sally Shumate b: ABT 1796
8. Barbara Shumate b: ABT 1798
9. Jane Shumate b: ABT 1797
10. James Shumate b: ABT 1800

Corrections and additions:

First: John and Barbara/Barbary Johnson

Barbara was daughter of Jeffrey Johnson and Rachel Walker. She was named in the estate papers of Jeffrey Johnson whose will was written in Wilkes County 23 March 1788 and probated 27 January 1789. Although the surname name was spelled differently in various records, the majority of times it was spelled as Johnson. At the time the will was written Barbara was unmarried (as suggested in the will: “My will is that my executors pay unto my five children namely Samuel, Barbary, Benjamin, Jeffrey and Lewis Johnson out of my estate as they come of age or married as much as I gave my former children that is already married apiece.”). However, she was married by 13 Feb. 1790 when John Shumate was mentioned in the estate papers. John Shumate and Barbara Johnson therefore married sometime between March 1788 and Feb. 1790. A 4 March 1818 document pertaining to the estate has a deposition of Barbary Johnson York, reflecting her second marriage to Richard York in 1812.

John Shumate was head of household in 1790 Wilkes County, NC with 1 male under 16, 1 male over 16 and 2 females.
John Shumate was head of household in 1800 Wilkes County, NC with 2 males under 10 and one male 10-15 in addition to himself (26-45). He also had 4 females: 2 under 10, 1 10-15 and 1 26-44.

John was living in Wilkes County, NC from at least 1787 when he served on a Jury, to 1805 when John Shumate was taxed on 1 poll. The next record of the family is when Barbara was granted administration of the estate of John Shumate 14 Jan 1808 in Williamson Co., TN. John was not on the Williamson County tax lists of 1806 or 1807, so they must have moved to Tennessee in 1807 and John died on the way or soon after they moved there. Barbara remarried to Richard York in 1812 in Williamson County. Richard and Barbara were enumerated in Williamson County in 1820 and 1830, and then Barbara York was HH in 1840. Both von Stauffenberg and Riley drew the conclusion that John’s brother Joshua migrated to Tennessee. For example Riley concluded that Joshua’s sale of land in Wilkes County to his brother John in 1800 was in preparation for his departure to Tennessee. However, John is the one who went to Tennessee around 1807, and Joshua was found in Wilkes County records as late as 1815, which is as far as I examined the records.

Comments on children as posted above:

#1 NO Lettice Shumate was not a daughter of John and Barbara Shumate. She was probably the daughter of James Shumate who lived in Williamson County several years before John and Barbara moved there. Lettice and Claiborne Williams were married in Davidson County, Tennessee in 1800, while John and Barbara were still in North Carolina (and of course since she married in 1800 she was too old to be their daughter anyway).

There were two different Shumate families who resided in Williamson County, the family of James and family of John. The first family to arrive was that of James Shumate. The earliest record of James Shumate in Tennessee is a deed in 1798 in the part of Davidson County, TN that later became Williamson County, and he died in Williamson County in1813. He was probably the son of John and Judith (Bailey) Shumate usually reported to have died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1794/5. He was therefore probably John’s uncle. The fact he was the same James as the one in Bourbon County is proven by the following facts. Elizabeth Shumate, identified as daughter of James Shumate, married Tomas Champ in Bourbon County, Kentucky 11 July 1793. On Feb. 17, 1801 James Shumate of Davidson County, TN “for the love and good will for my daughter Elizabeth Champ and her husband Thomas Champ” gave them 100 acres in Davidson County (Land Deed Genealogy of Davidson County, Vol. 3). Thus James and at least part of his family were in Tennessee for a period of years, beginning as early as 1798. There are several TN deeds that state or suggest family relationships: For example, Claiborne Williams (husband of Lettice) was witness to a deed of James Shumate in 1801, bought additional land from James in 1803, and was a buyer at his estate sale in 1813.

Benjamin Shumate of Hopkins County, Kentucky was also James son. He is frequently named in family charts as son of either John or Daniel. However, on 16 Nov. 1800 James Shumate “ for love and affection” gave to his son Benjamin Shumate 200 acres (Williamson County, TN DB A1). That he was the same Benjamin that later lived in Hopkins County, KY is proved by another deed. On 6 Oct 1809 Benjamin Shomate, identified as then living in Hopkins Co., KY, sold the land in Tennessee given him by deed of gift from James Shomate. Benjamin was enumerated in Hopkins County in 1810.

James Shumate died in Williamson County, TN in 1813. Inventory of his estate was Oct. session 1813. Account of estate sale was Jan. 1814. Settlement of the estate was recorded April 1816, Joseph Bell administrator.

#2 ?? Mark Hardin Shumate. There is no indication in any records I have found that a Mark Hardin was a son of John and Barbara, and no record of him in Williamson County. There is no reason to think the Mark Hardin who married Susanna Stamper in Wilkes County in 1830 was a son of John and Barbara. Why would a young boy have stayed in North Carolina when his family went to Tennessee? Another Mark Hardin Shumate living around that time was in Claiborne County, Tennessee, and he was too old to be their son. He also had a son named Mark Hardin b. around 1800-1810. Yet another Mark Hardin lived and died in Virginia. Unless there are some records others have identified there seems no reason to include him as one of their children.

#3 NO Polly Shumate married Enoch Fletcher in Wilkes County, NC in 1799. She would have been born well before John and Barbara were married and was therefore not a daughter of John and Barbara. (it is more likely she was a younger sister of John). John’s parents were also living in Wilkes County in 1800 and John undoubtedly had other siblings.

#4. YES However,William’s middle name was probably Johnson rather than Johnston as his mother’s name was Johnson.
Tombstone: W.J. Shumate born Nov. 15, 1790, Died Nov. 5, 1877

#5. NO The Daniel Shumate who was in a few records of Williamson County, TN was always associated with the James Shumate family and he was there before John and Barbara came to Tennessee (and was too old also-first record in Williamson County for Daniel was 9 April 1804. He was probably a son of James Shumate).

# 6. YES Fielding Shumate married Milly Vaughn in Williamson County Sept. 12, 1827. Fielding was BM for marriage of Barbara (his mother) and second husband Richard York in 1812, which further suggests he was son of John and Barbara.

#7. NO Sally married Joseph Bell in Williamson County in 1808 but Joseph Bell was also associated with James Shumate. Daniel Shumate was a witness to their marriage. More importantly, Joseph Bell was granted administration for James Shumate, Oct. 1813 and thus was probably his son-in-law.

#8. YES Barbara was probably a daughter of John and Barbara. She married Edmund Weathers September 10, 1823 in Williamson County. Richard and Barbara had one young female (10-16) enumerated with them in 1820.

9. YES However, since Jane married William/Wiley Roy in 1811 she was probably born before 1797. Jane and William Roy named a son Fielding Shumate Roy. Also, Wily Roy was BM for William J. Shumate in 1816.

10. ? James. von Stauffenburg identified a son named James based on a record he did not cite a source for. The only James I have found in Williamson County records was the older James who died in 1813. John and Barbara only had 3 young males with them in 1800 and those are accounted for. If there was another son he would have been born between 1800 and 1807. There was no young male with Barbara in 1820, and no record of him found so far.

There are also two additional Shumates in Williamson County who were probably children of John and Barbara but have been assigned to John’s brother Joshua:
Berryman Shumate married Lucy Tapley/Tarpley in Williamson County in 1819. The BM for the marriage was Richard York, second husband of Barbara. The location, and fact that Barbara Johnson Shumate York’s husband was the BM suggests he was a child of John and Barbara. Based on his marriage date he was probably born before 1800 and was one of younger males with Barbara and John in 1800. He was probably the Berryman Shumate who was found in the 1850 Saline County, Illinois census, although his wife’s name at that time was Mary. According to that census he was born about 1799 in North Carolina, and according to an affidavit about military service in Tennessee in 1818 he was born about 1797.
Betsy Shumate who married William L. Matthews 9 Dec. 1817 in Williamson County was probably a daughter of John and Barbara. Based on marriage date she was born around 1799/1800. Wm. J. Shumate was their BM. Some have suggested that Betsy was a daughter of John’s brother Joshua. However, there is no indication Joshua was ever in Williamson County, Tennessee* and therefore there is no reason to assume Betsy was his daughter. Barbara was still in Williamson County when Betsy married, and since Wm J. Shumate was her BM she was probably his sister and daughter of John and Barbara.

*Although Riley and Van Stoeffenburg both suggested that Joshua moved from Wilkes County to Tennessee, he was taxed in Wilkes County in 1805, witnessed a deed there 25 Dec 1807, and was administrator of his father’s estate in Wilkes County in 1810 (Will Book II). He witnessed a deed of William Fletcher 19 Aug. 1814, and witnessed a deed of Samuel Proffit Dec. 1814, and proved the deed in Jan. 1815. Clearly Joshua remained in North Carolina long after John left, and it therefore makes little sense to place the young Shumates who married in Williamson County with him since John’s widow was in Williamson County and Joshua was not.

Relationships suggested by marriages:

Fielding Shumate was bondsman for marriage of Barbara Shumate and Richard York in 1812. And Wm. J. was BM for Fielding in 1827.
Wm. Roy married Jane Shumate in 1811 in Williamson County. Wily Roy was BM for Wm. J. 1816.
Joshua McCown was witness for Wm. J. in 1828
Joshua McCown was witness for Barbary and Edmund Weathers in 1823
Berryman married Lucy Tarpley 1819. BM Richard York
Betsy Shumate named son Berryman Matthews. BM for her marriage to William Matthews was Wm. J. Shumate

Proposed revised list of children of John and Barbara (Johnson) Shumate
1. William Johnson Shumate b. November 1790
2. Fielding Shumate b. ~1789
3. John Berryman Shumate b. ~1796
4. Jane Shumate b. ~1795
5. Betsy Shumate b. ~1799
6. Barbara Shumate b. ~ 1805 (age 42 in 1850 AL census)
7. One other daughter born about 1789
8. James ??

Second: James Shumate died in Williamson County, Tennessee in 1813, not in Bourbon County, KY as suggested in various sources. Elizabeth (m. to Thomas Champ) and Benjamin were specifically named as his children in Tennessee deeds. Other probable children were Daniel and Lettice. I haven’t examined early Kentucky records, but it seems there is quite a bit of confusion and probably wrong information about this family. They apparently were in Bourbon County when daughter Elizabeth married in 1793 and were in Davidson County, Tennessee by 1798. Both Daniel and Benjamin were named in early Williamson County records along with James. Then son Benjamin moved to Hopkins County, Kentucky (1810 census) while his father remained in Tennessee. The Benjamin of Hopkins County, KY was definitely a son of James rather than John.
There was also a Thomas Shumate associated with James family. He was a witness to a deed between Joseph Bell and James Shumate in March 1812 and was a buyer at sale of estate of James (Jan. 1814 Williamson County Court).

From GenConnect:
· Name: James Shumate
· Birth: 1737/38 in , Prince William, VA, USA
· Death: 1794/95 in , Bourbon, KY, USA
Father: John Shumate b: 1707/8 in , London, England, UK
Mother: Judith Bailey b: BET 1708 AND 1710

List of probable children of James Shumate and unknown wife based on Tennessee records:
1. Elizabeth (identified as child in deed) m. Thomas Champ 1793 in Bourbon County, TN
2. Benjamin (identified as child in deed) m. Hannah Asby
3. Lettice born abt. 1780 m. Claiborn Williams 1800 in Davidson County, TN
4. Sally b. abt 1788 m. Joseph Bell 19 May 1808 in Williamson County, TN
5. Daniel?
6. Thomas?

Re: Known errors to von Stauffenberg book

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Thanks for the replies so far. I surprised there haven't been more errors identified. I own Shumate books by Von Stauffenberg; Riley version 2; Jeanne Waters Strong; John James Shumate, Jr and Molly Alice Zagami Shumate; and M Carolyn Armstrong Shumate and Connie D Shumate Bugher. In fact, I have two extra copies of Von Stauffenberg if any one is interested.

My own Shumate branch is incorrectly identified in Von Stauffenberg. See my next note.

Re: Known errors to von Stauffenberg book

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Surnames: Shumate, Chadwell, Stallard, Luttrell, Lewis, Taliaferro, Scott, Murphy Murphey
The wife of Lewis Shumate (b 1773) was Mary Chadwell and only Mary Chadwell. This is recorded correctly by Colonel Robert S Riley in "History of the Shumate Family, Kentucky Pioneers" (Second Edition) and also by M Carolyn Armstrong Shumate and Connie D Shumate Bugher in "Shumate Branches and Twigs." Von Stauffenberg is still quoted, copied and merged more frequently than the later works however, and he incorrectly identifies the wife of Lewis as Fanny Stallard. Here is the exact quote:

"In 1807, on 20 April, the will of WALTER STALLARD of Culpeper County was probated. In it he makes a bequest to his daughter FANNY of Rockingham County, who has married a SHUMATE."............................ "Again, in A. M. Pritchard's "Allied Families . . .", in the chapter on the LUTTRELLS, Pritchard quotes WILLIS J. LUTTRELL's letter on the several STALLARD connections: FANNY STALLARD married either a LEWIS or a TALIAFERRO last name SHUMATE or SCOTT. The will tells us it was SHUMATE; conditions make it LEWIS, since no TALIAFERRO SHUMATEs were in this area at the time."

Von Stauffenberg guessed Fanny married Lewis, but we now know it was Taliaferro, who was indeed in the area.

In addition:

-There are only two oral histories from descendants of Lewis that I know of, Dottie Molineaux and Malcom Turner. They both identify Mary Chadwell as the wife. NO source, other than those copying VS identify Fanny as the wife.

-The Chadwell family names are repeated in the names of Lewis' descendants - Murphy Chadwell Shumate as an example, Duff Shumate is another.

-The Dodson family in "The Dodson (Dotson) Family of North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia, Vol 1", identify Mary Chadwell as wife of Lewis Shumate and states that there is no evidence of any other wife.

-Lewis Shumate was known to be associated with other Chadwell's. He was bondsman for the marriage of Cynthia Chadwell.

-I've been told, but have not verified, that published genealogies on the Stallard Family identify the wife of Frances Pitt (Fanny) Stallard as Taliaferro Shumate. (Does someone out there have a citation for this?)

By the way, Mary Chadwell was not born "at sea." The term "at sea" was sometimes used by genealogists who didn't want to bother spending time following that line. Mary Chadwell was the daughter of Brian (Bryan, Bryant) Chadwell and Mary Murphy. The Murphys were from Elk Run as was Lewis Shumate.

Glad to get this all written down! I am a descendant of Reverend Walker D Shumate and welcome all questions.

Re: Known errors to von Stauffenberg book

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Surnames: Shumate, Stamper

Thanks so much for sharing your research.

Also a personal thank you as you are the first Shumate researcher that I have found willing to admit that Mark (m Susannah Stamper) is more likely NOT the child of John and Barbara.

Re: Known errors to von Stauffenberg book

Ken (View posts)
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Surnames: Shumate, Nelson, Duval, Stallard, Bailey
Background: I do not have a copy of Von Stauffenberg but do have a copy of Riley (2nd Edition) where I believe he has perpetuated Von Stauffenberg errors with regards to the family of Berryman Shumate and Elizabeth (also known as Eliza or Betsy Nelson). My wife is a descendant of Nancy Shumate (who is not included in the second edition of of the Riley book) and her husband Thomas C. Duval.
I currently have my wife's Shumate ancestry as follows:
Nancy Shumate b. 1804 in Virginia m. Thomas C. Duval in 1822 in Bath Co., KY. Nancy was the daughter of:
Berryman Shumate (Riley numbering: 2F4-A) his wife Elizabeth (Betsy) Nelson. Berryman, the son of:
Taliaferro Shumate (Riley numbering: 2F4) and Frances Pitt (Stallard). Taliaferro the son of:
John Shumate and Winifred Oxford. John the son of:
John Shumate (the immigrant) and Judith Bailey

I will provide references and insert my comments in brackets as [Note:]

1. Reference: PORTRAIT & BIOGRAPHICAL ALBUM OF SANGAMON COUNTY, ILLINOIS published by Chapman Brothers, Chicago, IL in 1891.

[Note: although I am somewhat skeptical of county histories, sometimes they are the best starting point available. This reference was written while William Shumate was still alive which may give some additional credibility to the information presented.]

Page 383
WILLIAM SHUMATE, who resides on section 28, Gardner Township, has for fifty-six years been a resident of Sangamon County.
Widely known throughout the community he has made many friends who will be glad to read this sketch of his life work in the history of his adopted county.
His father, Berryman Shumate, was born in Fauquier County, Va., and made farming his life occupation.

[Note: identifies William's father as Berryman Shumate]

He served in the War of 1812, and at the close of that struggle in 1814 started westward, proceeding by wagon to Wheeling, W. Va., whence he made his way down the Ohio River to Kentucky.

[Note: This conflicts with Riley who indicates that Berryman did not serve in the War of 1812. Not important but it is now a matter of curiosity.]

He had not long been a resident of that State when he went to Garrard County, where he was stricken with yellow fever and died, leaving six small children to the care of the widowed mother.

[Note: Another conflict with Riley who indicates that Berryman went to Tennessee.]

Her maiden name was Eliza Nelson, and she was also a native of Fauquier County, Va. She faithfully cared for her children, providing for their wants and working for their interests, and at length died in 1882 while at a cousin's farm.
[Note: date of Eliza's death is very questionable and suspect a typo, I believe Elizabeth Nelson died about 1823.]

The children of the family were Polly, who died in Kentucky at the age of eighteen years; Nancy, who became the wife of Thomas Duvale and died in Knox County; Mrs. Eliza Rice, who died in Kansas; Lydia, wife of George Trimble, died in Sangamon County, Ill.; William, of this sketch; and Hiram, who died while crossing the plains to California in 1851.

[Note: This indicates that Berryman Shumate and Elizabeth Nelson had six children: William, Polly, Nancy, Eliza, Lydia, and Hiram. The husband of Nancy Shumate, “Thomas Duvale” is “Thomas Carter Duval”. Information from his biography will be added later. I also have information on some of the other descendants.]

Our subject (William Shumate) was born in Fauquier County, Va., near Dumfries, in a hewed log house, the date being August 3, 1810. When a lad of four summers he was taken by his parents to Kentucky. Being left an orphan at the age of twelve years he went to live with Billy Bridges, with whom he remained until about 1830.

[Note: If accurate, this would indicate that Berryman Shumate died about 1822.]

In 1835, in Kentucky, Mr. Shumate was united in marriage with Miss Matilda Bridges, a native of that State, and a daughter of James Bridges, who was born in Virginia. After four or five years residence in Kentucky Mr. Shumate and his family removed to Illinois. Mr. Shumate was a second time married on the 20th of December, 1847, in Greene County, Ill., the lady of his choice being Miss Mary Kincaid, daughter of William T. Kincaid who was born in Carlisle County, Pa. Mr. Shumate is a representative of the honored pioneers of Sangamon County, where for more than half a century he has made his home. Only two of his old neighbors of those early days are yet living. He has witnessed the growth of the county, has aided not a little in its development, and manifested an interest in its enterprises. He takes a deep interest in educational matters and has served as School Director. In political sentiment he was a Democrat until the firing upon of Ft. Sumter and seeing that the South was resolved on carrying out its plans if possible, he joined the ranks of the new Republican party with which he has since affiliated. He became one of its stanch supporters and was a warm friend of President Lincoln, whom he has often seen at his home in this county.

[Note:I find the President Lincon note very questionable unless it refers to prior to Lincoln's election. My research indicates that President Lincoln never returned to Illinois while still alive.]

p. 403 of this reference has a biography of George Trimble (husband of Lydia Shumate).

This biography states “A year after his arrival in this State he returned to Kentucky on horseback and was married to Miss Lydia Shumate, who was born in Bath County to Daniel and Mrs. Shumate. Further information regarding her ancestors will be found in the sketch of William Shumate on another page of this album.”

[Note: I have another reference that indicates Lydia was born in 1815 in Montgomery Co., KY. Also note that this reference indicates “Daniel Shumate”. My assumption is that Berryman Shumate was Berryman Daniel Shumate or Daniel Berryman Shumate. Either way, this is a reference indicating “Daniel”.]

2. Obituary (Galesburg's Weekly Republican-Register, March 24, 1888,)

Mrs. T. C. Duval, who died in Wataga on Thursday, from injuries sustained in a fall six weeks before, was widely known through Sparta and adjacent townships, not only on her own account, but through her husband, who is a wealthy and representative citizen. She was a Kentuckian by birth and was married in that State in 1822 to Mr. Duval. They came to Knox county in 1834 and so rank as among the oldest of the old settlers. She had reached the ripe age of 84 years when the summons calling her home came. She was an esteemed member of the Christian church. Of her family of three boys and six girls, all save two of the sons are living. The obsequies will be held in the Congregational church of Wataga at 10:30 o'clock Sunday morning.

[Note: Mrs. T.C. Duval is Nancy Shumate. The only conflict in this reference is the indication that she was born in Kentucky.]

2. Reference: "The Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and Knox County", published by Munsell Publishing in 1899 page 838 has a section on Thomas Carter Duval which reads

“Thomas Carter Duval, son of James and Judith (Jennings) Duval, was born in Bath County, Kentucky, February 28, 1802. He was married in Bath County, April 2, 1822 to Nancy Shumate, who was born in Virginia August 19th, 1804, and died in Wataga, March 2, 1888."

[Note: A different reference indicates Thomas Carter Duval was born in Virginia. The preceding reference also lists the children of Thomas Carter Duval and Nancy Shumate including my wife’s great-great grandfather, William Duval, as well as a son named "Barryman".

Jim Burgess (a Fauquier County ,VA researcher) has the following at: :

6. JOHN SHUMATE was born about 1740 Prince William Co., VA, and died about 1814. He married 1) Winifred Oxford about 1760 and 2) Susannah Crump on 2 February 1775 Fauquier Co., VA. John left a will and named his wife and children. (Fauquier Co. WB 2, p. 47-48 ). His children:
6.1 Armistead Shumate was born 4 October 1761 Fauquier Co., VA, and died possible SC or GA.
6.2 Berryman Shumate was born 21 November 1762 and died December 1802 Spartanburg, SC.
6.3 Mason Shumate was born about 1764 Fauquier Co., VA and died 28 June 1849 DeKalb Co., GA.
6.4 Taliaferro Shumate was born 11 August 1766 Fauquier Co., VA, and died 1834 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.5 Sarah Shumate was born about 1768 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.6 Lydia Shumate was born about 1760 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.7 John Shumate was born about 1777 Fauquier Co., VA, and died about 1811 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.8 Joseph Shumate was born about 1779 Fauquier Co., VA, and died 1839-1846 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.9 Lucy Shumate was born about 1781 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.10 Elizabeth Shumate was born about 1783 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.11 Celia Shumate was born about 1784 Fauquier Co., VA.
6.12 Susanna Shumate was born about 1786 Fauquier Co., VA.

[Note: This site shows another Berryman, son of John Shumate and Winifred Oxford but not the Berryman Shumate who married Elizabeth Nelson. This provides additional credibility that Riley has Berryman (married to Elizabeth Nelson) correct as the son of Taliaferro rather than a son of John and Susannah Crump as other websites indicate.]

3. Reference: Robert S. Riley’s book “History of the Shumate Family Kentucky Pioneers, Second Edition” from 2001.

[Note: I see Riley’s book as a major effort to correct previous mistakes in Theodor-Friedrich von Stauffenberg’s “The Shumate Family, A Genealogy”. Riley quotes von Stauffenberg numerous times in his work. In any event, as far as Berryman Shumate and Elizabeth Nelson are concerned, I suspect Riley did not have the above information.]

Woking backwards from Riley's book.
Riley p. 164
"The issue (i.e., sixth generation) of Berryman Shumate and his wife Betsy (Nelson) as identified by T.F. von Stauffenberg in his book were as follows.
2F4-A-1. Willis L. Shumate
2F4-A-2. Berryman Shumate
2F4-A-F1 Margaret (Peggy) Shumate"

[Note: Willis L Shumate might be William Shumate (but not likely) referenced in the Sangamon County book above but his wife does not match nor do I see where Berryman and Margaret (Peggy) fit; I believe von Stauffenberg was in error and that Riley is perpetuating the error. I currently put more credence in the Illinois, Sangamon Co., Knox Co. histories and the six children listed.]

Riley p. 163
"2F4 Issue of Taliaferro Shumate AND Frances Pitt (Stallard), his wife.
Berryman Shumate . The writer believes he was born in November 1784 in Fauquier County, Virginia and died in 1822 at the relatively young age of 38 in Davidson or Williamson County, Tennessee. Berryman married in 1802, on 23 January, Betsey Nelson."

[Note: Interested in how Riley arrived at a death in Tennessee. Everything else indicates Berryman was in Kentucky.]

Riley provides an indication that Berryman was still in Virginia in 1810 and continues:
"Why he did not serve in the War of 1812 is not known, but it is fairly certain that he, alone of the two elder brothers, did not. Since he was dead before his father, ir can be assumed he died sometime around 1822".

[Note: The Sangamon County information matches Riley's work in Berryman still being in Virginia in 1810.]
[Note: I would like the information that supports the certainty that Berryman did not serve in the War of 1812.]
[Note: If the Sangamon County biography of William Shumate is correct, Riley did well in estimating Berryman’s death as about 1822.]

Riley continues:
He had a least two sons and one daughter; both boys went with their father to Tennessee where they married later, and one of the sons Willis L. Shumate, with his wife and sister, returned to Culpeper County in or about 1822. [Riley has Willis married to Sally Felts, Berryman, Jr. married to Lucy Tarpley, and Margaret (Peggy) married to William Dolloway.

[Note: based on the Illinois references, I believe that von Stauffenberg had mis-assigned these children to Berryman Shumate and Elizabeth Nelson.]

Riley starting on page 104 has considerable information on Taliaferro Shumate and his wife Frances Pitt (Stallard).

[Note: Good work that clarifies Taliaferro's family]

Riley on page 68 refers to a letter received from Miss M. E. Barbour indicating the possibilty that Betsey Nelson was a daughter of John Nelson and Lettice (Shumate) but Riley discounts that possibility.

[Note: I have the parents of Elizabeth Nelson unknown (and one of my "brickwalls") but have not eliminated Miss Barbour's premise. I would be interested to learn why Riley has unequivically stated on p.69 "but Betsey Nelson, wife of Berryman Shumate was the daughter of another branch of the Nelson family."

I know there is conflicting information on this family. I would be more than pleased to answers questions or clarifications to what I have written here. Copies of these references are available.

Any comments would be appreciated. I also would be happy to receive other references that confirm (or conflict with) these references. Feel free to email me directly at miata93 (at)


Re: Known errors to von Stauffenberg book

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After several badly done books on other lines, I didn't bother to waste money on any Shumate,Shoemake, etc books - as I'd already seem to much about "errors".

The one that really gets me is I think from Riley's book. It is regarding a James Shumate (in actuality - Summit) in Kentucky - that he tries to "force" the kids to be Shumate/Shumake's. Even has Summit as the middle name or like a hypenated name to try to "make" them be Shumake's. I have spent some time on James Summit - and there are descendants today - and STILL Summit's.

I just about have this James Shumake/Shumate pinned down. The first names are not even the same - but the problem comes in later - when some of the real James Shumate's kids appear briefly in an area with another Shumate family - and it a mess trying to sort them out. Most is coming from deeds.


Re: Known errors to von Stauffenberg book

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Surnames: Shumake, Shumate
I am new to researching The Shumate Family. I know its been a long time since you posted about the extra Von Stauffenberg book... Do you still have an extra copy.
I'm a decendent of Samuel and Lucy Shumake. I know the spelling changed after every census and land purchase. it was spelt the way it sounded.
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