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Father of Robert Boyd of Meriwether Co., GA

Father of Robert Boyd of Meriwether Co., GA

Judy Fowler Kilgore (View posts)
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Classification: Query
I would like to pose a theory for discussion which may shed some light on a question that seems to have plagued researchers of ROBERT BOYD and ROSANNAH STEWART for decades. This will involve all descendants of JOHN BOYD, Sr., known generally as John Boyd of Ballymena. This John Boyd Sr. was from County Antrim, Ireland, and appeared in South Carolina sometime before 1772, when he petitioned the South Carolina Council for a grant of land.

Much has been written on his known descendants, John, Hugh and David. This theory may add another son, my Robert Boyd of Newberry County, SC who moved to Meriwether County, GA about 1832-33. He was in Newberry in the 1830 census, but made land purchases in Meriwether in 1833 and 1834. I have copies of the actual deeds filed in the Meriwether County courthouse. He lived with his son William in 1840 and died in 1846-47. His burial place has never been located. However, information has recently surfaced of a cemetery containing 8 unmarked adult graves and 1 infant grave which appears to be in the vicinity of the Boyd land. This is being investigated by two of us who live in the area.

As most of you may know, I have been studying the family of this Robert Boyd intensely for the past five years. He was my 4th great-grandfather.

This theory was proposed to me about four weeks ago by another Boyd researcher, Mr. Robert Wells, who is descended from David Boyd, son of John Boyd of Ballymena. Robert gets all the credit for putting the facts together (some which I knew, some which I didn't know) and coming up with this theory. I thought it was pure poppycock, but after hearing him out and researching the facts myself, I have come to the conclusion that this is the most likely answer to the puzzle. It was right under our noses and I am amazed that others didn't see it (including me).

First, we have to throw out some bad information which seems to have been accepted by many as being true.

BAD INFO NO. 1: George Lelend Summer in his "Newberry County South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Annals," page 198, states that John Boyd Sr.'s estate was administered in 1806 by his sons John and David, since his other son, Hugh, had died in 1799. This is absolutely not true. I have a copy of these estate papers and the estate was administered by Robert Boyd and Mary Boyd (the widow), with John Kinnard and Hugh Hopper as security. My thanks to Dick Stewart for transcribing the estate papers and sending them to me. Dick is descended from the parents of Rosannah Stewart, Joseph and Mary Stewart.

BAD INFO NO. 2: Those who know that a Robert Boyd administered the estate of John Boyd., Sr., have accepted the information that this Robert Boyd was the grandson of John Boyd. Sr. If they are referring to the Robert H. Boyd, son of the deceased son Hugh Boyd, as being the administrator, this also is not true. Robert H. Boyd, son of Hugh and Jennett Boyd, was born about 1792 and would only be 14 years old when his grandfather's estate was administered in 1806. This has recently been proved with information that this Robert H. Boyd married Cloretta Gray and moved to Meriwether County about 1837-1838 when he purchased land there. I have accumulated much information on Robert H. Boyd and his descendants. He died in 1857 in Meriwether County and I have transcribed copies of his estate papers. Of John Boyd Sr.'s other known sons, John and David, neither had a son named Robert.

In 1806, when John Boyd Sr. died, one of his sons, John (known as Johnny Buckles because of his occupation as a harness maker and shoe buckler), was in Kentucky. As mentioned before, Hugh Boyd, another son, had died 7 years previously. This left only David, the other known son, to administer the estate. But David did not. Robert did. Why? I believe it was because Robert was another son of John Boyd Sr.

When Hugh Boyd made his will in 1798, Robert Boyd was a witness to his will. This could not possibly have been his son, Robert H. Boyd, since he would have been only 6 or 7 years old. I believe this Robert Boyd was Hugh Boyd's brother. The other witnesses were John Boyd "Wheelwright" (Hugh's father) and Archibald McMellan/McMillan. (Robert Boyd's son, Joseph) married Jane McMillan, relationship to Archibald as yet unknown.)

An analysis of the estate sale of John Boyd, Sr., shows that the widow, Mary Boyd, purchased 38 items, as is customary. Robert Boyd purchased 15 items, indicating (but not proof, of course) that he also was a family member. (Thanks, again, to Dick Stewart, for this analysis. I think this is when my eyes started opening to the truth.)

Of the other purchasers (the next highest number of items was purchased by William Hopper -- 7 items) three of them carried surnames of those who married Robert's children --- Hopper, Blackburn and McMillan. Robert's son Hugh, married Nancy Hopper. His son, John, married Elizabeth Blackburn, and, as mentioned before, his son Joseph married Jane McMillan. Many more purchasers are known to have had relationships with this Boyd family.

In the 1810 census of Newberry, Robert Boyd is shown living next door to Mary Boyd, with Hugh Hopper, William Hopper and John Hopper on the other side.

It is now a known fact that Robert Boyd's son, William, married Rosannah Boyd, daughter of Hugh and Jennett Boyd. Proof lies in the will of Matthew Boyd, son of Hugh and Jennett, who left part of his estate to his sister, Rosannah, and her children. These children of Rosannah were specifically mentioned in later annual returns (Newberry) as being named Hugh and Melinda. In 1840 in Meriwether County, William Boyd (son of Robert) applied for guardianship of his children, Hugh and Melinda (I transcribed a copy of this document from Meriwether County), and shows in the 1850 census with a wife named Rosanna. Hugh and Melinda had both married by this time and were living in the same vicinity --- Melinda and her husband, Lewis Dudley Groce, were next door.

I have agonized for several years over the close relationship of the Boyds when they arrived in Meriwether -- known descendants of John Boyd Sr. (Waggoner Jack and his son James and others who were in Meriwether) and my Robert. They lived adjacent to each other (I have land lot maps showing which Boyd owned which land and where it was located), signed each others deeds and other court documents, and even married into the same families. Robert's daughter, Frances Boyd, married Mark Tidwell, and Waggoner Jack's son, James, married Amelia Tidwell who was Mark's sister. I knew these Boyd families had to be related but I couldn't put my finger on it. This theory, that Robert was the son of John Sr., makes everything fit together and I believe it to be true. I am truly grateful to Robert Wells, Carol Wells, and Liz Dial, for help with the research which led to this conclusion.

For the sake of space, I have left out many details which I will gladly share with others and would appreciate any thoughts or comments on this theory.

I would also appreciate those who have Robert's parents as Hugh K. and Rosanna Boyd expressing their logic, source, proof, theories or any information which led to their conclusions of that relationship. The only way we're going to get to the bottom of this is by sharing information.

Judy Fowler Kilgore
Newnan, GA

John Boyd of Ballymena, co. Antrim, N. Ireland

sw (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Boyd, Colville, Adair
Boyd of co. Antrim, N. Ireland in Adair files.
6 Aug 1650
Receipt from Alexander Colvill (relative of Boyd ?)
to John McBoyd (?)
for money paid on behalf of Colonel Hill,
part of account between
Sir Robert Adair (the first) and Colonel Hill
for rent charge due out of the lands of
Glenachertie (Clonaghherty / Clonayherty).
(Colville may have married a Boyd,
perhaps parents of wife of Sir Robert Adair)

n.b. an interesting connection to Houston family was :
2 May 1662
Copies of 3 deeds, being leases by
William Adair, Ballymenogh (Ballymena),
son of Sir Robert Adair (the first),
to William Houstone, Kulnabacky (Cullybackey)
(relative of Adair & possibly descendant of Boyd)
and to Archibald Adair, his brother,
two halves of moiety of all the
castles, manors, towns, villages, hamlets,
lands, tenements and hereditaments
in the tough, territory or precinct of land
called Clonayherty in the County of Antrim,
8 Dec. 1660, and 7 Jan. 1658, respectively,
and also assignment of the same
by Archibald Adair, after William Adair’s decease,
to William Houston, Culnebakky,
on condition of payment of certain sums
by William Houston to William Adair’s children.

6 Oct 1699
Lease of the whole of James Boyde’s possession
as it was lately surveyed
and is now possessed by Robert Smith and his partners,
belonging to James Boyde’s farm:
Sir Robert Adair (the second)
to Robert Ailon and his son, George,
of Leymore (Leamore / Leighmore).

3 May 1715
Release of towns and lands of Upper Grainge,
Lower Grainge, Ash Parke, Small Parkes,
Bally Truckle, several parks in the lands of Sleakell,
all in the liberties or county of the City of Waterford :
also of messuages or tenements in High Street,
6 tenements with the grounds and appurtenances
in Barry Strand Street,
house or tenement in High Street,
house or tenement in Milk Lane,
holdings, messuages, lands and tenements
in Ringtower Yard and New Street,
stables and yard in Ringtower Lane or New Street,
land without St. John’s Gate, city of Waterford,
house or tenement in the Key (Quay) of the City,
called Green Coffee House,
lands in Trinity parish :
Thomas Hallam and Mary, his wife,
with the consent of Sir Robert Adair,
to Alexander Boyd, City of Waterford.

10 July 1723
Lease and release of Kingsmeadow,
part of the lands of Lower Grange
and the lands of Sheakell
and all other houses, lands, tenements
hereditaments and waste plots of ground
within the City of Waterford
which were part of the estate of Thomas Hallam:
Alexander Boyd, City of Waterford
to Sir Robert Adair.

10 Dec 1723
Lease of 2 parts of parcel of land in the
townland of Ballygarvey
in the manor of Killhillstown alias Ballymenogh (Ballymena)
for 86 years:
Sir Robert Adair (the second) to John Boyd, farmer.

22 June 1738
“Lease of farm land being a part of Dungall,
bounded on the north by the Clogh water,
in the Manor of Killhilststown alias Ballymena,
for 86 years:
Sir Robert Adair to James Miller and James Boyd, farmers.

MacAulay, Boyd & Adair, co. Antrim, N. Ireland

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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Boyd, MacAulay, Stuart, Adair
Alexander Macaulay, d. 1766, K.C., Judge in the Consistorial Court, and M.P. for Thomastown,
m. Margaret Boyd,
.... (dau of Col. Hugh Boyd of Ballycastle)
.... children :

1. Alexander Macaulay.

2. Anne Macaulay m. 1753 Robert ADAIR, Esq. of Ballymena, and had, amongst others, a son,
.....2a. Willaim Adair m. 1784 Camilla,
...........dau of Robert Shafto, of Benwell, Northumberland.

3. Rose Macaulay m. 1761 John Godley, Esq.

4. Hugh Macaulay (1746-1794).
.....Took name of BOYD to honor maternal granfather's will.
.....Educated at Trinity College, Dublin and St John's Collegem M.A. 1776. Served as Second Secretary to Lord Macartney , 1781.
..... He m. 1767 Frances Morphy (sometimes spelt Murphy) had a son:
......4a. Hugh Stuart / Stewart Boyd (1781-1848) Educ. at Cambridge.

Hugh Boyd of Ballycastle, co. Antrim, N. Ireland

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Boyd, Ross, Montgomery
The search for Ballycastle on this Boyd board
produced a nil result, which was rather surprising.
Perhaps the search engine is not working properly.

Some notes for Hugh Boyd and Ballycastle which I had noted were :

When Dr. Pococke, Fellow of the Royal Society, visited Ballycastle in 1752 he wrote:

"Ballycastle is a strong instance of the assiduity and judgment of one person, Mr. Boyd, to whom the place belongs and who holds it as a fee farm under Lord Antrim. Mr. Boyd's great work was to make a safe harbour for shipping, which he has done most effectually."

Earlier, Sir Robert MAXWELL of Orchardtoun in Kirkcudbrightshire, who through his wife, Marion, daughter of Sir Robert McClelland, Lord Kirkcudbright, acquired the manor of BALLYCASTLE situated on the north-eastern corner of County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The 1774 will of Ann Maxwell of Ennisbrogue (Finnebrogue ?) co. Down
mentioned nephew John Adair who was a surgeon with Wolfe at Quebec.
There was a Sir Robert Maxwell, (attainted 1689 by James II),
m. 2ndly Dowager Countess of Clanbrassill.
There was a Henry Maxwell and Jane Ecklin of Finebrogue.

Some other names possibly associated with Boyds in the Ballycastle area were :
Robert Millikine of Ballyholme, will probated 1712, witnesses were
his son-in-law Alexander Dunlop (Dunlap) and his son Robert
and John Steele, George Ross and John Clealand (McClelland ?)

Quintin Millikin, bc1664 married Marion Crymble, possibly the grand-daughter of Waterhouse Crymble of Donaghadee,
custom officer of that town between 1625 and 1649. Quintin Millikin was one of three creditors who in 1711 who was named in a document with John Montgomery and William Smith.

In the 1770's a slump hit the linen industry and this resulted in emigration from the Ballycastle area to America.
Dr. R. J. Dickson, "Ulster Emigration to Colonial America, 1718 - 1775, wrote
" that an emigrant vessel called the "Philadelphia" of 300 tons called at Ballycastle on its way to America."

Would any of the above families, or descendants have emigrated with Boyds to America, i.e. George Ross, Adair, and Montgomery families ?

Re: Father of Robert Boyd of Meriwether Co., GA

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My boyfriend is William Webster boyd, descendant of John boyd jr. having a tough time understanding who came before John senior county Antrim? Are they related to boyd county Antrim ballycastle? Or just ballymena?
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