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Extension Hotel, North Ormesby Road, Middlesbrough 1930's

Extension Hotel, North Ormesby Road, Middlesbrough 1930's

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Surnames: ADKIN
My grandparents I believe were landlords of the above pub during the 1930's. Their names were Harry (John Henry) Adkin and Marie. They had a son Billy who died when a Baby (1929 I think) and a daughter Jean (my mum). If anyone has any information I would be extremely grateful.

Re: Extension Hotel, North Ormesby Road, Middlesbrough 1930's

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There was no marriage for a Marie to an Adkin, and in this context, " I think " means, you don't know.

You're going about this back to front, what you should be doing is working backwards from your mother.

What was was your mother's year, month, and place of birth. ?

Also her full forenames if she had more than one.

Re: Extension Hotel, North Ormesby Road, Middlesbrough 1930's

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My grandfather John Henry Adkin married my Nanna Mary Elizabeth Jupp and they lived at the Extension Hotel where my Mum Annie Jean Adkin was born. I have a selection of photographs but no dates and would appreciate any assistance/information you can provide please.

Re: Extension Hotel, North Ormesby Road, Middlesbrough 1930's

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Surnames: Adkin Jupp
O.K. Now you're talking, and Mary isn't the same thing as Marie, so here goes, and let's start with your mums birth.

The information below is from entries in the birth and marriage registration ledgers, I will also post the link for the local registration office which now holds those registers and you can get the LONG version birth cert and the marriage cert from there.

Don't worry if you are asked for bits of information that you don't have, the information below is enough to get the correct certs, so just give them this and any other info that you might have.

Be aware that marriages are registered in the same quarter of the year in which they took place but with births parents have six weeks in which to register a birth, so your mum might have been born from mid February to late June.

Civil registration event: Birth
Name: ADKIN, Annie J
Registration district: Middlesbrough
County: Yorkshire
Year of registration: 1929
Quarter of registration: Apr-May-Jun
Mother's maiden name: Jupp
Volume no: 9D
Page no: 1018

Now your grandparent's marriage, and BTW this is the only Adkin/Jupp marriage that there has ever been.

Civil registration event: Marriage
John H Adkin married Mary E Jupp
Name: ADKIN, John H
Registration district: Middlesbrough
County: Yorkshire
Year of registration: 1924
Quarter of registration: Jul-Aug-Sep
Spouse's last name Jupp
Volume no: 9D
Page no: 1229

Nodded off just after I did this :):) I'll add Billy later on today.

If you see this and want some more I'll do a bit more on this.

Re: Extension Hotel, North Ormesby Road, Middlesbrough 1930's

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Surnames: Adkin
For the benefit of CDavies1352 who pm'd me recently and and who may be having difficulty with accessing this message thread, if you can see any of this text in any automatically generated ancestry emails, the URL of this message thread is...

There is a death registration which is probably Billy in the first quarter of 1929 as William D. Adkin aged 0, so if that is him then he may have been either your mother's elder brother or else her twin brother.

If you return to this message I will post the exact details.

However, there doesn't appear to be a birth registration for him.

Re: Extension Hotel, North Ormesby Road, Middlesbrough 1930's

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Classification: Query
Thank you so much for this. Have not had the opportunity to work on my family tree for the last few months and only just seen your note above. I woud be very grateful for any information you can provide as I have massive gaps in details concernig life of my mum (Annie Jean) prior to meeting my dad!! Thank you

Re: Extension Hotel, North Ormesby Road, Middlesbrough 1930's

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Thank you so much. Can you assist me with any residential informtion concerning my grandparents (John Henry/Mary Elizabeth) as I don't know if I have my facts right regarding the Extension Hogtel, Middlesbrough and after John Henry died have no address details as to where my Grandmaand Mum were living (Middlesbrough I believe). Anything you can assist me with I woud be extremely grateful.
Thank you.

Re: Extension Hotel, North Ormesby Road, Middlesbrough 1930's

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Hello CD, you have returned, I suspected that you might have been having some sort of problem that prevented you from logging on more often, I hope that is resolved.

Because you were also having technical problems with accessing this particular message board, I also, as you requested, sent the above information to you, via pm on here and also via offsite email, but you also seemed to be having technical problems with that, so I resent it.

Ancestry doesn't seem to be sending any sort of automated reply notifications, the best way to see if your message has been replied to, is to log on and then mouse over the Collaborate tab at the top of the page, and then, on the drop down list, click on Recent Member Connect Activity.

That will show if there are any message replies, and it will also provide a link to the message thread.

I don't know why you are doubting your Ormesby location information, it seems to be pretty accurate.

Crack on.

This is the death registration for William D. Adkin, who died in 1929, your probable uncle.

As I said above, there is no sign of a birth registration for him, so perhaps he died at or soon after birth, and his parents, being upset, just didn't realise that they should have registered his birth, or perhaps they had adopted him as a baby, and that was his adoptive name.

If that was so, he would have a birth registration, and certificate, in his biological birth name, but in his adoptive name he would not have an adoptive birth registration, and he would have the equivalent to a birth certificate for an adopted person, which is called an adoption certificate.

The way to check if he was adopted, is to apply to the UK General Register Office for a copy of his long version adoption certificate, which should cost about £10, and if he doesn't have one they will refund your application fee.

Biological birth records, and adoptive name records, are held by the GRO once a child is adopted, and so they can't be obtained from local Registration Offices.

Civil registration event: Death

Name: ADKIN, William D
Registration district: Middlesbrough
County: Yorkshire
Year of registration: 1929
Quarter of registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
Age at death: 0
Volume no: 9D
Page no: 1092

Birth, marriage, and death registrations records for Middlesbrough from that era are now held by by Stockton - On - Tees Registration District and you should normally be able to order BMD certs quite easily from most local Registration Offices, either online, by phone, or in person.

The Stockton office though is one of the fairly rare offices that makes the application procedure a bit more opaque, they don't have an online order facility, so you'll need to phone them, or visit in person, if you're in the area, or you can just order any BMD certs online direct from the UK GRO.

The fee for a BMD cert is about £10.

Your granddad died in Middlesbrough in 1941 and there is also a probate record for his death.

I think his age on his death registration is wrong by a year or two though, but it's definitely him, such age and date errors do sometimes happen on such records.

Civil registration event: Death

Name: ADKIN, John H
Registration district: Middlesbrough
County: Yorkshire
Year of registration: 1941
Quarter of registration: Jul-Aug-Sep
Age at death: 45
Volume no: 9D
Page no: 947

The following information is from the England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966.

ADKIN, John Henry of Extension Hotel North Ormesby Road Middlesborough died 2 August 1941 Administration Llandudno 16 October to Mary Elizabeth Adkin widow. Effects £599 9s.

During WW2 the Probate Registry moved to Llandudno for the duration of WW2.

If he had left a will I would expect them to have used the word Probate, but instead they used the word Administration, which suggests that he did not leave a will.

So his wife would have been his automatic beneficiary and she would have been granted a document called a Letter of Administration, and you can apply for a copy of that document and it will list her October 1941 address.

The fee is £6.

There is another possible source for your grandmother's post WW2 address, which is your mum's marriage certificate, and perhaps your mum was living with her mother at the time of her marriage.

I will PM you the details of that.

Did your mum never mention where she had been raised or lived. ?

There is another possible source of address information which will also contain other useful information such as exact dates of births.

You may need some death certificates though, and the fee for the I.D. card information is £42.

Britain declared war in September 1939, and within a week the government had recorded everyone's address and personal details in order to be able to issue the population with Identity Cards, which were in use up to February 1952.

Whether future addresses were also added to these records or not, I don't know.

What do you know about your maternal grandmother, age, birthplace, year and or place of birth, and or death, whatever. ?

If you see this I will add a bit more about your maternal grandfather, I suspect that his father was a Foundryman in a Middlesbrough Iron Works, and that his mother was called Jean and was born in Glasgow.

BTW, I believe that the exact address for the Extension Hotel was 36, North Ormesby Road.

A bit of info about the former location of the Hotel...
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