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Porter Wagoner

Porter Wagoner

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Can anyone tell me if the country singer Porter Wagoner is using his real name, or did he change his name when he became a singer? If you have information on his name, and family history on him, please send some information to me.


Eric (View posts)
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Believe his name is legit. I'm sure you can find info on the net. He was born in central Missouri.

Porter Wagoner or Waggoners from southern Missouri.

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Porter Wagoner lives in West Plains, MO., east of Springfield, in southern Mo. It has always been rumoured in my family who is originally from the west of Springfield, that we were somehow related to him. Our name is spelled with two G's, but my greatgrandfather Charles Waggoner lived in a town called Wagoner, Missouri which was named after him. I have a newspaper article from the 1970's on this town which can not be found on any U.S. Maps newer than circa 1950. The rumour we heard about why the town only had one g, but our name had two, was because at the time they filled out paperwork naming their town, the paper only had enough blanks for one g. About half of the Waggoners in my family are very musical, and my greatgrandmother Ella May (also called Bell) who was married to Charles Waggoner was shot and killed in Wagoner, Mo., along with her daughter Blanche. They are buried in the cemetery at Wagoner. We would like any information you have to offer on any Waggoners/Wagoners in Southern Missouri, or any other evidence of a relationship to Porter Wagoner. After the murders, the depression hit, and since the Waggoners were farmers, many moved on to other locations, including California. Ella May was supposedly a renowned fiddler, and possibly authored the fiddle tune known as Wagoner, or Tennessee Wagoner. The tablature to these tunes also lists the author as unknown. However, within the last 10 years, all of the Waggoners who were fiddlers have passed on, so there is not anyone left in our family who can play the tune any longer. There are however some guitarists/singers left including myself. Our family would greatly appreciate any information and/or verification of facts. Marleen

Re: Porter Wagoner or Waggoners from southern Missouri.

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Surnames: Wagoner
I think we may be able to help each other. I have been researching the Wagoner (various spellings) family. My significant other, Roy Wagoner, is related to Porter. Porter's father was Charlie Wagoner and Charlie was a brother to Roy's great grandfather. They were from the West Plains, MO area. Contact me at so we can share and swap info.

Re: Porter Wagoner

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Please email me at
We may be able to help each other, my "significant other" is directly related to Porter. And yes he uses his real name, he didn't change it when he became a country singer.

Wagoners still musicians

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Surnames: Wagoner, Carpenter, Clifton,
My family of Wagoners were originally musicians, My G.Grandfather owned an Organ & Piano store across the street from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN in 1872. His son Carl took over the store. He died young but his boy, Carlton played to Piano with jazz bands and concerts. The girl, Pricilla, played violin, made records, played the piano for concert work. My Dad Roy William, played the tenor uke, and sang. I play piano, but am fantastic pipe organist doing theatre work. We all have perfect pitch, and can play by "ear". Am wondering if we are related from "somewhere back there". Family "lore" says three brothers got mad, and each changed the spelling of the Van Der Waggoner name. My Wagoner goes back to Binghamton, Broome Co., NY in 1819. Think there is any hope of a line or relation ?? Please get in touch...I'm really interested in the genetic aspects of the music in the family. My E-mail is <> Thanks.

Re: Wagoners still musicians

Marleen Waggoner (View posts)
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I have never heard of any of the Waggoner/Wagoner names or stories you mentioned, but your question about family linkage seems possible to me relating to musical instinct which seems to be a huge part in this family. My own line of Waggoners was not classically trained, but rather more "Western American Country." This may have been due in part to their background, being farmers and a bit less wealthy at the time of immigration to the U.S., about 1750 in Virginia. I remember reading about a story on one site about a Wagner/Wagoner/Waggoner family of seven brothers who had a disagreement, and went their own way. I don't remember at what time in history this was supposed to have happened. It would be nice to know more about the story you had mentioned about the three brothers, and maybe if enough people read your info, and the info on the seven brothers, there could be made a connection between the two lines. I would love to hear your story about the three VanDer Waggoners you mentioned. Was this in Germany? If you have time email me at
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