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Book about Covert Michigan and Pompey Family

Book about Covert Michigan and Pompey Family

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For all those who may be interested in the Pompey family and in Covert, Michigan, there is a recently published book by Anna-Lisa Cox called, "A Stronger Kinship." (Little Brown). It's the story of the extraordinary bi-racial harmony found in Covert in the Reconstruction period after the Civil War. I'm not sure you'll learn anything more about the family genealogy, but it is a very interesting book. My father-in-law's half brothers were Pompeys so I had a personal interest.

Pat McIntyre

Re: Book about Covert Michigan and Pompey Family

Ernestine Taitt (View posts)
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I am glad that you have read the book. I just love it. Some of the pictures in the book are mine, those that say from the private collection of Ernestine Carter Taitt. My great great grandfather was Dawson Pompey on my mother's side. On my father's side Himbrick Tyler was my grandmother's brother. I have been going to Covert all of my life and spend time on my Pompey land every summer. Who are your Pompey's? All of my family are excited about this great book and as a result I have been interwiewed about it.

Re: Book about Covert Michigan and Pompey Family

Pat McIntyre (View posts)
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My father-in-law grew up believing he was a Pompey. He went all through school under the name of Pompey. His mother was Margaret Jane Milar from McLean County, Illinois. She had been married at least twice (maybe three times) before marrying Henry Pompey, son of Allen S. Pompey, grandson of Fielding Pompey. So when she married Henry, my father-in-law, whose real name was Max McIntyre, and another son, whose name was DeVere Collins, were very young children. Then she and Henry had two sons, Kenneth, born in 1909, and Allen S., born in 1913. Max, DeVere, & Kenneth are all listed as Pompeys in the 1910 census (in Covert). They moved to Paw Paw by 1920. It wasn't until my father-in-law was older and applying for a job that his mother told him that his real name was McIntyre.
I didn't really know much about the family until I started researching the family genealogy about 5 years ago. My husband was very close to his Uncle Allen, so I was fascinated by the history. We did find Henry Pompey's gravesite in the Covert Cemetery last summer. But now that I know more about the family, we'll be going back this summer to look for more graves. We live in Grand Rapids, MI so we're not far away.
What was fascinating for me was reading in the book that there was one Pompey married to a white woman in 1910. That had to have been Grandma who was married to Henry. It is all so fascinating and I loved the book. It was featured in the GR Press a couple of Sunday's ago. I ordered it right away.

Re: Book about Covert Michigan and Pompey Family

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Fielding Pompey as well as his brother Dawson Pompey are both my great great grandfathers, Fielding's son Douglas Nathan Pompey and Dawson's daughter Catherine May Pompey married and were the parents of my grandmother Priscilla Pompey.

I saw the grave as I always do of Henry Pompey this month.

I buried the 1st of my 9 children, Stanley Irvine Taitt, Jr. on July 1, 2006 in the Covert Cemetery where I too will be buried. I live in Chicago, some of my children have already been back to the grave. We always hold a big campout on our place the 2nd week end in Aug, in Covert but I have told my family I don't think I can make it this year. I just cannot seem to get over my son's death. What mother expects to bury a child?

My grandmother married a Gowens/Goins, I am sure you see many of them in the cemetery also, many of the people were inter married in Covert.


Re: Book about Covert Michigan and Pompey Family

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Hi Ernestine,

Did you know that the Harding Family, originally purchased their farm up on M-140 in Covert from either - Dawson or Fielding Pompey. I was so surprised when Mrs. Harding told me who had previously owned their land.


Re: Book about Covert Michigan and Pompey Family

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Sorry to hear about the death of your son. I agree, as a father, that would be hard for me to bury one of my children.

My dad (Calvin Jeffries) is also buried in Covert's cematery. He is located over by (what used to be our pond) on the north side.

Many a day, we used to go fishing in that pond, of course, it wasn't as close to the cematery then. When I saw where they buried my dad, it brought closure and a smile to my face. I think he would have loved being next to his old fishing spot.


Re: Book about Covert Michigan and Pompey Family

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Hi Ernestine,

It was a good book. I was sent an invite to attend, but was unable. I did make sure my mom, aunt Roberta and Uncle Lonnie knew about it. They attended, along with many of my high school friends.

She interviewed my Aunt Violet too. I've been told, Anna Lisa is a very tall, white woman. Well liked by the people she talked to.

I too found the book so interesting, esp, when I kept seeing pictures of my family in it. I would have never thought that we - were of the first black families to reach Covert - and played such an important part of making the community, what it is.

The town's historian, Pearl Sarno, was one of my elementary teachers. I laughed so hard upon finding my picture in the hall way towards the attic. Glen Tyler's picture is also there. He and my dad were lifelong friends.

They along with the Sarno's started the first police force in Covert. They were constibles. It's sad that no recognition is/was ever given for all their efforts in bringing law & order to Covert's streets.

Glen's picture was taken when he was in his early 20's in his military outfit.

During the day, both dad and Glen were striking young men and the golden boys of Covert High School. I read one of Covert's news paper clippings once. It read, "Jeffries hot as July fireworks, scores 54 points in a basketball game. I wish I would have saved that writing, to have it posted as a school record.

They also had their wild side and were known as
"Hammer & Knuckle Head". I assume, they got into their fair share of scrapes. LOL

Uncle Albert was a quiet man, didn't say much but did a lot. He lived across the street from grandma (Florence) had all types of berries growing on his farm, old indian canoes in the barn, old swords from what looked like the Civil War and lots of old coins. He was said to have used his farm to hide Al Copone, whenever Big Al was in Michigan.

Aunt Ada's farm was on CR378, up the street from us. She was always very nice and had stories & sweets for us young children. And of course, her prised chickens.

Uncle Melvin lived closer to town. I believe he was also
on the town's fire fighting crew.

The Cabstand was co-owned and ran by my grandmother and Erwin Goins. Yes, I can say, I had a very sheltered life as a younster.

The downside & upside to having such a large family is that my face was so known. It kept me out of trouble. But it also kept me in trouble. Anytime my friends did anything - the people would say, "We didn't know who the boys were - but Steve was with them."

Oh yeah, that didn't go over too well with my dad. Guess who had to retrieve whatever was taken. Yep, me.

Life's curses and blessings. I wouldn't change a thing.


Re: Book about Covert Michigan and Pompey Family

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Surnames: Pompey
Your posts are full of history about Covert!!

Anna- Lisa Cox was looking for people like you
who actually knew people who had lived in and
knew about Covert. I only lived there in the summer
when my children were small.
We had the little
white house up the road on M140 from Turner's store.
This is where we still hang out when it is warm. Your sister
Vickie was there last year.

My cousin Paul Bryant lives in Aunt Erma Pompey Miller's
house on Orchard St.
It is a shame that Glenn and Calvin were never recognized
for their work with the police dept. They were both two cousins that I loved very much.

I did not know the Hardy's, but my parents always went
to see them. One of the son's comes by with blueberries
when we are in town in the summers.

Did you see the picture of the Pompey Reunion that I put
up from 1948?

Hope to hear from you soon-


Re: Book about Covert Michigan and Pompey Family

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Hi Ernestine,

Wow, I remember Turner's Store. Old man Turner lived up the street from us. His children were Mark & Jill. Never hear much about Jill, but she was a very beautiful young lady. Mark and I were cut ups. Everytime we'd ride the school bus together, we'd end up fighting - get kicked off and then the two of us would walk together, everyday to school. Yep, we were quite a pair of hard heads. LOL

I read where you mentioned Paw Paw. That was a small community, where I couldn't date any of the black women, primarily because they were all related to me. Goens & Mitchell were the main black families back then.

In fact, my dad, my mother, my sister and myself were all born in Paw Paw. The old Goens farmstead is on 64th Ave. It wouldn't surprise me if many of the older people still living in Covert - if they too, were born in Paw Paw.

My grandparents were Robert & Louise Goens. My uncle owned several homes over on the back side of Eagle Lake.

I thought it was a great picture you posted. I forwarded it to my other siblings. Orchard Street? I know all the Wilborn children, their parents lived, still live on Orchard do you know them? My aunt Cora, still lives just across the way. The Fruge's off Orchard Street are also related to the Pompey family. Mariam & Wallice are my cousins.

My other cousin, Cheryl Goins/Lauderdale still lives on her parent's old farm over on CR 378. Her and Clarence have done a remarkable job, restoring & updating the house. You may recall, the old leaning barn. It's gone now, but for many a year - I couldn't understand what held it up. ha ha ha

Doyle is another relative of mine. He bought the farm up the street from Uncle Albert at 76th street. As kids, we caught Salmon out of the stream crossing his farm. To be found in the sands, were Indian, arrow heads, lots of them.

So we always knew, Covert at one point, had a very large Indian presence.

As always, its a pleasure going down memory lane with you. Hope to hear from you soon.


Re: Book about Covert Michigan and Pompey Family

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I am a descendant of the Gowens Family. My grand father Kennth Arthur Gowens, was the son of Warren and Tinetta Gowens.I believe they are from the Illinois area. If you could give me any info it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks J
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