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history of Applebys

history of Applebys

Iona Malone (View posts)
Posted: 947691340000
I am looking for information on Ralph Ermal Appleby and children

Ralph Appleby

Sharon (View posts)
Posted: 947837404000
Iona, I have a Ralph Appleby in my tree that was born in 1867. His father was John Warren Appleby III born in 1844 on Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada. I am not sure this is the one you are looking for. Sharon

Ermal Appleby

Posted: 948654359000
Edited: 996118963000
Iona, Do you know if the Ralph Ermal Appleby you are researching had a brother by the name of Robert who settled in the area of Poplar Bluff, Missouri in the early 1800's. I have an Ermal Appleby litsed as such but no additional information on him. I understand that these Appleby's originally came from Virginia.

Ermal appleby

Posted: 956427295000
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Ermal Appleby of Poplar Bluff was a female, b. abt 1819 ae 31 in 1850 she md Martin Epps. They hada daughter Narcissus age 7 in 1850 who in 1863 md Ezekial Miller. Are we talking about the same family? Betty

Ermal Appleby

Posted: 956431925000
Edited: 996118963000
Betty, We are indeed speaking of the same family. I am trying to establish a possible link between Robert Appleby of MO with the Robert Appleby of Cumberland County, KY who married a Betty Flowers. I am also interested in what the C. in Charles C. Appleby stands for.

Posted: 956750078000
Edited: 1163626352000
David, I too have wondered what the C. in Chas. C., name stood for.I have searched all the early Butler Co. Records and Have yet to learn what it is. Betty

The C. In Charles C. Appleby

Posted: 956776050000
Edited: 996118963000
I cannot find anything either. In my gut I want it to stand for Carroll. If that were the case I would feel more comfortable with Virginia connection. My father's baby brother's middle name was Carroll and knowing the tendency of the early Appleby's for using the same name for several generations, i.e. Robert and others, it might be a clue to earlier connections past the Robert of 1820's in Wayne County, MO.

As you know my gggraddfather Robert A. Appleby listed his Father's family as coming from Virginia and his mother's family as coming from Tennessee. There very well may be a Tennessee/Kentucky connection here. Alas the search goes on and on andon and . . . . .
Again, thanks for the reply

History of Appleby

Don Evan Appleby (View posts)
Posted: 957144115000
The name APPLEBY is very simple. It's from any one of three places in the UK called Appleby, one in Leicestershire, one in Lincolnshire and one in Westmorland (a county that no longer exists, Westmorland and Cumberland were united into one county called Cumbria in 1974). The name was first recorded in 1163.

The suffix 'by' is an Old Norse word meaning either a dwelling place, farm or village and was introduced by the Viking invaders from Scandinavia who began invading the east coast of Britain in the 8th-9th centuries. The reason so many place names ending in 'by' are found in Eastern and Northern England is because that's where the Vikings established their kingdom, known as the Danelaw. The earlier Anglo-Saxon words for a settlement were 'ham,' 'tun' or 'ton' - hence Birmingham, Nottingham, Northampton, Charlton etc. Places with names like Appleby, Wetherby, Selby, Kirkby, etc are Danish in origin.

Any surname deriving from a place-name means that your ancestor had already left that place around the time that surnames were being adopted. Surnames were a largely Norman innovation in England, so to distinguish John from Appleby from, say, John from York, one would be called John Appleby and the other John York. But this would have happened circa 11th, 12th, 13th centuries. Before then surnames were largely unknown.

The Gazatteer of the British Isles and the Dictionary of English Surnames as cited by Roy Stockdill were sources for this information.

Appleby Family

Posted: 966117763000
Edited: 995937441000
My Grandfather was David Dillard Appleby. born February 16. 1860--I believe he was born in Tennessee. He came to Springfield, Missouri and lived there, Passed away in l953. Would like to hear from anyone related or otherwise. Larry Bolles

Robert Appleby

Donna (Appleby) Dale (View posts)
Posted: 966305804000
I live in MO and there is a Robert Appleby listed in my phone book
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