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Langdon 1888-1988 Biography Index J - L

Langdon 1888-1988 Biography Index J - L

Katie C. (View posts)
Posted: 1125018214000
Classification: Query
Jacobson, Carl pg 322
Jacobson, Floyd pg 322
Jacobson, Torkel pg 323
Jennings, Henry pg 323
Jennings, James pg 323
Jennigs, Matthew (Frank) pg 324
Johannson, Frank pg 324
Johnson, Alfred pg 325
Johnson, August A. pg 326
Johnson, Barney pg 326
Johnson, Chris pg 326
Johnson, John Sigfrid pg 326
Johnson, Linden pg 326
Johnson, Myles pg 327
Johnson, O.S. pg 327
Kaercher Family pg 327
Kaercher, Garnett pg 328
Kaercher, Raymond pg 328
Kain, William pg 328
Kairnan, Maynard E. pg 328
Kaluzniak, N.J. pg 328
Karsky, Dennis pg 328
Karsky, George pg 328
Karsky, John pg 329
Karsky, Joseph pg 329
Karsky, Stanislaus J. pg 329
Kartes, Clement pg 330
Kartes, John L. pg 330
Kartes, Peter pg 330
Keating, Bernard pg 330
Keating, Father Dennis pg 330
Keating, James C. pg 331
Keating, John B. pg 331
Keating, Patrick J. pg 331
Keating, Thomas pg 331
Kelland, Howard (Duphie) pg 331
Kelland, Jerry pg 331
Kellerhus, Joseph C. pg 331
Kertz, John L. pg 332
Kertz, Victor pg 332
Kessler, William pg 333
Kiley, Edward pg 333
King, Charles J. pg 333
Kirby, F.H. pg 333
Kirby, Morris pg 334
Kitchin, Issac pg 334
Kitchin, Edwin M. pg 334
Kitchin, Marcus pg 335
Kitchin, William pg 335
Klein, Gerald pg 335
Klein, Ralph pg 335
Kleinschmidt, Walter pg 336
Knecht, John pg 336
Knudson, Alfred pg 336
Knudson, E.J. (Bub) pg 336
Knutson, Elmer pg 337
Knudson, John pg 337
Koehmstedt, Charles C. pg 337
Koehmstedt, Charles (Carl) pg 337
Koehmstedt, Francis pg 337
Koehmstedt, Peter pg 338
Koehn, Edith pg 338
Koehn, William A. pg 338
Konze, Albert pg 339
Kopriva, Peter P. pg 339
Kordosieur, John pg 339
Krahn, Jacob pg 339
Krahan, Reuben pg 339
Kram, Dwayne pg 340
Kram, John G. pg 340
Kram, Shirley pg 340
Kram, Ralph B. pg 340
Kram, Ronald pg 341
Kram, William pg 341
Kroetsch, Wayne pg 341
Krom, Victor pg 341
Krom, Walter H. pg 342
Kruger, Leo pg 342
Kyle, Fred pg 342
Laken, Paul pg 342
Lafrenz, Donald W. pg 342
LaQua, John pg 343
Larson, Gerald pg 343
Larson, Rasmus pg 343
Lawrence, George pg 343
Lawrence, John pg 343
Lebrun, Albert pg 344
Lebrun, Emile pg 344
Lebrun, Eugene pg 344
Lebrun, Jules pg 344
Lebrun, Ray pg 345
Lebrun, Robert pg 345
Ledoux, Henry pg 346
Lee, Charles pg 346
Lee, John S.P. pg 346
Lee, Noah pg 346
Lewis, Delmar pg 346
Liebeler, Lloyd pg 346
Liebeler, Menno pg 347
Ling, John pg 348
Loewen, Abraham C. pg 348
Loewen, Cornelius H. pg 348
Loewen, Dennis pg 348
Loewen, Henry pg 348
Loos, Dennis George pg 349
Lorenz, Daryle E. pg 349
Lorenz, Edward H. pg 349
Lorenz, Edward I. pg 349
Lorenz, Emil pg 349
Lorenz, Francis M. pg 350
Lorenz, George pg 350
Lorenz, John pg 350
Lorenz, Jacob family pg 351
Lorenz, Leopold pg 351
Lorenz, Peter P. pg 352
Lorenz, Richard pg 352
Lorenz, Samuel W. pg 352
Lorenz, Victor pg 352
Loreth, Frank pg 353
Loreth, Charles pg 353
Lothspeich, Albert pg 354
Lothspeich, Charles Sr. pg 354
Lothspeich, Edward pg 354
Lothspeich, Lyle pg 355
Ludwig, Fred J. pg 355
Ludwig, Paul pg 355
Luhmann, Gust pg 355
Luhmann, Walter pg 355
Lundquist, Alvin pg 356
Lundquist, Dale pg 356
Lundquist, Tyko pg 356

Re: Langdon 1888-1988 Biography - Koehmstedt

Dean (View posts)
Posted: 1127229605000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Koehmstedt
Could you post the Bio's for :

Koehmstedt, Charles C. pg 337
Koehmstedt, Charles (Carl) pg 337
Koehmstedt, Francis pg 337
Koehmstedt, Peter pg 338

Thank you very much,

Re: Biography - Koehmstedt

Katie C. (View posts)
Posted: 1127325105000
Classification: Biography
Charles C. (Carl) Koehmstedt was born to Charles S and Katherine Boesl Koehmstedt at Maida July 30, 1936. He attended rural schools and graduated fra St Aphonsus in 1954. He attended SSS and served in the Navy for two years. Judith Louise Geisen was born to John and Mildred Geisen Aug 30, 1938. She attended rural schools and is a 1955 graduate of At. Aphonsus. She graduated fra Mercy School of Nursing in Valley City and was employed at Daniel Freeman Hospital in Los Angeles for 1.5 years.

Carl and Judi were married June 10, 1961 at Dresden and have resided in Langdon where Carl is a rural mail carrier and Judi is a nurse at Maple Manor. They have raised four children.

Wade, who graduated fra DeVry Institute of Technology, Phoenix, is employed by P.M.I. in Santa Clara, CA.
Michael C. attended Valley City State for two years and is working as a white-water boatman and guide in Canon City, CO.
Beth attended Mary College at Bismarck and is married to Brent A. Hardesty of Bismarck. They have a son, Jonathan and live in Fargo. Matthew is attending LHS> They were hosts to an AFS exchange student, Fernando Calatayud of Mexico City, for a year. Judi is an amateur artist and has been active in Mrs Jaycee's, Woman's Club and is a part-time organist at St. Alphonsus. Carl has been active in 4-H, Jaycees, KC's, V.F.W. and is owner of his own business, Carl's Coutnry Marine, a Mercury Motor Sales and Service operation.--recorded 3/85

Charles (Karl) Koehmstedt was born in Waterloo, Ontario in 1851. Lena Froelich was born in 1856 in Mildmay, Ontario. They were married Dec 12, 1872 at St Clemens, Ontario. They lived in Diemerton and Mildway, Ontario until 1894 when they and their seven children homesteaded seven miles north and one mile east of Langdon. They farmed there until Charles died June 29, 1920. Peter continued to farm his father's farm along with the land he homesteaded in 19000, located four miles west of his father's farm. Lena moved to Langdon after Charles' death to live with their daughters, Millie and Carrie, until she died Dec 25, 1948.

Eleven children were born. Two died at birth and one in infancy. Other deceased members are Bablina Helen Druar, Anna Dosmann, Cecilia Beaulieu, Carrie Kohmstedt. Living members are Mary Bimler, Clara Borho and Millie. --recorded 4/85

Francis Koehmstedt, son of Peter and Cecilia Koehmstedt was born Dec 10 1919. He grew up in Dresden and Langdon area, entered the Army Air Force in 1941 and served until 1945. He marrian Marian Aagard at Rapid City, SD Nov 4, 1943. They lived in Rapid City until 1948 when they moved back to a farm north of Langdon. In 1950 Francis bought the plumbing business owned by Charles Folker and they moved into town.

Fransis and Marian have three children Kenneth who is married to Bonnie Nelson of Grand Forks. They have three children: Kelly, Robert and Korie. Kenneth died Dec 9, 1985.

Susan is married to paul Geisen, son of John and Mildred Geisen. They live in Nashville, TN and have two boys: Adam and Peter.

Kristy is married to Timothy Brown of Detroit. They now live in Milford, MI and have two boys: Matthew and Jason.--recorded 1/85

Peter A. Koehmstedt was born June 1, 1878, Mildway, Ontario to Charles and Lena Froelich Koehmstedt. He attended school in Diemerton and Mildway until the age of 15 when he came to Dakota Territory with his parents. They homesteaded seven miles north and one mile east of Langdon. In 1900 at age 21 peter homesteaded four miles west of his parents' farm. Nov 10, 1903 he married Cecilia Schneider, daughter of Jacob and Mary Wagner Schneider.

They were the parents of six children - Althea, Rose, Dorothy Finnigan, Stanley, Walter and Francis, all of Langdon, and Edward of Strathcona, MN.

Peter farmed until his death on aug 30, 1964. He also served as township clerk and school clerk. After his death, Stanley continued to farm. Ceicilia moved to Langdon in 1964. She died Dec 3, 1980 at age 98 years. --recorded 4/85

Moving out-of-state - Can someone help with bios ?

Katie C. (View posts)
Posted: 1127325461000
Classification: Query
Cavalier Listers:
I now have to pack up all my books and move.

Is there someone on this list or someone you know that has the Langdon ND 1888-1988 Centennial Book that can help the listers with research ?

I won't be able to do this again until Feb 2006.

Thank you to all! --katie c.

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