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Harman - Hermann Genealogy

Harman - Hermann Genealogy

Edward S Harman (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Hermann, Harman, Jordan, Alcorn, Newman
Seeking information and family links to Johann Hermann & wife, Catharina Schuler, who settled in Elk Ridge in Anne Arundel County, Maryland around 1762. Johann & Catharina immigrated from Erdmans Weiler, Wurttemberg, Germany around 1752, with four sons. Matthias, Johann Georg, Johannes and Andreas Hermann. Surname changed to Harman on later generations.

Harmans in MD

Tom Solley (View posts)
Posted: 908884800000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Harman, Reynolds, Lilley, Cromwell, Solley
In Anne Arundel: I have my GGGG grandfather as Johannes Hermann born 23 July 1734 in Erdmans Weiler. I have his wife as Mary Margaret NLN b. 4 March 1745. My line would be through son Andrew, m. Rebecca Reynolds, grandson Enos m. Micha Lilley, great-grand-daughter Amanda Ellen m. John Giles Cromwell, Gr gr grand-daughter Anne Elizabeth Cromwell m. J. Frank Solley, Sr whose son is my father.

I have not researched and documented this line, but the information comes partly from correspondence with the Anne Arundel Genealogical Society. The Society was the beneficiary of research on the Harman family done by Mr. William Gray Harman from the 1930's to the 1950's, later donated to the Kuethe Library at the Society.

Are we talking about the same person? Why the difference in name of wife?

I have very little qualitative information and would love to know more about the Harmans. Glad to share anything I have on my branch.

Hermann - Harman

Edward S Harman (View posts)
Posted: 908971200000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hermann, Harman
Great to meet you "cousin"!

Your ancestor, Johannes Hermann, is a son of Johann & Catharina. He came to America in 1752 and settled with his parents and (at least) three other brothers on Elk Ridge in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The nearby town of the same name is now plotted in Howard County, Maryland. A small village at the original site is Harmans, Maryland. At Harmans, the graves of the early family were to be seen when I was a boy, but have since been moved and replaced by either highway or industrial development. I would love to have any dates you have for Harmans on Johannes branch. I have Gray Harman's tree, but much detail is left out. More later... time for work.



Anne Arundel Co Harmans'

Edward S Harman (View posts)
Posted: 909316800000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Harman, Hermann
Hans Hermann, peasant farmer and Beivogt (=Baliff) of Erdmannsweiler, Parish of Weiler, Evangelical Lutheran. Born c. 1631; died 8 Sept. 1709, aged 78 years. Married March 17, 1659, at Erdmannsweiler, to Barbara Lehrer of Flotzlingen, w'berg. Born 2 Dec. 1641; died 21 Sept. 1680, at erdmannsweiler. Child of Jacob Lohrer, a peasant, and Ursula. No brothers or sisters of Hans are mentioned in the parish register.

Children of Hans (Johannes) and Barbara Lehrer Hermann were:

1. Maria Hermannin, born 21 May 1660
2. Ursula Hermannin, born 13 Oct. 1661
3. Matthias Hermann, born 25 Jan. 1663
4. Lucia Hermannin, born 22 Sep. 1664
5. Jacob Hermann, born 4 June 1666
6. Agatha Hermannin, born 27 Jan. 1669
7. Matthaus Hermann, born 8 Sep. 1670
8. Susanna Hermannin, born 9 June 1671
9. Christian Herman, born 13 Feb. 1674
10. Maria Hermannin, born 26 Aug. 1676
11. Johann Hermann, born 29 Mar. 1678
12. Child unbaptized, born 5 Sep. 1680. The mother died.

Matthias Herman, son of Hans and Barbara Lehrer Hermann was a village baker and later magistrate of Erdmannsweiler, wurttemberg. Born 25 Jan. 1663; died 1 Nov. 1733 at Erdmannsweiler. Matthias married Christine ? of Ruppertsverg, born 1668; died 24 April 1743. The children of Matthias and Christine Hermann were:

13. Eva Hermannin, born 19 Jan. 1698
14. Johann Hermann, born 25 March 1699 in Erdmannsweiler

Johann Hermann, son of Matthias and Christine Hermann, was a village Baker and Schoolmaster (1725 - 1732) and afterwards, baker and day-laborer at Erdmannsweiler. He died before 1770, probably in Anne Arundel County, Md. Married first to Christine jacklin, an orphan from Waldau, born 13 June 1696; d. 15 May 1724, at Erdmannsweiler. Married second, 10 Oct. 1724, at Erdmannsweiler, to Catharina Schuler, daughter of Jacob Schuler and wife Anna Fornbacher.

The Children of Johann and Christine Jacklin Hermann were:

16. Magdalena Hermannin, born 4 Feb. 1720

The Children of Johann and Catharina Schuler Hermann were:

17. Christian Hermann, born 24 Dec. 1725
18. Barbara Hermannin, born 3 Dec. 1727
19. Matthias Hermann, born 9 Jan. 1730
20. Johan Georg Hermann, born 5 Feb. 1727
21. Johannes Hermann, born 23 July 1734
22. Andreas Hermann, born 8 Oct. 1735
23. Jacob Hermann, born 4 Jan. 1740
24. Christina Hermannin, born 4 Jan. 1740
25. Anna Hermannin, born 11 April 1743
26. Conrad Hermann, born 13 Nov. 1744
27. Maria Hermannin, born 2 Feb. 1746
28. Catharina Hermannin, no birth record, died 6 Aug. 1770

This gives you a few more generations of your Anne Arundel County Harman roots. Thanks to the work of William Gray Harman and transcribed and edited by Audrey M. Bagby.




Posted: 910094400000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1113437321000
Surnames: Hermann, Cox, Kinkey, Kankey
Does anyone have anything on these Hermanns in Anne Arundel Co.:

Descendants of Catherina Margaretha Herman

1 Herman, Catherina Margaretha
.. +Kobel, Johann Nicholaus Father: Kobel, Nicholaus Mother: Hartmann, Anna Maria b: 12/07/1682 in Kork-Hanau, Germany
... 2 Kobel, Johann Friedrich b: 12/22/1727 d: 1/30/1781 in Saud-Hanau, Germany
....... +Nessler, Margaretha S. b: Abt. 1740 in Lichteneau-Hanau, Germany d: Abt. 1794
........ 3 Kobel, Friedricka Salome b: 5/18/1762 in Scherzheim-Hanau, Germany d: 3/17/1835
........ 3 Kobel, Johann Friedrick b: 9/05/1763 in Scherzheim-Hanau, Germany d: 8/07/1819
........ 3 Kobel, Louisa Margaretha b: 4/18/1764 in Scherzheim-Hanau, Germany d: 2/08/1766 in Scherzheim-Hanau, Germany
........ 3 Kobel, Christian Ludwig b: 10/22/1765 in Scherzheim-Hanau, Germany d: 9/11/1810
........ 3 Kobel, George Wilhelm b: 4/17/1768 in Scherzheim-Hanau, Germany
........ 3 Kobel, Karolina Wilhelmena b: 6/21/1771 in Scherzheim-Hanau, Germany
........ 3 Kobel, Charlotte Johanna b: 9/03/1775 in Scherzheim-Hanau, Germany
........ 3 Kobel, Emel Cottlieb b: Abt. 1778 in Scherzheim-Hanau, Germany
... 2 Kobel, Catherina Margaretha b: 4/29/1729 in Saud-Hanau, Germany d: 9/06/1729 in Saud-Hanau, Germany
... 2 Kobel, Johann Christian b: 5/30/1731 in Saud-Hanau, Germany d: 9/12/1795 in Saud-Hanau, Germany
....... +Schroppe, Susanna B.
........ 3 Kobel, Johann Christian, Jr. b: 10/09/1788 in Kork-Hanau, Germany
... 2 Kobel, Margaretha Salome b: 5/07/1733 in Saud-Hanau, Germany
... 2 Kobel, Maria Magdalena b: 7/30/1737 in Saud-Hanau, Germany

or this one:

Descendants of Margery Herman

1 Herman, Margery b: 1682 d: Aft. 4/02/1732
.. +Kinkey, Herman Father: Kinkey, John b: Abt. 1672 in Hamburg, Germany m: Abt. 1692 in Cecil Co., MD d: Abt. 3/1731-32 in Cecil Co., MD
... 2 Kinkey, Catherine b: 1696 in Cecily, England d: 1744 in Hockessin, DE
....... +Cox, William C. Father: Cox, John Mother: Carr, Rachel Embree b: 12/11/1692 in England m: 1716 in New Castle Co., DE d: 1/20/1767 in Orange Co., NC
... 2 Kinkey, Margery b: 1704 in Cecil Co., MD d: Abt. 1740 in New Castle, DE
....... +Gregg, William Father: Gregg, John Mother: Cooke, Elizabeth b: Abt. 1690 d: Aft. 1745
... 2 Kinkey, John b: Abt. 1698 d: 1774
....... +Ann d: Abt. 8/1761
... 2 Kinkey, Mary b: Abt. 1700 d: 1770
....... +Husband, William, Jr. b: 1697 d: 4/1767 in MD

Thanks for your help.



Sue Solley (View posts)
Posted: 933422400000
Classification: Query
Surnames: SOLLEY
I am researching the Solley Family in East Kent, England.
Am wondering what your connection is to the Solley family. Any help much appreciated. Kind Regards. Sue Solley

Solley in Anne Arundel and Kent, Eng.

Tom Solley (View posts)
Posted: 933508800000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Solley
My gr gr gr grandfather Thomas Solley Sr.(1788-1847, m. Jemima Wood) and gr gr grandfather Thomas Solley Jr. (b. 1814 in England, died 1875 in AA, m. Sarah Anne Williams in AA) both emigrated from Ash, Kent. (Willaims had first married Wm. S. Pumphrey.) The Sole Society has provided me names and dates of my direct ancestors back to my 10th (tenth) great grandfather Stephen Sollye (b. abt 1550 m. Mildred Cocke.) I have received little qualitative information on my English ancestors and I have no specifics on the actual journey to the US. Last October I walked the family cemetery in Solley, Anne Arundel County, MD.

Tried to answer you privately (with more info) but the mail demon did not like your address.

I would appreciate hearing what informatin you have and what you are seeking.

Tom Solley
Atlanta, GA

Harman - Hermann

Ed Harman (View posts)
Posted: 968932800000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Harman
The Harman family of Anne Arundel county is well researched from about 1650 through 1950. Today, many of these Harmans live in Elkridge, Maryland... Now Howard County. Gray Harman lived in NJ until his death some years ago. When I was young, I met Gray at several family reunions in Elkridge. He was very dedicated to researching the tree and most of the information we have today is a result of Gray's work. The historical society of Anne Arundel County has many of his papers archived and there is an extensive family tree that has been produced from his work. Most Harman's around Elkridge have copies of it on their walls. I will get some stuff together for you and send it along next week. Very busy this week.



Harman Family Tree

Chery Harman (View posts)
Posted: 968932800000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Harman
I am looking for information on the Harman Family Tree.My grandfather was George Wm.Harman,Sr.My cousin's wife told me that Gray Harman is an uncle.My grandfather said that The Harmans Maryland In Anne Arundel his family.

Could you please send me the information you have? I can send you what little information that I have.

Chery Harman

Re: Hermann/Herman

Posted: 995478728000
Surnames: Kinkey, Husband
I have been looking for info about the Kinkey?Husbands for a while. I am thrilled to find your message. I am a descendant of William Husband/Mary Kinkey. Would love to find out more about the Kinkeys and the Hermans. Thanks!
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