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Lowery, Lowry, Lowrie

Lowery, Lowry, Lowrie

Joseph E. Lowery (View posts)
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Still searching for information regarding my Father's family. His name was John J. Lowery and from all the data I have accumulated to date he was born in either Bladen, Hoke or Robeson County, NC circa 1896. His Father was also named John Lowery and his Mother's maiden name was Mary McCoullough, McCallum or McCullum. He was large in stature, very fair of skin with light sandy hair and caramel colored eyes. I know that he left NC for some reason and went to live with an uncle in Rock Hill, SC. I do not know if there were any siblings of my Father but am hoping that there are some members of his family surving and would like to contact them.

John J. Lowery

DebbieC (View posts)
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Joseph, I have a John J. Lowery or Lowry born in 1879 in Leake Co., MS. He was my great uncle. He lived in Grant County, Arkansas. I do not know if this helps, but I thought I would throw it out there. His father was Albert Napoleon Mooney, son of Reuben Mooney, who was born in North Carolina.

Corrected message re John J. Lowry

DebbieC (View posts)
Posted: 959290567000
Joseph, please excuse the mix-up. My great grandmother, Martha Lowry, was the daughter of John J. Lowry, born in North Carolina. She was born in Leake County, MS, around 1856, and she had a brother named John J. Lowry also. Mattie married Albert Napoleon Mooney, and they named one of their sons John J. Mooney, probably after her father and brother. This is what I meant to say the first time, by I got my Mooneys and my Lowrys mixed up. Her brother would have been the right age to be the father of your John J. Lowry.

Mattie or Mazzie

S.Lowery (View posts)
Posted: 974899792000
are you sure its Mattie because i have an aunt Mazzie that was born to a James T. Lowery

Re: Corrected message re John J. Lowry

Olan Smith (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Lowry, Gorham, Fort, Jackson, Parrish, Mulpin, Davis, Yates, Turner, Hubbard, Vasse, Wescott, Smith
I have a John Jefferson Lowry who named a son John Jefferson Lowry, Jr. and John J. Lowry (1) also had a grandson named John J. Lowry through his son Thomas Gorham Lowry.

Descendants of: John Jefferson Lowry, M.D.

1 John Jefferson Lowry, M.D. b. 1-Jan-1780 Philadelphia, PA d. 12-Jun-1863
m. 22-MAR-1818 Harriet Hubbard d. abt. 1821
m. May 1, 1821 Nancy Malinda Gorham b. 15-Mar-1806 d. 11-Mar-1844
• John J. Lowry citizen of Co. died at Fort Henry, Rnd.Co. MO, on the 12th inst.
• He leaves many friends and relatives. He was brought to this Co. and interred on the farm of W. P. Jackson on the 15th inst.---Fayette Advt. PETITION OF
According to Old Families of Randolph County, MO, by Howard Marshall:

Col. Alexander Lowry of Pennsylvania is listed as the father of Dr. John Jefferson Lowry. However, upon researching Pennsylvania records (History of PA, Egle; Biog. Annals of Lancaster Co. PA) I find no mention of a son named John. Col. Alexander Lowry is well documented by the DAR and in Lancaster County and Pennsylvania State histories. Surely, if John was the son of Col. Alexander and was born in Philadelphia in 1780 (during the Revolution) he is not the issue of Alexander's marriage to Ann West Aldrick for it is stated in several reference that Alexander and Ann had only one child, Frances. Given Alexander's age of 53 years in 1780, and that he had a son named Alexander, born 1756 by his first wife Mary Waters, it seems more logical to place John Jefferson Lowry as the son of this second Alexander Lowry, which would make him the grandson of Col. Alexander Lowry. As of Sept. 1998 it also seems logical that he is the son of William B. Lowry, Sr. (Lazarus and Ann Boggs) the half-brother of Col. Alexander Lowry. (As of 2-Dec-1998 I have received new information through e-mail that their is a biography of Millard Fillmore Lowry which states that he is the son of John Jefferson and Nancy Malinda and that his father immigrated to the US from Scotland. I have not been able to find this biography or confirm this statement.)

“Hi Olan,
I know that we have not chatted in some time. Hope that all is well with you and your family. I received a message this week that made me think of you and your family. This may be a stretch but I wanted to share it with you and see what your thoughts might be.
Lowry Z. Day contacted me with this information, by the way she is female and the name Lowry has been used by the female side for many generations.
Her heritage is only recorded on a sampler completed ca 1815 by Mary Matilda Hart for Margaret Lowry Moore and is still in the family. That is their only documentation. The family line is:
Her fourth great-grandfather John Lowry, married Elizabeth (unknown). There
children were:
Thomas born 7 Jan 1768
William born 16 Aug 1769
David born 1 Sep 1771, died 28 Feb 1812
Jane born 27 Sep 1773
Elizabeth born 1 Jan 1776
Margaret born 23 Oct 1779 died 27 Oct 1829
John J b 31 Dec 1780
Abigail born 8 Apr 1783
Elizabeth Lowry married Mr Hart, daughter Mary Matilda Hart b 12 May 1805 Margaret Lowry married James Moore in Washington DC July 1780 Abigail Lowry married Mr Barnhill.
What a great family with birthdates and so early. The only name of the above that came anywhere close to a match in my files is John J b 1780 and so is your Dr. John Jefferson Lowry of MO, born in West Philadelphia, PA 1780. Lowry Day did not know the location of this family but assumes that it was in the Washington DC/Philadelphia/VA area.
I just took a long look at Col. Alexander Lowry of Lancaster Co PA files. He had a brother John who married an Elizabeth, this John was supposedly killed by the Indians about 1750. Do you have any ideas?
If this works out, it would add 2 or 3 generations to your charts and you have family stories that you are descended from Col. Alexander Lowry.
Hoping to hear from you.
Nellie" Source:

Of early record are two letters written by John Jefferson Lowry to the
Missouri Gazette in St. Louis, Missouri Territory on October 8, 1816 and
"March 3th 1817" and marked Fort Osage. (J.J.Lowry wrote many letters to
newspapers during his lifetime.) We know that Dr. John J. Lowry was educated in Ohio, attending medical school in Cincinnati, and that the Missouri Gazette records his title as Dr. John J. Lowry, A.S.M. (letter dated Oct.8, 1816). Fort Osage was built in 1808 and evacuated in 1813 during the War of 1812, then reoccupied by 1816. During the evacuation, the fort was removed to Arrow Rock and presumably when they returned to Fort Osage they took with them a thirty-two year old doctor by the name of John Jefferson Lowry. The Fort Osage letter places him in the fort, Missouri Territory during this period.

2 Thomas Gorham Lowry b. 31-Jan-1822 d. 23-Jun-1870
m. 28-Jun-1843 Louisa C. (Gray) Fort b. 10-Jul-1826 d. 17-Aug-1
Lowry, Louisa C.,
farmer's & merchant's wife,
age 59y 1m 7ds;'
died 1 Aug 1835,
widow, born Ala;
in state 43 yrs

This my last will and testament made on the 2nd day of May 1869
1st I will and bequeath unto my beloved wife Suisa (sic)(Should read: Louisa)
C. Lowry all of my property, personal, real and mixed, bonds, notes rents,
profits, here delaments and all other property of every discription whatsoever
for the purpose of support and educaiton of my minor children, as long as he
(sic) remains my widow, to be used by her as her own property with the
concurrent management and direction of my son in law, Dr. W.W. Vass. 2nd I
will and bequeath, that if my wife, Louisa C. Lowry shall intermarry with
another man after my death or when she shall die, that what shall then be
remaining of my property shall be equally divided between my children, Mary M.
Vass, Fannie A Lowry, Gray H. Lowry, Dixon T. Lowry, and Lilly H. Lowry- 3rd I
make, constitute and appoint Dr. W.W. Vasse my Executory to carry this wlll
into effect. In witness of which I hereunto set my hand and affix my seal the
day and year aforesaid
Thomas G. Lowry
Signe in the presence of Wm Fort I.H. Poque H. T. Fort.
A Camp of united Confederat (sic) Veterans was organized at this place on
last Saturday afternoon with a membership of twenty-one. G. N. Ratliff was
elected Commander and J. S. Robertson was elected Adjutant. The organization
will be known as the Thomas G. Lowry Camp having been named in honor of the
late Captain Lowry of this place, who is kindly remembered by his old comrades
as one of the best amd most chivalrous of the many gallant soldiers... in MO”
Times-Herald, “Captain Lowry was a native Missourian, born in Howard county in
1822. Early in his life he settled in Randolph county, and from about 1840
to the breaking our of the Civil War, he took much interest in political af-
fairs. He was one of the leading Democrats and most highly esteemed citizens
of the county. W. R. Samuel defeated him by a small vite as a representative
to the ligislature in 1852. He was a civil engineer, and ... engaged in the
the mercantile business at Thomas Hill.” He served under Gen. Hancock Jackson.
3 Mary M. Lowry b. abt. 1845
m. William Wood Vasse b. ca 1842 d. ca 1897
3 Fannie A. Lowry
3 Dixon T. Lowry
m. Evanline Lowry ?
4 Percy Lowry b. _____ d. at birth
3 John J. Lowry
3 Sally H. Lowry
3 Calpernia Lowry b. abt. 1847
3 George L. Lowry b. abt. 1849
3 Gray Hamilton Lowry b. 08-DEC-1855 d. 11-Jan-1899
m. 10-MAR-1891 Allie Jefferson Hammett b. 13-AUG-1873 d. 12-JAN-1901
Allie was a student at Fayette’s Howard County Female College when she was
married to Gray Hamilton Lowry.
4 Hammetta Lowry b. 03-DEC-1891 d. 08-DEC-1891
4 Mary Louise Lowry b. 22-Mar-1893 d. 9-Sep-1984
m. 23-Dec-1919 Elliott James Wescott [self] b. 09-DEC-1891/92 d. 25-Mar-1972
My Life My name is (Mary) Louise Lowry. I was born about three miles out in
the country, on March 22, 1894. My parents were Gray Hamilton Lowry and Allie
Jefferson Hammett. We moved Huntsville then from Huntsville to Yates and back
again to Huntsville where I now live with my grandparents
(I remember when I was very small I went to church with mamma and papa,
I got to talking and papa took me outside and whipped me with his pencil.)
I remember when we lived in Yates I was about (3) three years old. When
my mamma wanted anything from the store, like ribbon, or soap she would write
it on a piece of paper, and pin it to my apron, and send me to the store. My
uncle lived very close there, and I used to go over there and have great fun
with the other children. We lived in Yates for about two years. Once I asked
mammas if I could go as far as grannies house and wait for my cousin who would
be home in a little while from school. Mamma did not want me to go, but I
begged so hard, that she at last consented. She put on my cloak and hood, and
I stated, but when I got up to grannies she was not coming, so I just went on,
and instead of turning and going down the street that leads to the school I
went on up town to where my papa’s store was. Mamma was much relieved. I
remember when I made a visit to Marshall mamma got sick, and I wanted to come
home and see granny and grandpa, and help granny feed the chickens and gather
up the eggs When I came home granny put me upon a trough to get the eggs out
of a nest in the hayloft. I put my hand in and one old hen pecked me, and
then I put my hand in a second time, an another old hen pecked me. I was very
scared, so I never would go very far into a nest that I could not see.
When I was quite small, my greatest delight was washing and ironing my
dollies clothes and then I would mend their little hose. But when Sunday
comes I say, “Lie still, I’m going to church with mother.” On a bright
beautiful Sabbath morning mamma dressed me in my little white dress, and
curled my hair and tied it with white ribbon to Sunday School, an as I was on
my way, I chanced to see a little running brook, and it was so tempting, I had
to go down the hill and peep into it. I thought just one peep won’t matter,
and as I was leaning over and looking so intently my foot slipped, and I went
in splash, splash. I got up and looked at my dress and O’ I felt so sorry for
instead of going to Sunday School I had to go home. Mamma met me at the door
but instead of being cross and scolding me, she took me into the bathroom and
redressed me, and told me that was what I got by disobeying.
When I was six years of age, and in Miss Nora Kiernan’s room, quite a
number of her pupils were going to contest for a medal. I was on of the
contestants. When the evening came for us to recite, we were all eager and
every much excited. So much so that Miss Nora had to make a chalk line for us
to stand on. When my time came to recite, I walked out brave as a soldier,
and feeling ‘monarch of all I surveyed,” recited “Little Orphan Annie,” at
times hunting for the line we were to stand on, which added to the beauty of
my piece, for they thought I was looking for the gobblings, but there was one
a little better in the ring. I came out with second honors. When I went home
my auntie asked me if I won the medal. I replied in great glee, No, but I got
the oranges and flowers, which was of more value to me than all the medals.
One of the happiest events of my life was my ninth birthday party the
afternoon was spent in games of childish nature. Then the doors of the dining
room were thrown open, and we little ones eager to see what was in store for
us, marched around the table which was loaded with good things for us singing,
“Little ones are precious jewels”. Then we each took our place at the table,
and Oh! What goodies we had. My little friends each remembered me with a nice
little gift. After romping and playing until a late hour the time for leaving
came. So we bid each other, “?Good-bye”, my little friends wishing me many
more happy birthdays.
In our lives the sad day must come as well as the bright days. The
following winter, the measles was raging in our town and I fell a victim. I
was very, very, sick. Everybody was exceedingly good to me. My little
friends would bring me flowers, and good things to eat. My auntie came to see
me one day, and was so alarmed she cried.. Said “I looked like a little red
When I was eleven years old my grandpa presented me with a handsome
piano. So of course I felt like I had to learn to play on it. So without
delay I begun, and now can play several pieces. Among them “Yankee Doodle,
Wave Waltz, and Dixie of which my grandpa is very fond. I have now been taking one year, and love to practice as well as most children.
My favorite sport in the winter is sleigh-riding and skating in the
summer riding on my wheel. I am now in 13th year. I am very fond pets. Like
to sit on the walk and feed them. Then they are such sweet little things when
first hatched. My old tabby cat is so sly and can catch a mouse in an
instant. She has the loveliest and sweetest kitties that ever lapped milk from
I must tell you about my beautiful Shetland pony. He is an iron gray,
with long mane and tail. We spend many pleasant hour, riding over the
country. But my faithful friend is dear old Kate who never fails, me, for we
gallop o’er hill and dell and she never tires. Then when we get home I give
her a lump of sugar from my hand, as a reward for her faithfulness.
Here I am with my dogs, Bryan and Fido. Bryan is the sleepy on. He
belongs to my cousin, but he is a dear old sleepy dog. Fido is always wide
awake, and will sit up on his hind feet any time for a bone.
Early in the spingtime (sic) you may find me out with the birds and
flowers, breathing the balmy air while I gather cherries from the old May tree
and wander toward the rose garden where I pluck my apron full of pretty red
and white roses, such as you see in the picture. But I found something else
in the garden. I got my feet wet and as a result I had the toothache, so I
will leave you to imagine my feelings and guess the rest. (At the age of fifteen)
As a reward for her splendid record in the H.S. Miss Mary Louise Lowry has
been awarded the Rand. co. scholarship in the Mo. Wesleyan col. at Warrenton.
Doughboy Weds Southern Girl” West Haven, CT - When Elliott J. Westcott en-
listed in the motor transportation service and was sent to a camp in Texas
he did not know that down in the Lone Star state he was to meet the young
woman who was destined to be his wife. . . . The bride was Miss Mary Louise
Lowry. While stationed in camp Corporal Westcott met his future bride.”
2 Sarah Elizabeth Lowry b. 1823
m. 19-SEP-1843 James H. Davis
2 John (Jr.) Jefferson Lowry b. ?-___-1825
m. 03-OCT-1850 Wilmoth E. Maupin
2 William Tolman Lowry b. ?-___-1827 d. ?-___-1878
m. 05-MAY-1848 Georgia Ellen Yates
m. Sarah Emily Turner b. 15-FEB-1832

3 Georgia Yates Lowry b. 10-MAR-1853 d. 01-DEC-1939
3 Mollie Lowry
3 Thomas J. Lowry [US Biog. Dict.] b. 29-NOV-1850
m. 28-JAN-1893 Mary T. Wright
Thomas J. graduated with a BS from MSU at Columbia, Mo., with a BS. In June
173 he received a MS degree and by May of 1874 he was elected a member of
California Academy of Science at San Francisco. Later he would invent a
sextant for mesuring any angle for 0 to 180 degrees and the protracting
sextant & other sextants and protractors. In 1877 he was elected professor of
Civil Engineering at the University of Missouri as well as a member of the
American Association for the Advancement of the Science.
3 John Abel Lowry b. 10-MAR-1853
m. Eliza (Lida) Jane Terry [Family Bible] b. 21-FEB-1860 d. 28-JUL-1908
The Family Bible is in possession of Lyda Alice (Lowry) Mayo. Inscription
says, Bible presented to Eliza Jane (Terry) Lowry by her husband John Abel
Lowry. Dated: 12-25-1895.
4 Thomas J. Lowry b. 29-NOV-1890 d. 14-OCT-1960
m. Lois L. Stamper b. 08-MAR-1892 d. 22-JUN-1959
2 Millard Filmore Lowry b. 1828
2 Frances J. Lowry b. _____ d. 08-DEC-1866
m. Henry Toulman Fort, Dr. b. 1816 d. 1889 Henry:
Dr. Fort was a Moberly businessman and own thoroghbred horses near Huntsville
on the Fort Henry homestead.
3 William Lowry Fort b. _____ d. 1853
3 Nancy Malinda Fort b. _____ d. 1854
3 John J. Fort b. 1854
2 Anna Eliza Lowry b. 22-SEP-1831
m. 03-AUG-1848 Abel R. Jackson b. May 31, 1821 d. 11-SEP-1858 m. 01-JAN-1867 Henry Toulman Fort, Dr. b. 1816 d. 1889 Abel:
Chris Parrish and I (Olan) unearthed several of the tomb stones at the Jackson
family cemetery south of Fayette, MO on the George Muncton farm. One of the
larger stones was for Abel R. Jackson.
Dr. Fort was a Moberly businessman and own thoroghbred horses near Huntsville
on the Fort Henry homestead.
3 John L. Jackson
3 Allie Jackson
3 Belle Jackson
3 Anna B. Jackson
m. Henry Harrison WAYLAND
4 Lloyd Lowry WAYLAND
m. Anne Calvin TERRILL
3 Alfred Jackson b. 1856
3 Fannie M. Jackson
m. 28-DEC-1870 Charles H. Hammett b. 30-May-1845 d. 02-AUG-1920 Charles:
Huntsville Herald: “Some years ago he (Charles) went to Boise, Idaho, where he
was largely instrumental in promoting irrigation enterprises, and he was on of
the pioneer builders of Tulsa, Okla.,where he early invested heavily in real
4 Miller Hammett
4 Lady Belle Hammett
m. 29-JAN-1895 Charles Marshall Baldwin
4 Annie Lowry Hammett b. 7-Jan-1873 d. 20-Mar-1893
Huntsville Herald: “The death of Miss Annie Hammett will be a great blow to
here fond family . . . . She was one of Monticello Girls.” Her death was due
to malarial fever and she died at 6 o’clock last eveing at the family home on
Troost Ave. in Kansas City, MO.
3 James M. Jackson b. 27-NOV-1852 d. 28-DEC-1852
3 Thomas S. Jackson b. 22-MAR-1858 d. 02-APR-1858
3 Orofina Fort b. 26-SEP-1868 d. 01-AUG-1918
m. Gideon Franklin (II) Rothwell
2 Mary Benton Lowry b. ?-___-1833 d. 14-SEP-1917
m. 13-JUN-1855 William N. Neilson b. 1832
2 Nancy Miller Lowry b. 10-JUN-1833 d. 26-APR-1912
m. William P. Jackson b. 21-JUL-1821 d. 11-OCT-1861
m. 08-AUG-1865 William Thackson d. 1866
m. 18-SEP-1870 John R. (Wilbur) Rains

3 Grace Truman Jackson b. 16-SEP-1860 d. 19-JAN-1919
m. 26-OCT-1876 James Christopher Parrish b. 30-MAY-1848 d. 26-MAR-1908
4 Elizabeth (Bessie) Parrish b. 09-AUG-1877 d. 17-FEB-1968
4 William (Willie) James Parrish b. 18-NOV-1878 d. 20-OCT-1883
4 James Henry (Jim) Parrish b. 16-SEP-1880 d. 05-APR-1917
m. 18-SEP-1904 Amy Estelle Galbreath
4 Barnett (Barnie) Parrish b. 03-DEC-1883 d. 21-JUN-1952
4 Fannie Miller Parrish b. 03-DEC-1883 d. 22-JAN-1947
4 Berdie May Parrish b. 01-DEC-1885 d. 20-JAN-1987
4 Alfred Walton (Allie) Parrish b. 05-SEP-1899 d. 01-JAN-1976
m. Alma Dee Shields b. 28-DEC-1893 d. 14-JUN-1974
4 Mandly Jackson Parrish b. 22-OCT-1891 d. 12-SEP-1963
4 Lady Belle Parrish b. 12-JAN-1895 d. 08-NOV-1970
4 Ella C. Parrish b. 09-AUG-1896 d. 17-DEC-1896
4 Turner Lowry Parrish b. 24-MAR-1900 d. 05-DEC-1970
4 Grace Truman Parrish b. 27-DEC-1901
3 Ella C. Jackson
3 Willie Jackson b. 14-OCT-1854 d. 12-APR-1860
3 Lileon Jackson b. 18-MAR-1857 d. 13-APR-1860
3 Abel L. Jackson b. 19-DEC-1858 d. 04-APR-1860
3 John William Thackson b. 16-JUN-1866 d. 01-SEP-1961
2 Martha Macon Lowry b. ?-___-1837
m. 24-OCT-1867 J.C. Wilson
2 Armide Van Buren Lowry b. ?-___-1840
m. 22-NOV-1866 I. H. Pogue
2 Margret Louisa Lowry b. ?-___-1842 d. aft. 1912
m. T. G. Poole
2 Henry Fort Lowry b. ?-___-1844 d. ?-___-1855

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