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Richard BARTLETT; b. 1575 England; d. May 25, 1647, Newbury, Massachusetts

Richard BARTLETT; b. 1575 England; d. May 25, 1647, Newbury, Massachusetts

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Classification: Biography
Surnames: BARTLETT
Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts
Prepared under the editorial supervision of William Richard CUTTER, A. M.
Historian of the New England Historic Genealogical Society; Librarian of Woburn Public Library; Authur of “The Cutter Family,” “History of Arlington,” “Bibliography of Woburn,” etc., etc.
Volume 1.; Illustrated
New York; Lewis Historical Publishing Company; 1908
Page 440 - 443


Richard Bartlett was born in Wiltshire, England, 1575. He was a shoemaker by trade. He was one of the earliest settlers of the old town of Newbury, Massachusetts. The family name in England is ancient and distinguished; it was formerly spelt variously Bartlet, Bartlot and Bartholet. Richard Bartlett was living in Newbury before 1637, and died there May 25, 1647. His family Bible - one of the famous "Breeches Bibles," so-called from the translation of the word for the original garment worn by Adam and Eve, is now owned by William Bartlett, of Lowell; he received it from his father, Rev. Samuel C. Bartlett, late president of Dartmouth College. The records of his children's births are given, and the statement "Richard Bartlett bought this book Anno Domini 1612." Richard Bartlett was the progenitor of Hon. Josiah Bartlett, of New Hampshire, signer of the Declaration of Independence, foremost citizen of that state. His oral will, proved September 29, 1647, stated that John had already received his share; bequeathed to Christopher, Joane and her four daughters, to Richard and John who received the "Great Bible." Children: 1. Joane, born January 29, 1610; married William Titcomb. 2. John, born November 9, 1613. 3. Thomas, born January 22, 1615. 4. Richard, born October 31, 1621, mentioned below. 5. Christopher, born February 25, 1623. 6. Anne, born February 26, 1625.

(II) Richard Bartlett, son of Richard Bartlett (I), was born in England, October 31, 1621. He was called a shoemaker and yeoman on various records. He resided first in Oldtown, Newbury, Massachusetts, removing finally to Bartlett's Corners, near Deer Island, on the Merrimac river. He was reputed to be a facetious, genial and intelligent man. He represented the town in the general court. His will was dated April 19, 1665, and proved July 18, 1698. He married Abigail _______, who died March 8, 1686-87. Children: 1. Samuel, born February 20, 1645-46, mentioned below. 2. Richard, born February 21, 1648-49. 3. Thomas, born September 7, 1650. 4. Abigail, born March 14, 1653; married May 27, 1700, John Emery; died 1723. 5. John, born June 22, 1655. 6. Hannah, born December 18, 1657; unmarried. 7. Rebecca, born May 23, 1661; married, September 5, 1700, Isaac Bagley; died in 1723.

(III) Samuel Bartlett, son of Richard Bartlett (2), was born at Newbury, February 20, 1645-46. He was, like his father and grandfather, a cordwainer (shoemaker) by trade. He settled in Newbury and was a zealous opposer of the royal governor, Andros, and at the crisis in the English rebellion he rode to Boston in order to help put Sir Edmund Andros in prison. He died May 15, 1732, aged eighty-six years. He married, May 23, 1671, Elizabeth Titcomb, who died August 26, 1690. Children: 1. Elizabeth, born May 13, 1672; married Joshua Brown. 2. Abigail, born April 14, 1674; married Abraham Merrill Jr. 3. Samuel, born March 28, 1676. 4. Sarah, born July 7, 1678; unmarried. 5. Richard, born February 23, 1679-80. 6. Thomas, born August 13, 1681, mentioned below. 7. Tirzah, born January 20, 1683-84; married, January 22, 1687, Joseph Sawyer. 8. Lydia, born November 5, 1687; married, December 27, 1722, Matthias Plant, of Newbury; died October 8, 1753.

(IV) Thomas Bartlett, son of Samuel Bartlett (3), was born in Newbury, August 13, 1681. He learned the tanner's trade, and settled in Newbury. He died May 4, 1744, leaving an estate valued at four thousand eight hundred and thirty pounds. He owned land at Falmouth, now Portland, and Narragansett, No. I, now Buxton, Maine, and Kingston, New Hampshire. The signer of the Declaration of Independence resided at Kingston. He owned also Deer Island, in the Merrimac river, bought in 1727. He married, February 14, 1710-11, Sarah Webster, of Salisbury, who died January 17, 1726-27. Children: 1. Israel, born April 30, 1712, mentioned below. 2. Tabitha, born in November, 1713; died unmarried, 1779. 3. Enoch, born April 5, 1715. 4. Dorothy, born February 23, 1717; married, December, 1737, Cutting Moody; died September 1, 1741. 5. Nehemiah, born February 21, 1719; died August 24, 1741. 6. James, born April 30, 1721; died August 24, 1741. 7. Thomas, born September 16, 1723. 8. Sarah, born June 13, 1725; married John Coggswell, Jr., trader, March 19, 1752, at Haverhill; died September 12, 1799.

(V) Israel Bartlett, son of Thomas Bartlett (4), was born at Newbury, April 30, 1712. He followed the family vocation of tanner, and resided in his native town except between the years of 1738 and 1746, when he resided in Nottingham, New Hampshire. His farm there is still known as the Bartlett place; it is on the north side of the common. He was a magistrate, and was widely known as "Squire" Bartlett. He died May 17, 1754, at the early age of forty-two. He had a pew in Queen Anne's Chapel, and his estate shows that he owned a negro man and girl. His widow married second, Joseph Lunt. He married, May 7, 1738, Love Hall, a descendant of Governor John Winthrop and Governor Thomas Dudley, of Massachusetts. Children: 1. Joseph Hall, born March 7, 1739, in Nottingham. married Colonel Windborn Adams, who was killed at Saratoga; married second, Colonel Hobart, of Exeter, where she died in 1823. 3. Thomas, born October 22, 1745, mentioned below. 4. Israel, born May 8, 1748, in Newbury. 5. Mary, born in Newbury, August 17, 1751. 6. Josiah, born March 13, 1753.

(VI) Thomas Bartlett, son of Israel Bartlett (5), was born in Newbury, October 22, 1745; married, August 19, 1773, Sarah Cilley, daughter of General Joseph Cilley, Thomas Bartlett was lieutenant-colonel of a regiment under Stark at Burgoyne's surrender; was at West Point at the time of Arnold's treason; was speaker of the house of representatives of New Hampshire, and judge of the court of common pleas; died June 30, 1805. He was judge from 1790 to the time of his death. He was a selectman of the town of Nottingham, New Hampshire, where he lived, from 1782 for some years; was justice of the peace in 1781. His son Bradbury was appointed judge of the court of common please in 1832. The New Hampshire Revolutionary Rolls give this abstract of his military service. He was sergeant in Captain John Willoughby's company, Colonel Chase's regiment, sent to assistance of northern army in the fall of 1777; lieutenant-colonel in Colonel Steven Evan's regiment, 1777 and 1778; muster master in 1777, raising troops to join Stark, and later in the war was colonel of his regiment. He lived in what is known lately as the David Lucy place. Children, born in Nottingham: 1. Israel, born 1774; married Sarah Butler, daughter of Zephaniah and Abigail (Cilley) Butler; ancestor of General Benjamin F. Butler (See Butler family). Abigail Cilley was a sister of General Joseph Cilly; they resided in Nottingham. 2. Joseph, born March 22, 1776; was a school teacher; died in Lee, New Hampshire, 1805. 3. Thomas, born April 24, 1778; mentioned below. 4. Jonathan, born July 2, 1780; resided in Mt. Vernon, New Hampshire; married Lovy Laskey, of Lee. 5. Hon. Bradbury, born January 21, 1783, was representative to state legislature; senator; judge of court of common pleas; general of state militia; married Molly True, daughter of Benjamin and granddaughter of Abraham True, deacon. 6. Sarah, born July 26, 1785. 7. Hon. Josiah, born March 31, 1787; lieutenant in war of 1812; married Hannah, daughter of Benjamin True. 8. David, born April 29, 1789, resided at Epping, New Hampshire; married Susannah, daughter of Major Greenleaf Cilley. 9. Enoch, born July 6, 1791; died December 20, 1818, unmarried. 10. Betsey, born August 6, 1793, died unmarried. 11. Jacob, born June 16, 1796; died unmarried. 12. Patty, born November 7, 1798, died young.

(VII) Thomas Bartlett, son of Colonel Thomas Bartlett (6), was born in Nottingham, April 24, 1778; married, August 25, 1805, Mehitable Ford. He removed to Haverhill about 1830, and died there September 29, 1842. He was a farmer and lawyer, like his father and grandfather. He was a prominent citizen of Nottingham. Children: 1. Joseph, born February 21, 1807. 2. Alice, January 27, 1809. 3. Thomas, December 29, 1810. 4. Mehitable, February 8, 1813. 5. John F., January 26, 1815. 6. Bradbury C., March 22, 1817 (twin). 7. Jacob C. (twin), March 22, 1817. 8. David G., July 10, 1819. 9. Sarah J., October 30, 1822 (twin). 10. Emily A. (twin), October 30, 1822. 11. Betsey, September 28, 1825.

(VIII) Thomas Bartlett, son of Thomas Bartlett (7), was born in Nottingham, December 29, 1810. He was educated in the public schools of his native town. He was a keen student and close observer. He acquired a liberal education and a thorough knowledge of law. While he was a farmer all his life he also practised law. Indeed, from the time of Israel Bartlett (5), born 1712, his ancestors had combined the profession of law with the occupation of farming. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather were lawyers, and many of their sons as well. These country squires were distinguished for their common sense and excellent judgment. The law library of Thomas Bartlett (8) is now in the possession of his son, Albert L. Bartlett, and contains many ancient volumes of interest to antiquarians as well as lawyers. He was a Whig in politics and he and his wife were members of the Christian church. He died October, 1857, in the prime of life. He married March 4, 1844, Patience Hawkins, born 1819, died September 2, 1891, daughter of Joseph and Nabby (Jenness) Hawkins. Children: 1. Thomas S., born January 14, 1846. 2. Horace E., born August 1, 1847, graduate of Dartmouth College, 1869; principal of Haverhill high school, later of Lawrence high school; was an attorney, and partner of Hon. William H. Moody. 3. Albert Leroy, mentioned below.

(IX) Albert Leroy Bartlett, son of Thomas Bartlett (8), was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, June 1, 1851. He attended the public and high schools of his native place, and graduated in 1872 from Dartmouth College with the degree of A. B., receiving in 1875 the degree of Master of Arts from his alma mater. He took up the profession of teaching, and began in 1872 in the Sawin Academy at Sherborn, Massachusetts. From 1875 to 1882 he was a teacher in the public schools of Bradford, Massachusetts, and from 1882 to 1888 was sub-master of the Haverhill high school. He resigned to accept the position of superintendent of public instruction in the city of Haverhill, a position he filled with distinguished ability and success until 1897 when he resigned to devote all his time to literature and lecturing. From 1895 to 1897 he was lecturer on English language and literature in the New Hampshire summer normal school. In 1900 he was a lecturer at the Massachusetts summer normal school, held at Martha's Vineyard, and in 1901 at the summer normal school of Virginia. He is the author of "History of the Haverhill Academy and High School" (1900); "Essentials of Language and Grammar" (1900); "A Golden Way" (1902); "The Construction of English" (1903); "The Elements of English Grammar" (1906); and of articles in various magazines from time to time. Mr. Bartlett is one of the leading authorities in educational matters in New England. He has a national reputation through his books and addresses, and numbers among his friends many of the distinguished teachers and American men of letters.

Mr. Bartlett has never married. He is a member of Mizpah Lodge, I. O. O. F., of Haverhill; member of the Worth Congregational Church; trustee for many years of the Haverhill Public Library; and for a number of years chairman of the Haverhill Park Commission. In 1907 Mr. Bartlett donated to the city of Haverhill the land upon which the city built a school building at a cost of $50,000, and which was named the Albert L. Bartlett school, in recognition of his valuable gift.

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GR8 'pass-through' lornaf3. I appreciate the concise ancestral documentation of a 'greater Bartlett.'

Thank-you for doing so.

Linda Bartlett (of a lesser Newton, MA, Bartlett)
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