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Ann Maxwell Anderson Nichols and James Anderson in Chester County, PA

Ann Maxwell Anderson Nichols and James Anderson in Chester County, PA

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I am looking for more documentation on the marriage of Ann Maxwell and James Anderson. James died in 1828 and that same year Ann married a Henry Nichols. Both married in Chester County, PA

I am also looking for more information about the family in general. Any information would be appreciated!
Thanks so much in advance.

Re: Ann Maxwell Anderson Nichols and James Anderson in Chester County, PA

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The bible belonging to Ann Maxwell and held by her descendant Mary Putnam. It was originally held by the widow of Rev. James Anderson, son of Ann Nichols and her first husband James Anderson Ann Maxwell and James Anderson were married 26 Nov 1825. Mary Putnam obtained the bible and had an IGI file at the family history center in Salt Lake City. Mary Putnam had also been in contact with Arilla Finger, daughter of Fred Finger and Hanna Louisa Nichols (b 28 Sept 1868). Arilla’s mother was the daughter of Benjamin Griffith Nichols and Rebecca G. Baker. Benjamin was the son of Ann Maxwell and her second husband Henry Nichols.

James Maxwell was the son of James and Ann Cunningham Maxwell with documentation provided below.

Verbatim transcription of the genealogy provided by Anna Jane Lewis Warner, daughter of James Mifflin Lewis and Rachel Maxwell Rigg; granddaughter of Hiram Rigg and Hannah Maxwell; great-granddaughter of James Maxwell and Ann Cunningham.

My mothers ancestors on her mothers side.

Great, great, grandfather David Cunningham tithe collector under government Londonderry Ireland – Presbyterian married a Miss Dunlap. His brother Col James Cunningham, brother of David was conspicuous in the Siege of Derry 1691. David Cunningham had 2 children. Martha & Ann.
1. Martha came to this country and lived, with an aunt, whose name is forgotten, in Dover Kent Co. Delaware married Mr. M’Gear and lived in Wilmington Delaware.
2. Ann at the age of 16 came to this country with her uncles William and George Dunlap Captain and owners of the vessels named for them “William & George”. They landed and travelled through the wilderness to Dover Kent Co Delaware, where her sister Martha was then living with her Aunt. After Ann* had been here two years she married James Maxwell an importer of linen.
(written in margin *Ann Cunningham was my great-grandmother). They lived in Dover had 7 children Mary, Ellen, John, Henry, James, *Hannah & George (written in margin *Hannah Maxwell was my grandmother).

Mary married Mr. Phipps
Ellen m Daniel Kenney merchant and lived in Baltimore.
John a Methodist minister
Henry m & settled in Illinois 1810
James Maxwell married & settled in Uchland was in the lumber business
*Hannah m Hiram Rigg died at the age of 42
George died single


Michael and Hugh McGear were brothers who on 12 May 1747 purchased 200 acres of land called Caroon Manor in Kent, Delaware from George Gillespie for 65 pounds (Kent County Delaware Land Records 1742-1749 by Mary Marshall Brewer pg 70). This land is around the current Magnolia, Delaware.

In 1751 for 100 pounds they sold this land to Archibald McClane (McClaine), yeoman of same place

1753 Michael McGear on tax lists in Dover Hundred
1755 Hugh (single) and Michael Mcgear on tax lists in Little Creek Hundred
1758 & 1759 Hugh and Michael McGear on tax lists in Mutherkill Hundred (not listed together)
1761-64 Michael Magear is on tax lists for Mutherkill Hundred. He then died in 1765
1761-1767 Hugh McGear is on the tax lists in Little Creek Hundred and then died in 1768

4 May 1765 Martha McGear given letter of admin for her husband Michael McGear; administrators bond posted by Martha McGear, Hugh McGear, Tho Parke & James Morton;

4 May 1765 Know all men by these presents that we Martha McGear, Hugh McGeer, Thos Parke & James Morton …..Of the county of Kent upon Delaware…..Martha McGear administratix of all and singular goods and chattels, rights and credits of Mickle McGear deceased. Letter of Administration. Casar Rodney deputy register for the probate of wills and granting letters of administration for Kent Co. under the honourable John Penn esqr lieutenant governor and commander in chief of PA, to MARTHA MCGEAR of Kent Co., whereas MICHAEL MCGEAR of Kent Co yeoman lately died intested, having while he lived and at the time of his death goods and chattels, rights and credits … and granting administration thereof … I desiring that they be well and faithfully administered constitute and adminr of the estate of the (R:pg 271?) p 200 (handwritten in).
Charles Ridgely and James Wells conducted the inventory. On 24 Feb 1767 submits the account of the administration for Michael McGear. Names listed with financial dealings (Thomas Parke to his estate; John Craig; Rich Wells, George Goforth, Dr. Chas Ridgely, Allan Rakin (?), Henry Wells, John Pryor, Robert Hall, Daniel Francisco, John Bells, joiner, Robt. Johnson, French Battle, James Wells, George Hinds, Mary Hagins, N Chew; to 70 acres of wheat left in the ground for Mr. Chew at 12/6 p acre as sold for to N. Loockerman ; cash received from John Purden, interest of John Frazier, interest of Hugh McGeer, interest of Roger McBride, interest of Joshua Gregg; by bond of Timothy Jenkins & Note of Thad Bostick. At the signature for Martha and Hugh McGear, the hand writing is the same and it has her mark and his mark written in.

Pennsylvania Gazette_24 Oct 1754, ad 17 Apr 1755 Pennsylvania Gazette that ship arrived Belfast
Ads for the William and George also appeared
20 Dec 1753 Pennsylvania Gazette, Thomas Dunbar, cleared for Lairn and Ballycastle
8 Dec 1757, Pennsylvania Gazette, Robert McCalmont, Belfast
26 Oct 1758, Pennsylvania Gazette, Douglas Campbell from Port Ruth, arrived Dublin May 1759
Ads for this ship also appeared PA Gazette_2 Jul 1761, G. McLellan
From the Belfast Newsletter 23 May 1755 (under picture of ship it says apply to Mr. George Dunlap, merchant in Ballycastle or to Mr. Hugh Montgomery, Merchant in Larne)
George Dunlop, died 26th July 1778, aged 63, and is buried in Armoy churchyard, where his tombstone can be seen (1930). His will is dated 1 June 1778, and was proved in common form 8th Nov 1778. He mentions his beloved wife Jane Dunlap (as he spells the name, though it is Dunlop on the tombstone), and his son Hugh; also two daughters, evidently unmarried; and a niece, Ann Flack, otherwise McDugal. Niece Abigail McDugal, and sister Logen (deceased) and her children. Also buried in the churchyard
is his son Samuel, who died 13th June 1775, aged 29. He also had a son George who died in 1769 and was associated with Orr, Dunlope & Glenholme of Philadelphia

Documentation of James Maxwell and Ann Cunningham and their children in the United States

14 Aug 1766-Kent County Delaware. Deed. William Killen of the town of Dover Kent Co atty at law for 37 pds 10 shillings sold to James Maxwell of Murtherkill Hund same co weaver … a lot of land in Murtherkill Hund pt/o a larger tr called Brothers Portion (same as above)… beginning e side of Kings Road and lot late purch by James Morton to lot purch by John Pryor…5 a. Wit: Saml McCall, James Morton.

James Maxwell sold the lot back to William Killen on 23 Oct 1766. William Killen on the same day sold it to John Pryor (one of the people listed on the estate accounts of Michael McGear).

History of Delaware : 1609-1888: Local history By John Thomas Scharf – pg 1049
the following are listed as purchasing these lots
James Maxwell, weaver 37 pds 10 shillings, Samuel McCall 150 pds; John Pryor 75 pds, James Morton, taylor, 37 pds 10 shillings, George Goforth cordwainer, 37 pds 10 shillings, Matthew Boggs carpenter of Little Crk Hd 37 pds 10 shillings, Casar Rodney, 75 pds, James Wells, innkeeper, 37 pds 10 shillings, Richard & Andrew Butler, 45 pds 18 shillings, 9 pence – see google books

James Morton was on the bond for the administration of Michael McGear, purchased one of the 5 acre lots in Dover and witnessed the purchase of the above lot of James Maxwell.
James Morton was a tailor born in Ireland
George Goforth (another purchaser of these lots) was also listed in Michael McGear’s administration records
James Wells (purchased a lot), Henry Wells , and Richard Wells are all listed on the administration records of Michael McGear. James Wells appraised the estate of Michael McGear and is listed in the estate accounts of Hugh McGear

The purpose of the above information is to establish the link between James Maxwell and Michael McGear, who are the husbands of Ann Cunningham Maxwell and Martha Cunningham McGear and maybe the names jointly listed in the estate papers of Michael together and the land purchase papers of James Maxwell may provide hints and possibly they are all from Ireland. I could not trace the McGear’s before their first land purchase in Delaware

1. 8 Nov 1766 (approximately 2 weeks after selling Delaware land) – James Maxwell is found in Uwchlan, Chester County Pennsylvania where he purchases various types of cloth from Cadwalader Jones (accounts of Cadwalader Jones – CCHS). Cadwalader Jones lived in Uwchlan, Chester County, Pennsylvania and was a storekeeper (The towns of Uwchlan, Pikeland and West Whiteland all join together in one corner and the areas listed in these records for these towns are all fairly close)

2. 1766 – James Maxwell is listed as an inmate (married, no land owned) in Uwchlan on tax records (PA archives, Series 3, Vol XI, pg 358 - Transcript of the Tenth Eighteenth Pence Rate for the County of Chester)

3. 1768, James Maxwell in Uwchlan, Chester County – Pennsylvania tax and exoneration records

4. 20 Apr 1772 letter at Post Office for James Maxwell of Yellow Springs (Pennsylvania Packet- (Yellow Springs is area of Pikeland/Uwchlan in Chester County Pennsylvania)

5. 1783 Chester County Pennsylvania tax rolls, Ann Maxwell of Pikeland is listed (this is Ann Cunningham Maxwell – and since she is listed and not her husband, it is presumed that he is deceased but that may be an incorrect assumption).
6. 19 Jun 1786 Ann Maxwell makes a purchase from Cadwalader Jones (accounts of Cadwalader Jones – Chester County Historical Society); 8 Dec 1786 she purchases 102 pds pork and lether for cover Henrys shoes

7. 23 May 1788 Ann Maxwell “widow” makes a purchase from Cadwalader Jones. Ann, Eleanor (Nellie), Hannah, Henry, and James are all mentioned at least once in the accounts of Cadwalader Jones. Ann, Eleanor and Hannah have multiple listings. A Jonathan Phipps, picks up salt in town for Cadwalader; Mary and Molly Phipps (nickname for Mary) are listed several times. These accounts cover several years.

8. Widow Maxfield listed in 1790 census in Pikeland Chester County Pennsylvania with 2 boys under age 16 and 2 females

9. Ann Maxfield on 30th 1st month 1790 is one of the signers of the Pikeland Company agreement to purchase 2 ackers and seven barges barence 7 and 6 pence. She signed as “widow macfild”. The company agreement was that the undersigned would put one-fifth down and pay in 5 yearly installments

10. 31 Oct 1791 Mary Phipps is named as wife of Jonathan Phipps in a land deed involving the estate of his father Joseph Phipps. Also listed are Jonathan Phipps siblings and their spouses. (Of note, there is another Jonathan Phipps with wife Mary (Keely) who lived in Uwchlan at the same time period. That Jonathan died in 1799 and was the son of John Phipps and Sarah Clayton).

11. 24 Sep 1792 Ann Maxwell finalizes purchase agreed to in Pikeland Company Agreement for seven pounds for land in Pikeland

12. 1793 Eleanor Maxwell is named in will of Thomas Lightfoot of Pikeland, Chester County, as the caretaker of his children. She is paid 10 pds to help determine which pieces of furniture should be kept and which to be sold (FHL PA Probates Wills 1774-1797 vol 8-9, H-I)

13. 11 October 1798 Eleanor Maxwell married Daniel Kenny at Uwchlan Monthly Meeting:

Whereas Daniel Kenny of Charleston township, Chester County and State of Pennsylvania, Son of Daniel Kenny and Phebe, his Wife of the same place and Eleanor Maxwell of Pikeland Township, County and State aforesaid, daughter of James Maxwell and Ann Maxwell, the former deceased of the same place, having declared their intentions of marriage with each other before several Monthly Meetings of the people called Quakers at Uwchlan in the County aforesaid…
Daniel Kenny
Eleanor Kenny

Betty Kenny Daniel Kenny
Mary Kenny Ann Maxwell
Hannah Maxwell Thomas Kenny

Jesse Kersey John Baldwin Jonathan Phipps
George Massey Lydia Baldwin Mary Phipps
Susannah Massey John Butler Henry Maxwell
Elizabeth Roberts Ann Baldwin Richard Kenny
Elizabeth Kersey Jesse Jones Lydia Lewis
Mary Lighfoot Mary Jones Elizabeth Jacobs
Sarah Lightfoot William Milhous William Trimble
Mary Davis Hannah Milhous Ann Trimble
Henry Lanbaugh Isaac Bonsall Mary Lightfoot
David Lightfoot Samuel Lightfoot

14. 10 Aug 1799 Ann Maxwell sells her 2 acres and 9 perches in Pikeland to Mathias Fox for 50 pounds. Her son-in-law Daniel Kenny witnessed the transaction.
This is the last record for Ann Maxwell

15. Her children Mary who married Jonathan Phipps, Eleanor who married Daniel Kenny, Hannah who married Hiram Rigg, Henry who married Magdalena Whistler, James who married Tamson Quaintance are all fairly well documented. Son John has not been identified, but he was named in one other record as a sibling of the above. George has not been found. Mary and Jonathan Phipps are found in the 1810 census in London Grove, Chester County and Jonathan operated the Chatham Inn Tavern (Chester County Archive Tavern petitions). In 1820 Jonathan and his son (also Jonathan) are in Columbia, Lancaster County Pennsylvania and no one fitting the age for Mary is listed, thus assume she is deceased.

Re: Ann Maxwell Anderson Nichols and James Anderson in Chester County, PA

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Thanks so much for this information. Would you have the documents that you had mentioned here? ...and would you mind sending them to me? Thanks so much.

Re: Ann Maxwell Anderson Nichols and James Anderson in Chester County, PA

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Would you know where I could get these documents for James Anderson?

Family bible entry Major Robert Anderson- Commanded the Union

Forces at Fort Sumter in the Civil War.

Family Bible that Kirk Rementer has Zeroxed.

Minister Mills M. Anderson, First Methodist Church, Parsons,KA,
Letter of 6 Feb. 1945 to Mrs. H.J.(Z?) Hill, 60 Main Street, Trainer, PA.

Re: Ann Maxwell Anderson Nichols and James Anderson in Chester County, PA

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Not sure about any of those. As for Major Robert Anderson, there is plenty published on him. Look at Fold3, they might have the civil war info.

Have you tried contacting the person who posted that those documents were associated with Patrick and James Anderson? It looks like the phone number on their home page is still good.
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