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Hawkins, James P.

Hawkins, James P.

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Surnames: Hawkins
my grt-grandfather was James P. Hawkins, b about 1822 in AL - do not know who his father was however did find James Hawkins on the Henderson Cherokee Roll of 1835 listed as NC, but these places were all part of the Cherokee lands at the time. He later was in AR by 1840
(Trail of Tears maybe?) and he died in AR between 1900 and Boone or Madison Cty around Leadhill area is all I know. There is a Cherokee connection to this family as his son James P. Jr had a daughter named Sarah Susan Hawkins who married my grandfather
and had my mother. Mother was told her entire life her mother was Cherokee - but unfortunately her mother died when she was young and grandfather moved them away from the Hawkins family and she had no contact with them again.
any information would be appreciated.

Re: Hawkins, James P.

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howdy --

my geat grandpa was Joshua Allen Hawkins (1837-1892), census records say b. Alabama @ 1837. We never have found his parents. I am beginning to think h might hve been an orphan, but possibly never will know, but e might get lucky, ya never know.

Dad (1915-1992) said he once visited his grandma Hawkins (d. 1926) and saw an old rifle he was told his grandpa used in the Civil War. His exact words were that "she was a great big red headed woman."

I looked and looked and finally found a Joshua A. Hawkins in 8th Arkansas, Conf. After the Civil War he is in Robertson, Falls, and Milam County, Tx. His son Noah Allen Hawkins married my grandma Loney Richey in the Chickasaw Nation in 1904. We never have known wat prompted Noah to come North from Texas to the Chickasaw Nation.

I have looked in every Alabama County and never found a record that even might be Joshua's parents.


Re: Hawkins, James P.

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Alabama records I've seen show "head of household" then no other names - just things like "child 10-15 yrs" woman 23 yrs, etc. it's almost impossible to find an ancestor unles you know the head of household's name - I have never been able to find out who the parents of my James P. Hawkins was. Might check land records if you have any idea where they lived in Alabama -

Re: Hawkins, James P.

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I have thought since both Joshua's and his son Noah's middle name was "Allen" perhaps Joshua's mother was surnamed "Allen" -- but no luck with that. There was one Hawkins who married an Allen of that era, but their kids are listed and there is no Joshua. The middle name of one of Noah's brothers was "Benjamin" and I thought of Benjamin Hawkins, Creek agent, and Allen is a common Creek surname -- but again that is 100 percent speculation with the slimest of evidence to back it up. Allen is also a common Chickasaw suranme and Noah went to live in the Chickasaw Nation for some unknown reason, but that proves nothing at all, either.

Checking these "guesses" has also proved fruitless, as has checking census records..

I do have one alternative, however. I have heard of a Hawkins DNA test which should take us back to th original Hawkins who came to America, dad said he was told the first Hawkins in his line came from Ireland but it sounds English to me. However what he said usually proves to be right. I can prove I am descended from someone, and perhaps skip a generation or two to get to Joshua.

I am just about to take a vacation and when I get back and get a paycheck under my belt I will probably do the DNA test. I see no alternative.


On a more productive note --

I am going to SE Virginia and will visit Fort Christianna, as I have been told I have many surnames that correspond to known Saponi surnames, including Richey (listed as FPC in Amherst Co., Va where the Monacan live today), Woods (Monocan), Dickson/Dixon (Saponi), Woods (Monacan), Wayland (Saponi) and Hamilton (Monacan). My great grandpa (Jeffrey Hoten Richey) was descended from all these surnames also, making it highly unlikely that this is a coincidence, but that can't be ruled out. My ancestors are also found in places where these Piedmont Siouan people lived. I will be meeting with some present day descendants of these people on my trip to Virginia and hope to learn more information at that time, next week.

Monacan and Saponi and all the other Piedmont Siouan (Tutelo, Occoneechee, Eno, Saura/Sara and others) people were sent to Fort Christinna during the Tuscarora War 1711 as a buffer between th Virginia settelrs and the Tuscarora. The were called "Tributary Indians" by the Virginians, meaning they'd signed a treaty with the colony of Virginia for mutual protection from other tribes, principly Seneca and Tuscarora, who wre devastating them. These Piedmont Siouans were allies to and relations with the Catawba. They sometimes lived with the Catawba but left usually after a short while. Gov Spotswood, the Va governor that sent them all to Fort Christianna, created an "Indian Trading Company" and used the Saponi as scouts who accompanied his trading expeditions to the tribes inland. When irginia documents speak of "Indian scouts" they are talking about these people. There are researchers who have found links proving some Melungeon families WERE dscended from some of these Saponi families. (Who's our People, PhD dissertation 2003 by Richard Allen Carlson, Jr, applying to Michigan State University. This includes the Sizemore surname, by the way and many others who have been told they were Cherokee, and whose Guion-Miller Applications were rejected.

I know some of my ancestors were Indian and some were white, but I don't know which were which so I am trying both possibilities for all surnames, and trying to keep an open mind for what ever I come across.

If you are interested in the DNA test for Hawkins (you have to be direct line male descendant of a Hawkins for it to work), I can tell you how to get in touch with those doing the research. Since your surname and mine are both Hawkins, it will work for both of us.


Re: Hawkins, James P.

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Surnames: Hawkins, Kelly, Looper, Caddell, Castleberry, Clark, Phillips,Tidmore, Sims/Simms/Symes, Hartsfield, Howard, Trice, Guthrie
That was most interesting. Thank you for taking the time to post it.

I strongly encourage you to go the DNA route. I am not a male Hawkins and can't take it, but have also been told we have Cherokee blood or perhaps Native American of some tribe from which we decend. I don't know if it is my Kelly or Hawkins line. They were in Union Co., SC in 1800 and before and went to AL about 1840-1850.

I am stuck on Elisha Hawkins b. 1800 SC.

One source told me Joshua was his father, but never could get the person to tell me how they came across that information and it never led anywhere.

There are a lot of James Hawkins.

Good luck and keep us posted.


Re: Hawkins, James P.

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My Hawkins y-chromosome DNA test came back Caucasian, R1b. However I took an autosomal DNA test and it came back mostly Caucasian, but tri-racial -- including American Indian and African American ancestry as well.

I don't know if it ws my Hawkins ancestor or others who mixed at some point.

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