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Caspar (Melchior) Waldfogel (Schafhaussen, SW)

Caspar (Melchior) Waldfogel (Schafhaussen, SW)

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I saw your message concerning the Waldvogels. I have been searching for my husband'e great grandfather, Caspar Waldfogel, from Schaffhausen, any help? His name may have also been Melchior, and Waldfogel may have been changed to [f] from [v]. He settled in Fulton county, Ohio.
He was born August 25, 1857, parents Hans & Anna.

Any help you can contribute would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Caspar (Melchior) Waldfogel (Schafhaussen, SW)

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I believe our lines are related.
Mine as far as I can tell:
Hans Martin Waldvogel m. Ursula Meister
Their son: Johannes Waldvogel married Anna Bueher
Their son: Hans Martin Waldvogel m. Anna Waldvogel
Hans Martin is likely John Martin Waldvogel Sr. His wife Anna came to the US in 1872 with my great-great grandfather, John Martin Waldvogel Jr. Martin Sr. (Hans) farmed in 1881 in Toledo, and disappeared sometime after 1885. I can't find a death record for him and I haven't been able to find his children other than my direct line. Perhaps you have come across Martin Waldvogel in Fulton County, or mentioned in an obituary?
I would like to know where you got your information on your line. I am hoping it is somewhere besides the LDS site. I can't find a film thru the LDS of Stettin church records. I have searched the internet and can't figure out how to get records from Stetten. Any suggestions?
I don't know what you know about Melchoir but some of this information may be helpful to you:
Marriage of Melchior Waldvogel to Caroline Weland Lucas Co. Probate court vol. 2 page 735.
Forest Cemetery Toledo burial record Mechoir Waldvogel, age 34, buried (also spelled Waldrogel, Waldfogel, Waldnogel) 3-20-1887. Same area is Theresa Waldvogel, age 1, buried 4-01-1888.
Lucas Co.Probate court death record Melchior Waldvogel vol. 2 pg. 215 Feb. 19, 1887

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Surnames: Waldvogel, Waldfogel
I am also looking for more information on Melchior Kasper Waldvogel, born 1857. He emigrated from Canton, Schaffhausen Switzerland, and ended up in Fulton County Ohio in the 1880's.

I have some information to indicate that there is a Melchoir in each of the previous 2 generations. The Melchior who died in 1887 would be still a different one, since Melchior Kasper didn't die until 1933, and is buried in Smith Cemetary in Fulton County OH.

I don't see anything in the ancestry data I have, going back to 1800, that includes a Martin Waldvogel. I do show a Hans Martin Waldvogel born in Schaffhausen sometime (I'm guessing) in the 1820-1830 range.

I'm wondering if there is any connection, or is the Waldfogel name so common in Schaffhausen that they are really separate families, and separate emigrations?

Any insights?

Re: Caspar (Melchior) Waldfogel (Schafhaussen, SW)

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Surnames: Waldvogle, Waldfogel
I found Hans Martin Waldvogel (Martin Waldvogel) born 1830, and his wife, Anna Waldvogel (maiden AND married name) in Bedford, MI.

I have 2 Martin Waldvogel's marrying an Anna Waldvogel, and they aren't kissin cousins, so I would say yes, that name is that common.
I also found a site on Stettin, Switzerland. Here is a portion of the translation that I got using Bable Fish:

After the night meal in the kitchen Fritz stayed again in the room. It stepped to the window. Meanwhile it had completely become night. A large peace lay over the village. Innumerable stars shone at the Firnament, and a Mondsichel accompanied them. How it stared in such a way in itself turned into the night sky, Fritz a thought shot so enormous by the head, that he had to hold on to window CIM. ... Nearly Fritz had to out-laugh into the quiet night, if he thought of the verdutzten (?) faces of Waldvogels, Buehrers, Brunners, which would make her with the opening of its history.

I get the idea that Waldvogel is a very old name.

I am confused (don't be insulted, I get confused easily). Do you know the name of the parents of the Melchior that you are looking for?

Our dates are very close: Anna Waldvogel arrived in the US Oct. 9, 1872.

Other Waldvogel's that emigrated to the Toledo area:
Conrad Waldvogel (9 Jun 1827-12 Mar 1901) emigrated to America from Stettin, Schaffhausen, Switzerland in 1847. He had two brothers, Jacob (2 Sep 1820-12 Aug 1898) and Martin (unknown).

This is why I originally asked where we could get the records for Stetten, Switzerland. I haven't found LDS films. Other than going there, where can we find this information? Where did the LDS records come from originally? This info. is mainly from the LDS site. The records I have found in this area have confirmed the LDS info. but I who knows if there are errors.

Descendants of Hans Martin Waldvogel

Generation No. 1

1. Hans Martin1 Waldvogel He married Ursula Meister.

Children of Hans Waldvogel and Ursula Meister are:
JOHANNES Waldvogel, born June 06, 1802 in LDS; died January 17, 1833.
Melchior Waldvogel, born December 05, 1803; died June 24, 1859.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHANNES Waldvogel was born June 06, 1802 , and died January 17, 1833. He married Anna Buehrer January 11, 1827, daughter of Jakob Buehrer and Anna Bruehlmann. She was born May 08, 1807 and died March 22, 1875.

Child of JOHANNES Waldvogel and Anna Buehrer is:
+4 i. MARTIN Johannes Waldvogel, born November 29, 1830 in Stetten, Schaffhausen, Switzerland; died 1899 in Bedford, MI

3. Melchior (Casper?) Waldvogel was born December 05, 1803, and died June 24, 1859. He married Dorothea Buergi. She was born March 03, 1794.

Child of Melchior Waldvogel and Dorothea Buergi is:
5 i.Hans Martin Waldvogel, born September 21, 1827. He married Anna Waldfogel; born January 08, 1816.

Generation No. 3

4. MARTIN Johannes (or Johannes Martin) Waldvogel was born November 29, 1830 in Stetten, Schaffhausen, Switzerland. He married ANNA Waldvogel December 11, 1851 in Stetten, Schaffhausen , daughter of Melchior Waldvogel and Anna Ehrat. She was born June 30, 1830 in Stetten, Schaffhausen, Switzerland , and died 1914 in Bedford, MI.

Toledo, OH

Re: Caspar (Melchior) Waldfogel (Schafhaussen, SW)

Teijo Doornkamp (View posts)
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Interesting names. A Jakob Waldvogel is in the lines of my wife. He originated from Stetten, Switzerland. I traced back his ancestry way back. Names frequently used are Melchior, Anna, Hans, Ursula. You can find my data on It's in dutch I'm afraid but the Names section is straightforward enough I believe. And ask me if you want to know more...


Re: Caspar (Melchior) Waldfogel (Schafhaussen, SW)

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I noticed a Waldvogel-Buehrer connection, and although they are common names it might be more than coincidence that I have that connection as well:
I have a Georg Waldvogel born in 1831 (a possible sibling of MARTIN Johannes Waldvogel?). He married a Barbara Buehrer (born 1837) and had the following 12 children: Mary, Emma, Ella, Barbara, Livinia, Ida, Simon, Ed, Bob, Jake, John and George Jr. Mary is my ancestor; she was born in 1858, married John Ruhly of Schaffhausen, Switzerland and they lived in Toledo.
Georg died in Pettisville Ohio in 1897, and Barbara died 3 years later.
Does this raise any flags for anyone?

Re: Caspar (Melchior) Waldfogel (Schafhaussen, SW)

Bonnie (View posts)
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Surnames: Waldvogel
Yes, that does raise flags! I have a Hans Georg in my tree, with a birth year of 1833. Father Melchior, mother Dorothea Buergi. He was brother of Hans Martin, but I have no marriage information on him.
My father-in-law's grew up in Pettisville, although I didn't think he had any ancestors beyond Casper who lived in that area. That would be Casper's uncle.(IF it's the same person.)However, in my research, I discovered that there were a LOT Waldvogels with the same or similar first names. We even have Waldvogels married to Waldfogels.

Re: Caspar (Melchior) Waldfogel (Schafhaussen, SW)

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I'm also a descendant of Martin and Anna Waldvogel of Bedford, MI. I'm looking for more information about them. I have a picture of both of them, and know that he was born about 1830 in Switzerland and died about 1899(probably in Temperance, MI). He and his wife are buried at Hitchcock Cemetary, Temperance, MI. In our records, Anna's maiden name is listed as Buene(not sure of the spelling), and is listed also from Switzerland. Their daughter, Rose, my great-great grandmother married Edward Meinhardt of Temperance, MI. If you have any additional information, please reply to my email address.

Keri Koch
Monroe, MI

Re: Caspar (Melchior) Waldfogel (Schafhaussen, SW)

Cheryl Wendt Horn (View posts)
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Surnames: Waldvogel, Waldfogle, Kopfmann, Kopfman, Wendt, Mahan, Moore
I have a new email address and just got this message today, so I apologize for not contacting you sooner.

We are definately related and I have a lot of information. I will contact you via email.

My email address is

Thank you! I look forward to exchanging information. Please see below.


This is not a mistake. Waldvogels did marry Walvogels )there were lots of Waldvogels and they were not closely related (if only my family tree program would let me enter them easily)

MARTIN J. (Hans Martin) Waldvogel

Birth: 29 Nov 1830, Stetten, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Death: 1899
Burial: Temperance, Monroe Co., MI
Switzerland Marriage: 11 DEC 1851
Father: Johannes Waldvogel Family Mother: Anna Buehrer

Wife: Anna Waldvogel Birth: 30 JUN 1830 Stetten, Schaffhausen, died. 1914 buried Hitchcock Cemetery, Monroe County, Michigan ,East side of Lewis Ave near Sterns Rd. Temperance, MI
Records are located at the Bedford Township Hall, 8100 Jackman Road,Temperance MI There are only 366 burial sites at the cemetery.
Anna's father is Melchior Waldvogel Mother: Anna Ehrat

Immigration 1872 so Martin Jr. was age 10. Had to have come with father! (this guy)

Proof that Hans Martin is John Martin or Johann Martin or Martin J. Waldvogels father:
My Martin John Waldvogel Jr. states in this Naturalization application that he came to America in Oct. of 1872. His death certificate states that his Mother's maiden name is Anna Waldvogel. The only Waldvogel I found emigrating Oct. 1872 is Anna Waldvogel, with children including Martin, age 9, which matches my Martin's date of birth.
Ship: City of Limerick From: Liverpool and Queenstown To: New York Arrived: 09 October 1872
Waldvogel, Anna age 42 Male (!)- Note: This age matches the LDS record for Anna Waldvogel, born 30 Jun 1830, spouse of Hans
George, age 20, Male Labr. Note: This makes him born about 1852. It is likely that this is not their son.
Verina, age 18, female spinster- Note: This matches the Verena Waldvogel, born 15 Oct 1854
Marie, age 11, female- Note:Anna Maria Waldvogel was born 11 Apr 1859
Elizabeth, age 10, female- Note: LDS Elisabeth born 09 Aug 1860
Martine, age 9, female (!) My Martin was born April 2, 1862, the exact date as the Martin in the LDS record and matching the age of this record.
Lydia, age 8, female. Note: Matches Lydia, born 11 Jun 1863

Toledo City directory 1879 Martin saloon 333 Summit so this is the Dad!
Toledo City directory 1882 Martin farmer, res w s Stickney ave s of Ottawa river and Martin Jr. farmer, bds with Martin!
Toledo City Directory Martin Waldvogel:
1885-86 farmer, res w s Stickney ave nr Manhattan ave.

1. Anna Waldvogel Birth: 10 JUN 1853 Stetten, Schaffhausen, Switzerland Death: 30 AUG 1859
2. Verena Waldvogel Female Birth: 15 OCT 1854 Stetten, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
3. Johannes Waldvogel Birth: 30 OCT 1855 Stetten, Schaffhausen, Switzerland Death: 23 JUL 1856
4. Barbara Waldvogel Birth: 14 JUL 1857 Stetten, Schaffhausen, Switzerland Death: 08 OCT 1857
5. Anna Maria Waldvogel Birth: 11 APR 1859 Stetten, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
6. Elisabeth Waldvogel Birth: 09 AUG 1860 Stetten, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
7. Johann Martin Waldvogel Birth: 02 APR 1862 Stetten, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
8. Lydia Waldvogel Birth: 11 JUN 1863 Stetten, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
9. Gottfried Waldvogel Male Birth: 03 AUG 1865 Stetten, Schaffhausen, Switzerland Death: 02 MAY 1871
10. Anna Waldvogel Birth: 02 JUN 1867 Stetten, Schaffhausen, Switzerland Death: 30 APR 1871

My Line: MARTIN John (Johann Martin) WaldVogel Jr.
Birth: 2 Apr 1862, Switzerland
Death: 5 Mar 1914, Toledo
Burial: 7 Mar 1914, Forest Cemetary, St. Johns!

Blade obit but forgot to get date: Martin J. Waldvogel, 51, of 451 Hamilton street, died Thursday morning. He is survived by a wife and family. The funeral will be held in St. John's Lutheran Church, Erie and Harrison streets, at 2 Saturday afternoon and interment will be in Forest cemetery.
Index of Registered voters 9- 26/24/25 Oct. 1890 Toledo
Waldvogel, Martin 353 Tecumseh Ward 4 Precinct D (same street as Marie Kopfmann)

Spouse: MARIA (Mary) Kopfmann
Birth: 16 Nov 1865, Baden Baden Germany
Death: 15 May 1929, Toledo, OH
Father: Matthew Kopfmann (1815-1909)
Mother: Anna Marie Mattmiller (1836-1923)
Marr: 10 Aug 1885, Lucas Co. Probate Record Vol. 3.5 Page 322. Day is hard to read.

Children: Mayme A. (1885-1971)
Martin N. (1887-1919)
Frederick C. (1890-1961)
WILLIAM Edward (1892-1958)
Arthur (1894-1968)
Florence A. (~1897-1919)
Norman (Jack) (1902-) WILLIAM Edward Waldvogel

Birth: 13 Mar 1892, Washington Twp.., Lucas County Ohio birth cert. name Willie
Death: 10 Jan 1958, Toledo, Ohio
Burial: 14 Jan 1958, Forest Cemetary, Sec. Y gr. 4 lot 411

1920 Census. William Waldvogel, age 27, born in Ohio, salesman at Cigar store,father born in Switzerland spoke German, mother born and spoke German, living on Hamiliton Street, age , wife Laura age 27,born in Ohio, her father born in New York and mother born in Ohio, daughter Florence age 7.
Birth certificate(transcript from Record of births-Lucus Co. from Record of births Vol. 4 page 380) lists name in full as Willie Waldvogel, mother's maiden name Mary Hoffman (her name was Kopfman) , residing West Toledo. Sealed on Dec. 17th, 1941!! (born March 13th, 1892)
Spouse: Loretta E. (Laura) Moore
Birth: 22 Jul 1893, Toledo, Ohio
Death: 27 May 1965, Toledo, Ohio
Father: James A. Moore (1850-1910)
Mother: Mary Mahan
Marr: Aug 1911

Children: Florence Carolyn Marie (1912-2003)
Billy (1914-1923)

Florence is my Grandmother. She married Kenneth Vanner Wendt.

Re: Caspar (Melchior) Waldfogel (Schafhaussen, SW)

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I am connected to your family through Lavina. Please e-mail me and we can share some information!

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