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Joseph Pokorski - Lincoln, Illinois

Joseph Pokorski - Lincoln, Illinois

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Surnames: Pokorski
I am doing research on my great-grandfather, Joseph (also spelled Josef or Jozef) Pokorski. He was born in Poznan, Poland (sometimes spelled Posnan when part of Germany) in July of 1849. He died in 1905 in Lincoln, IL. He was married to Frances Kwiatkowska in Poland in May of 1871. They came over on the ship Ophela (Ophelia?) from Hamburg, Germany to London and then to the US. They left on April 6, 1881, landing in New York the day President Garfield was shot, July 2, 1881. They had ten children. Three were born in Szubin, Poland but one of them died (Theresa) and the other two (Mary Maria and Jan Aloysius "John") came with them. The rest of the 7 children (Elizabeth Frances - my grandmother , Victor, Frank, Rosa, Stella, Cecilia, Henry Harry) were born in Lincoln, Illinois. If anyone has any information on any of the above Pokorskis, please contact me at Thanks.

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you must have this info already but my name is keith pokorski, living in chicago. my grandfather was frank pokorski. married to betty (endicott)-pokorski, their only son, george, is my father. three children from george; kristie, keith and karrie. mother judy(harroun)-pokorski of minneapolis

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Surnames: Kible/Kibel Pokorski
Was your Great-Grandfather also named "Frank" and married to Pearl Kible/Kibel? Did your Grandfather Frank have siblings named; Joseph, Mary, Agnes, Virginia, and Richard? I am researching the Kible/Kibel family line from Logan County, Illinois. Pearl Kible is a first cousin of mine three times removed. If any of these names are familiar and in your family line please contact me.

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Frank Pokorski was my father's uncle. Joseph Pokorski was Frank's father. My grandmother on this list below is Elizabeth Frances Pokorski. Here is a little info about the family below. Let me know if you have any questions.


Joseph Jozef Pokorski (parents Mateusz Pokorski and Jozefa Szelma) was born 24 Dec 1849 in Dabrowka, Bydgoszcz, Poland. He died 15 Dec 1905 in Lincoln, Logan, IL.

Joseph Pokorski came from Poznan, Poland. This is both the capital city of a region known as Posen (Posen, Posnan, or Poznan - depending on German or Polish spelling) and also the name of the region itself. Many emmigrants gave the name of the region as their place of origin. He was apparently living in Barcin, Poland (part of Prussia, Germany at the time.
He and his wife Francisca came over on the ship Ophelia from Hamburg, Germany to London, England. They left Hamburg on April 6, 1881. They sailed from London to New York City on the ship Victoria and arrived in New York on April 25, 1881. They were in New York the day President Garfield was shot (July 2, 1881). They came with two children, Marianne and Jan. They had ten children, the oldest dying at four years in Poland.

In September of 1885, J. Pokorski was listed as a witness at the wedding of Martin Kwiatkowski and Agnes Sytek in Alpena, Michigan. Mr. Pokorski's place of residence was listed as Metz, Michigan. This was a lumber town in the north forest that was settled by people from Germany and Poland. Many from Posen, Poland lived in the area. The town of Posen, Michigan is near there. In other documents, Joseph Pokorski's occupate was listed as lumberjack. And we do know that he lived from 1882 to 1885 in Michigan. So it would make sense that he would have lived in Metz, Michigan.

In the 1900 census, the family lived in Minonk, Woodford County, Illinois. It listed his birthplace as Poland/Germany and his estimated date of birth as 1850 with an immigration year of 1882 (roll T623 356; page 9B; enumeration District 131). After coming to the US, he lived in Michigan until 1885, probably Metz, Michigan. His occupation was variously listed as whiskymaker, laborer, lumberjack and coal miner. He was naturalized as a US Citizen on 10 Oct 1888.

The following is his obituary from the Lincoln newspaper:

Joseph Pokorski, a miner at the Latham Coal Co., died at his home, 613 Omaha avenue, at 1:30 a.m. Friday at the age of 56 years and 9 months. He had been sick for the past four months and was bed-ridden during the last seven weeks. Deceased has lived in the state of Illinois for the past twenty years. He came to this city in September 1904 and had, to the time of his illness, been employed in the Latham mine. He leaves surviving a wife and nine children, the youngest being five years of age. Two of the children are married and the remainder are at home, all living in this city. The funeral will take place Sunday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. in St. Patrick's church, with burial in Holy Cross cemetery.

Note: Holy Cross Cemetery is now known as St. Patrick's Cemetery in Lincoln.

His death certificate said he lived in Illinois since 1885 and died at 613 Omaha Avenue in Lincoln, IL. Cause of death listed as Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Endocarditis that he had for 1 1/2 years. Apparently, they lived in Michigan from 1881 to 1885 and then Minonk, IL until 1891, moving to Lincoln in 1891.

The Latham Coal Company Mine was the largest in Central Illinois, employment being furnished to over three hundred men at the highest point. The mine was operated from 1903 to 1933 and was actually within the city limits of Lincoln, IL in the northeast quadrant of the city. It was known as the North Mine when Joseph Pokorski worked there. The mine was a shaft mine which ultimately produced more than 5 million tons of coal and covered more than 1600 acres. The coal was known as #5 coal or Springfield coal and was a 5 foot seam that averaged 275 feet under the surface of the earth. This mine was one of the most successful coal mines in Illinois.

From Lloyd's Register of Ships:
OPHELIA - 1875/1885-1887
Code letters: VPBD Official Number: 47522
Master: Captain Strickland (1875); Captain Featherstonehaug (1885-87)
Rigging: iron Barque; 2 decks; 2 cemented bulkheads
Tonnage: 1,184 tons gross, 1,105 under deck and 1,184 net
Dimensions: 217.5 feet long, 35.7 foot beam and holds 22.6 feet deep;
Raised Quarter Deck 79 tons; Poop 43 feet long
Construction: 1863, J. Reid & Co. in Port Glasgow.
Owners: Bowring & Co. (1875); C.T. Bowring & Co. (1885-87)
Port of registry: Liverpool

C.T. Bowring & Company, the owner of the Ophelia was founded in St. John's, Newfoundland in the 1820's. They expanded to liverpool in the 1840's. The Ophelia was placed in service in 1863 and deleted from Lloyd's Register in 1887.

Note: A barque is a vessel with at least three masts, all of them fully square rigged except for the sternmost one, which is fore-and-aft rigged. The wooden three-masted barque was the most common type of deep-water cargo-carrier in the middle of the 19th century. However, only one such vessel has survived to our days - the Sigyn. The typical cargo-carrier of the early 20th century was the four-masted steel barque. When four-masted barques started to appear in the 19th century, they were often called full-rigged ships since they had three square rigged masts, and a ship was more highly regarded than a barque.

Joseph Jozef married Frances Francioca (Fanny) Kwiatkowska. Frances Francioca (Fanny) (parents Adelbert Kwiatkowski and Antonina (Anna) Czajkoska) was born 20 Apr 1855 in Poznan?, Poland. She died 12 Jan 1931 in Lincoln, Logan, IL.

Joseph Jozef Pokorski and Frances Francioca (Fanny) Kwiatkowska had the following children:

1. Elizabeth Frances Pokorski was born 14 Jun 1897 in Minonk, Woodford, IL. She died 26 Mar 1939 in Peoria, Peoria, Illinois, USA.

2. Mary A. (Maria) Pokorski was born 11 Feb 1878 in Barcin, Posen?, Poland. She died 9 August 1971 in Lincoln, Logan, IL.

3. Victor Pokorski was born 27 May 1892 in Minonk, Woodford, IL. He died 29 June 1979 in Lincoln, IL.

4. Frank Pokorski was born 27 Oct 1887 in Minonk, Woodford, IL. He died 31 Jan 1964 in Lincoln, IL.

Frank Pokorski (parents Joseph Jozef Pokorski and Frances Francioca (Fanny) Kwiatkowska) was born 27 Oct 1887 in Minonk, Woodford, IL. He died 31 Jan 1964 in Lincoln, IL.

Born in Minonk and moved to Lincoln in 1904 and then raised in Lincoln, Illinois. 6th oldest child in family. Buried at St. Patrick Cemetery (Holy Cross Cemetery) in Lincoln, IL. Moved to Springfield and raised kids there.

Frank married Pearl Kible. Pearl was born 1895. She died 1969 in Lincoln, IL. Buried at St. Patrick Cemetery (Holy Cross Cemetery) in Lincoln, IL.

Frank Pokorski and Pearl Kible had the following children:

1. Virginia Pokorski.

2. Frank Jr. (Bud) Pokorski was born 4 Jul 1920 in Lincoln, IL. He died before 2003 in Decatur, IL.

3. Agnes M. Pokorski was born 16 May 1918 in Lincoln, IL. She died 16 Mar 2003 in Lincoln, IL.

4. Richard Pokorski.

5. Joseph Pokorski was born 18 Jul 1914 in Lincoln, IL. He died 11 Nov 1933 in Hartsburg, IL.

Oldest child. One report says he was killed near Hartsburg, IL in a fall from a gravel truck while doing road work. Another report says he was killed when the dump truck bed came down on him. Buried at St. Patrick Cemetery in Lincoln, IL.

6. Mary Pokorski was born 1917.

5. Rosa Pokorski was born 20 May 1883 in Michigan. She died 25 Jan 1968 in California.

6. Stella Ella Pokorski was born 26 Dec 1885 in Minonk, Woodford, IL. She died Feb 1968 in Peoria, IL.

7. Cecilia Pokorski was born 20 Sep 1894 in Minonk, Woodford, IL. She died 24 Sep 1991 in Riverside, CA.

8. Henry Harry Pokorski was born 25 April 1900 in Minonk, Woodford, IL. He died 18 Nov 1955 in Detroit, MI.

9. Jan Aloysius (John) Pokorski was born 15 Nov 1880 in Szubin, Poland. He died 5 Aug 1957 in Lincoln, Logan, IL .

10. Theresa Pokorski was born 1876 in Poland. She died 1880 in Poland.

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Surnames: Kible Pokorski
Thank you very much for the Pokorski family information. Especially the information on Frank Porkorski and Pearl Kible. Do you know when they were married? Do you have any obituary info for any members of this family? I have obits for Agnes and Virginia Pokorski but that is all.
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