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Edgar Lockerman Ga

Edgar Lockerman Ga

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Can anyone help with this man i have no clue as to how he is related to me. There are several others besides him that are Buried in Oakland Cemetery Allen H Lockerman , and these are buried in different cemetery's C L Lockerman R A Lockerman Jeff Lockerman Allen E Lockerman Jr . All of these Lockerman's are somehow related as i have their Obit's from the dooly co paper I am trying to put together the Lockerman Burgess Allen and Faulk Family trees Also Their are Two Layfield Babys buried in Oakland Cemetery You can barely read their stones Does anyone know who these children are and who they belong to and how are the Layfeilds related to the Lockerman's Someone please Help me with this please . Thanks Lori Webb

Re: Edgar Lockerman Ga

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Re: Edgar Lockerman Ga

Lori L Webb (View posts)
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Surnames: Allen ,Burgess, Faulk, Folbs , Layfield , Spradley Lockerman
Hi John, I have most of this info contained in your email and i have alot more research on the Burgess line as well as the Lockerman Line I got it through alot of hard hours of research . I found Mary emma Ivey Allen's Obit and have a copy of it But i couldn't find a copy of John Wesley Allen's and I was very Curious about him as i had identified every one but four graves then i found mary Emma's Obit which said she was interred at Oakland Cemetery so i figured John was buried there as well now there are only 2 graves left to be identifed but first i will have to find out which 2 of the 4 graves is John W Allen and Mary Emma before i can seek out the other two people buried in the unknown graves. I have been going to this Cemetery since i was a baby for our family reunion and cleanup of our family cemetery . I have often wondered about the other families Allen, Burgess , Faulk , Folbs and so on . I am Louise B Lockerman's Granddaughter and g granddaughter of Bob Lockerman and Rosa Mae Burgess and gg granddaughter of John S Burgess and Louisa Allen and ggg grandaughter of John Wesley Allen and Mary Emma Ivey. my granny told me stories about when the whole family got together and sang and danced and gathered for prayer before their meal i think is awesome that all the families came together for this one day together and have wondered for years why that doesn't occur anymore. I haven't gotten to go to the Johnson Cemetery Yet but i am going to go to collect our family info from there as well I am going toput it together for publishing a book but i have to do some background work first it is said the Lockermans came from Holland to America and it is said the Burgess line is from Ireland , The Allen i don't know because i never could get past John Wesley Allen and Mary Emma Ivey . also my other ggg grandparents are Willis W Burgess and Martha ann Cross . We have a family reunion coming up on the 4th sunday of September as usual. I am hopeing you can provide me with help on John Wesley Allen and his parents . I am hooked on finding out my familyhistory Do you have any photo's of John Wesley Allen and Mary Emma Ivey also does anyone have photo's of John S Burgess and Louisa Allen . I'll be glad to share if you want to. Thanks Lori L Webb

Re: Edgar Lockerman Ga

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Surnames: Burgess-Cross-Lockerman-Grier-Spradley-Hudson-Porter-Jackson
Elizabeth Byrd (1819 - Unknown) married Stephen T Burgess (1809-Unknown)

1. William Wiley (1838-1880) married Martha Ann Elizabeth Cross (1839-1882)
2. Marjorie Ann Elizabeth Burgess 1841-unk
3. Jackson LaFayett Burgess 1843-unk
4. Abraham Francis Burgess 1846-unk
5. Sarah Ann Burgess 1847-unk
6. Marthy Ann Jane Burgess 1847-unk
7. Elizabeth Ann Margaret 1850-1914
8. Stephen T Jr 1853-unk married Melinda J Lockerman (1852-unk) child: Pate Burgess (1878-unk)
9. James Elsburry Burgess 1855-unk
10. Babe Burgess (1861-unk)
11. Arinda Jackson Burgess (1865-unk)
12. Narcissus Burgess (unk-1927 married Elijah Daniel Hudson (1866-1934)

Children of William Wiley Burgess and Martha Ann Elizabeth Cross:
1. Amy Mariah Elizabeth (1859-unk)
2. John S Burgess (1859-unk)
3. Robert M Burgess (1861-1926)
4. Richard L Burgess (1868-unk)
5. Betsy Burgess (1870-unk)

Children of Narcissus Burgess and Elijah Daniel Hudson:
1. Mary Susie Hudson (1891-1942 married Madison Bowen (1892-1978)
children Thelma Agnes Bowen (1915-
Elijah Olen Bowen (1922-
2. Essie Faye Hudson (1892-1972) married W Edmond Porter (unk-1939.
children Wilmer Edmond Porter 1921-1927
Frances Earlene Porter (1927- married William Roger Jackson Jr (1924- : children Edmond and Wanda
3. Eula Mae Hudson 1894-1971 married Curtis B Peavy (1893-unk)
4. L B Hudson (1901-1903
5. Myrtice E Hudson 1907-Unk married John Elliott McCrary (1903-1960).

Children of John S Burgess and Louisa Allen:
1. A Robert Burgess 1890-unk
2. Rosa Mae Burgess 1897-1920 married William Robert Joshua Lockerman (1915-1993)
3. Sim W Burgess (1898-
4. Brightie Burgess 1901-unk married Allen elijah Lockerman Sr (1879-1971)
5. Ossie Burgess (1905-unk) married Mae Grier (1906-unk)
6. Hazel Burgess (1906-unk) married a White
7. Annie Maude Burgess (1911-unk) married Clyde Spradley (1916-1978)

Children of Rosa Mae Burgess and William Robert Joshua Lockerman:
1. Louise Beatrice Lockerman (1915-1993)married Gus Mobley Algie Abbott (1st) then she married Otis Windham
2. Zadie Mae Lockerman (1917-unk) married an Aultman
3. John Alvin Lockerman (1919-unk)
4. Aaron J Lockerman (1921-
5. David Lockerman (1923
6. George M Lockerman (1925

Re: Edgar Lockerman Ga

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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Allen Cross Goodroe Tyndall Rigsby Thompson Hammock Lockerman
John Wesley Allen (1849-1930) married Mary Emma Ivey (1855-unk)
1. Louisa Allen (1872-unk) married John S Burgess (1859-unk)
2. Wesley Calhun Allen (1874-1947) married Norma Lizzie Smith (1875-unk) (1st wife); married Rena Busby (1886-1957) (2nd wife); married Vida Hogg (1875-unk)
3. Mattie C Allen (1876-unk) married Richard Edward Goodroe (1876-unk)
4. Minnie Lee Allen (1879-unk) married Homer M Faulk (1873-unk)
5. Oscar Bern Allen (1883-1964) married Laura Mae Summerford (1885-unk)
6. Eugene H Allen (1888-1956)
7. Katie Allen (1891-Unk) married Dudley Johnson Sr (1889-unk)
8. Leonard Wimberly Allen (1894-1978) married Donnie Estelle Griffin (1900-1969)
9. Thomas J Allen (1894-unk) marrited Hattie (1st); Myrtle (2nd wife)

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wesley Calhun Allen and Norma Lizzie Smith Children:
1. John Wesley Allen (1898-1964) married Winnie Marchman (1898-1964) - child James Wesley Allen married Mary Lee McCool
2. Carson C Allen (1900-1968) married Thelma P (1906-1933)
3. Richard C Allen (1903-
4. Annie Ethel Allen (1905-1995) married Harry E Coppock (1904-unk) son Carl Allen (1927)
5. Edna Lee Allen (1910-1969) married Frank T Hammock (1909-unk) 1st; married Unknown Gordon (2nd)

Children of Wesley Calhun Allen and Rena Busby
1. Claude Herman Allen, Sr 1915-1979 (my father) married Hazel Margaret Higgins (my mother) (1916-1994)
a. Claude Herman Allen Jr - 1935 married Josephine Mangiaracina
children: Michael Ray Allen 1957 and Mark Anthony Allen
b. John Ray Allen 1936 - married Sandra Lee Roberson
children: John Randall Allen married Alice Darling (1st)
child Megan Marie Allen
then married Lillian Tharp (2nd)
children: Caleb and Micah
c. Jack Arnold Allen (1938-1939)
d. Kenneth Leon Allen 1940- married Leona Watford
children: 1.Sherry Rene 1963-married Donald Roger Clausen; children Amber Dawn and Leah Elizabeth
2. Donna Lynn Allen married Edward Michael Coleman; children Brendon John and Jonathan Michael
3. Donald Wade Allen married Rungrudee Bea Justice; children Ashley Nicole and Steven Tyler
4. Shannon Leigh married Kenneth James Holland; children Eban Alexander Holland
c. Linda Nell Allen 1941 married Dennis James Harkin (1st cousing to Senator Harkin);
children: 1. Kimberly Linda Harkin married Michael wayne Parr; children Caitlin and Ryan Parr
2. Mary Kathleen Harkin married larry Baum;
children: Megan Danielle and Cameron Daniel Baum
d. Sandra Faye Allen 1944 married Foy Lee Pippin; children:
1. Karen Lee Pippin married Jeffrey Neil Davis Jr; children: Joshua Neil Davis
2. Jeffrey Scott Pippin married Lisa Carol Strand (1st) then married Elizabeth K Tanner (2nd) no children
3. Joey Allan Pippin married Shawana Dee Foxworth; children: Joey Allen Jr, Kelsey Nicole and Savannah Marie.
e. Donald Robert Allen 1945-1961 (self-inflicted gunshot)
Wesley Calhun Allen and Vida Hogg; Child: Martha Elizabeth Allen married Floyd Hiram Abstein; their children: Judith Eileen and Linda Gaye Abstein

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Children of Mattie C Allen and Richard Edward Goodroe:
1. Mary Goodroe married Charles Tyndall; children: Jeanie Ruth married Edward Kimsey; child Joyce Kimsey
2. Julius Goodroe married Vera Fleming
3. Thomas Wesley Goodroe married Artie Kimsey: children:
Adel Goodroe married Josh Rigsby; Ruby Goodroe married Hubbard Block; Thomas Wesley Jr; Buddy Goodroe
4. Maggie Magalene Goodroe married Jesse Lee Thompson; children: a.Carl F Thompson married Irene; b.Charles Vernton Thompson, c.Mattie Lou Thompson married unk Spradley; d. Jeanette Thompson married unk Peavy; e. J T Thompson; f. Bernard Thompson; g. Annie Mary married Albert Beavers;

children of Annie Mary Thompson and Albert Beavers:
Kay married a Gilmore; Sheila married a Dupree; Robert, Bennie, (Bennie's child Patsy Beavers married Derek Allen
Edna Goodroe married Charlie L Kimsey; children: 1. Billy Kimsey, 2. Edmond Kimsey married Lenora Susan Williams, 3. Herschel Kimsey, 4. Jewell Kimsey; 5. Pearl Kimsey; 6. Fannie Lillie Kimsey married Robert William Faulk 7. Snyder Kimsey

children fo Fannie Lillie Kimsey and Robert William Faulk:
1. Bobbie Ann Faulk married Ernest Francis Sr; children:
a. James Matthew Francis married Brandi Hilton; child: Katelyn Nicole
b. Lottie Rebecca married Kenneth Cox; children: Kenneth Jr and Kevin
c. Robert Emory Francis married Pam Wilkerson (1st); child: Samantha Nicole Francis
Robert Married Melissa Haden (2nd)
d. Ernest Francis Jr
e. Jason Allen Francis
2. Gloria Jean Faulk married Robert Francis (1st); children Robert Jr and Michelle
next, Gloria Jean married Roy Barwick; child Melinda
3. Brenda Fay Faulk married John Ruff; children: Michael and Ross
4. Sandy Faulk married Charles Hersey; child: Todd
5. Bernice Faulk married richard Crosby; children Robin, Travis and Ryan.
Minnie Lee Allen married Homer M Faulk; Children:
1. Marshall H Faulk married Grace Barlow
2. Claudie Faulk married John Leonard Tyndall; children
a. John 1917
b. Lloyd 1919
c. Ed 1920-1988
d. E B 1922
e. Erick 1924
f. Lillian married a Walker
3. Lucy Irene married Levin Gilbert McNeese; child: Mary L married Virgil Barry
4. Essie Faulk married Ernest Tyndall
5. Albert Souther Faulk married Molly Viola Burnett; children
a. Albert B, b.Charles B, c. Unknown married Thomas L Taylor, d. unknown married Garner Giddens, e Vivian faulk married Phillip Albright.
6. James Cornelius Faulk married Mary Bethia English; children: a. James Kenneth married Verda Jean Lindsey - their children Charles Kenneth, James Christopher and Michael Jerome
7. Lela Faulk married Homer Wiggins
8. Ida Kate Faulk married Robert Coogle
9. Jewel Faulk married Oris Wright
10. Richard Homer Faulk Jr married Elsie Bivins; children:
a. Marion married Lamar Smith - their children Mark and Amy Smith
Oscar Bern Allen married Laura Mae Summerford; children:
1. Emma Mae 2, Julius C, 3. Mary F, 4. Ossie Lee, 5. Mary Lou, 6. Oscar Floyd

Katie Allen (1891-unk) married Dudley Johnson; children:
1. Dudley Jr married mary Jane Hutchinson. 2. Ralph, 3, Billy Bo Johnson

Leonard Wilberly Allen (1894-1978) married donnie Estelle Griffin; children:
Onnie Wimberly Allen married Raymond Gordon Cross; children;
a. Ray Dean cross married Gail Connonia Mae Key (1st)
their children:
1. Johnny Gordon Cross married Maria Elaine Hardman;
2. Hugh Edward Cross married Tammy Rene Tucker (1st); their children: Sarah Elizabeth and rebekah Joy
Hugh Edward Cross married Grace Davis (2nd)
3. Neil Allen Cross
Ray Dean Cross married Patricia Woods jones (2nd)
Ray Dean Cross married lorene Richardson (3rd)
b. Marjorie Onita Cross married thomas Mccoy Carden; children:
1. Albert Medera Carden married Gloria Hurst; children: Thomas Andrew and Phillip Madera Carden
2. Benita Carden 1964-1964
3. Thomas McCoy Carden Jr married Charlene Rene Easom; children Kyle and Kendall laine Carden
4. Keith Leon Carden
c. Melba Ruth Cross married Arthur Jackson Robertson; children: 1. Arthur Jackson Robertson Jr married Tina Jackson; 2. Infant 1961; 3. William Eugene Robertson
d. Infant Cross 1941
e. Hugh Allen Cross married Virginia Alicia Minchew; children
1. Raymond Allen Cross, 2. Michael Aubrey Cross married Sylvia Denise Bobbitt - their children Amanda nichol and Jonathan Michael 3. Leonard Miller Cross, 4. Gene Aaron Cross.
f. Aubrey Eugene Cross married janis Davis
g.Cherry Dianne Cross married John Harold Braswell; children: 1. Jamie Lynn Braswell married Casey Lynn James Cox (1st) then married Steve Skinner their child Chandler Skinner. 2. John Harold Braswell Jr.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thomas Ishmael Allen married Doris Oban; children
1. John Wayne Allen married Jerry Faye Hatcher; their children: Jennifer Dianna Allen 1979; Leslie Renne Allen 1982
2. Letha Faye Allen 1959 married Harvey Edward Raper
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Allie Iris Allen 1922-1988 married Thomas edwards (1919-1974) children:
1. Alice Edwards married Daniel Gilliard (2 unknown children)
2. Dale Edwards, 3. Rodney Edwards, 4. Johnny Edwards, 5. Thomas Edwards Jr married Shannon Unk - their children: Bryan Wade, Donavin Keith, Marshall Craig, Kenneth Scott, Mitchell Allen Edwards.
Oscar Leonard Allen 1924-1989 married Christine Joiner; children:
1. Rodney O Allen married Carol M Bledsoe; children: Scott, Melanie and Derek married Patsy Beavers.
2. Sallie Carol Allen married Raymond Williams; children; Tina and Michael
3. Michael Allen married Gwenn Summers; child: Jacob Joiner Allen 1989
Lester John Allen 1927-1998 married Barbara Hansand; children: Linda, Pam and Paul

Olin Harris Allen 1929 married Vester Marlin; Child: Jerre Allen - his children kelly, Andrea and Jerre Jr.

Berlin Molloy Allen 1935 married thelma Christine Abbott; their children
1. Teresa Ann Allen married Gary Stewart; child: Candice Stewart married jeff Bledsoe
2. David Berlin Allen married Doris; children, Christy Dawn, Tera Lynn and Laura Beth Allen
3. Steven len Allen married Mia Canaday; their children: Andrew Steven Allen 1986 and Abby taylor Allen 1988
Thomas J Allen 1894 married Hattie (1st); children; W T 1916 and Robert 1918
then the married myrtle and their child: Tommy

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Lori Webb (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Lockerman, Allen, Burgess, Faulk, Cross
Hi John, Are You a direct Descendent of My Allen , Lockerman, Burgess, Cross, Faulk Family lines . I have been searching for alot and have gathered alot information by myself and through many other kind people who did look ups for me . Are they any photo's of Louisa Allen or her parents in Exsistance or the Burgess'es I heard that Sissie Burgess Folbs is the one who donated the land for oakland cemetery do you know if this is true ? My Grandmother started me on this quest for family and i never thought i would enjoy it as much as i do. I have always liked Mystery type books and movies and could'nt wait for them to expose the plot or what truly happened . I guess is why my grandma choose me to do research. I have all the names of everyone buried in oakland except for two and the bad part is there are 4 graves in the cemetery 2 of them are John Wesley Allen Mary Emma Ivey my delimma is which two are them and who are the other two. . I don't know much about my Cross linage . Also i am looking for the Burial place for Sallie Lockerman Wright and Green Wright do you know anything on them ? Thank you so much for all the info you sent you don't know how much i appreciate it . I am very greatful . Thanks Lori Webb

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1092514855000
I am related to the following members of the CROSS family:
Cross, Amanda Nichol - 2nd cousin twice removed
Cross, Aubrey Eugene - 2nd cousin
Cross, Cherry Diane - 2nd cousin
Cross - Dennis B - 6th cousin 4 times removed
Cross, Edwin - Half 7th cousin twice removed
Cross, Ella - Half 7th cousin twice removed
Cross, Emmaline - Half 7th cousin twice removed
Cross, Fielder - Husband of 5th cousin 5 times removed
Cross, Frederick - Half 7th cousin twice removed
Cross, Gene Aaron - 2nd cousin once removed
Cross, Hugh Allen - 2nd cousin
Cross, Hugh Edward - 2nd cousin once removed
Cross, James Lafayette - Husband of 4th cousin 5 times removed
Cross, John - Half 7th cousin twice removed
Cross, John thompson - Husband of the half 6th cousin 3 times removed
Cross, Johnny Gordon - 2nd cousin once removed
Cross, Jonathan Michael - 2nd cousin twice removed
Cross, Joseph - Husband of the 5th cousin 5 times removed
Cross, leonard Miller - 2nd cousin once removed
Cross, Lizzie - Half 7th cousin twice removed
Cross, Marjorie Onita - 2nd Cousin
Cross, Mary - Wife of 4th cousin 6 times removed
Cross, Melba Ruth - 2nd Cousin
Cross, Michael Aubrey - 2nd cousin once removed
Cross, Minnie - Half 8th cousin once removed
Cross, Neil Allen - 2nd cousin once removed
Cross, Rachel - 6th cousin 4 times removed
Cross, Ray Dean - 2nd Cousin
Cross, raymond Allen - 2nd Cousin once removed
Cross, Raymond Gordon - Husband of 1st cousin once removed
Cross, Rebekah Joy - 2nd Cousin Twice removed
Cross, Reuben - Half 7th Cousin twice removed
Cross, Sarah - wife of half 4th cousin 5 times removed
Cross, Sarah - Half 7th cousin twice removed
Cross, Sarah elizabeth - 2nd Cousin twice removed
Cross, Susannah Smith - wife of half 6th cousin 3 times removed
Cross, Thelma Frances - 5th cousin twice removed.
John Wesley Allen and Mary Emma Ivey were my Great Grandparents. 2 of their children:
1. Wesley Calhoun Allen married at least 3 wives, one being my grandmother Rena Busby from Dooly County (died in Thomaston, GA). Rena and Wesley had only one child, my father Claude Herman Allen, Sr. my daddy married Hazel M Higgins in Thomaston, GA (I have extensive information on that family back to the 1500's. Wesley and Rena (both previously married, divorced and again, both married their 3rd spouces. My father only met his father (Wesley) once on a visit to Macon when my father (Claude) was about 50, for one day. Then he went back a few years later only to discover his father had died a few months earlier. So, though I have lots of information, I do not know persons on my father's side.
2. Leonard Wimberly Allen married Donnie Estelle Griffin.
One of their daughters Onnie Wimberly Allen married Raymond Gordon Cross. Onnie died about 4 years ago in Vienna, Dooly County, GA. Onnie is the ONLY Allen relative (other than my immediate family) that I ever met. During my research, I came across her name, went to visit her, spent the day, leaving her a book of my ancestry. She passed about two years later; sweet charming lady.
I am related to: (never met any of them)
Lockerman, Aaron J - 2nd cousin
Lockerman, Allen elijah Sr - Husband of 1st cousin once removed
Lockerman, David - 2nd cousin
Lockerman, George M - 2nd cousin
Lockerman, John Alvin - 2nd cousin
Lockerman, Louise Beatrice - 2nd cousins
Lockerman, William robert Joshua - Husband of 1st cousin once removed
Lockerman, Zadie Mae - 2nd Cousin
Lockerman, Zelmer Jennie - 2nd cousin
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you like I can e-mail you the information on the Cross Family dating back to a Dr James Cross (1825-?)

Right now, I have 448,179 persons entered in my Family Tree file. Of those, I estimate that I am related to about 23,000. To print a list of my relatives it takes 459 pages of names only.
Any way, if there is a surname you would be interested in, I would be happy to see if I could be of assistance.
Question: what, if any, is our relationship? I don't know your family name or your husband's name......

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Lori Webb (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Lockerman, Allen ,Faulk,Burgess, Abbott, Collier, Cross
Hi, You and my grandmother were 2nd cousins which makes you my 4th cousin . My grandparents were Louise Beatrice Lockerman and Augustus Mobley Abbott my g grandparents were William Joshua Lockerman and Rosa Mae Burgess my gg grandparents were John S Burgess and Louisa Allen my ggg grandparents were John Wesley Allen and Mary emma Ivey . of course then theres the Lockerman Line Which Starts with William Joshua my g grandfather , John Allen Lockerman and Dorcas Johnson my gg grandparents, John Lockerman and Georgia Rebecca Wilson my ggg grandparents . then the Burgess Line John S Burgess and Louisa Allen my gg grandparents then Willis W Burgess and Marthy Ann Cross my ggg grandparents Stephen T Burgess and Elizabeth byrd are my gggg grandparents Josiah Burgess wife Unknown would be my ggggg grandparents . Do you have any photos of the Cross'es or Allen's or Lockermans . Please send me whatever you have and if you would like i will share mine with you as well. Lori Webb Oh by the way Zelma Lockerman was the 1st child of William Joshua and Rosa Mae Burgess . WJ Lockerman also had three children by Laura Wright Clyde Lockerman , Carrie Lockerman and one more . I have the Johnson Info and some of the Faulk info ,spradley info is limited to Clyde Spradley and annie Maude Burgess and three of their babies buried at Oakland Cemetery . We Hold a Family Reunion There Every Year the 4th sunday in September . I have some pictures of two old family reunions when all the families got together and played Music and did what John Allen Lockerman Called Decoration Day in honor of those who had gone before us which is clean up the cemetery and plant flowers eat and talk and get to know our relatives . I 've been going since Birth so i have good knowledge of family . Lori L Webb Oh i forgot to tell you who my parents were Lucy Marian Nell Abbott and William Floyd Dobbins are my parents .

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Classification: Query
Hi Y'all. George M. Lockerman was my grandfather. He married Mary Magdaline Gay and they had 7 children. Would love all the information you could share on his family for my mother (their oldest Daughter Mary Carol).

Thank you! Email is
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