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Decendants of John Dwight

Decendants of John Dwight

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Aloha I'm from Hawaii and am part of the very big Dwight family. This is some of the information that I have.
John Dwight of Wales, who arrived in america in year 1634.
The settler was born in wales, date unkown, died jan 1 1660. Married to Hannah Dwight of England born date unknow, died Jan 31 1656. Arrived in USA with her husband four children. The fifth child born in Dedham, Mass.
Child 1: Hannah Dwight (F) born 1626,deathMar 4, 1643 married to Nathaniel Whitting.
Child 2: Capt Timothy Dwight (M) born Eng 1629, death Jan 31 1717, had 3 wifes names unknow.
Child 3: John Dwight (M) born Eng 1632, death Mar 24 1638
Child 4: Sarah Dwight (F) born Eng June 17, 1638 death Jun 24 1664 married Nathaniel Reynolds
Child 5: Mary Dwight (F) Aug 25 1635 Dedham, Mass death June 24, 1664
" My blood line runs under the following person and I don't have much information about the other line.
My Second Generation go to :
Capt Timothy Dwight and his 3 wives.
Born 1629 England, death Jan 31 1717
First wife Sarah Sibley, no children
Second wife Sarah Powell married may 3, 1652.
had four children:
Child 1: Sarah Dwight born pr 2, 1657 death Mar 9, 1659
Child 2: John Dwight born May 3 1662 death Dec 3, 1696
Child 3: Timothy Dwight born Nov 26, 1664, death Jan 2, 1692
Child 4: Sarah Dwight 2nd born June 25, 1664 death unknown
3rd Wife Anna Flint marrage date:unknown, they had 10 childern
Right now my hands are getting tired now. I do have more to this and would like to have the famous GED file that is going around so I can compair and update.
The Dwight family really didn't get to Hawaii until Reverend Samuel Gelston Dwight came to Hawaii in the 12th Company of Presbyterian missionaries in 1848. Settled in Molokai and married Anna Mahoe Dwight his 15 year old student to his 39 plus years. He was then removed from his missionaries duties and he came back to Oahu to start his own mission.
Well I hope this helps some of you out there and if you have more for me please email me.
Thanks Ollney

Dwight Family

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I am a direct descendent of John Dwight of Dedham England, who settled in Dedham Mass. in 1634.

The following: “The History of The Descendants Of John Dwight Of Dedham, Mass.”

Volumes I II

By Benjamin W. Dwight

John F. Trow Son, Printers and Bookbinders
205-213 East Twelfth Street
New York, New York


1. John Dwight

ï‚· Came from Dedham, England late 1634 or early 1635
ï‚· Came to find a church without a Bishop and a Government without a King.
ï‚· In England, was a wool-comber, or at least the son of a wool-comber
ï‚· Brought with him a valuable estate and was a wealthy farmer
ï‚· Came with wife, Hannah (unknown family name), Daughter Hannah, Sons John and Timothy
ï‚· One of the 12 persons assembled a DedhamÂ’s first town meeting, 9/1/1635
ï‚· Selectman 16 years
ï‚· Died 1/24/1660
ï‚· Hannah (1st wife) died 9/5/1656
ï‚· Married Elizabeth Ripley (2nd wife, widow of William Ripley and . previously, Thomas Thaxter, 1/20/1657
ï‚· Elizabeth (2nd wife) died 7/17/66
ï‚· Daughter Hannah Dwight, born 1625 in England, married Nathaniel Whiting of Dedham 3/4/1643, died 11/14/1714, age 89
ï‚· Son Capt. Timothy Dwight, born 1629 in England, died 1/31/1717-8, age 88
ï‚· Son John Dwight, born 1632 in England, died 3/24/1638, age 7, lost in the woods between Dedham and Boston
 Daughter Mary Dwight, born 7/25/1635, “The first child born in Dedham”, married Henry Phillips about 1652
ï‚· Daughter Sarah Dwight, born 6/17/1638 in Dedham, married Nathaniel Reynolds of Boston 1/7/1657, died 1/24/1664, age 27

2. Capt. Timothy Dwight

 Town –clerk 10 years, selectman 25 years, representative of the town in the General Court 2 years
ï‚· Coronet of a troop in his younger years, and afterwards a captain of foot, went out ten times against the Indians, nine of whom he killed or took prisoner
ï‚· Married Sarah Sibley (1st Wife) 11/11/1651, she died in childbirth 5/29/1652
ï‚· Married Sarah Powell (2nd wife) 5/31/1653, by her he had four children, she died 6/27/1664
ï‚· Married Anna Flint (then spelled Flynt) (3rd wife) 1/9/1665, by her he had ten children, she was born 9/11/1643 (daughter of Rev. Henry Flint of Braintree, Mass, now Quincy, and (Margery Hoar), died 1/29/1685-6 age 42
ï‚· Married Mrs. Mary Edwind (widow) (4th wife) 1/7/1686-7, she died 8/30/1688
ï‚· Married Esther Fisher (5th wife) 7/31/1690, she died 1/30/1690-1
ï‚· Married Bethiah Moss 2/1/1691-2, she died 2/6/1717-8
ï‚· Died 1/31/1717-8
ï‚· By Sarah Powell, son Timothy Dwight, a Boston goldsmith, born 11/26/1654, married Elizabeth (name unknown), died 1/2/1692, age 38
ï‚· By Sarah Powell, daughter Sarah Dwight, born 4/2/1657, died 2/9/1659-60
ï‚· By Sarah Powell, son John Dwight, born 5/31/1662, married Elizabeth Harding 1/2/1696
ï‚· By Sarah Powell, daughter Sarah Dwight, 2nd born 6/25/1664, died 7/10/1664
ï‚· By Anna Flint, son Josiah Dwight, born 10/8/1665, died soon
ï‚· By Anna Flint, son Nathaniel Dwight, born 11/20/1666, died 11/7/1711, age 45
ï‚· By Anna Flint, son Samuel Dwight, born 12/21/1731, died soon
ï‚· By Anna Flint, son Rev. Josiah Dwight, born 2/8/1670-1 Died in 1748, age 77
ï‚· By Anna Flint, son Seth Dwight, born 7/9/1673, died 1/22/1731, age 57
ï‚· By Anna Flint, daughter Anna Dwight, born 8/12/1675, died 10/15/1675
ï‚· By Anna Flint, son Capt. Henry Dwight, born 12/19/1676, died in 1761, age 82
ï‚· By Anna Flint, son Michael Dwight, born 1/10/1679-80, died soon
ï‚· By Anna Flint, son Daniel Dwight, born 9/23/1681, died soon
ï‚· By Anna Flint, son Jabez Dwight, born 9/1/1683, died 6/15/1685

3. Justice Nathaniel Dwight

ï‚· Moved to Hatfield, Mass., and afterwards, about 1695, to Northampton, Mass.
ï‚· Trader, farmer, justice of the peace, surveyor of land
ï‚· Married Mehitable Partridge 12/9/1693, born 8/26/1675 (daughter of Col. Samuel Partridge of Hatfield, Mass. and Mehitable Crow), Died 10/19/1756, age 81
ï‚· Died 11/7/1711 at West Springfield, Mass. while on business
ï‚· Son Col. Timothy Dwight, born at Hatfield 10/19/1694, died at Northampton 4/30/1771, age 76
ï‚· Son Capt. Samuel Dwight, of Enfield, Ct., born 6/28/1696, died 10/31/1763, age 67
ï‚· Daughter Mehitable Dwight, born 11/11/1697, died 12/22/1697
ï‚· Son Rev. Daniel Dwight, of Charleston, S. C., born 4/28/1699, died 3/28/1748, age 49
ï‚· Son Seth Dwight, born 3/31/1702-3, died 9/12/1703
ï‚· Son Elihu Dwight, born 2/17/1704, died unmarried at Philadelphia 6/8/1727, age 23
ï‚· Daughter Abiah Dwight (twin with Elihu), born 2/17/1704, married Samuel Kent of Suffield, Ct., died 2/23/1748
ï‚· Daughter Mehitable Dwight, 2nd born 11/21/1705, married Capt. Abraham Burbank of Suffield, Ct., died 11/20/1767, age 62
ï‚· Son Jonathan Dwight, born 3/14/1707-8, died in Halifax N.S.
ï‚· Daughter Anna Dwight, born 7/2/1710, married Abel Cadwell of Hartford, Ct.
ï‚· Son Capt. Nathaniel Dwight, Jr. of Belchertown, Mass., born 6/20/1712, died 3/30/1784, age 71

ï‚· Daughter Anna Dwight, born 7/2/1710, married Abel Cadwell of Hartford, Ct.
ï‚· Son Capt. Nathaniel Dwight, Jr. of Belchertown, Mass., born 6/20/1712, died 3/30/1784, age 71

4. Capt. Nathaniel Dwight, Jr.

ï‚· Large farmer at Belchertown, Mass, then called Cold Spring, where he went to live in 1734
ï‚· Went into "the French War" with a captain's commission, 8/9/1757, was active and useful in the revolutionary war
ï‚· Married Hannah Lyman 1/2/1735, born 7/14/1709(daughter of Benjamin Lyman of Northampton and Thankful Pomeroy), died 12/25/1792, age 83
ï‚· Son Elijah Dwight, born 11/30/1735, died 1/19/1736
ï‚· Son Elihu Dwight, born 3/31/1737, died 3/22/1760, age 23
ï‚· Son Capt. Justus Dwight, born 1/13/1739, died 7/27/1824, age 85
ï‚· Daughter Eunice Dwight, born 5/28/1742, married Joseph Graves, died 9/26/1807, age 65
ï‚· Son Jonathan Dwight, born 4/31/1744, died 9/27/1766, age 22
ï‚· Daughter Susanna Dwight, born 10/20/1746, married Dr. Estes Howe, died 9/6/1785. Age 35
ï‚· Son Col. Elijah Dwight, born 1/4/1749, died 9/13/1795, age 46
ï‚· Son Josiah Dwight, born 1/5/1750, died 3/19/1767
ï‚· Son Pliny Dwight, born 8/11/1753, died 3/15/1783

5. Capt. Justus Dwight

ï‚· Married Sarah Lamb 1/19/1763, born 1736 (daughter of Daniel and Martha Lamb of Springfield, Mass.), died 2/25/1832, age 96
ï‚· Farmer and town surveyor and a "man of means"
ï‚· Son Elihu Dwight, M.D., Born 10/22/1763, died 6/1/1854, age 91
ï‚· Son William Dwight, born 9/18/1765, died 8/16/1766
ï‚· Daughter Clarissa Dwight, born 1/30/1768, married Rev. Dr. Asa McFarland of Concord, N.H., died 10/23/1799
ï‚· Son Jonathan Dwight, born 1/21/1770, died 5/17/1834
ï‚· Son Nathaniel Dwight, born 11/21/1772
ï‚· Son Daniel Dwight, born 9/7/1775, died 11/5/1851
ï‚· Daughter Sarah Dwight, born 11/5/1778, died 5/2/1790
ï‚· Son Justus Dwight, JR., born 8/20/1781, died 7/22/1835, age 54

6. Elihu Dwight, M.D.

ï‚· Graduated Dartmouth 1790Graduated Dartmouth 1790
ï‚· Married Lydia White 10/7/1801, born 1/31/1777 (daughter of Capt. William White 7th Mass Regt. In the Revolutionary War, killed in the battle of Yorktown, Va.,
ï‚· 10/31/1781 and Lydia Bartlett), died 8/6/1846, age 69
ï‚· daughter Nancy Dwight, born 7/10/1804, married Dr. Austin Chuck 5/3/1827
ï‚· son William White Dwight, M.D., born 8/19/1806, died 7/11/1861
ï‚· son Elihu Dwight, born 7/2/1808
ï‚· daughter Mary Ann Dwight, born 9/12/1810, married Edward Hooker
ï‚· daughter Lydia Dwight, born 11/8/1812, married John Buckley Chapman 9/7/1840, died 1/13/1842
ï‚· son George Dwight, 5/16/1815
ï‚· son John Dwight, born 8/1/1819

7. William White Dwight, M.D.

ï‚· Graduated Yale 1826, Harvard Medical Seminary 1830, practiced medicine in S.Hadley, Mass. (1830-33), Boston, Mass. (1833-5), New York (1835-59)
ï‚· Died of consumption 7/11/1861 in New York
ï‚· Married Mary Louisa Goetchius of New York 12/23/1840, Born 3/10/1820 (daughter of Henry Goetchius and Catherine Church), died 6/8/1871 in Brooklyn
ï‚· Daughter Rebecca Bennoch Dwight, born 10/17/1841, married Robert Leeds 5/19/1864
ï‚· Son Elihu Dwight, born 9/20/1843, married Emma Reed 9/12/1866
ï‚· Son John Rutherford Maurice Dwight, born 11/29/1847
ï‚· Daughter Ada Cornelia, born 2/10/1854, is at Mr. Holyoke Seminary

8. John Rutherford Maurice Dwight

ï‚· Married Anna Turk of Somers, N.Y. 10/25/1871, born 4/12/1847 9daughter of Joseph Halstead Turk and Ann Elizabeth)
ï‚· Dep. Holspital Steward in the U.S. Navy at Brooklyn "in the late War"
ï‚· Now a clerk in Brooklyn
ï‚· Daughter Anna Louise Dwight, born 8/7/1872 (page 455)

9. Anna Louise Dwight (This is the last entry in the two volume book.

Anna Louise Dwight was my Great Granmother.

Hope this information is helpful to you.


Justice Nathaniel Dwight

James Manford Dwight (View posts)
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Dear Pat; who is the great Grandmother of Anna Louise Dwight,

I am having trouble figuring out who is parants of Justice Nathaniel Dwight.

I have been trying to keep track of the descendants of John Dwight for about 15 or so years and will help if I can.

Thank you for your help and God Bless,
James Manford Dwight

reply to James Manford Dwight

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Dear James:

I assume you read my reply to Ollney with the history of John Dwight of Dedham Mass. up to my Great Grandmother, Anna Louise Dwight. Included in the list I sent to Ollney was the answer you were looking for, the Parents of Justice Nathaniel Dwight.

If there is any further information I can provide please do not hesitate to ask, as I am a proud owner of the volumes that this information came from.

I would like to know more of your history so I can fit you into the family tree.



Justice Nathaniel Dwight

James Manford Dwight (View posts)
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Dwear Pat,

I was confused in that when I read your reply, you had his name as Nathaniel Dwight as one of Capt. Timothy Dwight and #3 as Jutice Nathaniel Dwight.

All of my sources show him only as Nathaniel Dwight and I got confused. But most important is that you gave me the material from Benjamin W. Dwight's writing. That is the only book I could not get on Inter Library Loan here at the San Antonio College Library. For me, what you wrote is a treasure to me.

The only major sources I have here is :

Genealogical Notes, or Contributions to the Family History of some of the First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts by Nathaniel Goodwin, 1856, P41 43.

American Ancestry Giving the Name and Descent, In The Male Line, of Americans Whose Ancestors Settled in the United States ....... A.D. 1776, Vol. IV, 1889, P. 2, 30

American Families, Burke's American Families, Ref 929.2, P. 2667 - 2668.

After reading what you and others have added to the information, I have a lot of work to do. However, I am using Microsoft Office and will gladly send you whatever I have in the form of an attachment. Only one thing I ask and that is forgive my spelling and grammer.

God Bless and thank you very much for writting me back,

James MAnford Dwight
San Antonio, Texas

John Dwight

Carolyn Gray (View posts)
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I am a direct descendent of John Dwight. Do you have any info on his parents? I am also looking for info on the Crow relation.

According to my family tree:

John Dwight's grandson, Nathaniel Dwight (b.1652), married Mehitable Partridge, daughter of Mehitable Crow and Ho. Samuel Partridge.

Many thanks for any info!


Abia or Abiah Dwight Marries Nathaniel Terry

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Can you confirm that Abiah Dwight (Capt. Samuel, Justice Nathaniel, Capt Timothy, John) was born 4/9/1732, d 6/14/1816, married Captain Nathaniel Terry on what date?

Thanks for your help.

Benjamin Adams

Re: John Dwight

W Becktel (Bechtel) (View posts)
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You mean John Dwight b. 1604.

Yeah; his parents were William Dwight and Alice Vunter, but beyond that I cannot go.

Also, his wife's name was Hannah Cloyes, and nobody seems to know that, even though it is obvious and there are several Cloyes living in an around Massachusetts.

Everyone else seems to think the name was Close.

Re: John Dwight

ollney K Hoopai Jr (View posts)
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Thanks for that informaition. What I have is only back to Jan 1 1660, Dedham, Mass where i have John Dwight of Wales marrid to Hannah Dwight Died Dedham Mass Jan 31, 1656.
Anything before that I don't have.
Thank you and Aloha
Ollney K Hoopai Jr

Re: John Dwight

Warren Wetmore (View posts)
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As far as I know Old John was from Co. Essex -- where Dedham is located.

Do you have documentation of the Wales part?

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