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Coonley Family - Racine Wisconsin

Coonley Family - Racine Wisconsin

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Any information on the Coonley family


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Have 2 complete genealogies on the COONLEY family which I would be happy to share. I am from the IA Coonleys who came from Racine, WI. I have all the information about the Coonley family who resided there. Just starting out in genealogy but will help anyone that I can.


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Am receiving a message from an R Ross of Racine, WI, however, I do not know what you want of me. I have some genealogies which I would be glad to share. I do not have your e-mail address, so I cannot send them to you.
Jennifer C. Coonley (parents from IA..came from Racine, WI )

Coonley family

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I am Jennifer Coonley have been trying to reach you for some time now. I know that my grandfather's family (10 children plus parents were from Racine, WI). The parents names were Edward Ruggles Ulilla Titus COONLEY. My grandfather was one of the 10 children...his name was John Edward COONLEY. I have a bit of information from the county historical society in IA where John moved; however, am seeking anything more which I can on my grandfather's family. Both my parents are deceased, so I have no one to turn to. Thanks in advance for any help which you might be able to give me. (I do have an Uncle in Hampton, IA; however, I have pretty much exhausted all the information which he has been able to give me.)
Jennifer C. Coonley
Greetings from the moutains of Arizona!!

Re: Coonley family

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My ancestors are all from Racine and I have found one of them (Catherine Olk) living with a William and Martha Coonley in 1880 Racine Wisconsin. William and Martha are farming and have 3 servants and a brother, George Coonley, living with them. Are these your ancestors?

Re: Coonley family

Jennifer C LaBonte (View posts)
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Yes, I do believe they are. You are the first person who has come up with COONLEYS in Racine, WI. I believe there were 10 children in the COONLEY family. My grandfather, John Edward COONLEY was one of those 10. I will have to get out all my information. I have been sick for 3 yrs & have been hospitalized for nearly that whole time. Do keep in touch!!! I can give you much more information once I get my family tree out.

Jennifer C LaBonte (nee Coonley)

Re: Coonley family

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I saw your message re: Lisk Cemetery, Greene County, New York. I have eight of the children of Solomon Coonley and Elizabeth Shear (Scheer) and their birth dates. I am descended from both Lisks and Shears. Let me know if you would like this information.

Best regards,

Steve Baker

Re: Coonley Family - Racine Wisconsin

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I am Terrence Held
My mother was Eldora V. Coonley b 1913 married to Stephen J Held
My Grandfather was George J Coonley b 1885 married to Ellen Nelson first husband Shannon.
His father was George H. Coonley b 1858 married to Elizabeth Flanagan, his father was
Edward Ruggles Coonley b 1822 married Willa Ullila Titus
William Milton Coonley b 1800 married Mary Thomas in 1821
John Coonley b 1780 married Helen Traver
Johannes Jurian Coonley b 1756 married Barbara Waldermyre
John Coonley b 1720 in Germany married Catherine Schaae from Wurttenburg, Germany he is list in the 1st Census in Dutchess Co. N.Y.

Re: Coonley Family - Racine Wisconsin

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My great great grandfather was Edward Ruggles Coonley. I have a photograph of him with his wife Willa. I will be happy to send it to you, and help you with your geaneology. Michael Coonley

Re: Coonley Family - Racine Wisconsin

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My great grandfather is Obediah Coonley, the elder brother of George Coonley. My father, Franklin Coonley, was the grandson of Obediah. Grant Coonley was my grandfather.

Do you need information about Obediah and his family?
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