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Isaac Cliatt 1750s

Isaac Cliatt 1750s

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This is the information I have to date. For the first Isaac I am having trouble with dates and wives. Help.
If you have trouble following it, copy it and paste it in word.
Also, I have been able to find censuses to back up most of this information.
In addition, James married to Angline- I find it as James A and James W. I do not know which is correct.

Descendants of Isaac Cliatt

Generation No. 1

1. ISAAC1 CLIATT1 was born Abt. 1759 in Bertie, N.C., and died 19 Nov 1842 in Lincoln, Georgia. He married (1) ANNE KINDER1 1788 in Richmond, Georgia. She was born in Georgia, and died 23 Oct 1845 in Lincoln, GA2. He married (2) SARAH SMARS 23 Dec 1824 in Richmond, Georgia.

According to the OneWorldTree Isaac may have been married as much as 4 times. Which children from which marriage is unclear at this time.

The following descendant information about the Cliatt family was given to this researcher, Donna Simpson, by researcher, Donald Horton who has been researching the Cliatt family for 30 years. Donald Horton has relayed information but has not submitted sources.
The information obtained from the OneWorldTree I have used as a guide line. Documentation was not listed for information retrieved from the OneWorldTree and some dates vary in the time line.
I have documentation for Thomas Jester Cliatt. Isaac J. Cliatt and Sarah Missy Dollar (father and mother's names) are on his death certificate.

Children of ISAAC CLIATT and ANNE KINDER are:
2. ii. JESSE CLIATT, b. 1770, Georgia; d. 19 Nov 1842, Jasper, Georgia.
iii. JEHU CLIATT, b. 1785, GA2,2.
iv. ISHUM CLIATT, b. 1787, GA2,2; d. 15 Jul 18612,2.
v. JAMES MATHEWS CLIATT2,2, b. 17992,2; d. 12 Aug 1882, Lincoln, GA2,2.

Generation No. 2

2. JESSE2 CLIATT (ISAAC1)3 was born 1770 in Georgia, and died 19 Nov 1842 in Jasper, Georgia. He married FRANCES MOSELEY3,4 25 Nov 1812 in Richmond, Georgia5. She was born 1793 in Richmond, Georgia, and died 18346.

ii. WILLIAM R. CLIATT, b. 01 Jul 1813, Hancock, Georgia.
3. iii. ISAAC CLIATT, b. 28 Sep 1814, Georgia; d. 28 May 1867.
iv. SELINA CLIATT, b. 1820, Georgia.
v. JESSE F CLIATT6, b. 1822, Georgia7; d. 01 Jul 1872, Stewart, GA8.

Residence: 1850, Mockinson Gap, Stewart, Georgia9

Generation No. 3

3. ISAAC3 CLIATT (JESSE2, ISAAC1)10 was born 28 Sep 1814 in Georgia, and died 28 May 1867. He married MARTHA ARMSTRONG10,11 18 Jun 1835 in Stewart county, Georgia12,13, daughter of J H ARMSTRONG. She was born 1817 in Stewart, Georgia, and died 1862.

Researcher Donald Horton: Isaac and Martha Armstrong moved from Richmond Co. to Jasper Co. to Stewart Co.

4. i. JAMES A.4 CLIATT, b. Apr 1836, Georgia; d. Florida.
ii. ELIZA CLIATT, b. 1837, Georgia.
iii. MARY FRANCES CLIATT, b. 27 Mar 1839, Lumpkin, Stewart, Georgia.
iv. JESSE F CLIATT, b. 1840.
v. MARTHA C. CLIATT, b. 1843.
vi. LUCY CLIATT, b. 1845.
vii. HARRIET A. CLIATT, b. 1847; d. 16 Oct 1871.

Generation No. 4

4. JAMES A.4 CLIATT (ISAAC3, JESSE2, ISAAC1)14,15,16 was born Apr 1836 in Georgia, and died in Florida. He married ANGELINE JESTER17,18, daughter of THOMAS JESTER and MARY BOYETT. She was born Dec 1844 in Georgia, and died in Havana, Florida.

Notes for JAMES A. CLIATT:
Researcher Donald Horton's information: In 1859 James and Angeline Jester moved from Stewart Co. to Decatur Co. where the Jester family lived. They had 5 children: Willie (f); Isaac J.; Annie; Lillie May; James Alburtus.
James A. is believed to be James W. married to Angeline Jester.

Residence: 1900, Cowarts, Henry, Alabama19

i. WILLIE E5 CLIATT20, b. Abt. 1863, Georgia; d. Unknown.

A middle initial of E. is given to Willie, in her listing in the 1880 census in Lumpkin, Stewart, Georgia.

ii. ISAAC J. CLIATT21,22,23,24, b. Mar 1870, Georgia25,26; d. Unknown; m. SARAH A. "MISSIE" DOLLAR27, Abt. 189728; b. Abt. 1877, Georgia29.

Notes for ISAAC J. CLIATT:
Original 1900 Census from Blowing Cave, Decatur, Ga. has Cliatt spelled Cleatt. His middle initial is covered with writing. Missie is clearly spelled on origianal but her name is listed differently on typed census name- the ss was interpreted as rr.
1900 Cenus - Blowing Cave, Decatur, Georgia; Roll T623 191; page: GA; District:38
CHILDREN of Isaac J. Cliatt and Sarah Missy Dollar:
Pauline Cliatt (f) b. Apr 1898
Leslie M. Cliatt (f) b. Apr 1900
Thomas Jester Cliatt (m) b.31 July 1903, Ga. d.06 Sept 1975, Highlands, Fla.
Wilburn Cliatt (m) b. abt.1905
Bertie Cliatt (f) b. 1907

Child of Thomas Jester Cliatt and Bertha Hawkins:
Evelyn Maxine Cliatt b. 14 Sept. 1922, Whigham, Ga. *d.22 Apr 1998

Re: Isaac Cliatt 1750s

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I will fill in some details, if it helps any. Donna is right I don't often give out documentation; I understand that can be frustrating. I married into the Clietts in 1971: Nancy/John Robert/Garrett Hoggard/Almarine Bellinger/ George Hillman/Jonathan. My father in law was playing around with his genealogy and getting nowhere. I took it up as a hobby to try and please him; now its a compulsion; I don't like loose ends. My first files came from Lucille Cliett Sawyer. I added files from Ruth Cliett Winn in the middle 70's. I got my first computer and began to add files in 1977. I subscribed to the Clyatte Quarterly in 1991/2 and added Jean Marilyn Clietts files. I have added files from David Mitchel, Don Mabry, Susan Forte, Tom Cliett and others. I have scoured libraries and archives in Raleigh, NC; Columbia, SC; here in Atlanta; the National Archives in Washington, DC and in Kew, England. I have access online to all the census records and a hard copy of each individual occurance in the drawer. I currently have my records in 2 large computer files on Family Tree Maker. My Robert file (based on the assumption that James Clyatt and Isaac Cliatt are related to Robert Clyat 1703) contains 2250 individuals. My John file (based on the assumption that Jesse, Jonathan, and Henry are related to John 1732) contains 2800 individuals. I have several hundred more files of relatives I haven't yet figured out where to put; and records of several hundred more on paper I can't find time to enter. When I get it all in Jean Marilyn will post it on her site and I will make hard copies available to anyone that asks. If someone desperately needs a source for a fact I can supply it, probably. I WILL find out the connections for Isaac, Jonathan, and Jesse; I get closer each day.

Re: Isaac Cliatt 1750s

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Thank you so much. I appreciate your responding to my post.
I do not know any thing about the Clyatte Quarterly or Jean Marilyn Clietts site. I will try to find the site. How do I get in touch for the quarterly?
Without you, I would not have found the connection for Thomas Jester Cliatt.
I am one who would love to have a copy of your disk when it is ready. Please keep me in mind.
Thank you again.

Re: Isaac Cliatt 1750s

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A side note of information:
Evelyn Maxine Cliatt was originally recorded as Mary Lou Cliatt (father Thomas Jester Cliatt; mother Bertha Hawkins).
This original recording was done by the mid-wife. Around 1960, Evelyn's mother went to get a copy of her birth for a passport and found the error. The name was then changed to Evelyn Maxine as it was intended.

Re: Isaac Cliatt 1750s

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Surnames: Cliatt,
I am a descendant of Robert Clyatt of Scotland, my mother was Martha Vivienne Cliatt b 13 Dec 1902 in Pembroke GA. I am very interested in Cliatt information and would like a copy of any Cliatt information you are willing to make available. A Gedcom would be most helpful. My line runs from Robert to Stephen to Isaac to James to James Lee to Robert Lee down to my mother Martha Vivienne Cliatt. I can accept large attached files without any problem.

Thanks for any help you may be able to render.

J. Wayne Ruddock

Re: Isaac Cliatt 1750s

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Surnames: Cliatt, Hawkins
GAFramer helped me a lot with the first names changing in my line and then Jean Cliett followed up with the rest of the lines.
Rootsweb worldconnect has my notes on it. Yes, with all the typos and mis-spelled words. Documentation notes are on the worldconnect site too.
The photos and notes did not upload to Ancestry.
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