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Searching for info on my family from Rørvig

Searching for info on my family from Rørvig

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Hi there,
My g-g-grandfather Laurits Køhler was from Rørvig. His dad was Georg Emil Køhler and his mother was Christiane Petersen.
Laurits emigrated to Australia in the 1880's and I was hoping to find a bit more information about him and his family. Laurits only appears on 1 Census that I could find, some with his mother.

I went to to check out church records but the writing is so faint that I can't really read anything.

I was wondering if other than Copenhagen or Hamburg if there were other points of departure from Denmark and if their are other online sources to find out more information about the family and what their life may have been like.

Re: Searching for info on my family from Rørvig

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Laurits Grenaa Køhler
born 15 juni 1863 in Rørvig
baptized 9 august 1863 in Rørvig Church
Parents: Georg Emil Køhler and wife Christiane Dorthea Petersen.

Georg Emil Køhler and Christiane Dorthea Petersen
married 13 ockrober 1854 in Rørvig Parish.

Other children:

Jacob Vilhelm Køhler
born 28 december 1854 in Rørvig
baptized 4 march 1855 in Rørvig Church

Peter Christian Køhler
born 21 november 1856 in Rørvig
baptized 4 january 1857 in Rørvig Church

Georg Anton Køhler
born 24 november 1858 in Rørvig
baptized 30 january 1859 in Rørvig Church

Caroline Bolette Margrethe Køhler
born 16 january 1861 in Rørvig
baptized 14 april 1861 in Rørvig Church

Hansine Christine Køhler
born 17 june 1866 in Rørvig
baptized 9 december 1866 in Rørvig Church

Adolph Emil Køhler
born 21 april 1869 in Rørvig
baptized 26 september 1869 in Rørvig Church

Martin Severin Køhler
born 23 december 1870 in Rørvig
baptized at home 1 february 1871
died 12 march 1871 in Rørvig
buried 19 march 1871 in Rørvig

Martine Severine Køhler
born 27 november 1873 in Rørvig
baptized 8 february 1874 in Rørvig Church

Christiane Dorthea Petersen
born 15 january 1833 in Rørvig
baptized 3 march 1833 in Rørvig Church
died 27 september 1878 in Rørvig
buried 4 october 1878 in Rørvig
Parents: Peder Jacobsen and wife Edle Margrethe Pedersdatter.

Georg Emil Køhler
born 26 november 1831 in Nyborg, Svendborg County
baptized 11 february 1832 in Nyborg Church
Parents: Anthon Wilhelm Køhler and wife
Christiane Bondesen

Between 1834 and 1840 the family moved to Vig Parish,Ods Herre,Holbæk County.

All persons in the household

Holbæk, Ods, Vig, Viig, , et Gadehuus, 24,


Name: Age: Marital status: Occupation in household: Occupation:

Anthon Wilhem Køhler 38 Gift Glarmester
Christiane Bunnesen 31 Gift hans Kone, Gjordemoder
Wilhelmine Bollette 11 Ugift deres Børn
Christiane Helene 11 Ugift deres Børn
Georg Emil 9 Ugift deres Børn
Julia Anthonette Sophie 7 Ugift deres Børn
Christian Peter Daniel 3 Ugift deres Børn

Flemming Aasklint

Re: Searching for info on my family from Rørvig

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Thank you so much for all of that information - especially the details on the baptism, it will be immensely useful in delving a bit deeper and perhaps making a few connections with family along the way

Re: Searching for info on my family from Rørvig

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Lars was a seaman. Therefore it is unlikely you'll find him as a passenger departing from a Danish or German port. He most likely arrived in Australia as a crewman on a ship. Sometimes records of crewman can be hard or impossible to find.

Holbæk, Ods, Rørvig, Rørvig By, Et Huus, 40, FT-1860, C4662
Georg Emil Køhler 29 married, sømand (seaman) born in Nyborg
Christiane Dorthea Petersen 28 married, his wife, born in Rørvig
Jacob Wilhelm [Køhler] 6 deres Børn (their child) born in Rørvig
Peter Christian [Køhler] 4 deres Børn born in Rørvig
Georg Anton [Køhler] 2 deres Børn born in Rørvig

Below Lars in 1880. "Hans nevø" means his nephew; neveu may be a variant of the same.

Holbæk, Ods, Rørvig, Rørvig By, Et Hus, 96, FT-1880, C4664
Jens Petersen 51 married, Husfader, Sømand (seaman), born in Rørvig
Ellen Kathrine Petersen 44 married, hans Hustru (his wife), born in Rørvig
Peter Lauritz Petersen 21 unmarried, Sømand Jens Petersen's Sønner, Sømænd Her i Sognet (born in this parish)
Otto Petersen 18 unmarried, Sømand Jens Petersen's Sønner, Sømænd Her i Sognet
Lars Petersen 41 single, hans Svoger, Sømand, born in Rørvig
Lauritz Greno Køhler 16 unmarried, hans Neveu, Sømand (seaman) born in Rørvig <--------
Mads Laurits Larsen 28 unmarried, Skomagermester born in Nykjøbing Holbæk Amt
Niels Christian Nielsen 22 unmarried, Skomagersvend born in Grevinge Sogn Holbæk Amt

This is probably Lars's sister in 1890.
Holbæk, Ods, Højby, Højby (Østre Del), Højby Mark, Jordmodersted, 75, FT-1890, C5554
Julie Antonette Sofie Køhler 57 widow, Husmoder Jordmoder, born at Nyborg paa Fyn
Severine Marthine Køhler 17, unmarried, Plejedatter (foster daughter) born in Rørvig Sogn, Holbæk Amt <------
Hans Kristian Pedersen 5 Plejebarn (foster child) born in Asmindrup Sogn, Holbæk Amt

Here's Julie Antonette in 1860. Last line in the census records is birthplace.
Holbæk, Ods, Højby, Højby sogn,Høiby by, et hus, 90, FT-1860, D5469
Hans Christian Petersen 26 Gift husmand Nykøbing
Julie Antonette Sophie Køhler 27 Gift hans kone jordmoder Nyborg
Hans Wilhelm Petersen 3 Ugift deres barn Nykøbing

Adolf Emil in 1901. First number is birth date, last entry is birth place. G=gift=married:

Holbæk, Tuse, Hjembæk, Hjembæk/Aggervold, 42a, 4b, FT-1901, D6724
Adolf Emil Køhler 1869-04-21 G Husfader Daglejer ved agerbrug Rørvig Sogn Holbæk Amt
Johanne Marie Køhler 18670506 G Husmoder Jyderup Sogn Holbæk Amt
Emilie Elise Sofie Rasmussen 18891031 U Barn af husmoder Jyderup Sogn Holbæk Amt
Kristian Niels Køhler 18950807 U Barn Hjembæk Sogn Holbæk Amt
Kristiane Hansine Køhler 18971003 U Barn Hjembæk Sogn Holbæk Amt
Georg Lauritz Greno Køhler 18990625 U Barn Hjembæk Sogn Holbæk Amt

Re: Searching for info on my family from Rørvig

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An easier database to use is the Dansk Demografisk Database. It is not nearly as complete, however, as the database you've been trying to search.

Lar's sister Caroline in 1880 as a patient in a hospital.

København, København (Staden), Blegdamsvej, Hospitalet, , , FT-1880, C8599
Caroline Bolette Køhler 19 Ugift (unmarried) Patient, Tjenestepige (working girl/servant) born in Rørvig Sogn
...Many more persons are enumerated at this hospital.
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