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Surnames: Whitaker, Whittaker
Searching for info. on family of Lonnie Walter Whitaker b. May 10, 1898 Bowling Green, Va. died June 4, 1985 Clinton, Md. His parents were James Edward Whitaker and Hazel Whitaker. Siblings were: Essie, Lissie, Grace, Helen and an unknown daughter who died after being given the wrong medication by a doctor.

He married Ester Lou Whittaker who was born April 9, 1900, Bowling Green, Md. parents were Robert L. Whittaker and Elnora Marshall Whittaker. Siblings were Ida, Edna, Lizzie, Wilson, Eugene, Russell and Marshall.

Their children were Virginia Elizabeth; Mildred Lee, Dorothy and Lonnie Walter Jr.

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Surnames: Whitaker, Whittaker, Satterwhite

I am speaking on behalf of my fiance William Prichard and grand-daughter in-law of Ruth Satterwhite.

(Fiance's grandmother) Ruth Satterwhite was adopted and found some of the family but I had found information that she is the daughter of Lizzie (Whitaker) Satterwhite.
Lizzie and William Satterwhite lived in Richmond, Va till 1920-1930? Because William Satterwhite went to WWI and they had moved to Maryland or otherwise District of Columbia.

I found information Elizabeth May Whitaker Satterwhite was in relation to Lonnie W, Essie M., and Grace and the daughter of Hazel Whitaker.

I have been struggling much with different spellings of the names on the census and got confused, but found a old post from 2006 of a person stating James Edward Whittaker married Hazie Whittaker. Their children matches the names and years of birth to Lizzie birth of 1901.

One of the children remembers that her uncle Lonnie was a taxi driver and had a daughter that had polio.

We would really appreciate if there is any more information.

Thank you.

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Hello - I do have the oldest sister of Loniie - Essie M. Whittaker born Feb. 25, 1896 - may have married a Satterwhite but had no further information on her. I did some genealogy on the family but did not back it up before my computer went down, so I'll have to scan the pages and e-mail them to you. Send me your e-mail address - mine is
My husband's mother is the Whittaker - she is the daughter of Lonnie and Esther. Ginny is still going strong at 95 years of age.
Looking forward to seeing what you have - and I'll scan the genealogy I have sometime this weekend and send it to you 2 pages at a time so I don't overload or take too much time sending them.
The spelling goes back and forth and it was really confusing when Lonnie Whitaker married Esther Whittaker.
Deb Miller

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Surnames: Satterwhite/Satterwite/Satterwhate/Whitaker/Whittaker
Hello thank you so much for your response. The family is so excited. I'm trying to be patient until we both can confirm everything and connecting the correct dots.

So far my research judging upon the Census documents, and research online by of (Elizabeth May Whitaker Satterwhite) and word of mouth by Jean & Ruth with their certificate and letter from Grace (Lonnie's sister); everything seems to match --- it seems to match up.

After of some struggle through looking through Satterwhite family, I come to discover that Elizabeth is really "Lizzie" listed in the Census documents.

Jean, Shirley, & Ruth Satterwhite are the living daugthers of Lizzie.

Lonnie is the brother of Lizzie (Whitaker) Satterwhite.

Lizzie had nine children: James, Fred, Clarence, Virginia (Jenni), Jean, Donald, Ruth & Ruby, and Shirley.

My grandmother in-law (Ruth) has little information of the family due she was given up for adoption at a very early age (2-4 years).

Then I researched the Whitaker family.....

What was told was that one sisters had an old birth certificate that said Elizabeth (Whitaker) and father William Satterwhite, and when she had lost her certificate; she submitted to get a new one and it came back saying Lizzie Whitaker.

Then years, years, and years ago....Ruth had received a letter from a Grace stating about Lizzie Whitaker.

Jean still remembers uncle "Lonnie" driving a taxi cab in DC, back when she was young. She just told us that she remembers after going to her mom "Lizzie"'s funeral, which Ruth was not allowed to go because she was too young, she went to stay at her uncle "Lonnie"'s house 3-4 days and his daughter Dorothy was cooking her up some fried chicken. *She would love to know if Dorothy is still alive* She mentioned that Lonnie and Grace often visited because she believes her mother (Lizzie) had cancer and died around 1948.;

You will see:
Wife of William Satterwhite,mother of nine.
Daughter of Hazel Whitaker,sister of Lonnie W.Whitaker,Mrs.Grace L.Wilcox and Mrs.Essie M.Bryan.

***Census are so confusing due to the mispellings of names***

Census says, Lizzie was born 1901 mispelled last name being Satterwite, or Lazsie Satterwhate.

Then tracing Lizzie Whitaker with the same birth and place with a James E. Whitaker and Hazie Whitaker.

On Lizzie's plaque? says Hazie was the mother and Lonnie W., Essie M.(Mrs.Bryant), and Grace (Mrs.Wilcox) being sisters. But my fiance and I believe whomever did Lizzie's plaque did not know much about Lizzie, because Hazie (possibly Lonnie too) may have not been her mother and may have been Daisy, or Hazie may have raised Lizzie and that is why it is on the plaque. *PLEASE LOOK OVER CENSUS CAREFULLY* My fiance and I really had to think and reanalyze dates and names to make a connection.

I tried helping the family look for Lonnie's grave, because they said they want to visit it. I saw that he died in Clinton, Md, but when I looked in I could not find anything. But please if you know, please let us know. We thank you so much. =)

Most of the family members live in Maryland. Aunt Jean says she tried to find the picture, and come to look at it, you can barely see what her mom looks like. And again Ruth does not have anything due to her adoption. Shirley is currently hospitalized in Texas, we believe has the inability to talk. The family says if they are related, that they would love to visit Ginny and the others if they are around.

I personally do not have anything on us, except connecting the dots with the census documents. Ruth stored the letter from Grace in the attic and will have to go through it when she has a chance. But Grace is the youngest sister of Lonnie and Lizzie. (As you should see on 1940 Census)

I attached one of Ruth's pictures when she was in her young lady years. Both Jean and Ruth are saying they have hopes they maybe your side might have something a picture of their mother with Lonnie possibly, because they do not have nothing else but the one very blurry faded picture.

Very excited to see your side, thank you again for your post. If it were not that I found your posts, especially mentioning of Lonnie's mother Hazel and daughter Dorothy, I would of been stuck. *Whew*

Looks like something maybe wrong with attaching files here,so I will try to send some to email.


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Richard D. Whittaker , Whitaker Mar .two sisters Cordelia C Chandler,1880,and Hauzie A. Chandler in 1899 dau's of R.T. and Columbus J.Chandler, Hauzie A. Chandler Whittaker Mar. second James E. Whittaker in 1911. James E. Whittaker parents are John H. and Camllia Whittaker .Richard D. Whittaker parent are James M. and Susan Whittaker.IN the 1910 Census Richard and Hauzie has 4 children Florence, 9, John S. 8,Melvin 6, Lenard,3.In 1920 census with James E. Whittaker ,Hauzie 41, Helen F 16,Ethel L, 7. Grace L. 2 years and 4 months.

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I am not sure how you connect with this family - but there apparently were at least two James Edward Whittaker's in Caroline Co. in the same time frame. My line has a James Edward Whittaker born Dec. 1872, married Hazie Rena Whitaker (daughter of Mary F. Whiticoe who, according to information in the family was Mary F. Chandler) I have not found any information on this Mary F. Chandler Whiticoe. She is listed on the 1880 Bowling Green Census living with Robert Parker, his wife and dau. Listed as Whittoco, Mary, mullato, 20, single, Hazie or Nazy mullato, female 3 years of age. James E. Whittaker and Hazie Whitaker married on May 5, 1895 in Caroline Co., Va. This James Edward Whittaker was the son of Joseph R. Whittaker and Sarah Frances Beazley.

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I am not related thought I would put this out there sorry these are not your people.These records can be found on this it has a lot of old records maybe they can help you.To search the site go to Search Archives and put in a name or place .Good Luck Hunting God Bless.
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