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Gutierrez family of Valverde

Gutierrez family of Valverde

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Surnames: Gutierrez
My grandfather Jose Antonio Gutierrez was born in 1881 in Valverde, NM, he moved his family to Socorro after the flood of 1929. I am searching for any of his brothers or sisters offspring. My mother was Ida Gutierrez, she had brothers and sisters named, Jose, Farron, Zacadias, Ruth, Loida, Eleanor, Dolores, Severita. I believe my grandfather was a Justice of the Peace in Socorro. He was married to Beatriz Fajardo also of Valverde. I would appreciate any information about my Gutierrez pedigree.

Methodist of Socorro and Sierra Counties

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i need to make a correction on what you said about blas gutiérrez being on
of the first methodist ministers in new mexico. blas was on of the first
new mexico native born methodist ministers. in the 1850's when new mexico
had become US territory, there was a meeting in albuquerque of two
protestant religious groups, the methodist and presbyterian and made a pact
that each other would not invade the other group's area. the methodist were
to get the area of albuquerque south, and the presbyterian would go from
albuquerque north. there were a number of methodist ministers in new mexico
before finding converts, like blas gutiérrez.

as in any changes in a life style, there was good and bad which happen to
the families in new mexico. in socorro and sierra county, religion had
divided families, in which is why you see the converted methodist moving
away from catholic family members. this is because the converted methodist
were very fundamental and passionate about their new religion. but that is
not the only reason why family just left the area, economy and floods also
effected the migration of families of socorro.

i am still trying to get the methodist records, but no luck so far. the
person whom has the records, carlos lopopolo had no plans in the near future
about publishing them. and he had told me that no one had contacted him
regarding them. if you are a descendant from the methodist population of
socorro and sierra county, e-mail him with your enquires at:

Methodist Church Valverde, NM

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Surnames: Gutierrez
I understand that Blas Gutierrez was one of the first Methodist ministers in New Mexico. He was born in 1834 and died 1904. Does anyone have any information about him, such as, spouse, children, in-laws or any other data about him.

my family?

Devin Gutierrez (View posts)
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Surnames: Gutierrez, Gutierrez, Gutierrez
hello/ my last name is Gutierrez i am 14

Re: Methodist Church Valverde, NM

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Surnames: Gutierrez, Aragon, Brown, Garcia, Salas
Some descendents of Blas Gutierrez now live in Albuquerque and attend El Buen Samaritano United Methodist Church. Other families from the Methodist churches in Socorro County, who go to church there, are related to the Brown, Garcia, Salas, and Aragon families.

Re: Methodist Church Valverde, NM

Richard Trujillo (View posts)
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Thank you for the information about the other family names. My mother attended the same Methodist Church in Albuquerque. My brother Aquiles still attends. Do you have any contact information for Brown, Salas, or Garcia?

Re: Methodist Church Valverde, NM

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Surnames: Brown, Salas, Garcia, Aragon
My grandfather was Roberto Brown. His parents were Lee Brown and Josefita Garcia. His grandparents were Jose Sosten Garcia, Maria Salas and unknown Browns, all from Socorro County. Lee Brown took off to California and Josefita Garcia-Brown married Nestor Aragon. I have no info on the parents of Lee Brown, Sosten Garcia or Maria Salas.
Happy Hunting!

Re: Methodist of Socorro and Sierra Counties

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Hello, Would you please provide updated information on the Methodist families in Sierra County? I have attempted contact with clop but this apparently no longer a working site. Thanks Don

Re: Methodist Church Valverde, NM

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My grandfather (Juan C. Chavez) was a Methodist minister in NM in the early 1900's: Socorro, Hillboro & Las Cruces. His father, my great-grandfather, was ALSO a Methodist minister in NM, one of the first. HIS father, my great-great-grandfather, was probably one of the first converts to Methodist in NM at the early church in Peralta NM.

I am also related, by blood and marriage, to early Presbyterian ministers in NM (e.g. Samuel Van Wagner: Socorro and Albuquerque.

Rev. Thomas Harwood, was the principal founder of the early Methodist church in NM; he wrote "History of New Mexico Spanish and English Missions" - and excellent & extensive history (now out of print - but I have it).

The Methodist church archives in Albuqueque NM are also a good source.

Please contact me in you have or need info on early (pre-1900) Methodist & Presbyterian churches and ministers.

Re: Methodist Church Valverde, NM

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Mr. Chavez, I know this is a little off track, but my eyes lit up when I saw Harwood! My husband's mother and her sisters attended Harwood School for Girls(we believe it was in Albequerque), somewhere between 1908 and 1918. We have been trying to get records of their attendance, and have been told all the records have been sent back east, and they might not be available anymore. This book you have may very well give us more leads. Also, we'd like to see if there is any record of the girls' baptism in the Methodist Church. Is there any chance you might help us in this?
The girls were Catalina, Virginia and Elisa Alderete. Thank you so very much. CL
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