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wanted: Mr. & Mrs Otto T. Perske

wanted: Mr. & Mrs Otto T. Perske

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Surnames: Perske, Klatt, Bohac
I am in search of Otto Theodore Perske who lived in Stanton Nebraska. He apparently died there in Feb of 1972. I don't have the name of his wife, but she apparently died on August 5 1969. I'd like to know more about these people, if they had children, where they are buried their birthdates, obits or whatever can be found on them. If someone would direct me to where i can search i'd be ever so greatful.
Sharon Corcoran of Buchanan county, Iowa

Re: wanted: Mr. & Mrs Otto T. Perske

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Hello~~I am not related to this family. But may be able to help as we rented a home that they owned at one time. They did have children, Betty, Harlan and Nathan. Harlan and Nathan are now deceased. But Betty Bohac is living in Norfolk, NE.

Otto's wife's name was Margaret(last name unknown)

Re: wanted: Mr. & Mrs Otto T. Perske

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re Otto Perske

Your last respondent was partially correct. Otto did have three children however Nathan and Betty(Bohac)were from his first marriage to Clara Glaser, Harlan is his son from his second marriage after Clara's death. Harlan's mother was Margaret Harms. Harlan was my father, both him and Nathan are deceased. Otto was the son of Gustav and Pauline(Klatt) they had eight children. Sons Otto, Adolph, Paul and daughters Mina, Elsa, Helene, Leona, and Martha. Hope this clarifies things

Re: wanted: Mr. & Mrs Otto T. Perske

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Thanks, I did have that Otto was married to Clara Glaser, but didn't know where the kids belonged. Thanks for the clarification.


Re: wanted: Mr. & Mrs Otto T. Perske

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Surnames: Perske, Perskey, Pursky, Purskey
Thank you both...gee it's been so long since I've researched my Perske line...might take me some time to ruffle through things, hope you will both be around at a later time, for any questions i might have.
so far this is what I've collected anything different please let me know...again thanks a bunch...SHARON

Born 4/27/1895 Stanton Cty Farmer Stanton cty until 1944 Moved to Stanton NE purchased Saloon
Married (1st wife)2/15/1921--Clara Emma Glaser Born 4/25/1895 Died May 26,1937 one son,1dau, 2 stillborn
Married (2nd wife) 10/11/1939 - Margaret Harms Born 9/2/1897 Died 8/5/1969 1son
Died 2/22/1972

CHILDREN Of Otto Perske

NATHAN LESTER PERSKE Otto and Clara' son
Born February 20, 1923 Pilger, Stanton cty
Married (1st wife) Emilie Bourek 2 children (divorced) Judy and Lester
Married (2nd wife) Darlene Andersen Haase Died 1/8/1991, 1 dau Karla
Died 12/28/1996

BETTY LOU PERSKE Otto and Clara's Dau
Born March 5, 1931
Married November 14, 1950 to Richard O. Bohac (deceased 2003)
(two children---Dr. Beverly Bohac MD, Spooner WI Dr. Rodney Bohac Professor of Russian history BYU)

HARLAN GENE PERSKE (son of Otto and Margaret)
Born December 29, 1939 Pilger NE Stanton cty
Married Beverly Oertwich (divorced)
two children--Paul and Suzanne

CLARA ANNA PERSKE (gustav and pauline dau
Born 5/5/1897 Stanton County
Died 1899 Buried in rural cemetery Stanton Cty

BORN 6/27/1898 Stanton County
Married 5/11/1932 to James Griffin , Dentist, died 3/27/1955 They lived in Omaha NE
Died 12/17/1979 Nursing Home Norfolk
No children

Born 9/19/1900 Stanton Cty NE He and his wife resided in Denver where he had a county job in Denver
Married 91/1924 to Elva LaVeck
Died 8/4/1971 in Denver Co
Two children Pauline (deceased) and Robert lives in Conneticut, worked with and authored books
including a book on for President's Carter's wife now is an
advocate for mentally retarded persons wrongfully accused of a crime

Born 2/14/1904 Stanton Cty
Married 10/28/1924----to Ed Hoffman born Cambridge NE 2/21/1904 died 8/31/1978
Died 7/1/1996
No Children
They lived in Santa Anna Ca. Had vegetable farm. It was later sold as ground to build town Of
Fountain Valley Ca. Elsa Was on of the first Council persons

Born 4/1/1906 Stanon Cty
Married Roy L. May Born 1896 died 2/7/1969
No Children
They live most of their Married Life in St Joseph, Mo.

Born 2/21/1913 Stanton Cty
Married 10/11/1950 to Willaim J. Smith Born 4/3/1898 Died 3/24/1966
Died 9/28/1985 Norfolk NE
Children None
Leone Lived with her folks and cared for them all her life, She and Bill had apartment
upstairs of the house of her parents. Gus and Pauline moved into home from farm in
1919. Gus did die in Perry Rest Home. Pauline at home

Re: wanted: Mr. & Mrs Otto T. Perske

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Thanks for the additional information.

There was another daughter, Mina E. Perske, born 7-12-1893, Stanton Co., NE. She married a ?? James. She died in Orange Co., CA in 5-6-1896.

Re: wanted: Mr. & Mrs Otto T. Perske

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Ah Thanks again...I had her written in my notes, but apparently she wasn't listed under the children. I probably wasn't sure who she belonged to. I had this for her...

born June 12, 1893
Married March 24,1937 to C.W. "Bill" James Born 1897 Died October 2,1950
Died May 9,1986
No Children

I am thinking I may have things messed up...the dates are not matching on some of the children for some of them are born within a couple years of Otto according to my notes, haha, no wonder I put this one aside.

Re: wanted: Mr. & Mrs Otto T. Perske

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I must just have everyone thrown in there and haven't gotten them all sorted as who belongs to who yet. Guess Gustave's family was as bout hard to sort as his sister, Matilda's haha.

Re: wanted: Mr. & Mrs Otto T. Perske

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