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Amzi M and Sarah A Steel Mix Family: Bradford Co, PA to Ithaca, NY

Amzi M and Sarah A Steel Mix Family: Bradford Co, PA to Ithaca, NY

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Surnames: Mix, Steele
Searching for information on the Amzi M Mix family who were in Canton Twp, Bradford County, PA in 1850 and in Ithaca, Tompkins Co, NY by the mid 1870's.

Amzi M Mix was married to Sarah A Steele, from New York and had the following children: Eugene b. abt 1839, Adelia b. abt 1843, Bede Louise b. abt 1845, Brenet J b. abt 1848 and twins Florence and Frank R b. abt 1853.

The family were members of the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Ithaca, New York in the 1870's.

Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Amzi M and Sarah A Steel Mix Family: Bradford Co, PA to Ithaca, NY

Edwin Chesney (View posts)
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Classification: Query

I have collected information on Amzi Mix and recorded it as part of an overall search project of the Mix families of America.
I will copy and past this small part of what I have on him but I do have more.
I am not sure what you are looking for and whether you are related to this family or not.
You can contact me direct and I should be able to add to what you want to know about him or his ancestors.

My notes read as follows:
In the land records of Tompkins County New York there are some records which are probably part of a probate process which were copied by Dorothy Mix of Brookdale, New York.
Amzi M. and Sarah A. Mix. Mentioned- Amsi M. Mix, Breyette J. Mix, Adelia Mix, Louise B. Mix, Frank Mix, Florence Mix, John W. Steele.
----------- -------------------
Frank R. Mix and Flora E. Mix his wife of Dansville, New York, B. Louise Boyce, George W. Boyce her husband, A. M. Mix of Binghamton, N.Y., Florence M. Robbins and George R. Robbins her husband of Hoosick Falls, N.Y., and B. J. Mix and Huldah Mix his wife of town of British Burnia to Nathaniel T. Mabee land in town of Ithaac (lot being same conveyed to Sarah A. Mix by T.P. St. John).
---------------- --------------------
Ephraim J. Bentley and Ann Bentley his wife and Ephraim J. Bentley as executor of the last will and testament of Winfield S. Bentley, Fanny A. Moore and F. Elma Mix, all of Ithaca, New York and David C. Mix and Grace Mix his wife of Three Rivers, Michigan to Britton F. Osterhout of the Town of Enfield, property in the city of Ithaca.
(note says: Fanny Elma Mix...David Cameron Mix).
(See Frank Raymond Mix's wife Flora Elma Bentley)
Also see 1910 census of Fannie Moore with a daughter named Mary Danton who also had a cousin living in the same household. (see below next)
The 25 April 1910 census (soundex 183-page 100a-168/221) of the third ward of Ithaac, Tompkins County, New York shows the following: living at 304 N. Albany Street.
Danton, Mary M. head, age 37, married, born New York/NY/Penn. Own income
Moore, Fannie mother, age 60, married, born Penn./Pa/Pa
Danton, Clare dau., age 10, single, born New York/Ny/Ny
Mix, Fannie E. cousin, age 25, single, born New York/Ny/Pa secretary-university
The 1840 census of Ulysses, Tompkins Co., New York has the following: (from the census index)
Mix, Anize page 294 of Ulysses, Tompkins Co., New York
Mix, Avazi M. page 296 of Ulysses, Tompkins Co., New York
--------- ---------------
Page 294 of Ulysses, Tompkins Co., New York
Anize Mix 1 male, 60 to 70 years of age
1 female, 15 to 20 years of age
1 female, 20 to 30 years of age
1 female, 50 to 60 years of age
Seems that I must have found a census near by as I have the following:
Titus Mix 2 males, 20 to 30
1 female, 20 to 30
1 female, 50 to 60 (my note says He born 1788, age 58, does this mean, mother of Titus?, why did I say he rather than she)
page 297 of Ulysses, Tompkins Co., New York
Amzi M. Mix 1 male, 20 to 30
1 female, under 5
1 female, 20 to 30
The 1850 census of Canton, Bradford County, Pennsylvania as furnished by Muriel Hawkins, Page 291.
14/14 A. M. Mix, age 36, male, foundry, $1500, born New York
Sarah A. Mix, age 37, female, born New York
Eugene Mix, age 10, female, born New York
Adelia Mix, age 6, female, born Pennsylvania
Bidu L. Mix, age 4, female, born Pennsylvania
Burnet Mix, age 1, male, born Pennsylvania
The 1860 census of Canton Township, Bradford Co., Pennsylvania has the following:
419/398 Amzi Mix age 46, male, carpenter, $1200/$200, born New York
Sarah Mix age 47, female, born New York
Eugene Mix age 20, male, (should re-read M or F)born New York
Adelia Mix age 16, female, born Pennsylvania
B. Louise Mix age 13, female, born Pennsylvania
B.J. Mix age 11, female, born Pennsylvania
Frank Mix age 6, male, born Pennsylvania
Florence Mix age 6, female, born Pennsylvania
The 1870 census of Ithaca, Tompkins Co., New York has the following:
1057 Mix, Amzi, male, age 55, male, carpenter, $200/$500, born New York
Mix, Mira, female, age 40, female,
Mix, Adelia, female, age 25, female,
Mix, Louisa, female, age 22, female,
Mix, Brinett, J. male, age 21, male,
Mix, Frank, male, age 16, male,
Mix, Florence female, age 16, female
The 1870 census of (Canton Boro,?) Bradford Pennsylvania (didn't copy date) has the following, which seems to be the same Mix person as listed above in Ithaca:
134/138 Beardsley, Mira age 40, female, keeping house, $3000/$600, born Penna.
Beardsley, Charlie age 15, male, born Penna.
Mix, A.M. age 56, male, carpenter, /$100, born N.Y.
The 1880 census (soundex 5-35-30-14) of Binghamton, Broome Co., New York has the following:
Living on Virgil Street
Seems to be the same Amzi, with a different wife???
Amzi Mix, age 65, male, born New York
Susan A. Mix, wife, age 49, female, born New York
Harry G. Mix, son, age 22, male, born New York
Frederick O. Mix, son, age 20, male, born New York
Arthur A. Mix, (N/R) age 7, male, born New York
1880 - Census Place: Binghamton, Broome, New York
Source: FHL Film 1254810 National Archives Film T9-0810 Page 109B
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Amzi M. MIX - Self-Male-Married White age 65 NY- Occ: Carpenter Fa: NY Mo: NY
Susan A. MIX-Wife-Female Married age 49 NY- Occ: Keeping House Fa: NY Mo: NY
Harry G. MIX Son Male White 22 NY Occ: Printer Fa: NY Mo: NY
Frederick O. MIX Son Male White age 20 NY Occ:Clerk Dry Goods Store Fa: NY Mo: NY
Arthur A. MIX Other Male Single White age 7 NY Occ: At School Fa: NY Mo: NY
Marriage & Death notices from Tompkins Co., New York..Dryden Weekly News.
Mix, Amzi M. & Sarah Ann Steel ........Trumansburg, New York (Tompkins Co.) Jan. 1, 1838.
(this would be marriage).
Deeds of Tompkins County, New York.
December 4, 1841--Amzi M. Mix and Sarah Ann his wife of the Town of Ulysses, Tompkins Co., New York to Henry Henry of the same.
Deeds from New York, furnished by Miss Dorothy Mix.
February 23, 1861..Sarah A. Mix and husband Amzi Mix to T.G. Manley, land on Spencer Road, Ithaca, New York.
November 20, 1866...Amzi M. Mix and Sarah A. his wife to C.M. Titus.
Amzi's middle name is stated in the query from Mrs. Dorothy Weaver which appeared in the Genealogical Helper.
Letter from Mrs. Dorothy Weaver give his birth and death dates and places. See letter and charts.
History of Amzi Marvin Mix, by himself, July 19 1877.
Born Ulysses New York, March 28, 1814 in log house on turnpike, six miles west of Ithaca. Parents were Amasa H. Mix and Asenath Wilcox who came from Wolcott, Connecticut. During boyhood made several trips with his father and neighbors to Albany and New York, driving horses on canal boats. Brought back team one time after snow came, barefoted and tired out. About 1830 worked at carpenters trade which he learned from his father. New Years day 1838 married Sarah Ann Steele of Ulysses, New York (Rev. Sheda). Lived at home and near by the first year. 1839 bought property from Levi Owens 3 miles south of Trumansburg. Eugenia Mix born April 10, 1840. 1842 bought half interest in Coe farm, 153 acres of Chas. Parmeter, Grandville, Pennsylvania.
1844, May 2, Adelia Mix born.
1847, Jan 20, B. Louise Mix born.
1848, Bought foundry at Alba, Pennsylvania.
1849, Feb. 25, Brenette J. Mix born.
1850, Gold excitement, left for California via N.Y. and Isthamus of Panama. -- --(see diary).
1853 April, returned to Alba Pennsylvania haveing mined gold and had experience but no visible profits in dollars.
1854, April 7, Florence and Frank Mix born.
1859, Jan. Moved to Millgrove 2 1/2 miles from Alba on E. Canton Rd.
1860, Rented mill to Crandall Hooker. and later sold on contract to them. Returned to Alba.
1862, Returned to Ithaca in fall.
1863, October 2, Eugenia died age 23.
1863-1864, Tennessee, in Govt. Construction Corps.
1865, Built house on Seneca Street.
1868, May 10, wife Sarah A. Mix died of consumpion, aged 54.
1870, Went to Canton, Pa., in the spring, in fall family moved to Binghamton, New York with A.M. Mix.
1871, Sept. 17, Adelia Mix died of comsumption.
1872, Went again to Canton, Pa. Married Mrs. Beardsley and divorced her. Worked on Mix & Whitman drug store.
1872, June 30, Married Susan A. Mewell of Afton, New York (mother of A.A. Mix), lived at Waverly, New York until,
1874, Removed to Virgil Street, Binghamton. Arthur A., born at Waverly in 1873.
1885, Dec. 25, died at Binghamton, New York.
Sarah Ann Steele, wife of A.M. Mix was born at Ulysses N.Y. near Goodwins Point, 2 miles north of Jacksonville, June 12, 1813, married at age of 24, January 1, 1838. 1836, before marriage, was in Toledo, Ohio with Mary Jane O'Daniles as tailoress, Lost health by Western Fever and returned home 1837.
Index to deeds--Tompkins Co., New York, 1817 to 1860 inclusive.
1841 1842 Amzi M & Sarah A(nn) to Henry Henry, RR 230, Uly 19, 24.7p & ano par 1848 Amzi M & Sarah A(nn) to Asa Wetherell YY 146, Uly, 10 1/2 acres (same land his father deeded to him on the same date.)

Re: Amzi M and Sarah A Steel Mix Family: Bradford Co, PA to Ithaca, NY

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Miches, Borgelt, Caspari, Rouse
I hope you can help me. You seem very knowledgeable so maybe you can send me a lifeline in this search. My great grandmother was either Dora Borgelt or Dora Miches (family members can't agree) I have a photo of the Miches family but no real names listed except "Dora Miches Caspari" I have also found a "Dora Borgelt Caspari" in the records so am very confused. My grandmother was Evelyn Caspari Rouse.
My great grandmother Dora had a sister named Rose. I cannot find out if either Dora Borgelt or Dora Miches had a sister named Rose. I would greatly appreciate your help.
Thank you.
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