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The HASKINS Family, (was not HASKIN) of Chautauqua Co;

The HASKINS Family, (was not HASKIN) of Chautauqua Co;

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In Corinth < Saratoga Co NY there lived the family of SETH HASKINS and his wife Lucy LITCHFIELD and their children;
Seth born About 1764 was the son of ANTHONY HASKINS and Rhoda GOODRICH ;
Seth was murdered on the streets of Corinth September 15, 1819
(from my notes)
Of Anthony's children,
Seth was murdered in Saratoga county;9/15/1819
John was a Methodist minister, died here in Elery,died 4 Sept. 1828 age 54 buried Lewis Burying ground, he married to one SALLY WOOD no other data
and with
ISAAC I Did not find him yet MAY be an error in the above notes, No (ISAAC) found here but ENOCH is here very early as the rest of these are; went to western New York; ELLERY
William and NOT FOUND YET
David died here 12 Feb. 1839 age 54 wife not found yet
His son DAVID G HASKINS , settled in Chautauqua; G. 1817-1894.
HASKIN, Jane CARPENTER, his wife, died 16 July 1899 age 78 (daughter of Elihu Carpenter and Patience (Bleekman)).
HASKIN, Andrew, their son, 1849-1849.
HASKIN, Patience F. (Francelia) daughter 1855-1858.

Ira b ca 1782 went to Clinton county,IOWA? and afterwards came back to to Chautauqua;died here 4/28/1852 wife "Claracy" died Aug 16, 1849

So it seems the children of Seth, after his murder came to Chautauqua CO with their Uncles Haskins,
I also think that Seth's wife / Widow, LUCY is here also;
there also was here in 1820 one ENOCH HASKINS wife was Mary WADSWORTH and others I have not yet had time to place, but will add as I go
Freedom HASKINS Son of SETH and Lucy Litchfield Haskins name is also found in our local records as HASKIN, which causes some confusion;
Freedom and most of his siblings, came to Chautauqua Co NY, some stayed and are buried here a few went west;
Freedom HASKINS , All I can find about him is listed below and looking for ANY info on his wife especially;her FATHER, Mother Isbel

Ira HASKINS, born April 19, 1792 died Ellery July 20, 1873 he married to Hannah SEARLES b April 20, 1794 died Ellery June 21 1851 both buried LEWIS Burying ground;
Ira Haskins lived near Maple Springs, Ellery Twp., Chautauqua Co., New York, he is buried in the Lewis cemetery there. He bought the farm adjoining Lewis cemetery from Abel Lewis. Ira's daughter Sally Ann Haskins married Benjamin Lewis, son of Abel and they had 2 sons, one which was named Ira Haskins Lewis. Benjamin Lewis died 28 August 1839. Sally later married a Thomas Dalrymple.(Alvin Lewis)
buried as HASKIN
Son of Ira Hiram, b HASKIN(S), Hiram, died 29 Sept. 1889 age 72 Lewis Burying ground w/wives

HASKIN, Catherine (nee Caldwell) 1st wife of Hiram, died 20 June 1851 age 32.
HASKIN, Rebecca C. (nee Parker) 2nd wife of Hiram, died 3 Jan. 1867, age 43.
HASKIN, James, son of Hiram and Catherine, died 3 Oct. 1841, age 3.
HASKIN, infant son of Hiram and Catherine, no dates.

Rhoda HASKINS January 05, 1791 d February 05, 1852 married to
Tubal Cain OWEN, 1791-1837 both are buried in the same Lewis Burying ground as her sister Sally

Sally HASKINS b about 1801 married here to Isaac JACKSON she died here August 22, 1836 in Ellery, Chautauqua Co Ny he is buried there with his 3 wives, Including SALLY HASKINS< at Lewis burying ground town of Ellery Chautauqua CO NY
JACKSON, Isaac, 1801-1882 (no stone).
JACKSON, Polly (nee REED), his 1st wife, died 1 Aug. 1832 age 27.
JACKSON, Sally (**HASKINS), 2nd wife, died 22 Aug. 1836, age 35.
JACKSON, Lucretia, 3rd wife, died 28 May 1846 age 43.

Lucy HASKINS,born about Abt. 1806 married to Hartford WINCHESTER they are buried at Bemus Point Cemetery, Chautauqua Co NY

all are buried here in various cemeteries,
Betsey HASKINS b December 21, 1794 married to Alexander CHILDS and went to Manasha, Winnebago, WI,she died there 1866
John HASKINS,b March 01, 1797 Married to Gertrude ASH and went to Bradyville Iowa he died Nov 17, 1868

Today I found FREEDOM Son of Seth in the Fentonville Cemetery in the town of CARROLL, which is just a very short distance from Warren Co PA, almost on the line;
Milton BENNETT b June 8, 1828 died Feb 9, 1919
Wife Maria HASKINS b October 4, 1838 died Oct 29, 1926
Daughter of Freedom HASKINS and Catherine LESHER, they share a large monument in Fentonville Cemetery; Bennett one side HASKINS the back side listing Freedom HASKINS July 7, 1803 Corinth, Saratoga Co, NY died Dec 24, 1886
Wife Catherine LESHER born April 2, 1808 died April 1, 1899
4 small stones are beside this monument listing only the 4 first names of those on the monument; My Family line
Children of Freedom and Catherine ALL born here in either ELLERY or Fentonville :
1, Ira, August 14, 1827
2 George April 28, 1829
3 Harriet April 13, 1831 M Henry EDMONDS
4, Martha, b March 09, 1833 M Ezra BENNETT buried FENTONVILLE
5 SETH Haskins b March 07, 1835 m Salina CRANDALL
6, Maria b October 04, 1838 not yet found
7, Henry HASKINS May 11, 1842 Lucinda EDMONDS
8, Ethan A HASKINS May 02, 1846 m Pheba ?
there may be others
ALSO in Fentonville Cemetery is ISABEL LESHER, the mother of above CATHERINE; probably of the LESHER family of the same town Corinth, Saratoga Co, NY
Her stone is quite eroded and hard to read, but the dates near as I can find were; died March 1873 Aged 89-9-29 giving her a birth date about 1783
there is a bare spot next to her stone then another stone for John HASKINS, 1843-1864 and another probably a daughter Lesher, , stone is very eroded age 24
and another HASKINS< Lucinda Wife of Henry M or W HASKINS d May 18, 1864 looks like age 24
Also here is
IRA Haskins, died Jan 19, 1863 age 35-5-5
Wife Lydia (EDMONDS) she d 4/19/1862 age 32-10-2 (there are alot of EDMONDS here also)
next to Lydia and Ira is Henry EDMONDS, 145th PA VOl 10/13/1824 d 11/12/1867 a flag in place, Civil War

these next in a group; small stones by the large HASKINS Monument
George W HASKINS< 1853-1940
Sarah S. 1856-1930
Ezra L HASKINS 1884 d 1946
Myrtle 1892 1935
EZRA Haskins, 1884-1946
nearby is a small stone for Child HASKINS of G W and Sarah 1892-1895

Large HASKINS monument EAH and the name only Ethan A
Ethan A Haskins
Enlist Date28 July 1862 Jamestown, NY rank Priv age18
Served New York Enlisted A Co. 112th Inf Reg. NY Mustered Out at Raleigh, NC on 13 June 1865
next to a smaller stone for same Ethan A HASKINS 1846-1933 on the other side of the monument is Pheba A 4/21/1846 d 4/26/1908
Pheba is the spelling on the stone, they are in excellent condition

I am posting this to the Chautauqua Co NY BIOS page cause I have no other place to put it, it is a work in progress and all the death dates are from my own research, and cemetry records


Re: Children of Tubal Cain OWEN and Rhoda Litchfield HASKINS

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Tubal Cain Owen md. Rhoda Litchfield Haskins 1810. Nine children:
Benjamin Franklin Owen , Sangerfield NY 1811
Fernanod Cortez Owen, Sangerfield NY 1813
Easton Owen, Haelley NY 1815
Rhoda Owen, Riga NY 1818
Tubal Cain Owen, Caledonia NY 1819
Ira Haskin Owen, Salem OH 1823
Charles Elliott Owen, Salem OH 1825
George Washington Owen, Salem OH 1827 (md. Joanna E. Folkerts, 1852)
Emmely W. Owen, Ellery NY 1834.

Re: Children of Tubal Cain OWEN and Rhoda Litchfield HASKINS

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Surnames: Owens, Lovejoy
I am looking to get past my "brick wall" by finding the parents of John M Owen(s), b. 14 Aug 1827, NY, d. 12 May 1885, NE. He left home with the help of his mother at the age of 14 because his father beat the boys with a wire whip (family story). He married Ede M. Lovejoy 29 Nov 1853 at her parent's home in Sparta, Crawford, PA. Her father, Joel Lovejoy is listed as having lived in Chautauqua Co NY before being in PA. Haven't confirmed that it was the same Joel Lovejoy. John M & Ede Owens moved to SE Minn. their 4 children were born there. They then moved to Furnas Co, NE.
I've seen some deep knowledge about the Owen's with the documentation from you in these pages. Can you point me in the right direction to find John M. Owens and even find out where Joel Lovejoy origionally came from? Thanks, Don

Re: Children of Tubal Cain OWEN and Rhoda Litchfield HASKINS

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In 1840 there are several OWEN (S) in Chautauqua Co NY
but none will show a son John there,
only ages Approx, and sex,

You Have Tubals kids,
There is a JOHN OWEN SR no age in my files that fathered LYDIA OWEN b Abt. 1829

Past research notes were
Lydia if OWEN is probably the dau of JOHN Owen and Lucy STODDARD, also buried in Fentonville, and her son was named JOHN also Lydia married to IRA Haskins, these are all intermarried and I relate to HASKINS
Joel LOVEJOY in 1840 lived in HARMONY, in 1840 he is 30-40 has sons and daus
and Harmony is on the Warren Co PA Border
also in 1830 one Joel lived in Sheridan,ae 30-40 there are others there too both census ;

Tubal was a son of PHINEAS Owen and Rachel Smith
Tubal died 1837 he had at leasst 1 brother Phineas Jr also

I looked several places and have no idea who your John OWEN(S) is;
Joel LOVEJOY in Crawford Co is in 1850 age 45 BORN NY
a few doors from LEVI LOVEJOY 53
both have big families all b NY

Re: Children of Tubal Cain OWEN and Rhoda Litchfield HASKINS

Loraine Smith (View posts)
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Surnames: Owen, Haskin
A few scattered notes on the Owens.............
Tubal Cain Owen was born 1791 and died Mar. 24, 1837 at age 46. He is buried in the Lewis Cemetery, Town of Ellery. He operated a carding and cloth dressing shop on the east branch of Bemus Creek (Corner of Miller Hill road and Ellery Center-Maple Springs road on the 1854 map). He married Rhoda Litchfield Haskins. Rhoda bron 1791 and died Feb. 5, 1852 at age 61/13/0. She is also buried in the Lewis Cemetery, Town of Ellery. Rhoda was the daughter of Seth Haskin and Lucy Litchfield Haskin. I believe that their children were Benjamin Franklin Owen, Fernando Cortex Owen, Easten Owen, Rhoda Owen, Tubal Clarence Owen, Ira Haskin Owen, Charles Elliott Owen, George Washington Owen and Emmely Owen.

John Owen began a tavern at Fentonville also a ferry in 1816. He was a native of Windsor, Conn or Salisbury Conn. He died Feb. 6, 1843 in the Town of Carroll at the age of 107 years, 10 months, 8 days. He settled in Chautauqua County in 1812. Don't know to whom he was married: Their children seem to be Ira Owen, came with his father and settled east of him................Reuben Owen, second son of John. Lived on the old homestead. Married Hannah Clark...................Alvin Owen, youngest son of John. Lived at Fentonville. Married Miss Hadley. Had three children. Drowned in the Conewango by the upsetting of his skiff............Elsie Owen, married George W. Fenton Sr.

Re: The HASKINS Family, (was not HASKIN) of Chautauqua Co;

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My Grandfather, Clarence, b 1875, born in Ellery, son of Hiram b. 1816 in Hadley, NY so of Ira Haskins,b 1792, so of Seth Haskins. I'm looking for an official vital record of Ira, as the son of Seth & Lucy Litchfield Haskins. I would like to join the DAR and this is my only missing vital record. Thanks, Gladys Marie Haskin Schoenknecht
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