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davey crockett ancestory

davey crockett ancestory

Karen (View posts)
Posted: 966899606000
I've been told Davey Crockett was my great-great-great, etc. grandfather. Does anyone know if his family tree has been completed? I'd like to find out more.

Davey Crockett

E. Lybrand (View posts)
Posted: 967324170000
My mom was a crockett and I have information going back to Davey Crocket, We are not direct descendants but are related many generations back.

Descendant of Thomas Crockett

Posted: 967353048000
Edited: 994013376000
My maternal great,great,great grandfather, Bartlett Doe Crockett was the 4th great-grandson of Thomas Crockett (B. 1610/1611 in Stokes Grabriel, England) Living family members say that a now deceased member of the family had traced the lineage to Davy but failed to leave any documention. Is your lineage a part of this Thomas and have you the connection to 'Davy'? Records SEEM to infer that Thomas had a brother ??? who ended up going south and it is from him that Davy is a branch. My Crocketts stayed north (VT.,ME.,NH., MA.) It is the Massachusetts family who are my direct ancestors - I was born raised in Lowell and have been to the cemetery in Lawrence many times to visit the Crockett graves. Please e-mail me if you would like - I do not alsways check the message boards. My address is Thanks,

davey crockett

pearl dukes (View posts)
Posted: 967623909000
hi my great-great grandfather was to be related to davey crockett also i'm in the process of doing a family tree on my grandmother pearly crockett who's father was hugh crockett his father ben crockett. please contact me if you have any info.

His wife Mary ..

ann duncan graham (View posts)
Posted: 968879910000
do you know where his wife is buried ?? I have info about it if you dont, or at least where she was 25 yrs. ago.. ann

mary his wife...

ann duncan graham (View posts)
Posted: 968881251000
the grave of which i spoke about in first mess. may not belong to THE Davys' wife.. there could have been another around about that time I guess.. but I would realy like to know.. the grave is in Louisiana, so I just wondered.. I should have not stated that it was HIS wife.. sorry.... they say she is buried in Tenn. ??

Crockett family

Lee Crockett (View posts)
Posted: 969092269000
Davy Crockett's ancestors were French Huguenots not English. My direct ancestor was Davy's uncle William Crockett.
Go to the site and
you will see Will Osbourne message concerning
this family on the Crockett message board. Or the French and Armstrong book on "Notable Southern Families-The Crockett Family" to see inforamtion on this family.
The Thomas Crockett family was a fine family but it is not the Davy Crockett line. This is
what I have been running into in researching my family-everybody wants to claim Davy Crockett and it adds to the difficulty of doing accurate research.


Posted: 969113877000
Edited: 994013376000
Hi Lee,
Your ABSOLUTELY right! Research is difficult enough when you KNOW individuals ARE family. Trying to make a connection to a family that is definitely NOT yours is dumb!
I had not planned to explore the 'Davy' lineage unless something came down the pike that made the search easy. My Crocketts are from England and were and are New England inhabitants, as was I. Dear 'Auntie' probably just wanted to make the Crockett side look important ~ yes, as always, people tend to want to jump on a great bandwagon, no matter what! Thanks again for the info.

Crockett family

Lee Crockett (View posts)
Posted: 969192831000
Hi Roberta!
Thomas Crockett's descendents are eligible for Colonial Dames!!!! I'd say that is every bit as good as being from the same family as Davy Crockett!!!!
Glad I could help.

Crocketts Colonial Dames!

Posted: 969198318000
Edited: 994013376000
Hi Lee,
Pardon my ignorance but what are 'Colonial Dames'? Needless to say, I'm new at this and not as up on my history or reseach as you are. My e-mail address is:
I'm always checking my e-mail so if you would like to respond, you can e-mail me if you like. Thanks for replying.
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