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Fathers Roots

Fathers Roots

Edward P. Blazer (View posts)
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Surnames: Blazer
I am trying to get some informationon my Dutch roots. My father, Edward Blazer, was born in Middleberg in Holland in November 1894. His father was Karl Blazer and mother Helena. His father was a violinist. The family moved to Rotterdam when he was in his early teens. I understand they were Quakers. There were a number of other children in the family. He was the youngest. I know there was a brother, Henry and a sister who married an Englishman and moved to London. My father went to sea at a young age and eventually sailed for Holland-American Lines which brought him to the United States. I would like to find out more about Blazer as a Dutch name. Where there might be family, etc.

Re: Fathers Roots (Blazer)

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Hi there,
I hope my English is well enough to answer your question. I am trying to make a familytree from my family. I am not getting far! My grandmothers name is Cato Blazer (married with Leonardus de Vos). She was born on 25-12-1915 on a ship called Tambora, on their way to Indonesia. They lived in Indonesia for a long time (Buitenzorg). Her fathersname was Jacob Blazer en her mothersname Rebecca Vreeland. I know for a fact that there were many musicians in the family. So perhaps we are related? If not, that I hope that I can help you with this information.

Whits regards, Ilana Berendsen

Re: Fathers Roots (Blazer)

Edward Blazer (View posts)
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Dear Ilana,
Thank you for the reply. Your English is very good. If you write me again, and you need to use some Dutch, I have a friend from Holland who would help.
I don't know if it means anything, but my father's father was Edward Blazer. His mother was a cousin and also had the last name of Blazer. Her first name was Helena. My father, Edward was the youngest in his family. I believe there were seven children. My father was born in 1895 in Middleburg where his father, Karl was the band conductor and violin teacher. When he was about 14 years old they moved to Rotterdam where my gradfather played in an orchestra.
I have only heard my dad mention four of his siblings. One brother was Henry who went to sea. He visited us once in America. My mother described him as tall (but she was only five feet two inches tall) with deep blue eyes and red hair. My father had auburn hair and light blue eyes. He was about five foot ten inches tall and had a heavy build. When he was young man he use to wrestle.
Dad also talked about a sister, Mary who married an Englishman and moved to a suburb of London. He visited her once after he went to sea. He did not have a good memory of that visit. He was still a boy and she was apparently very critical of his appearance and manners.
He also talked about another brother who was very demanding of him when they were at home. He went to become a doctor, but that's all I know of him.
Finally he talked of a sister who was the next to him in age. I don't recall her name having been spoken. I will check with my two sisters to see if they recall her name. She married and about a year after her wedding, she sailed with her husband to Indonesia, which my father called the Dutch East Indies. I know that after WWII, he tried to find her through the American Red Cross, but was unsuccessful. I believe that he was very fond of that sister who he said was a gentle woman.
My father said that his parents were Dutch Quakers (Reliogious Society of Friends). I don't believe they originated in Middleberg.
Perhaps we are related, perhaps not. I am getting old (seventy). Maybe I will yet get to Holland to try and search for my roots.
I note that your name is Danish. My oldest daughter married a Dane, Henrik Ottesen, but the marriage did not last.
Thank you for corresponding with me! Interestingly, your e-mail gave a great sense of warmth.

Know Peace,

Edward P. Blazer (Ed)

Re: Fathers Roots (Blazer)

Jennifer Bishop (View posts)
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Surnames: Ottesen
Mr. Blazer,

I read that you mentioned your former son-in-law, Henrik Ottesen. I am trying to reach this same individual, and I would greatly appreciate any assistance that you may be able to provide me in this endeavor. Please reply to me via email.


Re: Fathers Roots

Rian (View posts)
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Surnames: Capello,de Pan,Loobeek,Cornu,van de Rafelaar,Burgs,Verdood,van Apeldoorn,van der Maas

Did you try the website of the Zeeuws Archief ? This is
the url:

There were very few Blazers living in Middelburg around
1900 so they have to be related to you.

Write to the archive for copies of the population register.
You need part 21 page 95 and part 37 page 92.
With that you can find birthplace and -year of head of

I don't think they were Quakers originally but of the Jewish
faith. Middelburg had a very small Jewish community till

Good luck with your search,

Rian in the Netherlands

Re: Fathers Roots

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Hi there!

I found this very old chat on the board of I think I can tell you more about the Blazer family. Please react directly to

Martijn Blazer (Amsterdam-Netherlands)
per page

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