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he was the son of my mothers great great aunt, her name was cynthia parker, she was born in 1827 and died in 1864. her brother was name lester lannen parker born 1810-1870, living in greenville ind. when he died.

Quanah Parker

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Quanah was my husbands great grandfather on his fathers side. Father is Claude Rister, Grandfather Crayton Rister Whose wife was the daughter of Quanah Parker.


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Surnames: PARKER
Quanah Parker, born 1845 in and area that would become Terry County, Texas.
He was a great Indian leader, and peacemaker. He would marry seven times keeping three at a time. When an Indian Agent told him he must choose one and put the others away, he told the man, "You choose - you tell 'em." That's as far as that went. Quanah first married Wec-Keah. 1st They had five children; Nau - Nocca born December of 1873 in Indian Territory, Wer-Yoh-Ti born 1879, Woonardy, Mary Pooche, and Alice Parker born 1878. Quanah then married Chony 2nd and they had three children; Baldwin Parker, Honnie "Honey" Parker, and Harold Parker. Quanah then married his third wife: Mah-Cheeta-Wookey 3rd and they had a child named Francis Parker who died at the Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania. Two other children were; Rev. White Parker, and Bessie Parker. Quanah's fourth wife was Ah-Uh-Wuth-Takum 4th and they had four children; Laura Needa Parker, Esther Parker, Len Parker, and Thomas Titah Parker. Quanah's fifth wife was Coby 5th and they had one son; John "Johnny" Parker. The sixth wive of Quanah was Toe-Pay 6th and they had four children; Kelsey Parker, Chee Parker, and two infants who died at birth. Quanah's seventh and last wife was Tonarcy or "Too Nicey". Each of his descendents are presented here in groups of each wife, but remember that many of these were growing up as brother and sister at the same time period.
Quanah died on Feb. 23, 1911 and was buried at Fort Sill Military cemetery on Chiefs Knoll in Oklahoma, next to his mother and sister whom he had moved there three months before. Quanah's grave site. Presented here is his Parker family history. (At this time, it is hard to say if our Parker kin are related to his). For a complete history on his life see Time life Book's The Old West, The Great Chiefs, and The Indians. Also see: Quanah Parker American Indian Hero.
Quanah's father was Peta Nacona, and his mother was Cynthia Ann Parker Nacona.

Quanah and Wec-Keah 's children. The first born: Nau-Nooca born Dec. of 1873 in Indian Territory married Emmett Edward Cox on Jan. 26, 1893 at the residence of Quanah Parker in Cache, Oklahoma. The marriage license listed her name as Num Mah Ker and the family pronouced it as "Na-Mu-Coo". They had six children; Nora Cox born Dec. 25, 1895, Joseph William Cox, Edward Meredith Cox born Sep. 30, 1902, Ella Cox born Sep. 14, 1906, William Murray "Bill" Cox born Dec. 22, 1908, and James Monroe Cox born Dec. 23, 1914.
Nora Cox married John Wesley Davis on Aug. 17, 1913 at the parsonage of Indian Mission (Yellow) at Lawton, Oklahoma. He was born on Apr. 5, 1891 and died on Mar. 24, 1958. Nora was still living in 1983. John and Nora had seven children; Emmett James Davis born May 24, 1914, Jackson Bennett Davis born Apr. 17, 1918, John Edward Davis born Jun. 21, 1921 and died Sep. 22, 1979, William Eugene Davis born Aug. 31, 1927 and died on Nov. 19, 1955, Joseph Alan Davis born Nov. 1928 living only four days, Charles Wesley Davis born Nov. 9, 1929, and Curtis Meredith Davis born Apr. 1, 1932.
Emmett James Davis married Clara Keyes and they had four children; John Thomas Davis born Apr. 21, 1938, Emmett James Davis born May 1940, Jerry Monro Davis born May 8, 1942, and Jackson Dean Davis born Jun. 30, 1943. Emmett remarried to Shirley Bacon and they had three children; Dorothy Ann Davis born Dec. 28, 1944, Debra Gene Davis born Oct. 31, 1956, and Tamara Joyce Davis born Mar. 19, 1964. John Thomas Davis married Gloria ?, and they had four children; Michael Jarad Davis born Jul. 22, 1961, Jackie Quanah Davis, John Thomas Davis Jr., and Monica Jean Davis. Emmett James Davis Jr. "Buddy" married Donna Jean ?, and they had two children; Saundra Jean Davis born Dec. 3, 1962, and Justin Davis. Emmett Jr., remarried to Beverly ?, and they had three children; Sherry Davis, Mark Davis, and Amanda Davis. Jerry Monro Davis married Leslie Marie ?, and they had six children; John Thomas Davis, Craig Davis, Jeffrey Davis, James Davis, B. J. "Buddy" Davis (twin), and J. J. "Jery" Davis (twin). Jackson Dean Davis married Sandy ?, and they had two children; Tyler Dean Davis, and Chrissa Davis. Dorothy Ann Davis married Donald Wayne Nelson and they had two children; James Fredrick "Jimmy" Nelson, and Richard "Ricky" Nelson. Debra Gene Davis married Lee Grady Elrod. Tamara Joyce Davis married Alfred Joseph Patterson.
Jackson Bennett Davis married Marie Brooks in 1938 and they had one child named Jackie Beth Davis born Apr. 9, 1946. She married Jerry Burden and they had three children; Jerryi Lynn Burden born Feb. 12, 1965, Jodee Moree Burden born Jan. 5, 1967, and Janie Elizabeth Burden born Oct. 15, 1968. Jackie remarried to Billy Ray Phillips and they had two children;Daryl Ray Phillips born Nov. 10, 1970, and Billy Jack Phillips born Nov. 9, 1981. Billy Ray adopted three children; Jerri, Jodee and Janie.
John Edward Davis married Lucille Collins Norton. She had a child named Jackie Sam who took the name Davis. He married Marsha ?, and they had three children; Kimberly Marie Davis born Jan. 28, 1966, Cathy Lee Davis born Dec. 13, 1970, and Jackie Sam Davis Jr., born Apr. 21, 1976.
William Eugene Davis married Mary Joyce Boyles and they had three children; Ronald Gene Davis born May 23, 1948, Cynthia Ann "Candy" Davis born Apr. 23, 1950, and Donald George Davis born Oct. 16, 1952 who died in 1970. Ronald married Patsy ?. Cynthia Ann married Robert Forester and they had a child named Robbie Gene Forester born Jun. 21, 1970. Cynthia Ann remarried a second time to Charles Craig Downing and they had a child named Jennifer Downing.
Charles Welsey "Collie" Davis married Annie Beth Clawes on Aug. 19, 1950. She was born on May 24, 1933 in Covington, Tennessee. They had three children; Charles Douglas Davis born Jun. 3, 1951 at Corona, California, Debra Ann Davis born Dec. 12, 1956 at Upland, California, and Davis Eugene Davis born Mar. 11, 1965 at Colusa, Colorado.
Curtis Meredith Davis married Cathy McMillan on Aug. 28, 1960 and they had four children; Wesley Ray Davis born Jun.16, 1963, Brian Bennett Davis born Mar. 4, 1965, Jeana Marie Davis born Nov. 16, 1966, and Robert Steven Davis born Aug. 7, 1968.
Joseph William Cox married LaVeta Morgan and they had three children; Thomas Joseph Cox born 1942, Jo Veta Cox born 1945, and Tone Lane Cox born 1952. Right: Monument to Quanah Parker at the Quanah, Texas Court House.
Thomas Joseph Cox married Della Castleman and they had two children; Cynthia Ann Cox, and David Wayne Cox. Thomas remarried to Shirley McIntyre and they had two children; Laura Cox born Jun. 15, 1970, and Kim Cox born 1977.
Jo Veta Cox married Jimmy Turner and they had two children; Joanie Turner, and Jimmy Turner. Jo Veta remarried to Jim Schreck.
Tone Lane Cox married Dale Rogers in 1973.
Edward Meredith Cox married Thelma Wilkerson who was born in 1902. They had two children; Quanah Edward Cox born about 1928, and Jo Ann Cox born in 1936.
Quanah Edward Cox married Mary Frances ?, and they had three children; Edward M. "Eddie" Cox born Jun. 2, 1951, Catherine Ann "Cathy" Cox, and Elizabeth Lynn "Beth" Cox. Catherine married Steve Rogers and they had a child; Joshua Rogers born about 1979. Elizabeth married Robert Cowan and they had a child named Carrie Beth Cowan born Nov. 19, 1982.
Jo Ann Cox married Ralph Darter and they had three children; Steven Darter, Lisa Darter, and Jo Renae Darter. Steven married Jackie Rogers and they had two children; Sara Jean Rogers born Mar. 30, 1980, and Rachel Dawn Rogers born May 20, 1982. Lisa Darter married Mike Kelly and they had two children; Kyle Wayne Kelly born Feb. 4, 1980, and Ashley Jo Kelly born Oct. 10, 1981. Jo Renae married Rich Johnson and they had two children; Christina Gay Johnson born Apr. 30, 1981, and ?.
Ella Cox married Jesse L. Goodin and they had three children; Theodore Parker "Teddy" Goodin born Feb. 12, 1925, Patricia Lou "Patsy" Goodin born Apr. 3, 1933, and Charles Ray Goodin born 1934. Ella remarried to George Lutz.
Theodore married Helen Paule "Polly" and they had three children; Lawrence Theodore Goodin, Douglas Allen Goodin, and Carol Elaine Goodin.
Patricia married Joe Bob Craig and they had two children; Jonathon Davis George Craig born Jan. 6, 1957, and William Scott Craig born Sep. 10, 1967.
Charles married De Anna Mae Moreland and they had two children; Derek Ray Goodin born May 13, 1963, and Shauna Kay Goodin.
William Murray Cox married Zettia Young and they had a child named William Murray Cox Jr. "Billy" born in Nov. of 1938. William Sr. died on Feb. 26, 1926.
William Jr. married Dorothy ?, and they had three children; Cathy Cox, Murray Cox, and James Cox.
James Monroe Cox married Marie Cerday in June of 1938. She was born in 1920. They had a child named James Monroe Cox Jr. "Jimmy".
James Jr. married Patricia? and they had two children; Scott Allen Cox, and Ann Marie Cox.
The second child born to Quanah and Wec-Keah was Wer-Yoh-Ti Parker born 1879. She married Louis Tamahkera who was born in 1879. They had eight children; Samuel Tamahkera, Sophia Tamahkera wo married Mr. Masitkey, Benjamin Tamahkera, Wilson Tamahkera, Cynthia Tamahkera, Louis, Tamahkera, Vance Tamahkera, and Stevens Tamahkera.
The third child born to Quanah and Wec-Keah was Woonardy or Wanada. She married Harry Page and attended Carlisle College in Pennsylvania. They didn't have any children. Wanada traveled with her father Quanah to attend President Theodore Roosevelt's inauguration.
The fourth child born to Quanah and Wec-Keah was Mary Pooche who married Edward Hatch Clark. Edward and Mary had ten children; Clifford Edward Clark born 1909, Alberta Wanada Clark born 1911, Edward Louis Clark, Mona Mae Clark born 1916 and died in 1935, Roberta Claire Clark born 1920, Geneva Joe Clark born 1921, Mary Pooche clark born 1924 and died in 1934, Theresa Louise Clark, Nina Alice Clark born 1930, and Peirson Page Clark born 1932.
Clifford Edward Clark married Juanita Teresaz and they had eleven children; Wanda Ann Clark, Louis Clark, Honey Juanita Clark, Benjamin Clark, Geneva Clair Clark, Mark Edward Clark, Mary Anita Clark, Elsie Clark, Jon Allis Clark, Clifford Edwin Clark, and Edward August Clark.
Wanda married Leslie Earl and they had two children; Leslie Ann Earl, and Lawrence Earl.
Louis married Lenare Jesse ?, and they had two children; Bryan Clark, and Linsey Eugene Clark.
Honey married Jim Slaton and they had a child named Rae Ann Slaton.
Alberta Wanada Clark married Thomas Tahkofperand they had two children; Arlene Sue Tahkofper, and Thomas Edward Tahkofper.
Edward Louis Clark married Norma Rhodes and they had two children; Norman Louis Clark, and Millard Barry Clark.
Roberta Claire Clark married a Kiowa Indian by the name of (Stanwood?) and they had a child named Robert Stqanwood who later took the name of Bradley. Roberta's second husband was William B. Bradley. They had two children; Cynthia Ann Bradley, and Hawanah Roberta Helen Bradley.
Geneva Joe Clark married Raymond Edgar Powell and they had seven children; Raymond Edgar Powell Jr., Douglas Edward Powell, Sharon Joe Powell, Geneva Joe Powell, Robert Eugene Powell, Ramona Joe Powell, and Betty Joe Powell.
Theresa Louise Clark married Albert B. Tahsequah Jr. and they had six children; Terrell Wayne Tahsequah, Bonnie Jo Tahsequah, Jerry Albert Tahsequah, Harry Alan Tahsequah, Meech Glen Tahsequah, and Alberta Wanada Tahsequah.
Nina Alice Clark married Roderick Youngman and they had five children; Mary Ann Youngman, Alena Sue Youngman, Kay Frances Youngman, Leslie Joie Youngman, and Benjamin Edward Youngman.
Peirson Page Clark married Margaret Holden (Chactaw) and they had two children; Mary Margaret Clark, and Robin Page Clark.
The fifth child born to Quanah and Wec-Keah was Alice Parker born 1878. She married Earl Purdy, and they had a son who died in infancy, but she raised her niece - Bobby Bradley.

Quanah and Chony's children. The first born: Baldwin Parker probably married three times. His first wife was Nora Acquitsaketah. They had five children; Ollie Parker, Elmer Parker, Roy Parker, Baldwin Parker Jr., and Simmons Parker. Baldwin then married Cate ?, and they had one child named Joan Parker. Baldwins third wife: Mary Acquitsaketah, sister of Nora produced two children; Whit Chony (who took his grandmother's name Chony - not Parker), and Wilbur Parker.
Ollie Parker married Wahkinney and they had three children; Russell Wahkinney, Collins Wahkinney, Joyce Wahkinney.
Elmer Parker married Maggie ? and they had a daughter named Rose Ann Parker born Oct. 22, 1929 in Lawton, Okalahoma she was a R.N. at St. Anthony's Hospital in Okalahoma City and PHS Indian Hospital. A princess of the Comanche tribe, she married Vernel Pennah on May 29, 1959 and had seven sons and one daughter. She died in June of 1983.
Roy Parker married and they had five children; Cynthia Ann Parker, Peggy Parker, Maulene Parker, Linda Parker, and Roy Parker Jr. Cynthia married Baquera. Peggy married and lived in New York City, New York. Maulene married Meo a Japanese man who lived in California.
Baldwin Parker Jr. married twice, had two children with his first wife and eleven with his second. He worked for the Indian Scool in 1963.
Simmons Parker married and had eight children; Robert Baldwin Parker, John Clark Parker, Anthony Wayne Parker, Elaine Carroll Parker, Lenora Jessie Parker, Mary Patricia Parker, Martha Parker, and Elizabeth Lydia Parker.
Joan Parker married Carl Sands and they had five children; Nora K. Sands, Cecelia Sands, Joe Helen Sands, Stanford Sands, and Sammy Sands.
Whit Chony married and had three children.
Wilbur Parker married and had five children.
The second child born to Quanah and Chony was Honnie "Honey" Parker who married Acousiquita and had four children; Julia Acousiquita, Lena Acousiquita, May Acousiquita, and Sam Acousiquita.
The third child born to Quanah and Chony was Harold Parker.

Quanah and Mah-Cheeta-Wookey's children. The first born: Reb. White Parker who married Laura, a missionary's daughter. They had three children; Patty Bertha Parker, Cynthia Ann Joy Parker, and Milton Quanah Parker who died young.
Patty Bertha Parker married Mr. Workman and they had two children; Quanah K. Workman, and Billie June Workman who married Karty.
Cynthia Ann Joy Parker was a model for the 1936 Texas Centennial publication. She married Mr. Whitewolf and they had three children; Bruce Whitewolf, Michael Douglas Whitewolf, and Barbara Ann Whitewolf.
The second child born to Quanah and Mah-Cheeta-Wookey was Bessie Parker who married Herman Aesnap and had four children; Rowena Aesnap, Beth Aesnap, Rhoda Aesnap, and Hollis Aesnap.
Rowena married Tonemah and they had six children.
Beth married Walter Glazebrook and they had two children.
Rhoda married Tait and they had six children.

Quanah and Ah-Uh-Wuth-Takum's children. The first born: Laura Needa Parker who attended Carlisle College in Pennsylvania. She married A. C. Birdsong and they had one daughter named Anona.
The second child born to Quanah and Ah-Uh-Wuth-Takum was Esther Parker who married Charlie Sunrise and had four children; Dorothy, Winona born Jan. 28, 1911 who married Donald Chase, Morris Sunrise born May 27, 1913, and Forrest Sunrise born Dec. 26, 1916.
Dorothy married William Lorentino and they had two children; William Lorentino Jr. born Sep. 11, 1942, and Ludolph Lorentino born Apr. 7, 1944.
The third child born to Quanah and Ah-Uh-Wuth-Takum was Len Parker who married and had four children; Harold Parker, who died a young man, Ione Parker, Geraldine Parker who married A. B. Weyovah and had five children, and Leonard Parker.
The fourth child born to Quanah and Ah-Uh-Wuth-Takum was Thomas Titah Parker who married Helen Fisher and had eight children; Edward Parker, Henry Parker, Kenneth Parker, William Parker, Elmer Thomas Parker, Charles Parker, Tressa Parker who married Mr. Evanson, and Ruth Parker who married Lynn.

Quanah and Coby's had one child; John Parker also known as "Johnny Parker" married Kate Monatoboy and they had two children; Vernon Parker who married Juanita Jones and had three children, and Bertha Parker.
Bertha Parker married Edgar Monetatchi and they had seven children; Edgar Monetatchi Jr., Verna Lois Monetatchi, Bessie Ann Monetatchi, Cheryl Monetatchi, Karen Monetatchi, Jeffrey Monetatchi, and Brent Monetatchi.

Quanah and Toe-Pay's children. The first born: Kelsey died a young child.
The second child born to Quanah and Toe-Pay was Chee who also died when a young child.
The third and fourth children; of Quanah and Toe-Pay were both infants who died at birth.

Quanah Parker (War Chiefs No. 4)
by Bill Dugan.

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The Last Comanche Chief: The Life and Times of Quanah Parker.
by Bill Neeley.

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Quanah Parker Comanche Chief
by Rosemary Kissinger

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Quanah Parker born 1845 in and area that would become Terry County, Texas.
Quanah's father was Comanch War Chief Peta Nacona, and his mother was Cynthia Ann Parker born in 1827 and died in 1870. They had three children; Quanah Parker born about 1845, Pecos Nocona, and Topasannah Nocona or Prairie Flower Nocona born 1858, died 1862 in Van Zandt County, Texas. Prairie Flower's Grave Site. When Cynthia Ann Parker was just nine years old, a raid on Fort Parker by Comanche Indians brought death and destructions to the fort and it's inhabitants. Eighteen people of the fort escaped and walked to Fort Houston with nothing to eat but two skunks and two Terrapins. See page 167 of Time Life Book's The Old West, The Texans. It has a wonderful drawing of the event just described. One of the captives was Rachel Plummer and her son. But more importantly for Cynthia Ann was the fact that they took her and four others as trophies of war. Many whites in this circumstance were abused, probably those not willing to change their ways to the Comanche ways immediately. It is not know if Cynthia Ann suffered any such persecution, but rather it is known that she was valued by the Comanche Chief Peta Nacona who took Cynthia Ann for his bride. She made a life for herself with him, bearing his children and doing her part in that society. At age 34, in the year 1861, Cynthia Ann was recaptured by Sul Ross and returned to the Parker family after her uncle Isaac went out to identify her. At first she didn't know him, but when he said that they must be wrong about her, that she must not be Cynthia Ann and remarked "Poor Cynthia Ann!" she proclaimed, "Me Cynthia." They took her back with them and tried to get her to grow accustomed to the white mans way of life again, but it was very difficult for her. They even gave her property, and a pension, but she wasn't happy and never smiled. Several times she stole horses in attempts to return to her husband and sons. After about four years in white captivity her daughter became ill with a fever and died in 1863. Cynthia, in tremendous grief from the loss of her daughter, missing her husband and sons, and her old way of life, grieved herself to death by starvation. She was buried there with her daughter, but years later, Chief Quanah Parker would move the bodies to a cemetery near his home in Cache, Oklahoma. The Government descided to expand the base at Fort Sill, and the remains of Quanah and his mother were moved to Fort Sill, Oklahoma where they now rest. Prairie Flower was moved their later. Cynthia's final grave site.

Killing Cynthia Ann: A Novel.
by Charles Brashear

Find it at:
The Story of Cynthia Ann Parker, Sunshine On The Prairie.
by Jack C. Ramsey Jr.

Find it at:
Rachel Plummer's Narrative of 21 Months Servitude As a Prisoner Among the Comanche Indians.
by Rachel Plummer

Find it at:


Cynthia Ann Parker , born 1827.
Her father was Silas Mercer Parker born in 1804 in Bedford County, Tennessee and died on May 19, 1836 at Fort Parker, Limestone County, Texas. Silas was one of the first Texas Rangers. He was buried at the old fort grounds which became the Groesbeck Cemetery.
Her mother was Lucinda "Lucy" Duty. Her mother was "Granny" Duty who was at Fort Parker when the men folk were killed by Indians, she was tortured by spared.
Silas and Lucinda were married on Aug. 31, 1824 in Illinois and had four children.
The first child born to Silas and Lucy was Cynthia Ann Parker born Oct. 28, 1827 in Charleston, Coles County, Illinois. Poem about Quanah and Cynthia
The second child born to Silas and Lucy was John Parker born 1829 in Illinois. He was captured on May 19, 1836 by the Indians and lived with them until he was grown. He married Dona Juanita, A Mexican girl who nursed him through a bout with small pox. They settled on some land across the Rio Grande River in Mexico, and became a rancher.
The third child born to Silas and Lucy was Silas Mercer Parker Jr. born on Jun. 4, 1833 in Illinois. He married Ann Elizabeth O'Quinn on Dec. 21, 1854 in Texas. They had six children; Jefferson J. Parker born Sep. 21, 1855, Rhoda M. Parker born Aug. 17, 1857 in Van Zandt County, Texas, Aaron George Parker born Jul. 3, 1859, Silas B. Parker born Feb. 5, 1865, Calvin R. Parker born Aug. 31, 1867, and John Ross Parker born Jun. 14, 1872.
Jefferson married Emma Cook and Rhoda married Jeff Russell. Aaron married Sulie Bell Pool who was born on May 1, 1879 and died in 1968. Silas B. Parker died on Aug. 30, 1872 and Calvin R. Parker died on Sep. 6, 1867. John married Mary Jane Morrell on Jul. 17, 1877.
The fourth child born to Silas and Lucy was Orlena Parker born on Jan. 1, 1836 in Limestone County, Texas and died on Jul. 23, 1863. She was married to Rufus O'Quinn. They had four children; John Rufus O'Quinn born 1855 in Van Zandt County, Texas, Christopher Columbus O'Quinn born 1857, Ann B. O'Quinn born 1859, and Benjamin O'Quinn born in 1861.


Silas Mercer Parker born 1802.
His father was John Parker born Sep. 6, 1758 in Baltimore County, Maryland. He moved to Culpepper County, Virginia before 1777. John served his country in the Revolutionary War as a volunteer in Slaughter's Virginia Regiment under Captian Fields. After one year he was released from service and returned home. He married and started a family only to be drafted for another year of service in 1779. He served in Col. Alexander's Virginia Regiment under Capt. Collier. After the war ended, they moved to Georgia where John was an elder at his church. From then on he was known to all as Elder John Parker. John was later a Baptist Church member. They then moved to Tennessee and had more children but eventually moved on to Crawford County, Illinois were they lived in a Fort. Some of the family settled in Coles County, Illinois and remained there. Most of the family held John's high views of religion and Daniel, his son was perticularly talented in debate and became a religious leader and statesman. About 1832, Joseph, James, Daniel and Benjamin moved to Texas. Joseph and James and their families settled in Grimes County, Texas. Daniel came later and moved his congregation with him, a select group who followed his doctrines and beliefs. That group became the Pilgram Church. Fifteen members of his church and his peer Elder Garrison Greenwood all came with Daniel to Texas. The congregations first meeting in Texas occurred in Austin's Colony. The Mexican government did not allow any other organized religions except for the Catholic Faith, so Daniel went around the laws by forming his church elseware - in Illinois, and bringing them to Texas after the fact. Daniel settled in Elkhart, Anderson County, Texas, Joseph moved to Houston County, and Isaac settled in Weatherford, Texas. where Parker county was later named for him. Elder John, Silas, James W. and Benjamin all located in the northern part of Limestone County. The built a fort for protection and called it Fort Parker. Living at the fort were Elder John, Silas M. and his family, James W. and his wife Martha and six children, Rachel and her husband L. T. M. Plummer and their son, Sarah and her husband L. D. Nixon, James W., John Jr., Francis M, Martha M., and baby Sally, Benjamin Parker whose family had stayed in Illinois, "Granny" Duty, Mrs. Nixon mother of Lucinda, Elizabeth Kellogg, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Frost and their two grown children, the Dwights and their two children. Elder John, Benjamin, Silas M., Robert and Samuel Frost were all killed by the Comanche Indians at Navasota on May 19, 1836 in Fort Parker, Limestone County, Texas. The men were buried on the fort grounds and because the fort was not rebuilt, the grounds later became the Groesbeck Cemetery. Granny Duty was pinned to the ground with a lance and tortured, but let free to wonder the woods. Rachel Plummer, son James Pratt, Rachel's aunt Mrs. Elizabeth Kellogg were taken captive. Cynthia Ann, her brother John, were also taken captive by another group of Indians who chased Lucy Duty Parker as she tried to flee the fort, but was surrounded in the field. She and her two other small children were spared when other men came from the field towards the Indians who escaped with the two children. One theory by W. W. Newcomb Jr., author of The Indians of Texas suggests that the Parker family actually brought the whole event upon themselves when Mr. Parker was accused of horse theft in the company of indians, though no convicted of it. Newcomb also suggested that Parker may have cheated the indians out of the profits and thus provoked the attack on Fort Parker.
His mother was Sarah "Sally" White born Jul. 10, 1759 in Culpepper County, Virginia to the father of Benjamin White - first supreme court judge of Culpepper County. She died on Jul. 28, 1821 in Crawford County, Illinois.
John and Sarah married in Nov. of 1779 in Culpeppeer County, Virginia and had twelve children.

Left is a picture of Fort Parker as it might have looked in the 1800's. See the excellent historical recreation of Fort Parker at the Texas State Park which was built a mile north of the original site of Fort Parker which became the Grosebeck Cemetery. For an excellent recreation of the events see this web site: Fort Parker.

The first child born to John and Sarah was Daniel Parker born Apr. 5, 1781 in Culpepper County, Virginia. Daniel died on Dec. 3, 1844 in Elkhart, Anderson County, Texas. Daniel's Pilgram Church evolved into the Primitive Baptist Association of Texas in October of 1840. He married Martha "Patsey" Dickerson (later used Dixon) on Mar. 11, 1802 and they had ten children: Anney Parker born Jan. 5, 1803 probably in Tennessee, Abigail Parker born Dec. 2, 1804, Sarah Parker born Feb. 1, 1807 in Tennessee, John Parker born Apr. 13, 1810 in Tennessee, Dickerson Parker born May 29, 1812 in Tennessee, Daniel Parker Jr. born Jun. 16, 1814, Phoebe Parker born Nov. 15, 1816, Benjiman Parker born Feb. 10, 1819, Rachel Parker born Sep. 27, 1821, Isaac Parker born Apr. 8, 1824, and Daniel Caleb Parker born Sep. 16, 1826. Patsey Dickerson Parker died on Dec. 1, 1846. Most records list her name as Dixon, but the family Bible of John lists her name as Dickerson.
Anney Parker married Stephen Crist on Jan. 3, 1822 and they had ten children; Daniel Crist born Dec. 8, 1822, George W. Crist, Sarah S. Crist who married Mr. Chaffin, Jane Crist, John Crist, Reason Crist, Isaac Crist, Benjamin Crist, Elizabeth Crist who married Mr. Parks, and Martha Crist who married Mr. Stonnaker.
Abigail Parker married Joseph Kennedy on Feb. 10, 1825 in Illinois, and they had five children; John Kennedy, Daniel Kennedy, Thomas Kennedy, Martha Kennedy who married Mr. Pierce, and Elizabeth Kennedy who married a Mr. Stalcup. Abigail died on May 10, 1850 in Elkhart, Texas.
Sarah Parker married Reuben Brown on Apr. 13, 1830 in Illinois and they had four children; Patsey Brown born Jun. 1, 1831, Louisa Brown born Dec. 9, 1834, Joan Brown born Feb. 22, 1837, and Daniel Parker Brown born Mar. 13, 1839.
John Parker married Lucinda ? who was born on Aug. 16, 1846 and died on Feb. 10, 1885. John died on Jul. 30, 1869 on Elkhart, Texas.
Dickerson Parker married Lucinda Eaton who was born on Jan. 14, 1820 and died on Jan. 27, 1847. Dickerson died on Jun. 17, 1834 in Elkart, Texas.
Phebe Parker married Samuel G. Wells on May 15, 1834.
Benjiman Parker married Irene Douthit who was born on Jun. 6, 1828 in Crawford County, Illinois and died on Jul. 2, 1900 in Elkhart, Texas with burial at Pilgram Cemetery. Benjamin died on Dec. 29, 1896 in Elkhart, Texas. Benjiman and Irene had twelve children; Patsy Parker born Jan. 13, 1847, Daniel Parker born Dec. 26, 1848, Miles Parker born Jul. 5, 1852, Sarah Parker born Jun. 3, 1854, Rebecca Parker born May 1, 1856, John Parker born Oct. 26, 1857, Irena Parker born May 1, 1858, Parthenia Parker born Oct. 31, 1861, Lilly Parker born Sep. 23, 1864, Annie Parker born Oct. 28, 1866, Benjamin Parker born Aug. 2, 1869 who had at least one child named John Parker, and Addie Parker born Jul. 5, 1872.
Patsy Parker married D. T. Davis. He was born on Jan. 14, 1845 and died on May 16, 1902 in Pilgram. Patsy died on Jan. 7, 1915 in Alkhart, Anderson (?). They had nine children; James E. Davis born Sep. 21, 1866, Elizabeth E. Davis born Mar. 21, 1868, R. H. Davis born May 8, 1870, Ben Davis born Apr. 12, 1872, Sallie Isabell Davis, Lillie Irene Davis born Jan. 1, 1877, Rebecca Emaline Davis born Jan. 19, 1879, Fannie Lela Davis born Dec. 7, 1880.
Fannie Lela Davis married Isaac T. Parker who died on Jan. 10, 1909 and was buried at the Pilgram Cemetery. Fannie died on Apr. 6, 1961 in Pilgram. They had three children; Stephen Benjamin Parker born Aug. 17, 1907 in Elkhart, Anderson County, Texas, Inez Parker, and Junie S. Parker.
Stephen Benjamin Parker married Elsie May Turner. She was born on May 22, 1914 in Grapeland, Anderson County, Texas. She died on Mar. 30, 1979 in Houston, Harris County, Texas. Stephen died on Apr. 17, 1971 in Elkhart Anderson County, Texas. Stephen and Elsie Parker had six children; Lula Joyce Parker born Dec. 30, 1938, Lonez Parker, Nedra "Sue" Parker, Isaac Parker, Fagan "Reagan" Parker, and Steve Parker.
Lula Joyce Parker married Joel Cliffton McCutcheon who was born on Dec. 14, 1934. Together they had three children; Kelly Jan McCutcheon born Jun. 6, 1959, Kimberly Kay McCutcheon born Feb. 1, 1961 who married Patrick Beacom and had one child named Brooke Autumn James born Oct. 25, 1980 - remarried to John James, and Kristy Lynn McCutcheon born Jun. 1, 1966 in Freeport, Brazoria, Texas who married Jeffrey Scott Vivian and had two children; Nathan Travis Vivian born Nov. 22, 1991 in Dallas, Texas and Julia Nicole Vivian born Feb. 24, 1994 in Dallas, Texas.
Rachel Parker married Miles Bennett on Aug. 4, 1842. He was born on Jul. 26, 1816 and died on Nov. 24, 1849. They had a son named Ansted Bennett born Dec. 18, 1843. Rachel died on Dec. 23, 1843 in Elkhart, Texas at the age of twenty-two.
The second child born to John and Sarah was John Parker born in 1783 in Culpepper County, Virginia. One theory about John is that he died fighting Indians near Cape Gerardeau County, Missouri just before the 1811 earthquake. Another is that he married and took his family back to Georgia to live. Another is that he stayed in Tennessee when Elder John moved to Illinois.
The third child born to John and Sarah was Mary "Polly" Parker born Mar. 6, 1785 in Culpepper County, Virginia. She married Jesse Kendrick on Dec. 31, 1802. He was born on Sep. 1, 1785 and died in 1843 in Miller County, Missouri. When her father and children moved to Illinois from Tennessee, Mary stayed with her husband and their family. Jesse and Mary had thirteen children; Sarah Kendrick born Dec. 1803, Obediah Kendrick born Feb. 15, 1806, Nancy Kendrick born Dec. 11, 1807, Rebecca Kendrick born Feb. 4, 1809, Allen Kendrick born Mar. 11, 1811, Harriett Kendrick born Feb. 1, 1813, Alford Kendrick born Nov. 15, 1814, Carroll Kendrick born Dec. 29, 1815, Jane Kendrick born Mar. 21, 1818, Matilda Kendrick born Mar. 28, 1821, Caroline Kendrick born Dec. 11, 1822, Naomi Darinda Kendrick born Apr. 28, 1825, and Louisa Adeline Kendrick born Dec. 11, 1827. Mary died on Dec. 18, 1846 in Jeffersontown, Kentucky.
Sarah Kendrick married Joseph Reaves, and Obediah Kendrick died on Feb. 18, 1807. Nancy Kendrick married William Downing. Rebecca Kendrick married Joseph Bivens, Allen Kendrick married Nancy Hughes Rose, and Harriett Kendrick married James Ticer. Alford Kendrick died on Nov. 19, 1814, Carroll Kendrick married Mary Wade Forbes, and Jane Kendrick married John S. Pendergraft. Matilda Kendrick married James D. Gardner, and Caroline Kendrick married Harmon R. Gardner. Louisa Adeline Kendrick died on Aug. 3, 1829 in Lauderdale County, Alabama.
The fourth child born to John and Sarah was Benjamin Parker born May 13, 1788 in Culpepper County, Virginia and died on May 18, 1836 at Fort Parker, Limestone County, Texas. He was buried on the grounds of the fort, that later became Groesbeck Cemetery. Benjamin married Susannah Star an English woman. He built the first house and grist mill on the river in Coles County, Illinois. He then sold the property to Mr. Blakeman and they moved to an area that would be named Charleston, Illinois. While in the Charleston area, many of the Parker's died and were buried in a cemetery they started there. When they sold their twenty acres in Charleston and moved, it was understood that the cemetery would remain and be cared for as such. But through the years, the property was built upon and homes erected over it. It was located in a two block area between Tenth street and Twelveth street near the summit of the rise of ground. It was a community cemetery with other families buried there besides the Parkers. Mrs. Parker was buried there. They remained there until 1831 when they began to collect their things and make ready to move to Texas. In 1833, they made their way to Palestine, Illinois on the Wabash River. Some of the family stayed in Illinois: Benjamin, Daniel, John Nathaniel and Abigail, but the others left for Texas. Benjamin and Susannah had eleven children; Benjamin Parker, Jr. born Jan. 15, 1811, John Parker, Daniel Parker, John Parker, Nathaniel Parker, and Abigail Parker.
Benjamin Parker Jr. married Margaret Wilson who was born on Oct. 11, 1814 and died on Dec. 15, 1873. Benjamin died on Jan. 20, 1866. He and Margaret had six children; Susan Jane Parker, La Verie Parker, Evelyn Parker, Lizzie Parker, Orlena Parker, and Margaret Parker.
John Parker married Mary Heath and they had two children; Benjamin Allen Parker, and Daniel Parker.
Benjamin Allen Parker married Sarah Kelley and they had three children; John Parker, William L. Parker, and James R. Parker. After Sarah's death, Benjamin remarried to Barbara Fudge and they had two boys; Charles Edward Parker born June. 13, 1871 - 3-1/2 miles south of Charleston, Illinois, and Adam Parker. Charles died on May 18, 1854 in Charleston, Illinois and was buried there. He was a retired railroad worker for the N. K. Railroad and lived with his cousin Mattie Parker. Adam and Charles helped raise Mattie because her parents died when she was five years old. Her parents both died eleven days apart. Adam married Myrtle Waltrip and they had eight children; Clifford Parker, Clyde Parker, Goldie Parker, Mabel Parker, Howard Parker, Ruby Mae Parker, Opal Parker, and Wayne Parker. After Myrtle died, Adam remarried to Alice Gwin. She died in 1950.
Daniel Parker married Melissa Beedles and they had five children; Henry Parker, Rose Parker, Albert Parker, Mattie Parker, and Guyellen Parker. Henry Parker married May Delvin, and Rose married Lige Servell. Albert died small and Mattie never married. She was raised by Benjamin Allen Parker and wife, and later lived with Charles Parker. Charles never married, but Guyellen married Dave Jarvis.
Daniel Parker married Dorcas Heath and they had two children; Susan Parker, and Matt Parker.
Susan married William Traver and they had two children; Orton Traver, and Delia Traver.
Matt married Henry Norfolk and they had three children; Daniel Norfolk, and Jessie Norfolk, and Carrie Norfolk.
John Henry Parker married Dee Moore and they had three children; Daniel Parker, Willie Parker, and Nell Parker who married Al Adkins.
Nathaniel Parker married Ellen Climer whose mother was a Heath. They had five children; Alice Parker, Lizzie Parker, Emma Parker, Ephraim Parker, and George Parker. Alice married James Stites and they lived in California or Arkansas. Lizzie married Lasca Moore but died young.
Abigail Parker married Daniel Cassidy and they had five children; James Cassidy, Marion Cassidy, Doug Cassidy, Prudence Cassidy, and Jane Cassidy.
James Cassidy married ? Edman and they had two children; Mary Cassidy, and Will Cassidy. Mary married Willie Hughes and they had two children; Velma Hughes who married Dr. Rhody, and Dentist Cassidy. Will Cassidy married Alma Smith and they had a son named Everett Cassidy. James then remarried to Neal ?, and they had a daughter named Jessie Cassidy who married Will Lawyer.
Marion Cassidy married Catherine Kelley and they had five children; Cleve Cassidy, Melissa Cassidy, Zora Cassidy, Otis Cassidy, and Willie Cassidy.
Doug Cassidy married Allie Fields.
Prudence Cassidy married George Millage and they had six children; May Cassidy who married Clarence Popham, Jessie Gertrude Cassidy, Daisey Cassidy, Oscar Cassidy, Noah Cassidy, and Walter Cassidy.
The fifth child born to John and Sarah was Phoebe Parker born in 1790 in Virginia and died in Jul. 23, 1863. She married Samuel J. Willis on May 16, 1834. Another source listed a marriage to Zacheus Hassell who died in 1846. Another marriage may have been to a Mr. Adrian Anglin who died Jan. 10, 1865 at Edon, Texas. Phoebe never had any children born to her, but took care of many. These children were listed in her home on the 1850 census; Abraham Duty age 14 born in Limestone County, Texas, Nancy A. Duty age 11 born in Houston County, Texas, Phebe Duty age 10 born in Houston County, John Duty age 5 born in Houston County, James Duty age 2 born in Anderson County, Silas Mercer Parker Jr. age 17 born in Illinois, and Orlena Parker age 14 born in Limestone County, Texas. There was a lot of confusion about this Phoebe, so don't take this for fact.
The sixth child born to John and Sarah was Isaac Duke Parker born Apr. 7, 1793 in Georgia and died on Apr. 14, 1883 near Weatherford, Texas. He was a rancher, soldier, and legislator. Isaac and his brother Daniel served in the Battle of Horse Shoe Bend in 1814 against the Creek Indians in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Andrew Jackson and their friend Sam Houston were there. Sam was wounded during that battle, was a life long friend to Isaac. He saw much service in the Texas frontier and endured many hardships from 1837 to 1857, less two years. He served in the either the House or Senate of the Republic of Texas and for the State of Texas. During his last stint as a representative of Tarrant County, that he was honored by having a county named for him, Parker County, Texas. In 1881 Isaac was still living in Parker County, poor, feeble and blind. He married Lucy Cheatam, daughter of William Cheatham of Charlotte County, Virginia. Lucy was born on Dec. 14, 1794 and died on Aug. 29, 1867. Isaac and Lucy had five children; Joseph Cheatham Parker born Oct. 7, 1817, Isaac Duke Parker born Oct. 23, 1821, William E. Parker born Jan. 1, 1825, and Virginia A. Parker born Nov. 14, 1828, Lucy Ann Parker born Jun. 23, 1830 in Crawford County, Illinois.
Isaac Duke Parker married Sara Lucy Huntsman who died on Dec. 30, 1863. They had nine children. Isaac remarried to Mary Holt and they had three children. Isaac died on Oct. 28, 1908.
William E. Parker died on Jan. 23, 1858.
Lucy Ann Parker married Samuel Chester Haileon Feb. 5, 1850. He was born on May 22, 1826 and died on May 5, 1903 in Pecos, Texas. Lucy died on Jun. 11, 1875 in Crocket, Texas.
The seventh child born to John and Sarah was Joseph A. Parker born 1795 in Tennessee and died in 1839 in Houston County, Texas. He may have had four children. It was said that he lived in Grimes County, Texas.
The eighth child born to John and Sarah was James W. Parker born Jul. 4, 1797 in Georgia and died in 1865. He married Lavina Chaffin and had at least one child. He remarried to Martha "Patsy" Duty in 1817, sister of Lucinda, and they had six children; Rachel Parker born Feb. 19, 1818 in Illinois, James W. Parker Jr., Sally Parker, Martha "Patsy" Parker born 1835 and died in 1863, Sarah Parker married L. D. Nixon, and Frances M. Parker.
Rachel Parker married L. T. M. Plummer in 1834. They had a son named James Pratt Plummer born Jan. 6, 1835 in Limestone County, Texas. Rachel and her son James were captured at Fort Parker by the Comanche Indians and carried off. They tortured Rachel for eighteen months, and even through her sufferings, she gave birth to their second child while being held. The Indians allowed her to keep it at first, but decided it was taking up too much of her time, so they killed it. For a dramatic look at the event, see page 165 of Time Life Books, The Old West, The Texans. Rachel was ransomed and returned to her family. She never saw James again, as she died on Feb. 19, 1839 in Montgomery County, Texas. James spent six years with the Indians.
James Pratt Plummer married Cynthia Ann Stuart on Aug. 19, 1852. She was born on Aug. 26, 1837 and died on sep. 6, 1859. James died on Nov. 17, 1868 in Arkansas.
The nineth child born to John and Sarah was Nathaniel Parker born Jun. 1, 1799 in Franklin County, Georgia and died on Sep. 22, 1855 in Cole County, Illinois. He married Betsy Lockart on Aug. 20, 1835. She was born in 1808 and died in 1848. He was also a legislator. They had six children; one of which was Susan Parker. He remained in Coles County, Illinois until his death.
The tenth child born to John and Sarah was Silas Mercer Parker born 1802 in Tennessee. (see above)
The eleventh child born to John and Sarah was Rachel Parker born about 1806 in Tennessee. She married Mr. Jackson.
The twelfth child born to John and Sarah was Susannah Parker born Nov. 5, 1807 in Hickman County, Tennessee. She married John Starr on Jul. 31, 1825 in Clark County, Illinois, and they moved to Texas after the raid on Fort Parker to Anderson County, Texas in 1857. They had eight children; Jasper Starr born Jan. 17, 1827 in Edgar County, Illinois, Daniel Parker Starr born Dec. 2, 1831, John Starr born May 18, 1835 in Edgar County, Illinois, Perry Starr born Jul. 25, 1839, Sarah Elizabeth Starr born Mar. 9, 1844, Alsey Jane Starr born May 26, 184?, James Newton Starr born May 29, 1847, and Thomas Jefferson Starr born Aug. 3, 1850. Susannah died on Jul. 28, 1875 at Elkhart, Texas.
Jasper Starr married Mary Jane Spurgeon in 1852, and remarried to Dorcus E. Brown. Dorcus was born on Jan. 2, 1832 and died on Oct. 28, 1901. Jasper died on Apr. 17, 1886 in Henderson County, Texas.
Daniel Parker Starr married Martha Elizabeth Self on Oct. 22, 1865. She was born on Jul. 15, 1844 and died on Dec. 26, 1926. Daniel died on Feb. 11, 1905 in Anderson County, Texas.
John Starr married Nancy Elizabeth Whitely in 1858, and remarried to Elizabeth f. Grooms. John died on Dec. 5, 1882.
Perry Starr married Martha Anjaline Kolb in 1863. She was born on Nov. 18, 1840 and died on Jan. 6, 1938. Perry died on Jun. 2, 1897 in Anderson County, Texas.
Sarah Elizabeth Starr married Harvey Allison in 1861. She was born on Jul. 14, 1819 and died on May 12, 1892. Sarah died on Jan. 28, 1892.
Alsey Jane Starr married Benjamin Franklin Rosson in 1867. He was born on Jan. 15, 1842 and died on Jan. 29, 1891. Alsey died on Nov. 19, 1896.
James Newton Starr married Mary Elizabeth Douthit in 1879. She was born on Apr. 5, 1847 and died on Oct. 13, 1898.
Thomas Jeffereson Starr married Sophronia Parks in 1875. She was born on Nov. 30, 1854 and died on Dec. 2, 1947. Thomas died on Dec. 7, 1946 in Centerville, Texas.

The eleventh child born to John and Sarah was Abigail Parker. She married Levin Dixon and they had six children; Sally Dixon born Dec. 14, 1800, and Patsey Dixon born Feb. 27, 1805, William Dixon born Feb. 5, 1807, Lurany Dixon born May 4, 1809, Melindy Dixon born Aug. 4, 1811, and Richmond Dixon born Aug. 5, 1813.

Benjamin married Saley Stedman and they had a child named Benjamin Ruenie Parker born Aug. 15, 1812. Benjamin Ruenie Parker married Suzanah Roberson and they had five children; John Parker born Nov. 10, 1813, Joseph Allen Parker born Dec. 22, 1821 (Twin), and Isaac Green Parker born Dec. 22, 1815, Polly Parker born Feb. 15, 1819, and Jessee Robertson Parker born Oct. 22, 1821.

Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas : March 18 Through July 22, 1836 : The Battle of San Jacinto and the Fall of Fort Parker
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