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Davenports of Spotsylvania

Davenports of Spotsylvania

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Surnames: Davenport, Hall, Luck, Hart, Haslop
This post is to clear up and inform reader of info.

The daughter of John Davenport, Tavern and Grist Mill owner,
Francis Davenport married a member of the True Family not Trueall as reported. The person who read the will of John misread the line " I give to my daughter Frances True all the balance of the land adjoining the mill..."

John Davenport Jr was a member of the 16th State Milita,Spotsylvania, which served during the War of 1812 and he recieved a land bounty and his 2nd wife recieved $8.00 a month pension. More info was found on a pension form.
John's first wife's full name was Ellen Branchet Luck and died about 1843.
John's second wife was Harriet A Hart and the married in Spotsylvania on Dec 19, 1843.
Harriet and John had no children (1900 Census).
John died Feb 17, 1882

This as I worked out is the Family of John Davenport

1. John Davenport-1[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] was born about 1788 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. He died on Feb 17, 1882 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia. He married (1) Harriet A Hart on Dec 19, 1843 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia ?. She was born about 1809. She died after 1900 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia. He married (2) Ellen Branchet "Nelly" Luck on Dec 24, 1807 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia. She was born about 1780. She died before Dec 1843.

Children of John Davenport and Ellen Branchet "Nelly" Luck are:

2. i. Henry C Davenport, B: 1808 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia[7, 8, 9], D: Aft. 1880, M: Harriet Dillard, Dec 22, 1834 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia[10].

ii. First Daughter Davenport, B: Bet. 1810-1815.

iii. Mary Davenport, B: Bet. 1810-1820. Appears to have married William T Haislop(Heslop, Heslup) and had 2 children Frederick and David P. Died around 1850 (Based on 1850 Census For William in Orange Co.(Huldah staying with them) and the boys staying with John Davenport in 1860's Census. The name of Mary was taken from Davids Marriage in Caroline Co.

3. iv. Lucy W Davenport, B: Bet. 1810-1815 in Virginia[11], M: Zachariah Brimmer, Sep 29, 1833 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia.

4. v. Huldah S Davenport, B: Abt. 1817 in Spotsylvania Co, Virginia, D: Jul 15, 1867 in Spotsylvania Co, Virginia, M: Jefferson T Curtis, Nov 06, 1860 in Fredericksburg, VA.

vi. Richard Davenport, B: Abt. 1818.

vii. Third Son Davenport, B: Bet. 1820-1825.

5. viii. William S Davenport, B: Oct 1828 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia[12], D: Mar 1914 in Spotsylvania, Virginia, M: Sarah A Eubank, Nov 16, 1853 in Albemarle, Virginia.

Generation 2

The sons Henry C and Richard Davenport appear to of moved to Pike Co MO between 1840 and 1850. Henry was living in Spotsylvania per the 1830 Census with his wife and two children one boy and one girl. In the 1850 Census he is no longer in Va but a Henry C appears in MO with a boy both of them born in VA and the correct ages. Richard is also from Va and is the correct age as another of Johns Children.

2. Henry C Davenport-2(John-1)[7, 13, 14] was born in 1808 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia[7, 8, 9]. He died after 1880. He married (1) Harriet Dillard on Dec 22, 1834 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia[10]. He married

(2) Mary Thomas Whitledge on Jan 19, 1845 in Pike, MO, US[14], daughter of Lyna Harrison Whitledge and Mehitable Mabry. She was born about 1823 in MO, US[9, 14, 15].

Children of Henry C Davenport and Harriet Dillard are:

i. John J Davenport, B: 1838 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia[16, 17]. ii. Unknown Girl Davenport, B: Abt. 1836.

Children of Henry C Davenport and Mary Thomas Whitledge are:

i. Warren H. Davenport, B: Abt. 1849 in Pike, MO, US[14, 15].

ii. Roseline E Davenport, B: Abt. 1852.

iii. Harriett A Davenport, B: Abt. 1854.

iv. Sophronia Davenport, B: Abt. 1859.

v. Lucy M. Davenport, B: 1862 in Missouri[9].

3. Lucy W Davenport-2(John-1) was born between 1810-1815 in Virginia[11]. She married Zachariah Brimmer on Sep 29, 1833 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia. He was born about 1797.

Children of Lucy W Davenport and Zachariah Brimmer are:

6. i. Charles Henry Brimmer, B: Feb 06, 1834[18], D: Dec 03, 1906[18]. ii. Lucy E Brimmer, B: Abt. 1836 in Orange Co , Virigina.

Lucy based on the Spotsylvania marriage Records

4. Huldah S Davenport-2(John-1)[19, 20] was born about 1817 in Spotsylvania Co, Virginia. She died on Jul 15, 1867 in Spotsylvania Co, Virginia. She married (1) Jefferson T Curtis on Nov 06, 1860 in Fredericksburg, VA, son of Thomas Curtis and Ann Gray. He was born about 1833 in Spotsylvania

Co, Fredericksburg, Virginia[19, 21, 22]. He died before 1900 (Wife appears as widow in 1900 census)[19, 22]. She married (2) Unknown.

Child of Huldah S Davenport and Unknown is:

7. i. Walter D Davenport, B: Abt. 1851 in Spotsylvania, Virginia[23, 24], D: 1888 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia, M: Ella W Eubank, Nov 12, 1872 in Spotsylvania Co (Clover Green) , Virginia.

5. William S Davenport-2(John-1)[12, 25, 26, 27] was born in Oct 1828 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia[12]. He died in Mar 1914 in Spotsylvania, Virginia. He married Sarah A Eubank on Nov 16, 1853 in Albemarle, Virginia, daughter of John Eubank. She was born in Oct 1828 in Virginia[12]. She died in Feb 1917 in Spotsylvania, Virginia.

Children of William S Davenport and Sarah A Eubank are:

8. i. Mary Davenport, B: Abt. 1854 in St Annes Parish, Albemarle, Virginia, D: 1915 in Gordon, Orange, VA, USA[28], M: Eli Apperson, 1874 in Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania, VA, USA[28].

ii. John L Davenport, B: Abt. 1856 in St Annes Parish, Albemarle, Virginia.

iii. Frances L Davenport, B: Abt. 1859 in St Annes Parish, Albemarle, Virginia.

9. iv. William Henry Davenport, B: Aug 08, 1860 in Albemarle, Virginia[29], D: Jan 25, 1952 in Beckley, Raleigh, West Virginia[29], M: Mary Turner, Sep 18, 1889 in Fayette, West Virginia[29].

10. v. Richard O Davenport, B: Dec 1862 in Virginia[30].

vi. Ida I Davenport, B: Abt. 1865 in Albemarle, Virginia, D: Apr 19, 1875 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia.

11. vii. Charles E Davenport, B: 1868 in Samuel Miller, Albemarle, Virginia[31, 32], D: 1925 in Spotsylvania, Virginia, M: Ida Louis Jones, Dec 18, 1888 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia.

12. viii. Walker G Davenport, B: Mar 26, 1870 in Albemarle, Virginia, D: Jun 03, 1954, M: Roberta H Poole, Dec 22, 1892 in Spotsylvania Co , Virginia.
13. ix. Unamed Davenport B: 1874 lived for 5 days
Born and died in Spotsylvania( Spotsylvania Death Records)
13. ix. Luther Corkin Davenport, B: Sep 12, 1876 in Virginia[33].

The final bit is that the Family Graveyard of John Davenport
Has been found. The Graveyard was refered to in the sale of John's Land in 1895. The Graveyard is overgrown with only two marked graves for William S and Sarah A Davenport but there are signs of possibly 10 graves of more. The graves have fallen and several are marked with simple stones.
The people I belive to be interned are: Thomas Hall(1811),Elizabeth Davenport Hall (1847-48), John Davenport and his Wife Elizabeth Carter Davenport, John Davenport(1882) and His two wifes Ellen "Nelly" Luck Davenport(1843), Harriet A Hart Davenport(1900), Walter D Davenport and his wife Ella Eubank Davenport, and the Unamed boy(1874) of William S Davenport.
There is also the possibly of slaves being interned also.

The location is on the "Davenport Farm" which today is 10500 Post Oak Rd on property owned by H Russell Mastin.

The location is north along the rd from Mine Road Baptist Church whic is the "heart" of the Region when following the different famlies with contact with Davenports.

Michael Hall
researcher of the Hall's of Spotsylvania and Louisa, Davenports of Spotsylvania and othe connected Families.

Re: Davenports of Spotsylvania

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Hey Mike, I have been laboriously searching for Lucy Davenport m. Zachariah Brimmer. Do you have anything else to go on other than the marriage record to connect with this family?

Re: Davenports of Spotsylvania

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Surnames: Hall, Herod, Davenport

I am very interested in comparing notes on Asa and Thomas Hall who were in Spotsylvania Co. VA. I believe they are connected to my Claiborne Hall of Smith Co. TN. Claiborne and his brother Nathan married Elizabeth and Frances Herod, daughters of William Herod of Spotsylvania Co. VA who moved to Smith Co. TN in 1808. What happened to Asa Hall after 1810 census? I realize Thomas Hall who married Elizabeth Davenport died in 1811 in Spotsylvania Co. VA. There is another Thomas Hall in Smith Co. TN and I just found a reference in 1811 to an Asa Hall in Smith Co. TN.

Re: Davenports of Spotsylvania

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I am very interested in Huldah Davenport. I have found a census with her listed with William Haislip (b. 1825) and his sons (Frederick and David). Would you happen to have any insight to this? Anything would be greatly appreciated!

Lauren Heislup

Re: Davenports of Spotsylvania

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Huldah I believe, was there in 1850 as her sister had died and the now dead sister was the mother to David and Frederick. This is also about the time Huldah gave birth to Walter Davenport, father unknown. The 1860 Census for John Davenport in Spotsylvania lists David, Fredrick, and Walter Haislip (I belive Tthe census made a mistake on Walter as later he goes by Davenport).
There is no record of a marriage between William and Unknown Davenport but there is a lack of mariage records for that time.
Huldah later marries Jefferson Curtis and dies without appearly having children with Jefferson.
When Walter marries he lists Huldah has his mother and no father is listed and the will of John Davenport lists his name as Davenport.

Michael Hall

Re: Davenports of Spotsylvania

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My husband's great-grandfather is William S. Davenport. We were at the location this morning that you mentioned attempting to look for his grave site. I have a photo taken by my son several years ago of the tombstone. We were unable to locate the gravesite since it is so overgrown.
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