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Albert Munger/Allis Dyer

Albert Munger/Allis Dyer

Tony Harrison (View posts)
Posted: 1119925376000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Munger/Dyer
Searching for ancestors and descendents of Albert Munger and Allis Dyer who were married in Hayward 29 June 1898. They had a son Joseph Norman born 1899/1900. He was baptised at the First Congregational Church in Hayward in 1915 and had moved to Sothern Saskatchewan by 1926. Did Albert/Allis have other children? Who were albert's parents? Did Albert die/buried in Hayward? Any information however meagre would be greatly appreciated.

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WI CC x 6 (View posts)
Posted: 1119961387000
Classification: Query

Here are the Munger burials that are found in the Greenwood Cemetery at Hayward. Note that some of these burial sites have no stones, so no further information could be provided as far as dates.

MUNGER (unknown) (no stone)
MUNGER Almira (no stone)
MUNGER Christine P 1882 1930
MUNGER Myrtle (no stone)

I see that there was a John M MUNGER born on 10 Dec 1892 in Sawyer Co. Since Albert and Allis did not marry until 1898, was this a child of Albert's brother? This is the only MUNGER birth listed in the pre-1907 birth index for Sawyer Co.

Other items found include:

The marriage of H D MUNGER to Rebeca MANTY on 06 Dec 1897 in the pre-1907 marriage index for Sawyer Co.

The marriage of Henry Egen MAU to Gortsude MUNGER on 30 May 1896, also in the pre-1907 marriage index for Sawyer Co.

In the 1910 Federal Census Heads of Household Index for Sawyer Co. are these MUNGER listings:

MUNGER Anna L 52 F W Wisconsin Lenroot 266 A
MUNGER Burdette 48 M W Pennsylvania Lenroot 266 B
MUNGER Horace D 38 M W Iowa Lenroot 266 B
MUNGER Mabel 23 F W Wisconsin Hayward 240 B

Note that the above listed names might not necessarily be a head of household, but could simply be a name different from the actual household owner and is listed in this index because of the difference in names. I do not have the full 1910 Federal Census for Sawyer Co., but if you wanted to look the above info up, these families can be found on Microfilm Roll #T624-1717, part 2 on the pages and subpages listed above.

I found the above mentioned Ann(a) MUNGER in the northeast corner of Section 6 on the 1915 plat map located here - This is part of Lenroot Township. I then checked the partial listing of burials that I have for the Riverside Cemetery located at Seeley and found these MUNGER burials:
MUNGER, Anna Louise 1854 - 1931
MUNGER, Donald 1923 - 2000
MUNGER (?), Sanny Sjostrom 1903 - 1929

I'm sorry I can't answer your questions about Albert, but am hoping that this other MUNGER info will be helpful to you. Good luck with your research!

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WI CC x 6 (View posts)
Posted: 1119964688000
Classification: Query
Surnames: MUNGER
I found more info since my last response to your posting. There was a school in Sawyer Co. called Munger School, so named because there were two or three families by that name living in that neighborhood. It was located in the NW corner of the NW1/4 of the NE1/4 of Section 8, Township 41, Range 9 (see this plat map at - you will see the notation of the school (SCH) in section 8, just south of the township line at the above stated location). None of these Munger families were living in this area as of 1902. The school was a small frame building built during the fall of 1889. A listing of the teachers and school terms can be found here -

The above information came from the book "History of Education in Sawyer County Wisconsin, 1902", page 200.

There is also a short biography of Joseph F. Munger which I will be posting separately on this message board.

Again, I hope this info is of help to your research.

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Tony Harrison (View posts)
Posted: 1119965727000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Munger, Dyer.
Hi and thanks for all inf. I have now seen the following entry on the "1910 Sawyer Co. Census Index of Head of Households".
Joseph MANGER age 11 born Wisconsin.
This must be my Joseph Norman Munger who is known to have died in Regina Saskatchewan in 1972 age 74 years, i.e. born 1899. (from a Regina obituary notice). He must have been born somewhere other than Hayward in Wisconsin since he is not on the pre-1907 birth index for Sawyer.
The puzzle seems to be why Joseph is listed as Head of Household in 1910 census. I've searched the entire index for possible variant names of both his parents Albert and Allis Munger but could find no clue there. Allis's maiden name was DYER.
Perhaps the parents died in which case was Joseph in someone's care or in an orphanage of some kind. I really don't know how to investigate these possibities.
Another interesting piece of information is that Joseph Norman was baptised in the First Congregational Church in Hayward on 19 June 1915, parents "Bert and Allie". Were his parents present at this baptism or maybe this entry is just for the record.
So many questions. But thanks for the Munger inf you have sent. There could be some connection there which might come to light later. Tony Harrison.

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Posted: 1119972093000
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Surnames: MUNGER
Hi Tony,

I can't explain the reasoning behind Joseph 'Manger" being listed as a head of household except that maybe he was listed with his parents, but they were on one page and he was on the next one (? - I'm only guessing at this). Therefore, it would appear that he was in a household by himself (or with any siblings that were born after him) and, as such, was listed as head of household. I will try to get up to Hayward to see if I can find this info for you. I'll get back to you on it when I do.

In regards to Joseph Norman not being born in Hayward because he was not listed in the pre-1907 birth index, I want to remind you that there was no state law in Wisconsin prior to October 1, 1907 stating that births, marriages or deaths had to be reported or recorded by county or state officials. It was completely up to the doctor or the family if that info was reported. So he COULD have been born in Sawyer Co., but just not reported as having been. That's the hard part about doing the early research. Thankfully you were able to find the baptismal record! I don't know if his parents were still alive at the time of his baptism, but I will check to see if I can find any death records on them while I am in Hayward also.

Hope this helps to explain things a little more. And I hope to be able to fill in some more blanks for you.

Re: Albert Munger/Allis Dyer

Tony Harrison (View posts)
Posted: 1120056877000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Munger
Hi and thanks for your help which is proving to be of immense help to my search. Though this is proving to be a real puzzle.
It might be of interest for me to explain what I know of Joseph Norman Munger. He married Mary Adelaide McInnis 21 Nov 1923 in Weyburn Saskatchewan and remained in the province until his death in 1972. He was in Regina from 1932 to 1972. I have not been able to find any record (yet) of his parents having been in Saskatchewan, but researching the early 1900's for this area is difficult due to rather poor access to records.
It seems that he must have migrated north between 1915 (his Hayward baptism) and 1923 (his Weyburn marriage). He could have either migrated alone or with his parents. I am trying to discover if the parents might have homesteaded in S. Sask in this time period.
Many thanks for your offer to investigate first hand in Hayward.

Re: Albert Munger/Allis Dyer

Carol Anderson (View posts)
Posted: 1120060826000
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I don't know if any of this ties in to your family or not but I will post and maybe somewhere down the line it may be useful...
In the Riverside Cemetery located in Seely, (North of Hayward) there is a Sanny Sjostrom Munger 1903-1929
also a Donald Munger 1923-2000 and an Anna Louise 1854-1931.

Also off the cuff... I grew up in Hayward and lived in MPLS for several years. I worked at a cleaners located at Lake&Chicago, this was 1988-1989ish.. An elderly man who's last name was "Munger" used to come in and said he used to go to Hayward on business, think he was in clothing or sales of some sort...I don't remember what his first name was.


Carol Anderson (View posts)
Posted: 1120061455000
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Oops, here's more, and I mispelled "Seeley"...
At the "Munger" graves it lists:
wife: Sanny Sjostrom Munger 1903-1929
Donald Munger 1923-2000
sister:Cora Amy Ketchun 1891-1958
mother:Anna Louise Munger 1854-1931

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WI CC x 6 (View posts)
Posted: 1120091563000
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Hi again Tony,

I have gone over the notes that I collected yesterday when I was at the courthouse. I believe the following will be of interest to you.

First, I found the delayed birth record on file for Joseph Norman MUNGER (Births - Vol. 15, page 374). It was dated 20 Feb 1947 and states that Joseph, male, white, was born on 25 Dec 1898 to Albert Lee and Allie (DYER) MUNGER. Two items of proof were presented, those being:
1 - Affidavit of Jens Jorgenson of Hayward stating that he was "well acquainted with the family and a distant relative." His birth year as 1876. This affidavit was notorized on 29 Mar 1947.
2 - Bible record - A notarized copy of the family bible record in custody of Mrs. Allie MORRISON of Glenwood City WI, notarized on 31 Mar 1947. It also states that the entry was made in 1890 (??? - that doesn't seem to line up with Joseph's birth.)
The record was signed by David Hope, St. Croix Co. Register of Deeds, filed 02 Apr 1947

Now, after seeing the 1910 census record that I put on the message board this morning, it appears that Joseph's mother, Allie, may have been married a third time - this time to a Morrison.

I also checked the other MUNGER births that took place in Sawyer Co., but none of them have Albert and Allie as the parents. So it appears that Joseph was their only child.

I then looked for marriage records and found Albert and Allis' record. Marriage - Vol. 1, page 336 states this:

MUNGER, Albert, son of Joseph and Isibell MUNGER, farmer, born at Almsted Co., MN, residing in Hayward, married DYER, Allis, daughter of John and Alma DYER on 29 Jan 1898 at Hayward. Witnesses were Chas. Hulbord & Lee M. Reby.

This marriage record verifies that Albert's father was Joseph. Did you see the biography that I put on this message board for Joseph yesterday? It is located here -

As promised, I looked at the Hayward Greenwood Cemetery records again to see if I could find Allie and her second husband, Andrew WILLIAMSON, but there is no listing under those names. I also checked under the MORRISON surname, but did not find anything listed for that name either. You may have to check in the St. Croix Co. area for Allie, as that appears to be the last known area that she was found in 1947.

This is all that I could find. Wish I had some answers on whatever happened to Albert, but I've had no luck in finding him, unless he is one of the Albert's that I found in the 1910 census in other areas of the country and listed on this message board in response to your request for info from that census. I was not able to check each Albert that was listed in the census.

Hope the above info hasn't confused you too much. It does seem to be quite a puzzle. I'm hoping that you have other data that will help you to sort through this new info and will be able to make sense of it all. Good luck with your research.

Re: Albert Munger/Allis Dyer

Posted: 1120687469000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Munger, Sjostrom
The Mungers in Seeley were:
William Burdette Munger (1858-1940) and wife Anna Lund (1854-1931)
Their son Art Munger (1888-1968) and his wife Sanny Sjostrom (1903-1929)
Art & Sanny's son Donald Munger (1923-2000)

There is an earlier family tree on if you search for "Burdette Munger".:
Good luck.
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