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Frank Leonard Lawson and Ella Rowena Bower

Frank Leonard Lawson and Ella Rowena Bower

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need information on family of Frank Leonard Lawson b apr 1871 d Dec 26 1905. Understand he died in RR accident in St Louis. He married Ella rowena Bower. their children were Roy Ewing b. 1897; Maud Virginia b 1900, she md robert R McGee; and charles Lee Lawson.
any help on this family please contact me

Re: Frank Leonard Lawson and Ella Rowena Bower

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I found the following information in the 1880 St. Louis census. Might be of interest.

Census Place: Center, Greene, Missouri
Source: FHL Film 1254688 National Archives Film T9-0688 Page 195A
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Benj. F. LAWSON Self M M W 40 PA
Occ: R. R. Man Fa: PA Mo: ---
Virginia LAWSON Wife F M W 34 MO
Fa: NC Mo: OH
Maude LAWSON Dau F S W 12 MO
Occ: Goes To School Fa: --- Mo: ---
Frank L. LAWSON Son M S W 9 MO
Occ: Goes To School Fa: --- Mo: ---
Fa: --- Mo: ---
Bell LAWSON Dau F S W 2 MO
Fa: --- Mo: ---
Julia BUCKLEY Other F W 24 MO
Occ: Servant - Cook Fa: TN Mo: ---

Re: Frank Leonard Lawson and Ella Rowena Bower

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Surnames: mcgee
Do you know if your Maude Virginia was married to the Richard McGee that at one time owned a carnival , Royal American Shows and traveled by train ? This Richard McGee was my great Uncle and from other family members I know that his wife's name was Virginia .

Re: Frank Leonard Lawson and Ella Rowena Bower

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Surnames: McGee, Finn, Flynn, Nettles
Robert R. McGee....(b. early 1900s)
Son of Pinckney Howard McGee and Sarah Ellen Finn..

Horace Winston McGee
Richard P. McGee
Leon R. McGee
Josie McGee

Please contact me so that we may share information if you are interested.
Virginia Porter

Descendants of McGee

Generation No. 1


Children of MCGEE are:
2. i. PINCKNEY HOWARD2 MCGEE, b. 1873, Missouri; d. June 10, 1919, St. Louis, Missouri.

Generation No. 2

2. PINCKNEY HOWARD2 MCGEE (MCGEE1) was born 1873 in Missouri, and died June 10, 1919 in St. Louis, Missouri. He married SARAH ELLEN FINN Abt. 1893. She was born in Missouri.

St. Louis Obituary Index 1919
Mc GEE, JOHN J. 5/2
Mc GEE, LUTHER *5/15
Mc GEE, PINCKNEY H. 6/11, *6/16
St. Peters Cemetery is affliated with St. Peters UCC church in Ferguson,MO.
The address for St. Peter's Cemetery is:
2101 Lucas & Hunt Road
Saint Louis MO 63121
(314) 385-0841

There is another St Peter's Cemetery in Kirkwood that may be listed as St Louis. It is attached to a Roman Catholic Church. In small towns on the edge of St Louis they will use St Louis as mailing address. If this works out that this maybe what you need let me know and I will get more information for you. Good Luck Charlie

St. Louis Post Wednesday,June 11, 1919 Pg. 19
McGEE- Entered into rest on Tuesday, June 10, 1919, at 8:50 p.m. Pinckney H. McGee, beloved husband of Sarah E. McGee, (nee Finn ) and darling father of Robert R., Josie, Richard, Leon and Horace Mcgee, and dear brother of George, James and Edward McGee, at the age of 46 years.
Funeral from residence, 907 Hickory Street, on Friday, June 13, at 3 p.m., to St. Peter's Cemetery. Moter. Friends invited.

St. Louis Post Monday, June 16, 1919 Pg. 15
P. H. McGee, 46, 907 Hickory; carcinoma.

Until the 1900s, Bronchogenic carcinoma, or lung cancer, was a relatively unknown disease.

Burial: June 13, 1919, St. Peter Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri

research possibilities
Sarah Ellen Finn

Birth: 11 MAR 1865 , Maries, Missouri


Father: Barnett Finn Family
Mother: Malinda Orton

Research thoughts:
By Irish naming patterns
Horace would be Pinkney's father's name
Richard and Maggie Louise would be Sarah's parent's name

Children of PINCKNEY MCGEE and SARAH FINN are:
i. HORACE WINSTON3 MCGEE, SR., b. April 29, 1908, St. Louis, Missouri; d. January 05, 1948, Vallejo, Solano County, California; m. (1) TRESSIE HULL; m. (2) MARGARET LUCILLE NETTLES, April 17, 1927, Linden, Marengo County, Alabama; b. August 18, 1909, County Line, Marengo County, Alabama; d. July 10, 1984, Pine Hill, Wilcox County, Alabama.

Died at the young age of 39.

Was working as a civil engineer with railroad , Magnolia, Alabama,in 1927 were he met and married Margaret. Family was from St. Louis. They were Catholics. Note all say he was very handsome man. But he also loved women!

Notes from Ellen Manning McGuire:
I talked to Mamma this morning. Here is what little she knew. She thought he came from St> Louis. She remember nothing about his parents. there was a sister that Knocker liked and Mamma thinks her name was Margie. When they lived in Mobile Mamma would go visit them. Mamma said that Winston had girl friends and that is why Knocker divorced him. They moved up to Papa and Nanny's and lived in the front room when Don was a baby. He had the croup a lot. and Knocker would think he was dying. They then moved into the Twilley house nest door (house is still there).Then they moved to Kimbrough and Knocker set up a sewing room in a front room through the WPA and that is when she met Uncle Lloyd and married him and moved to Pine Hill.. I use to go spend the night with them some. One girl friend's name was Coreen Maddox that live up north on Miss. and Ala line. She was one that came to Knocker and told her about Winston. Going south on 5 you turned to left and went on dirt road over a cattle gap to get to their house. First cattle gap I ever saw and it Daddy ran off it in the car one time. I think the house was on the Sheffield property and wasn`t painted I think.

I went by a house that Knocker and Winston roomed in yesterday out of Moore
Vally. on the way to Thomaston. We had been to Aunt Elizabeth's Funeral.
Mamma< Paul and I toured the old home places. Paul walked up the hill to the
Hampden Cemetery. It was way to humid and I didn't`t try it The heat was
overwhelming. Paul needs the phone. Ellen

Notes from Manie and Don McGee-
Yes, uncle don remembers his Dad but it was his promising to always send him something and never did ! know that kind?
I am sorry that Don just does not care for some reason I think it was drilled into him by relatives and he grew up with a I don't care attitude toward them. Knocker also told me he had a woman over here by us at Cuba or Livingston I don't know about that. But, seems he was a Lover boy. Knocker really did love him and he seemed to be the catch of the year, but, when I quiz Don will send information

He was working on the railroad in Magnolia and they met There. He was Catholic
from St. Louis. So it does unlikely that they would have married. But he was
a handsome young man and rather charming as Daddy said. And the rest is

found these listing in white pages
S McGee
Vallejo CA, 94589
(707) 644-9809

H. W McGee
Vallejo CA, 94589
(707) 557-1208

Burial: St. Peter Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri

Notes from Manie and Don McGee:
Yes, I know some exciting stuff about the Hotel> It is torn down now, But, I worked for Knocker there one summer and it was fun I really learned how to economize and spread it than, She really taught me lots, Oh! How I miss her! But, the biggest deal that was the year Don and I ran off and got married only fifty and one half years ago. while they lived in Magnolia, Toot probably remembers lots, Even if she was a bad little tot???????? That was well spent summer for me she was so patient with me . I learned much and remember well. she cut them corners!

Published in the Wilcox Progressive Era April 28, 1927:

The wedding which occurred in Linden at the home of Judge Hasty Sunday afternoon, April 17, at 3:30 o'clock was a great surprise to the entire community when Miss Margaret Nettles of Arlington, Ala, became the bride of Horace Winston McGee of St. Louis, Mo.
Mrs McGee is the attractive daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Nettles, Sr., and a graduate of the Arlington High School Senior Class '26. She is one of Wilcox County's most beautiful and popular young girls.
Mr McGee is an efficient civil engineer and is connected with the Frisco Railroad construction Company near Magnolia.
This young couple has scores of friends throughout Wilcox, Marengo, and surrounding counties who wish them every success and happiness in life.


Owned a carnival that was based in St. Louis, Missouri, and winters were spent in St. Petersburg Florida. After Richard's death his wife, Virginia, remarried a relative and continued to operate the carnival. The carnival was Royal American Shows.

Family owned the Red Dragon Saloon in St. Louis Missouri around 1930-1940's.

Note from Manie and Don McGee-
Hi! Uncle Don does not know much more than we do ha ! he said the name of their carnival was Royal American and they wintered in St..Petersburg, Fl. every year, They also travel by train and when we went to Jackson Ms to see Virginia they were living in cars on a real train which was on a side track and they were lots of carnies with them The show was not far from track, But, she was in a car like a royal caboose, I hope you got mail I sent about Horace winston , I have never heard anything about another member of the family. Just they were from St. Louis and had a Saloon Named The Red Dragon" Knocker and Uncle Lloyd went up to St. Louis to visit back when sugar was rationed because I remember them saying how much sugar they gave them to bring home. relatives past these we are not aware but, I am sure there are others I wish you luck will be fun tho. The Show might have been American royal, He cannot remember . If, I run across any thing I will send it on to you, So Dick Tracy get with it Ha !
Yes, Uncle Richard was Don's Daddy's brother who owned a carnival and they wintered in St.. Petersburg FL. Don looks a lot like him , He was a very nice person and we visited them when they were playing some where over in Ms, He has been dead for about 25 years I remember when don and Rowdy went to St.. Louis to funeral. His wife aunt Virginia married some other kin and they continued to do carnival but, they are all dead I guess, we never have heard from any Mcgee out side of this family. Would like to know.

Don does not know any one like who Uncle Richard's people were or where they are, Don, Joyce and Rowdy visited in St.. Louis but, never said much about anyone other than uncle Richard and his wife Virginia I will quiz Don tonight before he gets too old to remember lots he wants to forget! Uncle Lloyd and Knocker took the Kids once on the train to visit them, I know Richard and his wife came to Pine hill to visit Uncle Lloyd and knocker one summer before my time, That it;s self was good ! because these kids were forgotten kids especially Don. Rowdy gave me big picture of Winston and I have it He was a good looking guy, But, don does not look like him He looks like Uncle Richard, They were very nice to us when we visited them in McComb Ms, We also went to Jackson,Ms to Visit Aunt Virginia and her later husband I think his name was Jack Flynn but let me make sure he was nice to us also.

Robert P. McGee living in St Louis MO in 1948.

RICHARD MCGEE 04 Feb 1905 May 1974 63857 (Kennett, Dunklin, MO) (none specified) 720-16-1538 Long-time or retired railroad workers

Royal American Circus P.O. Box 12908 oder P.O. Box 813Jackson, MS 32936 Sarasota, FL 33580
Royal American Circus & Petting Zoo & Pig Racing
3632 DeSoto Rd. Sarasota FL 34235
Phone: (941)355-3286 Phone 2: Fax: (941)359-8529
WebSite: E-Mail:


Notes for JOSIE MCGEE:
Horace's obit lists his sister as Mrs Louis Flynn of St. Louis.

JOSIE FLYNN 15 Jun 1904 06 Nov 1995 72958 (Waldron, Scott, AR) (none specified) 431-06-7763 Arkansas SS-5 Letter
Add Post-em

Notes for LOUIS FLYNN:
LOUIS FLYNN 24 Aug 1898 Jun 1977 63107 (Saint Louis, Saint Louis City, MO) 63137 (Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MO) 488-10-8273 Missouri


Notes for LEON R. MCGEE:
Was living in Las Angeles in 1948.


Notes for ROBERT R. MCGEE:
ROBERT MCGEE 26 Sep 1913 Nov 1979 63118 (Saint Louis, Saint Louis City, MO) (none specified) 497-07-6630 Missouri

ROBERT MCGEE 27 Aug 1900 Sep 1973 64720 (Adrian, Bates, MO) (none specified) 487-01-8921 Missouri

Re: Frank Leonard Lawson and Ella Rowena Bower

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Surnames: McGee, Finn, Flynn, Nettles
Robert R. McGee and Richard P. McGee were brothers. Parents Pinckney Howard and Sarah Ellen Finn McGee.

Robert R. McGee St Louis Missouri

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Surnames: McGee, Finn, Flynn, Nettles, McManus
Robert R. McGee ( son of Pinckney H. and Sarah Ellen Finn McGee ) of St Louis Missouri.. buried on July 29, 1935 at age 36. at McGee's family plot located at :
St Peter's Cemetery
2101 Lucas & Hunt Road
Saint Louis MO 63121
lot # 27, Section #26, Block A ..

Re: Frank Leonard Lawson and Ella Rowena Bower

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Surnames: McGee, Marcagi, Heis
I am the grandaughter of Virginia R McGee and Lawrence T Marcagi. I know that "Nanny"/Maud Lawson McGee died when I was 7. Robert Mcgee died from complications of being gassed when he fought in WWI, leaving Maud alone with their daughter Virginia (age 8) and Maud's mother, Ella Rowina. She became a secretary and supported both of them. Listening to Virginia it sounds like they struggled and were very poor.

Lawrence and Virginia Marcagi
Lauren Lee Marcagi b. Feb 15 1954
Timothy Marcagi b. 1956?

Lauren Marcagi married Stephen Dale Heis b. May 13 1955
Eric Stephen Heis b. 1981
Marianne Elizabeth Heis b. 1983 now Marianne Carpenter
Meghan Emily Heis b. 1984 now Meghan Lawler
Stephen Lawrence Heis b. 1986

Tim Marcagi married Paula ??
Andrew Marcagi
Sarah Marcagi
Michael Marcagi

Notes for ROBERT R. MCGEE:
I would like to correspond with descendants of Robert R McGee born Nov 1898 St Louis Mo died Jul 26 1935, St Louis. married Maud V Lawson b. 1900 d 1991 Cincinnati Ohio. they had daughter Virginia R. who married Lawrence T Marcagi. I corresponded with Virginia at one time but need to confirm information and have lost address. please contact me at
Barbara Kemm

Burial: 29 Jul 1935, St. Peter's Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri
Census: 1930, Etowah, McMinn, TN

Frank Leonard Lawson and Ella Rowena Bower
Frank Leonard Lawson b apr 1871 d Dec 26 1905. Understand he died in RR accident in St Louis. He married Ella Rowena Bower.
Roy Ewing b. 1897;
Maud Virginia b 1900, she md Robert R McGee;
Charles Lee Lawson.

Birth Date: 28 Sep 1900
Death Date: 29 Jul 1991
Social Security Number: 489-03-8874
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Missouri

1920 Independence City, St. Louis, Missouri Census
Lawson, Ella F W 45 wd Illionois Ky Tn
Mcgee Virginia daughter F W 26 M MO MO IL Accounting Clerk Railroad Office

Marriage: 1919, Missouri

i. VIRGINIA R.9 MCGEE, b. 08 Dec 1927, Tennessee; m. LAWRENCE T. MARCAGI; b. 07 Oct 1930.
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