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decendents of Thomas Weir

decendents of Thomas Weir

Lynda (View posts)
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Thomas Weir

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I am looking for a John Weir who came to
Canada in 1875 form Ireland. He had a brother (Billy) William. I do not know
any info on his siblings or parents other
than his brother William. Would like to
know more about this family. Please
email me at

Bonnie Graham

Tom Weir Family

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Tom Weir Family

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Hi Amy,

Sorry it took so long for a reply, I was just
going over all the old messages on the message board and spotted your reply.
This is what I have on John Weir, he was born
1868, i think, in Ireland, he had several
brothers, one was named William. John came
to Canada in 1875 but could not find him on
the census until 1901 in Newmarket, Ontario.
I am not sure where he was until 1901, possibly in the US, we know his brother
(Billy) which john called him like to play
baseball. John was in Newmarket around 1890
to 1916 then moved to Toronto, Ont around
1917. Thats about all I have, not sure who
John to Canada with as he was only 7 yrs old.
We know nothing about his family except that
he had several brothers, one named William.

If you have anymore info, please reply or
email me at

Re: decendents of Thomas Weir

Anita Memery (View posts)
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some of the names listed in your posting sounded familiar. the name william alexander has been handed down thru my family. i would really appreciate any information you could share and if its the right connection i can fill you in on william, he was known as sandy to the family if thats' of any help.

Re: Tom Weir Family

Robert B. Croman (View posts)
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Surnames: Weir, Steenson, Stevenson, Lappen

I think I have stumbled on your Weir family. I have found an extended Weir family in Manchester, Connecticut that connects with Portadown, County Armagh, North Ireland. Here is data which I have in the form of word document I have put together. Please bear with the detail with respect to my great grandmother Annie Weir and my thoughts about how she might be connected.

"My research is driven by trying to find some information about my great grandmother, Annie Bell, nee Weir. All my grandmother could tell me about her mother was that she was from Northern Ireland and probably Presbyterian. I have spent, I guess, several decades trying to get a handle on my grandmother’s family. I finally got the death certificate for my great grandmother Annie Bell, nee Weir, but the information was misleading, probably due to the fact that the funeral director supplied the information. Annie Bell, nee Weir died of cancer in 1914 in Philadelphia, PA, USA. She was listed as 48 years of age, born in Ireland, with the last name of Weir. Her father was listed as John and her mother’s name was unknown. A little better information came from the 1900 Philadelphia Census in which the birth dates for James and Annie Bell were listed along with the birth dates for the then five children. The birthdates for the five children are right on the money, so one would assume that the birth date for Annie Bell, nee Weir would also be correct and it was given as 2 June 1867. [Annie Weir immigrated about 1886, although I haven’t been able to find her name on any ship manifest].

I then started to search the 6 counties of Northern Ireland listed in the IGI looking for an Annie Weir born about 1867, with father’s name of John. It was unnerving when I happened upon the record for an Annie Weir born to Thomas Weir and Sarah Steenson on 4 June 1867, only 2 days off from the birth date I had for my Annie Weir. Of course there was the inconsistency of the father’s name Thomas vs John, but I have argued with myself that my confidence in the undertaker’s entry that my great grandmother’s father’s name was John. So as you can see I have less than 100% confidence that my Annie Weir and the Annie Weir, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Weir are indeed the same. And that is the reason for the posting that sent to you.

In this past week several people have contacted me with information about Sarah Weir, widow of Thomas Weir and several of the children. This information may be of interest to you. Apparently a widow by the name of Sarah Weir immigrated to New York City on the ship Furnesia in 1911. She gave her age as 77 and was traveling with her son John Weir, age 36 and his wife and children. She gave as her residence in Ireland as Portadown and gave as her contact in Ireland as George Steenson. She was traveling to be with her son William in South Manchester, Connecticut. I contacted the Manchester, Connecticut Historical Society and they have a record of Sarah Weir’s death, William Weir’s death, and Elizabeth Weir Lappen’s death. They are all buried in East Cemetery, Manchester, Connecticut. Here is the data:

William G. Weir b. 1861 d. 5 January 1917

Sarah Stevenson Weir d. 28 November 1919 age 89 years 7 months 23 days

Elizabeth Weir Lappen b. 1863 d. 1942 (wife of John Lappen)

Interestingly, calculating the age of Sarah Weir gives a birth date of 5 April 1830 which corresponds to a birth record in the IGI for a Sarah Steenson born to George and Alice Steenson. You will note that Elizabeth Weir Lappen’s birth year of 1863 is very close to the birth date of 1 May 1862 that you list for Elizabeth Weir daughter of Thomas and Sarah Weir.

So it looks like many of the children ended up in Connecticut and that Sarah as a widow decided to join them in 1911. Does any of this make sense with what you know of the Thomas and Sarah Weir family in Portadown, County Armagh, Northern Ireland? Did Thomas Weir, your great great granduncle die before 1911 leaving his wife a widow?

Of course I am hoping that my Annie Weir Bell might be one of the daughters but things are very uncertain. Besides her father’s name as John on death certificate there is the added complication that my Annie Weir ended up living in Philadelphia, PA and the detailing above shows most of the children ended up living in Connecticut. I know that my great grandmother came to this country of USA with a sister whose name was Jennie Weir, but she died only 10 months after her marriage in 1891, so that I know even less about her than I do my great grandmother."

I hope you can make sense of the above. The people I refer to may be a generation before those you detail in your 25 Oct 2000 message.

If any of this makes sense I would appreciate hearing from you.

Best regards,
Bob Croman

Re: Tom Weir Family

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Surnames: Weir, Stevenson, Lewie, Fletcher, Lappen, Faulkner, Kelly
Now I'm going to frustate the bones up your back.

Thomas Weir and Sarah Stevenson Weir were my great great grandparents. they had eight children.

Sarah Weir Lewie
Minnie Weir Fletcher
William Weir
Elizabeth Weir Lappen
Annie Weir Faulkner
Thomas Weir
Alice Weir Kelly
John Weir

I have a printout of the Grandchildren also.
If you want I will try to scan it and send it.(where?)
Also have cute pics of Sarah Stevenson Weir and Sarah Weir lewie.(Daughter)

What is confusing is that there was another Sarah Weir, apparently widowed, nearly the same age living in the South Manchester/Glastonbury area.

What I'm having trouble with is Thomas and Sarah before they came to the US. I know they came from theArmagh region

Re: Tom Weir Family

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The Thomas Weir / Sarah Steenson (actually Stevenson) line you refer to is my family line. Sorry, but there is no Sarah Bell nee Weir in that particular line.

Additionally I can offer that Thomas had two sisters, Mary and Sarah. Sarah married Robert Berry and Mary married John McKinney. So, that would be a dead end for finding your Sarah Weir Bell.

That would leave Thomas's Brother Joseph. After reading your post, I pored over Joseph's line which was recently forwarded to me from a direct decendent in Portadown. Sadly there is no Bell mentioned until the 1950's and that was a Wright/Bell marriage.

The Weir/Fletcher compound still exists in Killycomain though the roofs are shingle now instead of thatch. I was there in the 70's
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