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FOUND !! THANK YOU!! Obit Look-ups Please - George J. THOMAS & Lucy THOMAS, his daughter

FOUND !! THANK YOU!! Obit Look-ups Please - George J. THOMAS & Lucy THOMAS, his daughter

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I'm hoping someone in the area can look for obits on these two individuals.

George Joseph THOMAS was the last lighthouse keeper at the Sea Girt Lighthouse.

He was b. 21 Feb 1876 Canarsie, Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY to William Henry Thomas, 2nd & Eliza Caroline Brown. He was the widower of Minnie nee DeBow who died in 1931 @ Shinnecock Lighthouse, Hampton Bays, Long Island shortly before George's assignment to Sea Girt.

The group at Sea Girt supplied me with the date of 22 Jan 1963 for his DOD.

I believe he stayed around the Ocean Grove - Sea Girt area, in retirement or possibly a bit further north in Asbury Park where daughter Lucy lived so probably died in one of those locations, too. I'd like to get his obit if one was published primarily to learn where he might have been buried although there could be other information in the obit about his family that I haven't found yet also.

George's daughter Lucy Caroline THOMAS is the second obit I'd love to have if one were published.

Lucy was b. 10 Nov 1911 Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY & never married. She lived in Asbury Park, Ocean Twp, NJ as an adult and died there as far as I know. Her DOD is 09 Nov 1993.

I'm also hoping that an obit for her will tell me not only where she was buried but shed a bit more light on her sister Alice who wound-up in the Hampton, VA area after discharge from the Army - WW II.


Re: Obit Look-ups Please - George J. THOMAS & Lucy THOMAS, his daughter

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You can try writing to the Asbury Park Library
on Third Ave in Asbury Park NJ 07712. They have
newspaper and microfilm going way back.

The SSDI shows George J died in NY. Alice May was living
in Asbury Park at the time of her death in 1995. This information is in as a family tree. It also has pictures.

Perhaps your local library has ancestry on their computers.
Let me know if I can provide more answers.


Re: Obit Look-ups Please - George J. THOMAS & Lucy THOMAS, his daughter

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Susan, thanks for the reply.

I just called Asbury Park Library & they will do a search but unfortunately for me, there's a fee for the search. I've been unemployed for quite a while & only able to pick-up temp/per diem work on a sporadic basis so, as much as I'd like to, I really can't spend the money for the search. (Ave. unemployment rate in my area is still 11% >.< )

I'll hang in there & hope someone local who goes to the Asbury Library or someone with a subscription to Newspaper Archives can find the obits.

I just rechecked the the SSDI & my George is not in there. He was b. 21 Feb 1876 & died 22 Jan 1963.

There was at least one more George up in NY in the next generation of the family so maybe it's the other George's SSDI you spotted.

A descendant from another of the Thomas"es has some notes taken from conversations with George's daughter Lucy & that's where George's place of death being in the Ocean Grove/Sea Girt area came from. I suppose since daughter Lucy lived in Asbury Park, he might have been a tad further north than Sea Girt, maybe with daughter Lucy in Asbury Park when he died.

I'm not sure which tree you found that has Alice May Thomas dying in Asbury Park, NJ. I just checked the 5 public trees I could find & one has her as Private aka still alive, another has death date only - no place, a 3rd has no spouse or children for Minnie Debow - George's wife - therefore doesn't list her daughter Alice May Thomas at all, and the remaining two have her correct date of death and her correct location of death which was Norfolk, Norfolk City, Virginia.

I have Alice's obit. It was published in the Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, VA so I know the information in the two trees with DOD & place is correct although I see in one tree, the owner has the spouse incorrectly listed so I will contact them about that error.

Can you supply the link to the tree you saw with the Asbury Park place of death for Alice so I can contact the owner & get that corrected?

Ashbury Park, while NOT the place of death for Alice May Thomas, WAS the place of death for her sister Lucy Caroline Thomas. I've modified the original post from the general Ocean Twp to the more specific Asbury Park, Ocean Twp.

Unemployed & still hoping someone local to the Sea Girt - Asbury Park area can find these obits.

Re: Obit Look-ups Please - George J. THOMAS & Lucy THOMAS, his daughter

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I know that Hampton VA has a big Navy Base there.
That's all I can tell you about that.
Sea Girt NJ has a training center for the NJ State Police

All the towns you mention run along the ocean. Ocean Township would be to the north, then Asbury Park, Ocean Grove then up to Sea Girt. Ocean Township has a big library
and a historical museum that must be online somewhere.

The names of two family trees are:


I was going by where the SSDI said they were living at
the time of their death. There is a large hospital in
Neptune NJ which is directly west of Ocean Grove. No other hospital until Long Branch to the north.

Many cemeteries, some online listing the dearly departed.
I'll see if I can find anything.


Re: Obit Look-ups Please - George J. THOMAS & Lucy THOMAS, his daughter

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US Navy In Hampton - Hampton Roads area - You're probably thinking of Oceana NAS or Norfolk Navy Base and then there's also the Newport News Shipyard, too. The area probably has the highest concentration of military bases in the whole of the US. Over the years, we've been to that area quite a few times with always the requisite day at Colonial Williamsburg.

Jersy shore - I often wished I'd paid more attention to things as a kid & could remember more but like many I started getting into my family history too late to tap the pool of family knowledge the older generations had. Right now it's making me a bit nutty to consider how close to Sea Girt & Asbury Park I was back in my childhood summers - some relatives had a summer camp down in Tom's River we used to go to for a week practically every summer...if only.

I'm very familiar with amwallace41's tree. Some of what's there came from me; we've worked together in the past.

The other tree ties into DeBow through the marriage of an Eiermann to a Lambert & on his side, an Eiermann married into the Jockers line.

The grandmother of that Lambert who married the Eiermann was the sister of Minnie Thomas nee DeBow who was George Thomas' wife & the mother of Lucy & Alice. travelers172
has been collecting up tidbits ever since we were in contact a year or so back.

The notes on the yellow paper and the pix of George Thomas in travelers172's tree come from amwallace41 who owns the originals.

Unfortunately, I've noticed a bunch of errors small & great in the info travelers172's collected so it's time for a note to let him know what's good and what belongs to some other family in someone else's tree rather than the one he's attached it to.

I've checked all the major cemetery sites for the area down there - Find A Grave,, etc. and found nothing but maybe you'll know of some smaller, obscure sites.

It's always so amazing just how much is on the web but some of it's not coded well enough to produce promenent hits during's out there but very deeply buried. Every now and then I bumble into one of those little gems like the site that has a small cemetery in the Port Jervis, NY area with a couple of burials for folks in my tree & another I just recently found in the Hunter, NY area that has a whole slew of ancestors to an uncle by marriage's family buried in it - names & date, Yipee!

So, I'm going to keep digging and hoping to get lucky with a web search & keep my fingers crossed for those obits.

Re: Obit Look-ups Please - George J. THOMAS & Lucy THOMAS, his daughter

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Maybe we're related. My maternal grandfather's
family moved from Brooklyn to Port Jervis! Grandpa's
father co-owned a saw factory there. The building was
still there in 1995. The name was Summers/Somers.

Atlantic View Cemetery in Manasquan does not list any Thomas.
I don't see any others with names of decedents listed.
But there are many cemeteries. Did Lucy or George belong
to any particular church?

I see Alice in the 1940 census. She is a student at the Ann May School of Nursing at the then Fitkin Hospital in Neptune. The hospital and school originated in Spring Lake which is right next to Sea Girt.

I'll see what the Asbury Park Library will let me look at
for free.

Re: Obit Look-ups Please - George J. THOMAS & Lucy THOMAS, his daughter

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Asbury Park Library charges $3.00 to use the microfilm readers.
The Monmouth County Library at Manalapan has the Asbury Park Press from 1966.
The Monmouth County Library Eastern Branch starts a little earler may have 1963.
Middletown Public Library has the Asbury Press Microfilm I'm do not know what years.
Toms River Branch of Ocean County Library has the Asbury Park from 1906
I've used the readers at the above four libraries with no problems.

I can check for Lucy's obit today. If I got to near Eastern Branch I'll check for George Thomas.

Re: Obit Look-ups Please - George J. THOMAS & Lucy THOMAS, his daughter

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Asbury Park Press Monday January 28, 1968
Baltimore, MD-- George Joseph Thomas, 86, of 61 Benson Ave, Ocean Grove, NJ, died Tuesday in the United States Public Health Service Hospital. Burial was at Laurel Grove Cemetery, Fort Jervis, N.Y.
Mr Thomas was born at Canarsie, NY. He was a Mason, a member of Pyrian Lodge, Brooklyn. He was a member of Trinty Episcopal Church, Asbury Park, NJ.
Mr Thomas was a veteran of the United States Lighthouse Service. His last assignment was at Sea Girt, NJ. He retired 22 years ago.
Surviving are two daughters, Lucy C Thomas, Ocean Grove, and Alice M Thomas, Washington, D.C.

Asbury Park Press Thursday November 11, 1993
Lucy Caroline Thomas, 81, of Ocean Grove, died Thuesday at the Francis Asbury Manor, Ocean Grove. She was a secretary at W. C. Burroughs Agency, Allenhurst, for many years, retiring in 1976. She was a member of Trinty Episcopal Church, Asbury Park, and its Women's Guild. She was its director of Christion Education for more than 16 years. She was a member of the Monmouth College Alumni Association, and the Union Theological Seminary Alummni Association. Miss Thomas was born in Brooklyn and lived in Wanamassa, Ocean Township, before moving to Ocean Grove.
Surviving is a sister, Alice May Thomas McKenzie, Norfolk, VA.
(Funeral was Nov 11, burial in Monmouth Memorial Park)

Re: Obit Look-ups Please - George J. THOMAS & Lucy THOMAS, his daughter

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Religion - George Thomas & Minnie DeBow married in the Grace ME Church, now known as the Grace UMC, on the corner of 7th & St. John's Place in Brooklyn. Daughter Lucy was also baptised there. I've no onformation on daughter Alice's baptism but since the family was still in Brooklyn at the time it's to be assumed she, too, was probably baptised in Grace ME.

I would surmise that George & Lucy remained Methodist.

Some where along the line, however, daughter Alice converted to Catholism as evidenced by the line in her obit, "She was a graduate of Catholic University, receiving her R.N. and B.S.M."

Burials - Thanks. That's one cemetery down & who knows how many more to check.

1940 Census - So much easier to check now that the indexing is complete!

George has his own sheet & he's the only person on it. Sea Grit Lighthouse was enumerated as a separate institution within Sea Girt Borough.

I knew Alice was out of the household since I'd found the same 1940 entry you have as well as knowing from her obit that she'd gone to college so I rather expected not to find her still with her father but Lucy was a life long spinster so I had expected to find her still at the lighthouse.

So far Lucy has eluded me on the 1940 census despite applying all the search tricks I've learned over the years. I wonder if she didn't get enumerated or, if during the indexing, she got skipped over. The volunteer indexers were, by no means,all professional data input people nor infalliable so that's possible.

I also checked Sea Girt, page by page. Found tow unrelated Thomas"es and a Thompson but no Lucy! I hope she'll turn up eventually.

Asbury Park Library - I've noticed a lot of "public" libraries instituting fees for one thing or another since the start of the Recession. I would suspect it's all in response to declining funding combined with escalating costs. Our biggest public library in the state found it'self with 0 funding from the government and flat revenue earnings from it's endowments a couple of years back. The end result was that to survive at all, the library divested itself of all it's branches. All that remains today is the original main library.

Port Jervis - Well, it is said that it's a small world. Unfortunately, there's Summers/Somers anywhere in the bit of the DeBow line that migrated to Port Jervis unless one married in recently.

George's sister-in-law Martha was the first DeBow to migrate to Port Jervis with her new husband, Theodore Howe whose family was native to the Port Jervis area. Martha & Theodore had no children.

Next to make the move north was Alice DeBow nee Bevans, the mother of Minnie DeBow Thomas & her sisters Martha DeBow Howe & Grace DeBow Lambert. I don't know the exact date/year but I suspect it may have been after Minnie, last of the sisters to marry, married George Thomas. I do know it was before Nov 1912 because on the 12 of Nov, widowed Alice married widower Samuel W. Smith in Port Jervis. Alice & Samuel are found in the household of Theodore & Martha in 1920.

The last to migrate to Port Jervis was widowed Grace Lambert nee DeBow. Grace & her children Howard, Alice, Thomas & Albert are still in Brooklyn for the 1925 NYS census but by the 1930 census, the family has broken apart.

1930 -
Howard the eldest child is living in th "Y" in Brooklyn.

Daughter Alice has married and son Thomas is living with Alice & her new husband, Bertrum Nixon, all in Brooklyn.

In Port Jervis on the 1930 census, all in one household are Theodore Howe, head, wife Martha, her now twice widowed elderly mom Alice DeBow Smith nee Bevans and her widowed sister Grace Lambert nee DeBow with her youngest son, Albert Lambert.

1940 - All are gone except Albert Lambert who had recently married. I knew Alice DeBow Smith nee Bevans was deceased, d. 1930 shortly after the census was done. And Theodore Howe, too. He was a fireman for the Erie RR & I'd found a newspaper account of his work accident that lead to his death in 1936 but I hadn't expected that Minnie Thomas' sisters Martha & Grace would also be gone!

I know from a relative of Alice Lambert Nixon that her brother Albert Lambert did have two daughters after 1940. So, who knows? I know nothing about those Lambert daughters, if or who they may have married or if they had children or who those children - if they existed - might have married. If you come up with a Lambert in your Summers/Somers Port Jervis clan, your tree might then tie in with mine :)

Re: Obit Look-ups Please - George J. THOMAS & Lucy THOMAS, his daughter

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Congrats to Mindfogg2!!
What a find.
I can tell you that my parents are interred at Monmouth
Memorial Park which is hardly five minutes up the street.
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