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Tishomingo Mississppi Hodges

Tishomingo Mississppi Hodges

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I am looking for Hodges descendants from a family who came to Tishomingo in mid 1800s from TN. Particularly descendants of David Hodges' son Richard. Contact me at Thanks, Riley

Richard Hodges descendents

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I have an extensive history on the following branch of the Hodges family. David Peterson Hodges b 8/12/1810, d 11/01/1909 m Amy Benett Williams b 5/15/1837 d 1911.

Their children were David b6/3/1859, Richard 7/17/1862, Mattie Delilah b1865 and Lucy Campbell b8/27/1869. Richard married Lillian Livonia Flippen (b 3/31/1916) and had following children: George Murray Hodges, Amy Hodges, Eliza Hodges, Robert Waterman Hodges, Julia Mae Hodges (My Paternal Grandmother)and Ritchie Hodges.

Is this the branch you are researching? If so - contact me at - I have quite a bit of history on this branch. The history is mostly from Smith County Tennesse historical book and relatives in TN.

Hey.. I'm a

Crystal Hodges (View posts)
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Hi. I just stumbled up on here, and saw the name Richard Hodges, and Smith county, TN.. is that where Smithville TN is? If so, my whole fam damily is from there, including a Richard Hodges that married a Mossie. Ferrel? Cantrell? I really don't know. How do I get started in this stuff? we have Ferrells, Cantrells, and several other peoples in our history, but I don't know about this stuff. Normally I research my HORSE's bloodlines!

And, if it helps any, we're all redheaded, infused with the Cherokee big nose, and have freckles, LOL


Andrea Hodges (View posts)
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My grandmother was Callie Leona Ferrell, m. John W. Hodges, in Marion Cnty TN 1907.

Hodges in Tennessee

William Sloan (View posts)
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Boy have you just opened a can of worms. I am a Hodges descendant. My Hodges originally came from PA to VA to NC then TN. I have traced back to Thomas Hodges, I who is rumored to have come here from either England or Wales. If you would like more info. let me know. Oh, by the way, you mentioned having son Cantrells in your family, well I have some Cottrells. You may want to look into that as well. Be sure to remember (since your just getting into this) everyone and I mean everyone will try and tell you they are right and their info. is exact. Well I'm sorry but we're dealing with dead people who didn't always keep the best records. We're dealing with immigrants and immigration officials who would change the spelling of a persons name in a drop of a hat. So I'm just saying that you need alot of time and energy to put into this and if you need any help. Please let me know

Boy, William.. are you right!

Crystal (View posts)
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Lol.. it's just like horsetraining. Everyone has an opinion rumored to be fact:-)

Oh, I just remembered something from ye olde school termpaper on genealogy: Hodges, Rodgers, and (oops, forgot) someone else came from Lower Germany. Hodges is a common name among the middle to upper class folks over there, after the Middle Ages.

Mine are mainly from Alabama, Tennessee, and the grand old south (GEEZ, that explains SO MUCH). They were a backwards bunch, not really getting into plumbing and actual tractors (we picked cotton in Harvest Ala. until the late 60's, I think?) or anything like that until my branch moved "up north", to Chicago. Valley View.

I have SO many CRAZY stories about them. We were like the Clampetts, for REAL. We had an Ashley Hodges in with Lee, then later, a Casey Hodges in with Patton, not to mention quite a few... behind bars, LOL.

Ah, the gene pool that courses through me.
I'm sticking to raising COLTS, not KIDS, LOL

David N. Hodges

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I am looking for any ifnormation on this
family. David N. Hodges married R.C.? David's
mother may have been Elizabeth. David died after
1860. His widow married W.L.Hardwick in
Nacogdoches,Texas. His son was Jesse D. Hodges,
born 1860. They had a connection with Daniel
Boone Hodges, because Jesse named his son's
after Daniel Boone Hodges'. Any help appreciated.


Re: Hodges in Tennessee

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Surnames: Hodges, Lasater
Do you have a James Thomas Hodges from middle Tennessee? He would have been born in the mid-1800s - just guessing. He was married 3 times. Had 6 children with first wife, 4 with second, and ? with third. I have a good friend whose father was one of the 6 from the first marriage.

While searching the Lasater family, I found where a George M. Hodges married Jennie Mae Lasater in 1898. Jennie's family was from Wilson Co., TN. George and Jennie had 4 children: Virginia, George M., Wayne Douglas, and Don Newman. I would love to find a common ancestor between my Lasaters and James T. Hodges. Thank you for any information!

Re: Hodges in Tennessee

Julie Smid (View posts)
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I do not have a record of a James T Hodges that was married multiple times. I do have a James Hodges b4/29/1732 m Mary Pope - they had a couple sons names James (b about 1760) & Richard. (b abt 1770). The son James named one of his sons James - and he may have been born about 1790. I have nothing else on any of the James Hodges, except that Richard did name one of his children James , but supposedly the child died very young. I do have a Jennie Lassiter married to George Murray Hodges (b 7/23/1893 d 6/2/1978) - it is common for the old folks to misspell names - especially if it is a wife's maiden name. Let me know if you want me to send you info I have on the Hodges.

Re: Hodges in Tennessee

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Surnames: Hodges, Lasater
I have George Hodges and Jennie Lasater! Would love to have your information on the Hodges. Thanks so much! Just email to
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